Jobs I've done

  1. Biscuit maker at Bojangles Famous Chicken and Biscuits
  2. Security officer
  3. Surveyor's assistant
  4. Unloaded trucks at UPS
  5. Clerk in campus engineering office
  6. Campus grounds crew worker
  7. Campus cafeteria worker
  8. Telephone market research
  9. Market research interviewer at local mall
  10. Camp counselor
  11. Sign maker at sign shop franchise
  12. Certified Nursing Assistant
  13. Cook at pizza restaurant
  14. Waiter at pizza restaurant
  15. Parking attendant at civic arena
  16. Cab driver
  17. Mail sorter in USPS distribution center
  18. Data entry for USPS
  19. CAD technician for land surveying company
  20. Customer service representative for credit card company
  21. Weather observer at local airport
  22. Medical research subject for 2 weeks
  23. School bus driver
  24. Over-the-road truck driver
  25. Master control operator at local television station
  26. Billing assistant at a refrigeration service company
  27. Tire changer at a tire shop

There's not as many as I thought there would be, but there's still more than one per year of your adult life.

I frequently had two jobs at the same time. I also forgot about the two weeks I spent at a medical research facility. They used me and other subjects to test the safety of a new antibiotic. I got $2500 for my trouble.

grear idea for a list! ;0

I have a couple of friends who have had only 2 or 3 jobs in their entire lives. My lack of job stability may come back to bite me in the future, although I've never been fired and previous employers generally give me good recommendations.