Games Played: 2005

  • Another ridiculously cliche list. Video games I've played in 2005, and their star rating, out of 5.
  • Katamari Damacy ***** (PS2)
  • Metal Gear Solid 2 **** (PS2)
  • God of War ***** (PS2)
  • Half-life 2 ***** (Computer)
  • Dance Dance Revolution ***** (PS2)
  • Halo 2 **** (X-Box)
  • Myst ***** (computer)
  • Amped 2 *** (X-Box)
  • Goldeneye 007 ***** (N-64)
  • Europa Universalis ***** (computer)
  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ***** (PS2)
  • Rollercoaster Tycoon 3 **** (computer)
  • Superpower * (computer)
  • Zelda: The Wind Waker **** (Gamecube)
  • Animal Crossing **** (Gamecube)
  • Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando **** 1/2 (PS2)
  • Fable **** (X-Box)
  • Splinter Cell **** (PS2)
  • Ghost Recon **** (X-box)
  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City ***** (PS2)
  • Timesplitters 2 ***** (PS2)
  • Mario Party 4 ***1/2 (Gamecube)
  • Super Mario World 3 ***** (NES)
  • Soul Caliber 2 ***** (Gamecube)
  • The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind ***** (X-box)
  • Amped ***1/2 (X-box)
  • Metroid Prime ***** (Gamecube)
  • Super Smash Brothers Melee **** (Gamecube)
  • Starfox: Assault ***1/2 (Gamecube)
  • Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic ***** (X-Box)
  • Neopets **** (online)
  • Utopia ** 1/2 (online)
  • Metal Slug 3 ** 1/2 (PS2)
  • Chrono Trigger (Super Nintendo) *****
  • Chrono Cross *** (Playstation)
  • Runescape (online) *** 1/2
  • Amped (X-Box) ***
  • Baldur's Gate (PC) *****
  • Neverwinter Nights (PC) ** 1/2

Did you only play Goldeneye this year?... Legendary game.

Why not arrange these in order from best to worse? And what's your all time favourite game btw?

No, I was directing a play a friend and I co-wrote about James Bond retreating into the real world to be a psychiatrist, in order to escape the repitition of his silver-screen formula, and the subsequent destruction of the movie fantasy world this event caused (without James Bond, the plot just stagnated), out of which Dr. No fled, and pretended to be Bond's patient in an attempt to destroy him where the rules of the Hollywood universe couldn't protect him.
So, during breaks with the actors, we played multiplayer Goldeneye to keep us in character while still getting to rest (and watched James Bond or psychologist movies [ie Analyze this, What About Bob]). (I played it ad nauseum when it first came out, but it's still fun, even today: a good game is always a good game).

I might just do that "best to worst" thing: would definitely make the list more useful.

Katamari Damacy is probably my all-time favorite, just fantastic: so original, so insane. Goldeneye is certainly up there though. You?

Yeah, it's just that I've been playing Goldeneye alot lately (on my p.c. that is). It really is nice to play this game again and even today is still great to play. In fact, it brings a new dimension playing it using the keyboard and mouse to move and look around, playing in 32 bit colour, proper stereo and even online play.

I can't really say my favourite because it's hard to compare say Halo to Tetris but a few of my faves are: Zelda:Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy series, Goldeneye/Perfect Dark, Mario 64, Halo, Project Gotham Racing 1/2, Doom, Forza Motorsport, Pro Evo series, C&C, Unreal Tournament series and GTA III to name a few. Btw do you have an msn messenger account?

Yes, but can you instead send me yours (to one of my "spam accounts")? You see, these pages get a massive amount of traffic, if I post my main address here, I'd get thousands and thousands of junk e-mails every day, and hundreds of people sending me stupid questions about trance music, angry ranting flames, fan e-mails, and all kinds of other little bundles of joy.

Here, it's:

(for all those who are not TrancEaddict, I rarely check that account, if you try to send me ANYTHING there, you will get no response, and I change my spam account every 3 months besides (as it gets too bogged down)).

I'll check for it a few times in the next few days, and send you a response when I get it.

I'll have to try that Goldeneye thing, I've always preferred the keyboard and mouse too.

I sent it.. hopefully you got it. I'll add you to my contacts as soon as I get your reply.

Talk to ya later :) it. Shall see you on soulseek/MSN (although I'm rarely on MSN, I can usually be found on soulseek: I might be away from the computer, but I'll respond to you eventually, for sure).

hi nice choice of games spesh MGS Two its a great game very cinematic, you should also try MGSThree

Iv also played GoldenEye Source on Pc - i think thats the PC version people are referring to and its a really good game plus better graphics than the rather dated N6Four Version.

True, but still, nothing is like playing it on the original system.

Agreed, MGS 2 is nice, although I wish the entire game was playing as Snake, and less of that wimpy annoying kid. I've wanted to play 3 for a while, haven't gotten around to it yet. Haven't had time for much gaming in 2006. My list is pretty short for this year.