Narrative Feature Films: 1973

  1. Ranked and Rated
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  5. [76] The Sting (1973, George Roy Hill)
  6. [73] The Last of Sheila (1973, Herbert Ross)
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Good to see THE WICKER MAN on this list. A solid little (British!) thriller.

The Wicker Man is one of the more creepier and original films that I have seen. Not may people know about it. Bertie, have you ever seen The Changeling with George C. Scott? That's another one.

THE that the one in which George C. is at the bottom of a staircase in an empty house and a ball comes bouncing down out of the darkness? And they find an old well with a skeleton in it beneath a bedroom?. If so, I've seen it. A real creep-out.

No Last Tango In Paris. Does that movie not grab you Dan?

Haven't seen it.

That's the one.