Most beautiful words in the English language

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A list that is yet unfinished, although hopefully one day all the definitions will be in place.

I'd be open to include any others you think of but cannot find on this list.

Sources include:

Some of my favorites are choas are soliloquy.

Thanks for the suggestions! I added them into the list. Finding choas was a bit of a trick, but I think google gave me a lucky slip.

Lol, oops, I meant "chaos"!


Alot of these words aren't even English, like chiaroscuro is one hundred percent Italian.

That's true, though English by nature assumes other words from other languages. I know it's unfair, but a reality. Most English words have roots somewhere else.


It means to be someone who has been cheated on. Shakespeare was rather fond of it. (The word that is, not being one.)

I'm fairly certain that you mean "Cuckold."

Peccadillo - is simply incorrect. It means a small, insignificant sin!

Two words I'm fond of are; formicate, the feeling of having ants walking on your skin, and eunoia, the shortest word containing all vowels, a feeling of euphoria from reading poetry.

There is a application online where you can vote for the most beautiful words of the English language

It's really cool, you should give it a try!

I have often thought how English sound to foreign ears. In my opinion, the beauty of English lies in its simplicity. Anyway, you have given an interesting account regarding this context. You have listed some of the most beautiful words.