Best Films of the Decade


Movie buffs everywhere are scrambling to make their best of the year lists. Wells is thinking about his best of the decade. And then there were 75.

I find it a little disturbing that there have been so many of these lists's that much of a stretch that an amazing movie will be released in the next month and a half?

I think we're gonna see a lot of lists that look like this. The critical groupthink on the internet is baffling.

I must admit that I'm never going to understand the hyperbolic love so many people have for Almost Famous. I guess baby boomer nostalgia is still a major force in film criticism.

I also am thrown off by the presence of so many other okay to mediocre feel-good films. Do many people consider Whale Rider or Girlfight to be anywhere near the best of the decade? [not that I have anything against female-centered "overcoming the odds" stories.]

I'm sure Wells made an effort to be diverse in his choices, but still, his love of certain directors really detracts from the list. Sam Mendes is talented, but do both Revolutionary Road and Road to Perdition need to be on here? If you ask me, Road to Perdition is gorgeous, but empty. And while I really like Amores Perros, it seems like Inarritu has been treading water ever since, especially in Babel.

On the positive side, I'm glad to see that the lower-profile films of the first half of the decade have not be forgotten. The presence of Ghost World and Sexy Beast alone pleases me immensely.

I have to wonder how he can mention difficult critics favorites (i.e. There Will Be Blood, Dancer in the Dark) but not Mulholland Drive, Lost in Translation or In the Mood for Love. Not so much a complaint as a statement of confusion.

Now that I think about it, there isn't a single entry on this list from Asia or France. That makes no sense whatsoever. He includes City of God, The Lives of Others, Amores Perros, and Talk to Her, among others, so it's not like he doesn't watch non-English language films. Super weird.