Top 10 Things I, Debbie Hitler, Would Do If I Met 'Powder', From the Movie "Powder"

  • 10. Make out. or rather, ask Powder if he wanted to make out
  • 9. Bum a smoke, cos I'm fresh out
  • 8. Get him to buy me some beer, cos I'm not 21
  • 7. Run over some deer, and then get him to heal the deer, and then run them over again, and cook them and me and Powder could have dinner together and eat deer and make out with the beer he bought me
  • 6. Take powder to the museum and have him tell me his thoughts on all the paintings
  • 5. See the movie " High Fidelity" with Powder
  • 4. Go the mall and go lingerie shopping and then make out on the fake living room settings at the JC Penney or Sears
  • 3. I'd take POwder out dancing! We'd dance to Marc Anthony
  • 2. Put on our jammies and watch " The Bernie Mac Show" together
  • 1. Give blood to the Red Cross
Author Comments: 

That movie "Powder" is so totally damn good.

that was the most random thing i ever read.Thank you it was beautiful.