Every single way to say "Goodbye"

  • This list is far from complete: I'm missing quite a few ways to say goodbye. Send me anything I missed :D
  • Goodbye
  • Bye-bye
  • Bye
  • Godspeed [thanks to sdavis13]
  • Buhbyes
  • Talk to you later
  • Ta ta for now
  • Ciao
  • Sayanora
  • Kamsahamnidah
  • Unhello
  • See ya
  • McGoodbye
  • May the forces of evil get lost on the way to you front doorstep
  • Live long and prosper
  • Cheerio!
  • Out
  • Y'all come back now
  • May your teeth never be replaced by freshly ironed wool socks.
  • So long
  • Farewell
  • Bon voyage
  • May you never awaken one morning and find yourself with Iranian death camps for hands and Gorbachev's eyelids attached to your feet.
  • Aloha
  • L'hitraot
  • Kol Tuv
  • Shalom
  • Peace out
  • May your spleen never transform into a solution to the European Union's impending energy crisis and become a battlefield for an upcoming war to end all wars.
  • Be well, fellow citizen
  • I must take leave of you now
  • Adios
  • Arrivaderci
  • Do svidanja
  • Au revoir
  • Hasta la vista
  • Fare thee well
  • May your mouth never be conquered by a band of marauding Vikings.
  • Auf Wiederhören
  • Auf Wiedersehen
  • Servus
  • Tschüss
  • Tschüs
  • Tschö
  • Tschau
  • Bis dann
  • Bis bald
  • Bis später
  • May you never have your soul absorbed into the Netherworld by a power-hungry televangelist.
  • Bis morgen
  • Bis Freitagabend
  • Bis nächste Woche
  • God be with ye
  • Bis zur Konferenz
  • Bis irgendwann
  • Kkkkk...out.
  • Stay cool, home-brotha
  • Tot Ziens
  • Later days
  • Tschuess
  • Avrio
  • adeus
  • ??
  • ??
  • ??
  • May you never urinate the sweet sweet sounds of 70's disco funk.
  • That is all.
  • May you never drown in a vat of monkey semen.
  • I'm leaving now.
  • May the Abu Jabi never bake muffins in your lower intestine.
  • daa daa dit daa daa daa daa daa daa daa dit dit daa dit dit dit daa dit daa daa dit
  • (*wave flags down and down-right) (*wave flags left and up-left) (*wave flags left and up-left) (*wave flags up and down) (*wave flags left and down) (*wave flags up-left and right) (*wave flags down and up-right)
  • No more of you.
  • And...I'm out.
  • So long, and thanks for all the fish.
  • In a while, crocodile!
  • Uh, I can hear the voices calling me...see ya (thanks to Merlin)
  • Ta-ra (thanks to buddy)
  • Cheers (thanks to buddy)
  • Fine, then go! (thanks to buddy)
  • I'm gone! (thanks to buddy)
  • Get lost (thanks to Merlin)
  • Na-na-naa-na, hey hey hey, Goodbye! (thanks to grandpa_chum)
  • Pasta-and-bagels (thanks to buddy)
  • All-feet-are-the-same (thanks to buddy)
  • Olive-oil (thanks to buddy)
  • Aavjo (thanks to Merlin)
  • Shalom, y'all! (Thanks to Merlin, and of course, lbangs)
  • Hallo (thanks to Buddy)
  • Later, gator! (thanks to Buddy)
  • If I don't return, avenge my death! (thanks to Buddy/Homer)
  • This is me. And this is the back of me. (Thanks to Buddy)
  • Tutloo (thanks to Merlin)
  • Chevio (thanks to Merlin)
  • Pip Pip (thanks to Merlin)
  • See ya later, alligator (thanks to 0dysseus)
  • Not now, brown cow (thanks to 0dysseus)
  • 'Til then, penguin (thanks to 0dysseus)
  • Hasta mañana, iguana (thanks to 0dysseus)
  • You stay classy [insert city name here].
  • Tallyhoo! (thanks to Merlin)
  • Timeout for now Houston (thanks to Merlin)
  • Keep it between the lines... (Thanks to Stumpy)
  • Keep it between the lines...and dirty side down (Thanks to Rosiecotton)
  • Dasvedania (thanks to Technoman)
  • Paka (thanks to Technoman)
  • Keep it real (thanks to Technoman)
  • May your mother's cousin never be assaulted by Attila the Hun at the supermarket (thanks [in part] to Merlin)
  • Hasta luego (thanks to Critico)
  • Leb wohl! (Thanks to 1922)
  • Mach's gut! (Thanks to 1922)
  • À voir! (Thanks to 1922)
  • À bientôt! (Thanks to 1922)
  • Äddi! (Thanks to 1922)
  • Avoir! (Thanks to 1922)
  • Nos veremos. (Thanks to 1922)
  • Vaarwel. (Thanks to 1922)
  • Zàijiàn (Thanks to 1922)
  • Zdravo (Thanks to 1922)
  • Tchau (Thanks to 1922)
  • Tootles (Thanks to Chicolette)
  • Até logo (thanks to joaomiguel)
  • Hasta la pasta (thanks to joaomiguel)
  • Valle! (thanks to joaomiguel)
  • Móin, móin! (thanks to joaomiguel)
  • Xau (thanks to joaomiguel)
  • Beijinhos (thanks to joaomiguel)
  • Vá (thanks to joaomiguel)
  • Abraço (thanks to joaomiguel)
  • Fica bem (thanks to joaomiguel)
  • Até amanhã (thanks to joaomiguel)
  • May bad luck always be at your heels, but never catch you (thanks to sdavis13)
  • Xi chien (thanks to sdavis13)
  • TTYL (thanks to sdavis13)
  • C U L8R (thanks to sdavis13)
  • chao (thanks to sdavis13)
  • adichao (thanks to sdavis13)
  • Inabit, inabizzle. (thanks to Hypnotic)
  • Don't let the back door hit ya where the good Lord split ya (thanks to goodbye)
  • May your feet never fall off and grow back as cactuses (thanks to goodbye)
  • Moi (thanks to d91)

The very famous

Shalom Y'all!!!

BTW, you have two byes...(effective in case you want to really get rid of someone)

Aand... "Get lost"..didn't see it on the list...

It's a local Indian way of saying it, but "aavjo" sounds good. Literally it means, Come again.

+adds all

Hmmm...it seems the symbols aren't supported by listology...

What do you mean "symbols"?

Well, there are three items in the list that simply appear as:
which were Asian symbols when I entered them.

Ah, gotcha. Yeah, those are beyond what can be handled here.

Audi 5000?

add: "I'm gona make like a fetus and head out."

Na-na-naa-na, hey hey hey, Goodbye!

Here are my contributions:

1) The slightly confusing Hungarian "hallo", which is used for both hello and goodbye
2) Later, gator! 'Cause I like the rhyme.
3) If I don't come back, avenge my death! Because Homer rocks.
4) This is me. And this is the back of me. This is how I sometimes leave work.

This is me. And this is the back of me. This is how I sometimes leave work


I'd also suggest Uh, I can hear the voices calling me...cia



Pip Pip

Awesomecross 98!
Thanks everybody (adds all)

Ooh, I forgot this weird Englishism I've heard from many Northerners. "Ta-ra". There's also "cheers", which means thank-you, but is also used when saying goodbye to the bus driver.

And I'll always have a space in my heart for Wayne & Garth's "Fine, then go!" "I'm gone!"

Thanks! :) :) :)

Spanish: Pasta-and-bagels

German: All-feet-are-the-same

French: Olive-oil


What do those mean though? Do you know the story behind them?

Spanish: Pasta-and-bagels sounds like "Hasta lanuego" (someone please correct me on this one - I'm quite sure I have it wrong)

German: All-feet-are-the-same sounds like "Auf Wiedersehen"

French: Olive-oil sounds like "Au revoir", only it doesn't really, at least not as much as the others.

its hasta luego.

Right, thanks! My Spanish is pretty much limited to "Hasta Manana", "Buenas dias/tardas/nochas", "No, lo siento" and "dos cerveza(s?), por favor". I vaguely remembered that "hasta luego" thing, but couldn't remember how I heard it said.

Pasta-and-bagels is "hasta luego"
All-feet-are-the-same is "auf wiedersehen"
Olive Oil is "au revoir"



My niece loves this:
See ya later, alligator. (Not now, brown cow. 'Til then, penguin. Hasta mañana, iguana.)

After 'while, crocodile!

+adds all

You have blown my niece's mind.

Ah, I love to impress the young. They're the only ones who haven't heard all my a-list material 1000 times over.

lol wha...?

How about

Timeout for now Houston.


"Keep it between the lines." (trucker talk)

"...and dirty side down"


here are some more:

see you later alligator
in a while crocodile
peace out
dasvedania (russian)
paka (russian)
keep it real
bye now mate

FUNKTASTIC! +adds all.

Thanks! :)

pasta and bagels?

twas suggested, I added. Ask the suggestor.

How 'bout
May the Huns not assault you at the mall?

lol. +adds

Some potential additions:
German: Leb wohl!; Mach's gut!
French: À voir!; À bientôt!
Luxemburgish: Äddi!; Avoir!
Spanish: Nos veremos.
Dutch: Vaarwel.
Mandarin: Zàijiàn.



Notice to everyone:
I won't really be here for a while. Until about early May (2006), I'm pretty much entirely tied down to the rest of my life: I'm going to have almost no time at all to respond or update here. I may make an occasional post, but don't expect anything regular (and don't take offense if I don't answer you for a very very long time).

Sorry to anyone who has posted and I can't respond to: I'm juggling university (a SCIENCE degree, in others words the nightmare of university existence - this is a complete time filler as it is), a (very serious - not in nature, in depth of relationship) girlfriend, two entirely seperate groups of friends, several plays, several clubs, and possibly soon a job. There really isn't time left to handle answering comments...

Goodbye for now everyone! (I'll be back again, eventually). It's been fun.

Thanks for your contributions.

And TTFN.....(Ta Ta For Now).

I should porbably post here now...I've been back for a while now.

Serbian: Zdravo!
Portuguese: Tchau!


Amazing list! Real cool idea.

i'm portuguese and i'd like to suggest some i think are really missing... ;)

Até logo! (smthing like.. Until later, Bis später)
Abraço. (Hug. We use that word a lot)
Beijinhos. (Kisses. that's also of daily usage)
Fica bem. (Stay well)

Hasta la pasta. (it's spanish and we use as a funny version of hasta luego ;)
Valle! (every spanish uses this at least twice a day, for sure)
Móin, móin! (i had this German teacher, from northern germany, he taught me this one, it's local for Tschüs!)

Speaking of farewells, once i was with a german friend, when my mom called me on the mobile, and when i hung up, my friend was very amused because he noticed that i had said something like 4 different goodbyes! LOL and that's very common by us. We don't just say bye.
A very typical farewell on the phone would be: "Xau, beijinhos, adeus" or "Vá, abraço, fica bem, até amanhã"...

Thanks, I'll add some of those, for sure.

I think you forgot Asta La Vista!

I've actually got it already (it's Hasta la Vista, that's why).

I don't think I saw, "Tootles!" Hope this will help!

Thanks, I'll add it.

i heard once,"may bad luck always be a your heels, but never catch you" and xi chien (Chinese for see you again)

Perfect, I'll add them (and the ones below).

i've heard of TTYL (talk to you later)
C U L8R (see you later)
[end transmission]
chao(spanish, ciao is italian)
and adichao (someone in Spanish class combined adios and chao)

and i forgot godspeed

Indeed, thanks.


+ adds.

A very nice list. You might also consider:

Best Wishes
Till next time
See you soon
See you on the flip side
Going, but not to be forgotten
I'm outta here
Call me
Don't let the door hit you on the way out

All the Best,

How about:

Happy Trails to you, until we meet again.

Good night John Boy

That's all Folks

Hi ho Silver away

I sent some to one of the others but should send it to you since you started the list.

How about some old ones:

Happy Trails to you, until we meet again (Dale Rogers)
That's all Folks!
Good night John Boy! (Waltons)
Live long and prosper (Spock)
Say good night, Gracie (George Burns)
"M-I-C See ya real soon! K-E-Y Why Because we like you! M-O-U-S-E
Hit the road Jack

Catch ya on the flipside.
Adidas amigo/amiga.
Later gater.
Seeya, wouldn't wanna be ya.
Until we meet again.
Hold the fort down, will ya?
vaya con dios

May the wind be at your back

dont let the backdoor hit ya where the good Lord split ya!
lol,add that!and add,
may urr feet never fall off and grow back as cactuses!

Haha, is that second one a popular way to say goodbye anywhere?

Maybe you could add "Moi" to the list. It's an informal way to say good bye in Dutch.

Sure, I'll add it.

I literally created an account just so I could add to this

1) Haza!

I use it all the time when I leave places and it has caught on every where I go.

Oh one more....

" If I'm not back in 5mins......... Just wait longer. "

"Come on.. Let's bounce."
"Let's blow this popsickle stand."
"AUTOBOTS!!! . . ROLL OUT!" ~ Optimus Prime

"I'm going to find myself. If I get back before I get back, keep myself here."

"SPARTANS!.. TONIGHT!!... WE DINE IN HELL!!!" ~Leonidus (Kinda a good-bye? Aye?)

Me and my friends always use "Laters"

Hey, also Dutch?

is it really spelled sayanora?? because I put that on the back of my senior shirt today and everyone thought it was wrong so when we looked it up in webster's, it was spelled sayonara.

I have some really cool ways to say goodbye:
See you later, alligator

After awhile, crocodile

Bye-bye, butterfly

Give a hug, ladybug

Toodle-oo, kangaroo

See you soon, raccoon

Time to go, buffalo

Can’t stay, blue jay

Mañana, iguana

The end, my friend!

why are they all animmals? (humans are animals, the last one)
and *no offense* why are they all so cheesy and *um* dull?

Here in Costa Rica we use ADIOS and Hasta LUEGO.

It's a local Indian way of saying it, but "aavjo" sounds good. Literally it means, Come again.


Removed spam link - jw

Arabic: ma' el salameh

Namaste. Means "I bow to you." or my soul sees your soul

Night night, termite

Namastgo (a pun on Namaste)

Kamsahamnida means thank you with honorifics
and its really supposed to be kam-sa-me-dah not kamsaHAMnida
goodbye in korean is an-yong-ee-ga-saeh-yo (anyongeegasaehyo)

How about:
Make like a tree and leave?

may the odds be ever in your favour



Fairwell brave soldier

Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say good night till it be morrow.

Pleasure doing business with you

Termination occurs now.

peace out

Catch ya on the flipside. (Rocco from Boondock Saints)
Peace! (or peace out bra).
Time for me to peace out.
Adidas amigo/amiga.
Later gater.
Seeya, wouldn't wanna be ya.
Until we meet again. (Tip imaginary hat)
Hold the fort down, will ya?
I have to go. (paired with shifty eyes and abrupt departure).
I'll be bock. (Arnold voice)

Peace n chicken grease!

What about the "Let's make like a . . . " stuff.
Some I know . . . and a more extensive list on www.rusbasan.com:

...make like horse poo and hit the trail.
...make like a banana and split.
...make like a missile and cruise.
...make like a fetus and head out.
...make like a hockey player and get the puck out of here!
...make like diarrhea and run
...make like Houdini and disappear
...make like Michael Jackson and "Beat it!"
...make like Santa Claus and leave your presents (presence)!

tvadeus (Portugal)

FINLAND (Finnish ways to say goodbye)

Hyvästi (Goodbye)
Nähdään (See you)
Nähdään myöhemmin (See you later)
Nähdään sitten (See you then)


Hei hei! (Bye Bye!)
Moi moi! (Bye Bye!)
Heippa! (Bye!)
Moikka! (Bye!)

BUT If you say only "Moi" or "Hei", its "Hi" in English.

Stay golden Ponyboy

Keep it tight
Stay up