The Top 10 Free Games of all Time (or at least, currently available)

  1. These took me so much time to find, that I decided I'd share the results of my search for good free gaming with all of you. Descriptions and links and more games will soon follow...
  2. What I have so far is of the utmost quality, personally hand-picked.
  3. Knytt Stories
  4. Cave Story
  5. Dwarven Fortress
  6. Notrium
  7. Knytt
  8. Desktop Tower Defense
  9. N: Way of the Ninja
  10. Seiklus
  11. In a Deep Forest
  12. GTA 2
  13. Minesweeper

Ever try Transport Tycoon? Open sourced as OTTD.

For sure, I'll check it out! Thanks, I love free games.

Good selection of clasic games like Tetris, Pacman & Asteroids, lots of fun.

Cool, thanks.


Looks interesting, I'll try it.

Nethack, as long as you don't require fancy graphics, is hands down the best free game I have ever played.

I know it's a classic, but I'm just not that big a fan of those text-based dungeon exploring games. I'll give it a try though, since it's apparently incredible and maybe I've just played bad dungeon-crawling games.


Haha, you're right!

:) i like "gyroball" on miniclip and "pool" on yahoo ( if you use yahoo mail)

They're OK, but I don't like them as much as any of the items on this list.