Top 200 "Minimal" (and neo-trance) tracks of all time

  1. Minimal: AKA: the worst possible name goes to the best dance genre.
  2. I've decided that the "minimal" world of electronic music is just too fast-growing, shifting, and creative to peg down. So, instead of trying to categorize the little reviewer pet-styles like neo-trance, ketaminimal, microhouse (an apt title, actually), minimal house, minimal electro, nanotrance, post-microhouse, ketamine house, microtrance, or anything else of the sort, I'm just going to make one ultimate best of "minimal" list. Even though I think minimal is the worst-named genre since IDM (it being just about the least minimal style of electronic dance music to come out, ever.).
  3. Nothing made before 1998 will be on this list, because I think the overly stripped "minimal techno" that this style spawned from now has little relation to the dense polyrhythmic melodic collages coming out today.
  4. Note: I'm going to mark the trancier tracks with {neo-trance}. Tranceheads should be able to appreciate any of those. Note that "neo-trance" takes its time far more than straight trance, thanks to its very close relation to other "minimal" styles.

  5. Aril Brikha - Groove La Chord (The other mix) [1999]
  6. Groove La Chord is arguably the first "minimal" track in the modern style, and probably also the best. It bridges the gap between the deep techno of the 90s and the complex collages of today. Groove La Chord was perhaps the first dancefloor-stormer to turn its gaze to the microscopic in any respect, and it does so with beautiful results.

  7. Akufen - Deck the House [2002]
  8. This track represents perhaps the most chaotic funk ever to get pressed to vinyl. Starting off as a completely indecipherable ocean of microsounds and indiscernable samples, a groove slowly coalesces into the one of the dirtiest and funkiest house bangers you'll ever jack to. And you will jack.

  9. Matthew Dear - Dog Days [2003]

  10. Ame - Rej [2005, although most people will tell you 2006] {neo-trance}
  11. Here's proof that trance is back and doing everything it used to do back in 1997. No coincedence that it's 2007 and doing the same thing (retro trends and all that, although the big revival won't be for another 10). Either way, this song is brilliant. It's like a Dracula fever dream, or a dark, twisted circus, or an abandoned vampire-infested castle. Regardless, you'll think of vampires and evil in some respect, but it's lovely in a gothic sort of way. Plus I've never seen anything fill a floor like Rej does. Never. And it grows on you: WAY too much. I had this thing stuck in my head for 3 weeks at one point, and I once listened to it 7 times in a row (after having it for almost a year and a half).

  12. Matias Aguayo - Minimal (DJ Koze mix) [2008]
  13. Self-deprecating, ironic, beautiful. The indie rock of minimal.

  14. Jurgen Paape - How Great Thou Art [1999]
  15. This kicked off the "microgoth" sound that eventually became completely ubiquitous with minimal (which has now culminated in overblown 6 hour sets ending with Superpitcher crying on stage in front of the dancefloor while mashups of his most depressing tracks play in the background). Don't let the melodrama deter you though, this is seriously awesome music. And really, it's not that gothic. It just has the sweeping string arrangements and melancholy of other gothic music. This is a really beautiful track, and probably the most minimal form of the style. It's more gothic in a vampiric sense than in "black makeup emo kid slitting his wrists".

  16. Gabriel Ananda - Ihre Personliche Glucksmelodie [2005] {neo-trance}

  17. DnTel - (This is) The Dream of Evan and Chan (Superpitcher Kompakt remix) [2002] {neo-trance}

  18. Isolee - Beau Mot Plage [2000]

  19. Radio Slave - Bell Clap Dance [2007]

  20. Efdemin - Bergwein [2006] {neo-trance}

  21. Markus Nikolai - Bushes [2000]

  22. Jurgen Paape - Mit Dir [2003] {neo-trance}

  23. The MFA - The Difference it Makes [2005] {neo-trance}

  24. Paul Frick - Steal My Heart [2009]
  25. Meta-minimal. However, it would still be really good without the glib self-reference (that is, if you forget about the whole didactic aspect...and shake your asses, shake your asses, shake your asses, shake your...never mind, you'd know if you'd heard the track). That part just makes the jacking dirty micro-funk pretentiously funny as well.

  26. Brendon Moeller - Space [2007]

  27. John Shananigans ft. Mu - Charlie's on the Dancefloor [2002]

  28. Audion - Mouth to Mouth [2006]

  29. Superpitcher - Tomorrow [2002] {neo-trance}

  30. DJ Koze - I Want to Sleep [2008]

  31. Shackleton - Death is not Final [2008]

  32. Matthew Dear - Don & Sherri [2007]

  33. Peverelist & Appleblim - Over Here (Brendon Moeller remix) [2008]

  34. Cobblestone Jazz - W [2007] {neo-trance}

  35. Ricardo Villalobos - Que Belle Epoque 2006 [2006]

  36. Phonique & Kiloo - The Passion (Manuel Tur remix) [2008] {minimal deep house}

  37. Nathan Fake - The Sky Was Pink (James Holden mix) [2005] {neo-trance}

  38. Sasha - Three Little Piggys (Sasha remix) [2008] {neo-trance}

  39. Dimbiman - Koppchen (Herbert's D-d-d-dazzle dub) [1999]

  40. Kalabrese - Skamel [2006]

  41. Luomo - Synkro [2000]

  42. The Field - Over the Ice [2006] {neo-trance}
  43. Another one for the tranceheads. Bah, minimal. What were they thinking?
  44. The title says it all. Imagine yourself crossing an enormous glacier under a star-packed sky in the middle of the night.

  45. Pom Pom - Untitled (track 6 on CD 001) [2009]

  46. Tiger Stripes - Hooked [2007] {neo-trance}

  47. Nathan Fake - Outhouse [2003] {neo-trance}

  48. Joachim Speith - Abbi '99 [1999]

  49. Len Faki - Rainbow Delta [2007] {neo-trance}

  50. Sis - Nesrib [2008]

  51. Marc Houle - Bay of Figs [2006]
  52. This is the biggest rave anthem minimal has ever produced, and probably ever will produce. (Cause, you know, it's minimal. Any bigger, and it's not minimal). If that late-entering bassline doesn't get you moving at least one body part, you're not human (And there are only 2 reasons why you'd only move one body part: 1)You're in a persistent vegetative state or coma; 2)You're dead). When I heard it live, it was like a giant alien vacuum descended on the floor and sucked everyone's brains out. Left behind were physical shells with no choice but to back they funky thaaaangs.

  53. Ricardo Villalobos - Fools Garden (Black Conga) [2001]

  54. Akufen - Skidoos [2002]

  55. Juurgen Paape - So Weit We Noch Nie/Justus Kohncke - So Weit We Noch Nie [2002] {neo-trance}
  56. I really don't know which mix I like better. they're both fantastic mixes, for utterly different reasons. One is a piece of sexy but gorgeous micropop, the other is a glitchy (but bombastic) disco house anthem. I don't even need to say who did which: It's pretty much obvious considering the 2 artists behind the tracks.

  57. Claude VonStroke - Who's Afraid of Detroit [2006] {neo-trance}

  58. Booka Shade - Mandarine Girl [2005] {neo-trance}

  59. Closer Musik - One, Two, Three No Gravity [2001]

  60. Efdemin - Lohn & Brot [2007] {neo-trance}

  61. Goldfish & Der Dulz - Birthday Party [2004]

  62. Farben - The videoage (re-edit) [2001]

  63. The PQM - You Are Sleeping (Luke Chable's vocal pass) [2003] {neo-trance}

  64. M. Rahn - Toaster [2002]

  65. Richie Hawtin - We(all)Search [2005]

  66. Ambivalent - R U OK? [2007]

  67. Herb LF - Sunliner [2008]

  68. Armando - Don't Take It (Thomas edit) [2008]

  69. Daso - Meine [2007]

  70. Stefan Goldmann - Sleepy Hollow [2006]

  71. James Holden - A Break in the Clouds [2003]

  72. Vladislav Delay - Holiday [2001]

  73. Len Faki - My Black Sheep [2007]

  74. Jens Zimmermann - Modmod Blubbblub [2008]

  75. Linkwood - Hear the Sun [2008]

  76. Ricardo Villalobos - 808 the Bassqueen [1999]

  77. Isolee - Schrapnell [2005]

  78. My My - Everybody's Talkin' [2008]

  79. Sami Koivikko - Pääjääsä [2006]

  80. Ben Klock - Similar Colours [2007]

  81. Andrea Tilliander - Vibetan [2001]

  82. Michael Forzza - Kahana [2006] {neo-trance}

  83. Tobias - I Can't Fight the Feeling [2008]

  84. Rex the Dog - I Look Into Mid-air [2004] {neo-trance}

  85. Minilogue - That`s a nice way to give me feedback (Wighnomy Brothers Quintenzirkel Remikks) [2008]

  86. The Sunburst Band - Journey to the Sun (Dennis Fehrer remix) [2008]

  87. Further - Stone Cold (Richard Davis mix) [2003]

  88. Aril Brikha - Winter [2007] {neo-trance}
  89. All trance fans out there need to get this one. It's the perfect bridge between trance and minimal, with none of the more annoying trappings of either genre (minimal: 10 minute long compositions consisting of nothing but one unchanging glitchy beat; trance: every new track having a 5 minute long breakdown that kicks into a drumroll-preceded repeat of the melody everyone was already tired of 30 seconds into the breakdown). I'd call this track "neo-trance," but since just about all minimal now has some trance element to it (in 2007), that label is now essentially meaningless - although not quite as meaningless as calling this genre of music "minimal."

  90. Ane Brun - Headphone Silence (Henrik Schwarz remix - Dixon edit) {minimal deep house}

  91. Moonbeam - Sunshine [2007] {neo-trance}

  92. Tomas Jirku - Pohdka [2001]

  93. Kaito - Hundred Million Lightyears [2006] {neo-trance}
  94. Trance rears its head again. In a much prettier context, however. Rather than creating the sound of dancefloor lasers and bland DJ worship, Kaito takes us on a sightseeing jouney across the Andromeda Galaxy, populated by elder races of aliens in perfect harmony with nature, living in fluid-like structures that melt into their landscapes.

  95. Super Flu - Rattelschneck [2008]

  96. Turner - When Will We Leave (Rob Hood mix) [2006]

  97. DJ Koze - Djungle Froot [2006]

  98. Justus Kohncke - 2 After 909 [2002]

  99. Pile - Worldrecord Holder [2000]

  100. Portable - Release [2008]

  101. Rex The Dog - Frequency [2004]

  102. Len Faki - Mekong Delta [2007]

  103. Sebo K - Diva [2008]

  104. Chateau Flight - Baroque [2006] {neo-trance}

  105. Extrawelt - Soopertrack [2005] {neo-trance}

  106. Holden and Thompson - Come to Me [2005] {neo-trance}

  107. Seth Troxler - Love Never Sleeps [2008]

  108. Audion - Kisses [2005]

  109. Pantytec - You Are So 99 [2002]

  110. Akufen - The Unexpected Guest [2002]

  111. Stefan Goldmann - Darkstar [2006]

  112. Monolake - Alaska [2006]

  113. Donald Tierney - Verse 2 the Chorus [2006] {neo-trance}

  114. Stimming - Una Pena [2008]

  115. Isolee - Keep on Dancin' [1999]

  116. Phil Parnell - 2nd Line [2003]

  117. Dextro - Do You Need Help? (The MFA Help Help mix) [2004]

  118. Akufen - Psychometry Vol. 3.0 [2002]

  119. Farben - Beautone [2002]

  120. Digital Excitation - Dream Party [2006]

  121. Sascha Funke - Safety First [2000]

  122. Isolee - Jelly Baby Fish [2005]

  123. Avus - Real (original mix) [2003]

  124. Lawrence - Miles {2008}

  125. Tom Pooks - Amande Douce {neo-trance} [2006]

  126. STL - Something is Raw [2008]

  127. The Mole - Baby You're the One [2008]

  128. Michael Mayer - Amanda [2000]

  129. Margot Meets the Melody Maker - Torch (Extrawelt mix) {neo-trance} [2006]

  130. Fred Gianelli - Distant Gratification [2006]

  131. Gui Boratto - Scene [2007] {neo-trance}
  132. I have never heard euphoria sound so evil as it does here (with the exception of Rej, which is a masterpiece). Like a beautiful but ominously creeping love child of Paul Van Dyk circa For An Angel and Plastikman, all given to a modern minimal sensibility.

  133. Studio Apartment ft. Ron Carroll - I'm in Love (Rasmus Faber Epic Insturmental) [2008] {neo-trance}

  134. Alex Smoke - Chica Wappa (Mejor edit) [2004] {neo-trance}

  135. Walter Jones - All God's Children (Maurice Fulton mix) [2003]

  136. Pile - Perlipop [1999]
  137. One of the 1st "minimal" tracks to adopt pop elements, a direction the genre has never looked back from. After a 4-minute microhouse tease consisting of the most complex Perlon grooves and details, a sexy and gorgeous house number floats out of the ether, transforming the filthy glitcher into something deep, silky, and melancholy.

  138. Simon Baker - Plastik [2007]

  139. DJ Koze - Zou Zou [2008]

  140. Kabale und Liebe & Daniel Sanchez - Mumbling Yeah [2007]

  141. Pantha Du Prince - Walden [2006]

  142. Freaky Chakra - Blacklight Fantasy [1998]

  143. The one exception to my "1999" rule. This track wasn't really discovered for DJs until recently, as it was way ahead of its time. It may be more electro-house than minimal, but that drumming would fit into any minimal set put out today (and it does).

  144. Minilogue - The Girl From Botany Bay [2006] {neo-trance}

  145. Dominik Eulberg - Die Trottellummen Von Helgoland [2005]

  146. Adam Johston - Four Squares [2005]

  147. Isolee - My Hi-matic [2005]

  148. My My - Eleventh Hour [2006]

  149. Heartthrob - Baby Kate [2006]

  150. Luciano and Matthew Jonson - Alpine Rocket [2003]

  151. Ada - The Red Shoes [2004]

  152. Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life [2007] {neo-trance}

  153. Sascha Funke - Dre Auf Dre [2002]

  154. Ricardo Villalobos - What You Say is More than I Can Say [2003]

  155. Omar S - Psychotic Photosynthesis [2008] {neo-trance}

  156. Nathan Fake - Dinamo (Dominik Eulberg mix) [2005]

  157. Pile - One of Those Days [2001]

  158. Gebr. Teichmann - Aus Der Ferne [2000]

  159. Heiroglyphic Being - The Temple of the Moon [2005]

  160. Johnny D - Orbitalife [2008]

  161. Alex Smoke - Don't see the Point [2004] {neo-trance}

  162. Carsten Jost - Krokus (Superpitcher mix) [2002]

  163. Superpitcher - Mushroom [2003]

  164. Markus Nikolai - Dimbied Shake [2002]

  165. Metaboman - Easy Woman (Robag Wruhme mix) [2002]

  166. Daniel Bell - Squirrel Bait [2003]

  167. Dave Aju - Crazy Place [2008] {neo-trance}

  168. Partial Arts - Trauermusik [2007] {neo-trance}
  169. This one is practically progressive trance.

  170. Sven Vath - Cala Llonga (Ricardo Villalobos mix) [2003]

  171. Wighnomy Brothers - Draw Halcyon Days [2002]

  172. Henrik Schwarz, Dixon & Ame feat. Derrick Carter - Where We At [2006]

  173. Patrick Chardronnet - Eve By Day (Ripperton mix) [2006] {neo-trance}

  174. DJ Bone - No Sleep (True to Da Roots) [2008]

  175. Martin Landsky - FM Safari (Patrick Chardronet's Silent Snake mix) [2005] {neo-trance}

  176. Agoria - Les Plastiques Ivres (Les Violons Ivres remix)

  177. Superpitcher - Shadows [2000] {neo-trance}

  178. Marlow ft. Delhia - Quiet [2005]

  179. My My - Half a Hole [2006]

  180. DJ Koze - All the Time [2007]

  181. Gabriel Ananda - Doppelwhipper [2006]

  182. Quenum - Mokossa [2008]

  183. Wighnomy Brothers - Wurz & Blosse [2004]

  184. Matthew Jonson - Typerope [2003]

  185. DJ Koze - Brutalga Square [2004]

  186. Intrusion - Tswana Dub (Brendon Moeller's Beat Pharmacy mix) [2008]

  187. Dan Berkson - Keep On (Stimming remix) [2008]

  188. Minilogue - Spam

  189. Ricardo Villalobos - Balacharde [2006]

  190. Superpitcher - Happiness [2002] {neo-trance}

  191. Triola - Leuchtturm (Wighnomy's Polarzipper mix) [2006] {neo-trance}

  192. Ricardo Villalobos - Amazordum [2008]

  193. Trentemoller - Polar Shift [2005]

  194. Royksopp - What Else is There? (Trentemoller mix) [2005]

  195. Sascha Funke - Mango [2008]

  196. Luomo - Class [2000]

  197. Ricardo Villalobos - Miami [2004]

  198. Pile - The Spirit (Innervision mix) [2001]

  199. Guido Schneider & Andre Galluzi - Albertino [2008]

  200. James Holden - Lump [2006]

  201. Portable - Release [2008]

  202. Wighnomy Brothers - Pele Bloss [2004]

  203. Hobre Ojo - M.U.C.R.P.S. [1999]

  204. Dettinger - Lemon [2000]

  205. Tomoki Tamura & Nono - 3 years (Manuel Tur Remix) [2008]

  206. Lawrence - Teaser [2001]

  207. Pantytec - Does Ronda Know? [2000]

  208. Alex Smoke - 3AM [2004]

  209. Thomas Melchoir - Who Can Find me (I Can't) [2008]

  210. Michael Mayer - Pensum [2000]
  211. This track is one of the very few on this list that might actually be called "minimal" by someone unschooled in badly named modern German electronic dance music. But don't let that deter you, it's beautiful, and the first-impression simplicity is deceptive.

  212. Daso - Dott [2006]

  213. Sety - Mogane (Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts remix) [2008]

  214. Shaeben & Voss - Fein Raus [2000]

  215. Ricardo Villalobos - Fizheuer [2006]

  216. Geez n' Gosh - 012001 [2001]

  217. Justus Kohncke - Station 18 [2002]

  218. Baaz - See Below [2008] {minimal deep house}

  219. Melchoir Productions - Feel Sensual [2000]

  220. My My - Pelourinho [2006] {minimal deep house

  221. Efdemin - Just A Track [2007]

  222. Thomas Fehlmann - Making it Whistle [2002]

  223. Martin Buttrich - Full Clip [2006]

  224. Ricardo Villalobos - Easy Lee [2003]

  225. Baaz - Clouds 2 [2008]

  226. Andes Garcia - No More Tears (Quarion remix) [2008]

  227. Paul Brtschitsch - Twirl [2006]

  228. Ricardo Villalobos - Achso [2005]

  229. Morphosis - Mot [2008]

  230. Michael Mayer - 17 & 4

  231. Guido Schneider & Florian Schirmacher - Nora P [2008]

  232. Selway - Flying Far [2002]

  233. Station Rose - Smoother Than Strange

  234. Jesse Somfay - Asinea Nectar [2005]

  235. Closer Musik - 2 the Beat 2 the Rock [2000]

  236. Michael Mayer - Hush Hush Baby [2001]

  237. Move D - Drone [2008]

  238. Shaeben & Voss - Ach Komm [2001]

  239. Und - Fox in the Box [2006]
  240. This is a really demented track. And it grates on you quickly.

  241. Gamut 3000 - Feeling Love (Wighnomy remix) [2005]
  242. Another track that sounds fantastic at first, but rapidly grates.

  243. This is a huge work in progress. there are tons more tracks I haven't even looked through to consider adding yet. More coming soon...

  244. Note: For those who want a taste of the style that "minimal" evolved from, the overly stripped minimal techno, try:
  245. MI:5 - Logorrhoe
  246. Grungerman - Fackeln Im Sturm
  247. Reinhard Voigt - Personal
  248. Pentax - Pentax Klub 1

  249. Some of those cross into minimal dub techno, but it doesn't matter - they're all equally effective, efficient, and ultimately colourless.

  250. Under consideration:
  251. Misstress Barbera - Barcelona
  252. Thomas Fehlmann - Gratis
  253. Booka Shade - Night Falls
  254. Booka Shade - In White Rooms
  255. Station Rose - Smoother Than Strange
  256. Gabriel Ananda - Vergissmeinicht
  257. Minilogue - The Leopard
  258. Matthew Jonson - Marionette
  259. Moonbeam - Eclipse
  260. Pantha du Prince - Florac
  261. Jesse Somfay - Lying in a Bed of Myst
  262. Someone Else - Ploosh
  263. Gui Boratto - The Blessing
  264. Kosmas Epsilon - Innocent Thoughts
  265. Tigerskin - Neontrance
  266. Moby - Dream Abount Me (Ingrosso Remix)
  267. Mathew Jonson - Put Your Booty Shorts On
  268. Hiroshi Esashika - Kazane
  269. Linus Loves - First Base
  270. Dexter - Acid Lullaby
  271. Five Green Circle - Verse 2 the Chorus
  272. Extrawelt - Fernweh
  273. Extrawelt - The Dark Side of my Room
  274. Extrawelt - Titelheld
  275. On_Spec - Knights of Columbus
  276. Pantha du Prince - Asha

Haha, awesome idea for the ultimate list.
I like the title of the list even more, it made me chuckle.
I'll check out the songs listed. Thanx again.

Thanks, glad you like it so far :)

Nice list, and good introduction, its true that there can be a bit TOO much ultra specifying of genres and stuff. Really good, looks like it has the potential to be just like the big trance list :D

Thanks, that's what I'm aiming for with this one.
Although I think that line, too, will blur, as minimal is getting very trancy lately.

It seems the 90s was all about hairsplitting electronic dance music down into labels as tiny and minute as they could possibly be, and the 00s are all about smashing them into oblivion (with a few stragglers who want to name even the most...uh...minimal style mutations that EDM spits out).

great list, just having another look, maybe i've missed them but there doesn't seem to be much holden on here (as well as border community in general apart from "The Difference it Makes"), maybe consider putting more of that in? just a suggestion :)

You're right. I don't know how I missed out on a lot of those, especially the classic "The Sky was Pink" and the masterpiece that is "You are Sleeping". I've added a bunch more of the Border Community and friends tracks. Thanks a lot.

glad to help :)
i recommend buying/downloading "the idiots are winning", Holden's most recent album, not a mix. It is quite short and has a few annoying filler type songs on there but definitely two awesome minimal songs on there entitled
"Lump" & "Idiot"
definitely worth a listen!

Also by Holden & Thompson I recommend Come To Me. Get the 10 min+ copies of both the Last Version and the Club Mix. I notice you say you have Fundacion NYC. The Club Mix is much the same as on there in its full version but to fully appreciate the Last Version you have to get the 10 min+ one.

Yeah, I like that track. +adds.
Thanks! I forgot that one.

To Blind:
I've listened to it, and I was really disappointed. It might be because I was such a big Holden fan, and the album turned out to be mostly filler (I'm serious: there are 5 non-tracks on here. "Intentionally Left Blank?" Why would you intentionally leave it blank? Just because you know you're being a moron doesn't make you any less of one. Or maybe that's the joke. The Idiots Are Winning, which is why this album got pressed with 5 actual tracks on it.). I liked Lump, 10101, Idiot, and Corduroy though. I'll have to think about them.

Why didn't he just release an EP? This would've been an fantastic EP. Does putting "Idiot" on the album twice, or having a completely blank track actually add anything to it? And the "Quiet Drumming" (which has already been explored to death by Sahko) didn't need to be on there at all, let alone twice. And why the beatless version of Lump (Lumpette)? If he was being lazy, why didn't he just put a few of his classics on in between instead? Nothing, Horizons, Come to Me, The Wheel (where is it, by the way?) and A Break in the Clouds could have done on in between instead. He could've made it a journey backwards into his trance days, slowly growing in anthemic quality and ending with Horizons if he wanted to go with consistent atmosphere. It would be so much easier, and so much better. Even if there were licensing issues with Silver Planet, he still could've put "The Wheel" and "A Break in the Clouds" and "Come To Me" on.

But yes, I'll consider the 5 actual tracks on the album, they're quite good.

I completely agree, so many fillers on that album lose its integrity, making it really pretentious and annoying. The artwork is also pretentious on the front cover of the cd - modern art no less. anyway, just looking through your list again, i only can find one Booka Shade song, which IS awesome in itself, but i feel these 2 others also merit a spot on there:

Booka Shade - Night Falls
Booka Shade - In White Rooms

Hope to see them included!

Yeah, they're really good. I especially like "In White Rooms" - I'll add that one for sure.

As for the art on the album, I actually liked it.

yeah white rooms is great :D

eurgh, i'm more of a traditionalist myself about art. It says on your profile that you've dabbled with computer design/graphics, i'd be interested to see your work if you'd be willing to share it :)

Yeah, it's really old stuff. I haven't done computer graphics in years. I have a profile on deviantart as darktremor, where I posted the only picture I made that didn't become the property of a company (and subsequently disappear). It's the "Borne of Chaos" image, not the ones I posted that were just me playing around with Bryce 5.

I really feel Smoother Than Strange should get a place.
awesome song.

It's not too bad, but I'd say it's a little colourless to be considered a minimal masterpiece. But, it warrants a lower place on the list, it's fairly good.

Where do you get an update of all these releases? Any magazine site? Any dedicated site to minimal/trance/electronic as a whole that tracks the latest releases?

Yep. Resident Advisor is pretty dedicated to reviewing the "minimal"/neo-trance sound now, and the Kompakt website reports every single "minimal"/neo-trance record that comes out. Philip Sherburne's blog is also full of reports of new tracks in the style (plus his personal favorites and recommendations). Also download new DJ sets from Michael Mayer, DJ Koze, Dominik Eulberg, Cassy, Minilogue, Ripperton, Wighnomy Brothers, Ewan Pearson, Lawrence, Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Sven Vath, Steve Bug, Swayzak, Ellen Allien, Luciano, Anja Schneider, Akufen, Alex Under, Mathew Jonson and Magda (and any other "minimal"/neo-trance DJs you find, which isn't hard, as there are tons). It also helps to follow the output of the major "minimal" labels (again, tons), such as Kompakt, Perlon, M_nus, Moon Harbour, Einmaleins Musik, Traum, Mobilee, Playhouse, BPitch Control, Trapez, My Best Friend, K2, Freude Am Tanzen, Philpot, Innervisions, and Wagon Repair. There's a lot of minimal released on the diverse electronic labels now too, and discogs can help you get that too.

Hi there darktremor, I personally didn't like Marc Houle - Bay of Figs; So i guess i'm not a human :P. I just found it to be a bit repetitive and boring, using just the same synth all the way through with one very basic bassline, but that's just my opinion, maybe I'm listening to it in the wrong state of mind. I think however that Gabriel Ananda - Vergissmeinicht should get a place, despite its being quite short (the version I have) but is a real gem.

Also, Minilogue - The Leopard deserves a place surely?

Other suggestions...

Matthew Jonson - Marionette
Moonbeam - Eclipse

I'll have to think on them - I have no access to them at the moment, as they're on my back-up drive so I can finish making my documentary (video files currently eat my entire hard drive)

I concur with those suggestions. Top notch songs, but you (neptune) spelled Mathew Jonson incorrectly.

Yes, probably a lower slot. I'll have to think on where though...

Carsten Jost - You Don't Need a Weatherman [2002]

Should be:
Carsten Jost - Krokus (Superpitcher Remix)

Great song though :D

(I'm assuming If you meant track 5 on Immer.)

A couple suggestions (I bet you already have most of these):

Pantha du Prince - Florac
Jesse Somfay - Lying in a Bed of Myst
Someone Else - Ploosh
Gui Boratto - The Blessing
Kosmas Epsilon - Innocent Thoughts
Tigerskin - Neontrance

Sure, I'll check them out. Thanks!

Thanks for pointing out the mislabeling too, I'll fix that.

how about ulrich schnauss.. is he considered minimal??

Nope, not at all. IDM, or ambient, or ambient dance are the three you could put him in.

Hi Darktremor, do you have msn or skype to send some songs at all? There are some on here that literally after months of wishlisting I cannot find.

I have soulseek, I'll upload some tracks to you. Just add me, I have the same name on soulseek.

Nice list by the way. Have you heard any of these?

Dream Abount Me (Ingrosso Remix) - Moby
Put Your Booty Shorts On - Mathew Jonson
Kazane - Hiroshi Esashika
First Base - Linue Loves
Acid Lulaby - Dexter

I've actually never heard any of them. I'll check them out, thanks!

Sorry, it's Linus Loves.

Have you heard the new John Digweed album, Transitions Vol. 4?

It's got some real good "neo-trance" songs on there.

No, but I'll give it a listen when I can get ahold of it.

Folgers isn't quite enough to wake me up in the morning, so I'm turning to anthemic trance.

O Trance Guru...

What sub-sub-sub-genre is this track (if you happen to know the exact track, that's cool, too - actually it sounds like three tracks), and how can I look for other tracks just like it?

I've tried lots of epic, uplifting, anthemic trance mixes but they're not as continuously melodic as this one.


I'm sorry, I don't know any of those tracks. I don't really listen to anthem, dutch, or epic trance anymore, and even classic/progressive/minimal trance is only about 10% of my listening now. I'd personally call it symphonic trance, which is such a sub-sub-subgenre that very little exists. The best I can offer you is the following, about half of which are Ishkur's suggestions (this is hard stuff to find):

William Orbit - Barber's Adagio for Strings (Original mix)
Woody van Eyden - Unfinished Symphony
Brainbug - Rain
Tastexperience - Summersault
Crescendo - Are you out there?
Yomanda - Spente Le Stelle
Hybrid - Symphony

I might call the second anthem trance, in which case I'd recommend anything labelled as such on my top 300-400 or whatever trance list. They're not as continuously melodic as symphonic trance, but so little exists of that style that it's the closest I can think of (and I don't think you'll find too much). Dutch trance is just as melodic, but it's not really very energetic, (Rank 1 - Airwave is the best example of this flaccid style) which I think you'll want for waking up in the morning.

Great, thanks!

No problem :D

Sorry, I meant to write you WON'T want dutch trance for waking up in the morning. It's awful.

Question is... do I like classic trance more than minimal? Tough.

If you want to be pedantic:
Five Green Circle - Verse 2 the Chorus

Extrawelt - Fernweh (this has a KILLER climax)
Extrawelt - The Dark Side of my Room
Extrawelt - Titelheld

IMO, all much better than Soopertrack.

I've added them to my list of minimal tracks to listen through.

i think in a few years this list will be more popular than the trance one.

my first suggestion: ellen allien - sehnsucht (this song goes right to my soul :P )

trentemoller ft dj tom - timer (original mix)

i meant the other one, on the same cd (Vildtand ft. Trentemoller, Krede & Buda - 25 Timer)

I hope so, it's a better genre nowadays, without a doubt. I've heard Sehnsucht, but I'll need another listen to make a judgment. I'm a bit confused as to what you mean by the second suggestion, however.


Reviving myself on here. Two tunes I love:

"Knights of Columbus"- On_Spec
"Asha"- Pantha du Prince

Excellent additions to your list, I would think.


Sure. I'll download them.

First I want to say this is a great list, and it introduced me to a lot of great new tracks.
I´m what you might call a trancehead, and I realy appreciate the neo-trance tracks. But I´m missing one track on this list that I think realy should be on it:
James Holden - A Break In The Clouds
Mayby you don´t think it is ´minimal´ enough, too much trance for this list, but I think it is one of the best examples of neo-trance in its full glory, and this is a ´minimal (AND NEO-TRANCE) list´.

Yeah, I agree. Good pick, it deserves a place here.

And what about Thomas Fehlmann - Gratis?
Mayby my personal favourite from Immer.

Yes, that's a good one. Very Chain Reaction/Basic Channel. It does deserve a place on the list.

Got another one:
Misstress Barbera - Barcelona
A great Border Community release, you should check this one out!

I will, thanks.

And what about Dominik Eulberg - Rotbauchunken (Robaq Wruhme remix)?
That tune gives me chilles everytime I hear it!

And now I was wondering, why isn't Petter on this list?

Really enjoy the lists you made darktremor. I was wondering if you could put a torrent like you did for the top 400 trance list.

Nice list. Good springboard for house from the 00s. As for more classic minimal house, what about Basic Channel's Phylyps Trak II? This track is a DJ's dream and figures heavily into all sorts of house mixes.

Not widely known but should be: Losoul - Brother in Love. Minimal, elegant, yet absolutely banging.