Every animated movie ever created (alphabetical)

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  • 1001 Nights (1969) [anime]
  • 101 Dalmatians {***}
  • 101 Dalmatians 2
  • 102 Dalmatians
  • 3000 Leagues in Search of Mother (1976) [anime]
  • A-tarou the Workaholic [anime]
  • A Bug's Life {****}
  • A Chinese Ghost Story
  • A Christmas Carol
  • A Goofy Movie {** 1/2}
  • A Goofy Movie 2: An Extremely Goofy Movie
  • A Midsummer Night's Dream
  • A Scanner Darkly
  • A Troll in Central Park {***}
  • Ah! My Goddess [anime]
  • Aero-Troopers
  • Akira (1988) {****}
  • Aladdin and his Magic Lamp (1970)
  • Aladdin (1992) {****}
  • Aladdin: The Return of Jafar {*}
  • Aladdin and the King of Theives {** 1/2}
  • Alakazam the Great
  • Alchemist of the Surreal
  • Alice
  • Alice in Wonderland {***} [It loses a star and a half because, like all old Disney films, it was accompanied by incredibly annoying songs. Seriously, why did everything have to be a musical? They really weren't good at it. I don't hate musicals, in fact, I love Greece, Hairspray, The Producers, The Wizard of Oz, tons of others. Disney was just awful at making them.]
  • All Dogs go to Heaven {***}
  • All Dogs go to Heaven 2 {** 1/2}
  • All Dogs go to Heaven: An All Dogs Christmas Carol
  • Allegro non Troppo (1977)
  • Alvin and the Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein
  • American Pop
  • An American Tail *** 1/2
  • An American Tail: Fievel Goes West *** 1/2
  • An American Tail: The Mystery of the Night Monster
  • Anastasia [*** 1/2]
  • Anastasia: Bartok the Magnificent
  • Andersen Story: The Mermaid Princess (1975) [anime]
  • Angel of Darkness
  • Angel's Egg
  • Animal Farm
  • Animal Treasure Island (1971) [anime]
  • Animaland
  • Animated Self-Portraits
  • Annabelle's Wish (1997)
  • Anne Frank's Diary
  • Antz [*** 1/2] {I love when political satire finds its way into kids movies}
  • Apache Baseball Team (1971) [anime]
  • Appleseed
  • Arabian Knight (aka The Thief And The Cobbler)
  • Armageddon: The Great Battle with Genma
  • Around the World with Seabert
  • Atlantis: The Lost Empire [** 1/2] {I remember thinking when I first saw it: Kida would be hot if she was real. No, I don't like hentai.}
  • Atlantis 2: Milo's Return
  • Armitage III: Poly Matrix (1997)
  • Armitage: Dual Matrix
  • Asterix the Gaul (1967)
  • Asterix and Cleopatra (1968)
  • Asterix: The Twelve Tasks of Asterix (1976)
  • Asterix Versus Caesar (1985)
  • Asterix in Britain (1986)
  • Asterix and the Big Fight (1989)
  • Asterix Conquers America (German: Asterix in Amerika) (1994)
  • Asterix and the Vikings (2006)
  • Attack of the Super Monsters
  • Avalon
  • Babar: The Movie
  • Babar and Father Christmas (1986)
  • Babes in Toyland (1997)
  • Balto {***}
  • Balto 2: Wolf Quest
  • Balto III: Wings of Change
  • Bambi {*} {This is such a boring movie. Everybody cries about Bambi's mom, but by that point, I really just didn't care.}
  • Barbie in the Nutcracker
  • Barbie as Rapunzel
  • Barbie of Swan Lake
  • Barbie Fairytopia
  • Barefoot Gen
  • Barefoot Gen 2
  • Batman Beyond: The Movie
  • Batman: Mask of the Phantasm
  • Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman
  • Batman Vs Dracula
  • Battle Athletes Victory #1: Training
  • Battle Athletes Victory #2: Conflict
  • Battle Athletes Victory #3: Tragedy & Triumph
  • Beany and Cecil
  • Beauty and the Beast {**** 1/2}
  • Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Magic Castle
  • Beauty and the Beast: Belle's Tales of Friendship
  • Beauty and the Beast: Enchanted Christmas
  • Beavis and Butt-Head Do America
  • Bebe's Kids
  • Bee Movie
  • Belladonna of Sadness (1973) [anime]
  • Belleville Rendezvous
  • Big Fat Fabulous Bear
  • Bionicle: The Movie – Mask Of Light
  • Bionicle 2: Legends Of Metru Nui
  • Black Jack
  • Black Lion
  • Black Magic M66
  • Blood - The Last Vampire
  • Bolívar: el héroe (2003) [Has the somewhat dubious honor of being considered the worst animated movie ever created]
  • Boogiepop Phantom
  • Bratz: Starrin' & Stylin'
  • Brother Bear
  • Buster & Chauncey's Silent Night
  • Buzz Lightyear of Star Command: The Adventure Begins
  • Captain of the Forest
  • Cars {*** 1/2} {You know Pixar shits gold bricks when their "flop" is still a critically acclaimed box office smash. I actually liked it, other opinions aside}
  • Castle in the Sky
  • Cat Soup
  • Cats Don't Dance {** 1/2}
  • Charlotte's Web * 1/2
  • Charlie Brown: A Boy Named Charlie Brown
  • Charlie Brown: A Charlie Brown Christmas {***} {I feel so sorry for Charlie Brown}
  • Charlie Brown: A Charlie Brown
  • Thanksgiving
  • Charlie Brown: A Charlie Brown
  • Valentine
  • Charlie Brown: Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown
  • Charlie Brown: Bon Voyage Charlie Brown, and Don't Come Back
  • Charlie Brown: I Want a Dog for Christmas, Charlie Brown
  • Charlie Brown: It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown
  • Charlie Brown: It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown
  • Charlie Brown: Lucy Must Be Traded, Charlie Brown
  • Charlie Brown: Snoopy, Come home {***}
  • Charlotte's Web
  • Charlotte's Web 2; Wilbur's Great Adventure
  • Chicken Little [2005]
  • Chicken Run {****}
  • Cinderella {1/2} {All of my co-workers rail against this movie every time anything animated comes up in conversation, and their arguments are so convincing that I actually agree. They're long, and straight out of feminist theory and cognitive science, so I won't bother. I mean, you'd all understand, I just don't feel like typing them}.
  • Cinderella 2 {0}
  • Cinderella 3
  • Cleopatra (1970) [anime]
  • Cleopatra: Queen of Sex
  • Clifford's Really Big Movie (2004)
  • Cowboy Bebop: The Movie
  • Cowboy Bebop: Tengoku no tobira (2001)
  • Creature Comforts
  • Crimson Wolf
  • Curse of the Undead Yoma
  • Dallos
  • Dark Fury
  • Das kleine Arschloch
  • Demon City Shinjuku
  • Der kleine Eisbär
  • Der kleine Eisbär 2 - Die geheimnisvolle Insel
  • Derrick - Die Pflicht ruft (2004)
  • Detective Conan
  • Devil Man (1987)
  • Digimon
  • Dimensions of Dialogue
  • Dinosaur {** 1/2}
  • Doug's First Movie
  • Dr. Seuss - How the Grinch Stole Christmas/Horton Hears a Who
  • Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies [anime]
  • Dragon Ball: Sleeping Princess in Devil’s Castle(1987) [anime]
  • Dragon Ball: Mystical Adventure (1988) [anime]
  • Dragon Ball: The Path to Power (1996) [anime]
  • Dragonball Z: Dead Zone [anime]
  • Dragonball Z: The World's Strongest [anime]
  • Dragonball Z: The Tree of Might [anime]
  • Dragonball Z: Lord Slug [anime]
  • Dragonball Z: Cooler's Revenge [anime]
  • Dragonball Z: The Return of Cooler [anime]
  • Dragonball Z: Super Android 13 [anime]
  • Dragonball Z: Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan [anime]
  • Dragonball Z: Bojack Unbound [anime]
  • Dragonball Z: Bardock The Father of Goku [anime]
  • Dragonball Z: The History of Trunks [anime]
  • Dragonball Z: Broly: The Second Coming [anime] Dragonball Z: Bio-Broly [anime]
  • Dragonball Z: Fusion Reborn [anime]
  • Dragonball Z: Wrath of the Dragon [anime]
  • Duck Tales: The Movie – Treasure Of The Lost Lamp {**}
  • Dumbo {***}
  • Eight Crazy Nights
  • El Cid
  • Escaflowne (2000)
  • Estuary Adventures (2004)
  • Evil Toons (1992)
  • Fantasia
  • Fantasia 2000 {****} {I know that "evolution for dummies" scene got a lot of flak, but I personally enjoyed it. This seems like it would be a great stoner movie}
  • Fantastic Planet (1973)
  • Ferngully: The Last Rainforest {** 1/2}
  • Ferngully 2 {**}
  • Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within {****} {I don't think that even today the animation in this movie has been topped, anywhere}
  • Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
  • Finding Nemo **** 1/2
  • Fire and Ice (1983)
  • Fist of the North Star (1986)
  • Footrot Flats: The Dog's Tale (1987)
  • Fritz the Cat
  • Fritz the Cat: The Nine Lives of Fritz the Cat
  • Frosty Returns (1993)
  • Frosty the Snowman (1969)
  • Frosty's Winter Wonderland (1976)
  • Fun and Fancy Free
  • Fushigi Yugi (The Mysterious Play)
  • Future Boy Conan (1978) [anime]
  • Galaxy Express 999 [anime]
  • Galaxy Express: Adieu Galaxy Express 999 [anime]
  • Gandahar (1988)
  • Gargoyles: The Movie
  • Gay Purr-ee (1962)
  • Ghost in the Shell {****} {Great film, but I don't think it's worthy of being called "best anime ever" like many say. It's certainly interesting though, and very enjoyable.}
  • Ghost in the Shell 2
  • Ghost Sweeper Mikami
  • G.I. Joe: The Movie (1987)
  • GoBots: War of the Rock Lords (1986)
  • Goku
  • Goku II: Midnight Eye
  • Goshu the Cellist
  • Grave of the Fireflies (1988)
  • Gulliver's Travels (1939)
  • Gumby: The Movie
  • Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
  • Happily N'Ever After
  • Happiness of the Katakuris
  • Heavy Metal
  • Heavy Metal 2000 (2000) {*} {Apparently it's a cult hit. I am not a member of that cult.}
  • Heavy Traffic (1973)
  • Heidi, Girl of the Alps (1974) [anime]
  • Hercules {***}
  • Hercules: Zero To Hero
  • Hey Arnold! The Movie
  • Hey Good Lookin' (1982)
  • Hey There, It's Yogi Bear
  • Hols: Prince of the Sun (1968) [anime]
  • Home on the Range
  • Hoppity Goes to Town (1941)
  • How the Toys Saved Christmas
  • Howl's Moving Castle {*****} {I personally prefer Spirited Away by a slight margin, but 4.99 rounds to 5 stars, hence the rating. I mean, it has the typical confusing Studio Ghibli ending, but the film is so gorgeous and charming that I don't even care, just like Spirited Away.}
  • Hustle Punch [1965) [anime]
  • I Can Hear The Sea
  • Ice Age ****
  • Ice Age 2 ***
  • Ichi the Killer: Episode Zero
  • Imokawa Mukuzo Genkanban no Maki [anime] {this is probably no longer in existence anywhere}
  • Initial D
  • Inu Yasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time **
  • Inu Yasha the Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass {* 1/2}
  • "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!" If I ever taught a course on deus ex machina, I'd do nothing but show episodes of Inu Yasha.>}
  • Iron Story [anime]
  • Jack Frost (1979)
  • Jan Svankmajer's Faust
  • Johnny in the Valley of the Giants (1973)
  • Johnny the Giant Killer (1950)
  • Jonah: A Veggietales Movie {0} {I hate this on principle. Someone once sang a song from Veggie Tales when trying to convert me to whatever stupid Christian cult they were brainwashed into. Plus, it was a stupid movie.}
  • Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
  • Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade
  • Joseph: King of Dreams
  • Jubei Chan: Secret of the Lovely Eyepatch
  • Kaena: The Prophecy (2004)
  • Kamui no ken (aka Dagger of Kamui)
  • Katy Caterpillar
  • Kiki's Delivery Service
  • Kimagure Orange Road
  • Kimera
  • Kirikou and the Sorceress
  • Kite
  • Kronk's New Groove
  • Kung Fu Panda [2008] {****}
  • La Blue Girl
  • Labyrinth Tales
  • Lady and the Tramp {***}
  • Lady and The Tramp 2
  • Lady Death
  • Laputa {**** 1/2} {This movie made me love eggs again. There's a scene where the main character eats sunny-side-up on toast, and it looks like the most delicious thing ever. I actually stopped the DVD and made an omelette. Of course, that scene isn't representative of the movie, most of which is continuous action (Which never flags or grows dull, I might add)}
  • Lauras Stern
  • Legend of the Forest [anime]
  • Les Fabuleuses aventures du legendaire Baron de Munchausen (1979)
  • Light Years (1988)
  • Lilo and Stitch ***
  • Lilo and Stich: Stitch!
  • Little Nemo: Adventures In Slumberland (1992)
  • Little Norse Prince
  • Little Orbit the Astrodog and the Screechers from Outer Space (1979)
  • Living Wood
  • Love Hina Again
  • Love Hina Christmas Movie
  • Love Hina Spring Movie
  • Lowest-of-the-Low Kitarou [anime]
  • Lupin [anime]
  • Lupin 2 [anime]
  • Lupin 3 (1971) [anime]
  • Macross Plus
  • Macross II
  • Mad Monster Party
  • Madeline: Lost In Paris
  • Make Mine Music
  • Melody Time
  • Memories (1995)
  • Memories of Teardrops [AKA Omohide poro poro] [anime]
  • Metal Skin Panic Madox-01
  • Metoroporisu (2001)
  • Metropolis
  • Mezzo Forte
  • Mickey's Christmas Carol
  • Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas
  • Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas
  • Millenium Actress
  • Mimi wo Sumaseba (1995)
  • Mindgame
  • Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
  • Momotar? no Umiwashi [anime]
  • Momotaro - Umi no Shinpei [anime]
  • Monster's Inc. {*****}
  • Monster House {**1/2}
  • Mulan {***1/2}
  • Mulan 2
  • Mummies Alive!
  • Mummies Alive!: The Legend Begins
  • My Dream is Yours
  • My Little Pony: The Movie (1986)
  • My Neighbors the Yamadas (1999) [anime]
  • My Neighbor Totoro *****
  • Mystery of the Necronomicon (1999)
  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind *****
  • Nazca
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion
  • Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey (1977)
  • Ninja Scroll *** 1/2
  • Ninja Resurrection
  • Noir
  • Now and Then, Here and There
  • Ocean Waves (1993) [anime]
  • Odin: Photon Sailing Ship Starlight
  • Oliver & Company
  • Omohide poro poro
  • Once Upon a Forest ** 1/2
  • Only Yesterday (1991) [anime]
  • Opus and Bill: A Wish for Wings that Work (1991)
  • Osmosis Jones (2001)
  • Otaku No Video [anime]
  • Outlanders
  • Over the Hedge (2006) {*** 1/2}
  • Panda! Go, Panda!
  • Paprika (2007) {***}
  • Patlabor
  • Patlabor 2
  • Patlabor 3: WXIII (Wasted Thirteen)
  • Pebble and Penguin
  • Perfect Blue
  • Pet Shop of Horrors
  • Peter Pan {***}
  • Peter Pan 2: Return to Neverland {**}
  • Phantom Quest Corp (1994)
  • Pinnochio (1940) {*** 1/2}
  • Pinnochio 3000 (2004)
  • Pinnochio's Christmas
  • Pippi Longstocking
  • Pocahontas {**}
  • Pocahontas 2: Journey to the New World
  • Pokemon {*}
  • Pokemon 2000 {1/2}
  • Pokemon 3 [0]
  • Pokemon 4
  • Pokemon: Destiny Deoxys
  • Pokémon Heroes: The Movie
  • Pokémon: Jirachi Wish Maker
  • Pom Poko [aka Heisei tanuki gassen pompoko] [anime] (1994)
  • Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search For Christopher Robin
  • Porco Rosso {****}
  • Princess Mononoke (1997) {**** 1/2}
  • Puss 'n Boots (1969) [anime]
  • Quest for Camelot (1998) {*}
  • Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure
  • Rainbow Bright {*}
  • Ratatoing {One of this movie's identification tags on Amazon is "Epic fail"}
  • Ratatouille {*****}
  • Recess: School's Out {** 1/2}
  • Recess: Taking the Fifth Grade
  • Red-armored Suzunosuke (1973) [anime]
  • Reluctant Dragon
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena (1997) [anime]
  • Rex the Runt
  • Robbie the Reindeer in Hooves of Fire
  • Robin Hood {***}
  • Rock-a-Doodle (1991) {**}
  • Rock and Rule
  • Rover Dangerfield (1991)
  • Roujin-Z [anime]
  • Royal Space Force - Wings of Honneamise
  • Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer {**}
  • Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys (2001) {*}
  • Rugrats: A Rugrats Chanukah
  • Rugrats Go Wild
  • Rugrats in Paris
  • Rugrats: The Movie
  • Rugrats: The Santa Experience
  • Sakura Wars
  • Saludos Amigos
  • Samurai X: The Movie
  • Santa Claus is Comin' to Town
  • Santa vs. the Snowman
  • Scamper the Penguin
  • Scary Godmother Halloween Spooktakular
  • Secret Little Akko (1969) [anime]
  • Serial Experiments Lain (1998)
  • Shadow Skill
  • Shark Tale {**}
  • Shrek {****}
  • Shrek 2 {****}
  • Shrek The Third
  • Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas
  • Sinbad: Beyond the Veil of Mists (2000)
  • Sky Blue
  • Slayers: The Movie [anime]
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarves {*} {I don't care what people say, early Disney doesn't stand up today on any level}
  • So Dear to My heart
  • Sol Bianca
  • Song of the South
  • South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut {****}
  • Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
  • Spirited Away {*****}
  • Spriggan
  • Sprung!: The Magic Roundabout (2005)
  • Steamboy
  • Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story
  • Street Fighter Alpha - The Movie
  • Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie
  • Streetfight (AKA Coonskin)
  • Supernatural Beast City
  • Surf's Up
  • Sword for Truth
  • Tale of the Fox
  • Tales From Earthsea [anime] (2006)
  • Tamala 2010
  • Taro the Dragon Boy (1979) [anime]
  • Tarzan {**}
  • Tarzan and Jane
  • Teacher's Pet
  • Team America: World Police {****}
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder Strikes
  • Tekkonkinkreet [anime]
  • Teletubbies
  • Tenchi Muyou 2: Daughter of Darkness
  • Tenchi the Movie
  • Tenchi the Movie 2
  • Tenchi the Movie 3
  • Thumbelina
  • The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad {***}
  • The Adventures of Mark Twain
  • The Adventures of Prince Achmed
  • The Adventures Of Tom Thumb And Thumbelina
  • The Animatrix {***}
  • The Aristocats {***}
  • The Batman Superman Movie
  • The BFG (Big Friendly Giant)
  • The Biggest Duel in the Underworld (1963) [anime]
  • The Black Cauldron (1985) {** 1/2}
  • The Brave Little Toaster (1987) {** 1/2}
  • The Brave Little Toaster Goes to Mars
  • The Brave Little Toaster to the Rescue
  • The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie {***}
  • The Care Bears Movie (1985) {* 1/2}
  • The Care Bears Movie II: A New Generation
  • The Care Bears Movie III: Journey to Joke-a-Lot
  • The Castle of Cagliostro
  • The Cat Returns {**** 1/2}
  • The Chipmunk Adventure
  • The Chubbchubbs
  • The Cockpit
  • The Contract (2002)
  • The Cosmic Eye (1985)
  • The Dark Crystal {**}
  • The Emperor's New Groove {**}
  • The Emperor's Nightingale
  • The Flight of Dragons
  • The Fool and the Flying Ship
  • The Fox and the Hound {*** 1/2}
  • The Great Mouse Detective {*** 1/2}
  • The Guyver (1991)
  • The Hobbit (1977)
  • The Hunchback of Notre Dame {** 1/2}
  • The Hunchback Of Notre Dame II
  • The Incredible Hulk
  • The Incredible Mr. Limpet
  • The Incredibles {****}
  • The Iron Giant {****}
  • The Jetsons: The Movie (1990)
  • The Jungle Book {***}
  • The Jungle Book 2
  • The Land Before Time {***}
  • The Land Before Time 2: The Time of the Great Giving {0} {I'm not kidding or exaggerating: "The Time of the Great Giving" actually means "The time when all the dinosaurs learned to share"}
  • The Land Before Time 3 {**}
  • The Land Before Time 4 {*}
  • The Land Before Time 5 {0}
  • The Land Before Time 6
  • The Land Before Time 7
  • The Land Before Time 8
  • The Land Before Time 9
  • The Land Before Time 10
  • The Land Before Time 11
  • The Land Before Time 12
  • The Land Before Time: Invasion of the Tinysauruses
  • The Last Unicorn
  • The Lion King (1995) {**** 1/2}
  • The Lion King 1 and 1/2 {**}
  • The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride {* 1/2}
  • The Little Drummer Boy (1968)
  • The Little Mermaid {**}
  • The Little Mermaid 2: Return to the Sea [*]
  • The Little Polar Bear
  • The Little Prince and the Eight-Headed Dragon [anime]
  • The Littlest Warrior [anime]
  • The Lord of the Rings {*}
  • The Magic Horse (AKA The Magic Pony) (1941)
  • The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh {**** 1/2}
  • The Mascot
  • The Mighty Kong
  • The Miracle Maker (2000)
  • The Mouse and His Child (1977)
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas {*****}
  • The Nutcracker Prince (1990)
  • The Phantom Tollbooth
  • The Plague Dogs (1982)
  • The Polar Express (2004)
  • The Powerpuff Girls Movie (2002)
  • The Point (1971)
  • The Princess and the Goblin (1993)
  • The Prince of Egypt (1998) {**}#
  • # Atlantis: The Lost Empire [** 1/2] {I remember thinking when I first saw it: Kida would be hot if she was real. No, I don't like hentai.}
  • # Atlantis 2: Milo's Return
  • The Rescuers (1977) {***}
  • The Rescuers Down Under (1990) {***}
  • The Road to El Dorado {** 1/2}
  • The Secret Adventures of Tom Thumb
  • The Secret of NIMH {*** 1/2}
  • The Secret of NIMH 2: Timmy to the Rescue
  • The Secret of the Selenites
  • The Simpsons Movie {***}
  • The Small One
  • The Spongebob Squarepants movie (2004) {***}
  • The Swan Princess (1994) {0}
  • The Sword in the Stone {***}
  • The Tale of the White Serpent (1956)
  • The Tangerine Bear
  • The Theatre Of Mr & Mrs Kabal
  • The Thief and the Cobbler (1995)
  • The Three Caballeros {1/2} {Disney classic or not, this movie annoys the hell out of me. It looks like a bad acid trip, and I mean that in the worst possible sense (for the best possible way, see Alice in Wonderland or Fantasia). Maybe watching it on acid would improve it, but that isn't the criteria here, because 2 hours of blank screen would be 5-star if that were the case.}
  • The Triplets of Belleville
  • The Tune
  • The Wild
  • The Wild Thornberrys Movie
  • The Wings of Honneamise
  • The Year Without Santa Claus
  • Titan A.E. {*** 1/2}
  • Tobias Totz und sein Löwe
  • Toby and the Koala Bear [1981]
  • Tokyo Godfathers
  • Tom & Jerry: The Movie
  • Tom & Jerry: The Magic Ring
  • Toy Story {****}
  • Toy Story 2 {****}
  • Transformers
  • Treasure Planet
  • Tron
  • Twas the Night Before Christmas
  • Twilight of the Dark Master
  • Unico
  • Urusei Yatsura 1: Only You
  • Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer
  • Urotsukidoji I: Legend of the Overfiend
  • Urotsukidôji II: Curse of the Overfiend
  • Urotsukidôji III: Final Inferno
  • Urotsukidoji IV: Inferno Road
  • Urotsukidôji: Battle at the Shinjuku Skyscrapers
  • Urusei Yatsura
  • Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer
  • Urusei Yatsura: Ryoko's September Tea Party
  • Valiant
  • Vampire Hunter D
  • Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust
  • VeggieTales - Lyle the Kindly Viking
  • A Very Barry Christmas
  • Video Girl Al
  • Volere Volare
  • Wallace & Gromit: A Grand Day Out, The Wrong Trousers, & A Close Shave (While this is a box set of three half-hour features, and techically not qualified, love Wallace and Gromit so much that I had to add it anyway. Besides, three half-hour shows = one 1.5 hour movie, right?) [*****]
  • Wallace & Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit [**** 1/2]
  • Waking Life
  • WALL-E [2008] {*****}
  • Warriors of the Wind
  • Watership Down {* 1/2}
  • We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story (1993) {**}
  • Werner Beinhart
  • Werner 2: Das muss kesseln!!!
  • Werner 3: Werner - Volles Rooäää!!!
  • Werner 4: gekotzt wird spater
  • When the Wind Blows
  • Whisper Of The Heart [aka: Mimi wo sumaseba] [anime] (1995) {*** 1/2}
  • Wicked City
  • Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too
  • Winnie The Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year
  • Winnie The Pooh: Piglet's Big Movie
  • Winnie The Pooh: Pooh's Heffalump Movie
  • Winnie The Pooh: Seasons Of Giving
  • Winnie The Pooh: Springtime With Roo
  • Winnie The Pooh: The Tigger Movie
  • Winter Days [anime]
  • Wizards (1977)
  • Wrath of the Ninja: The Yotoden Movie
  • X - The Movie
  • X-Men: The Legend Of Wolverine
  • Yamato: 2520
  • Yamato: Be Forever, Yamato
  • Yamato: Final Yamato
  • Yamato: Space Battleship Yamato
  • Yamato: Space Battleship Yamato 2
  • Yamato: Space Battleship Yamato 3
  • Yamato: Space Battleship Yamato: The New Voyage
  • Yamato: Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato: In the Name of Love
  • Yellow Submarine (1968)
  • Yôjû sensen: Adventure Kid
  • You're Under Arrest
  • Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Partially animated (not including CG effects, unless they're intended to look animated):
  • Anchorman {***}
  • Bedknobs and Broomsticks [***]
  • Casper {* 1/2}
  • Casper: A Spirited Beginning {0}
  • Casper Meets Wendy
  • Conspirators of Pleasure
  • Cool World
  • Dream of a Rarebit Fiend
  • Garfield {0}
  • Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties {0} {I haven't seen it, but judging by the title, and the fact that it's Garfield...0}
  • Hollywood Party (1934)
  • In the Aftermath (1989)
  • James and the Giant Peach {**}
  • Johnny Mneumonic {0}
  • Kill Bill Vol. 1 {*****}
  • Lawnmower Man {**}
  • Lawnmower Man 2
  • Little Otik
  • Looney Tunes: Back in Action
  • Mary Poppins {****}
  • Pete's Dragon {** 1/2}
  • Pink Floyd: The Wall
  • Rocky & Bulwinkle
  • Scooby-Doo {*}
  • Scooby Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed {0}
  • S1m0ne
  • Song of the South
  • Space Jam {***}
  • Stay Tuned {I forget, actually}
  • Stuart Little {** 1/2}
  • Stuart Little 2 {*}
  • The Pagemaster {**}
  • What the Bleep do we know? {0} {This decline from 1, which was given for "So bad its good reasons," because dumbasses always quote it to me now as if they're citing a peer-reviewed scientific journal. Any fun I had laughing at this piece of crap has been sucked away by legions of idiots. One moron even brought it up in one of my classes, which, by the way, was THIRD YEAR BEHAVIOURAL NEUROSCIENCE. I always thought idiots (football scholarships) were supposed to have dropped out by that point. Apparently not. I hate this movie.}
  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit? {****}
  • This is another FAR from complete list. However, I will finish it, and I would really like it if all of you could send in any I missed (and I'm sure there are some really obvious ones). For those who haven't figured it out, it's alphabetical order.
  • One of my fellow listologists had a question, does anyone here know the answer?
  • Carva's question:
  • Hi, I was wondering if anyone here could help. I have been trying to remember this film for literally years now. It is a clay kind of animated film, and it is set in a winter land. I think the gist is that a Princess of the main character's (a boy) sister is kidnapped, and the boy goes on a journey to find her. He is helped out by an old man who makes a flying Ship made of ice in the forest for him. On his journey, the boy meets many characters each with their own abilities. He meets a man who is a great sharpshooter, he meets a man with big ears that has amazing hearing, and he meets a man who can run very fast. I saw this film about 10 years ago now(on TV) and i have been serchign and searching for its name.
  • It would be greatly appreciated if anyone had any information on this film.
  • Thanks!
  • Side note from this list. The great, classic animation studios, in order of my enjoyment of their films:
  • 1.Studio Ghibli
  • 2.Pixar
  • 3.Disney. Yeah, I know they invented great animation, but I really just enjoy Pixar and Studio Ghilbi movies much more. Besides, it's a fallen giant. Brother Bear, Home on the Range, Treasure Planet, and Chicken Little (the last 4 movies created by the actual Disney animation Studio, not the unwatchable DisneyToon studios) were weak and derivative.
  • Rising stars:
  • Aardman Animations. They've only released two movies, but both are modern classics, plus they've created probably the best series of shorts in all of history: Wallace and Gromit. Plus their next movie looks promising. [not going to happen, it's been dissolved]
  • Dreamworks. If it stays out of Shark Tale and Madagascar territory, and sticks to its Over The Hedge and Shrek style, and further develops it, it may well be become another master animation house, eventually. OK, it'll never be Studio Ghibli or Pixar, but a lot of their films are certainly entertaining.
  • NOTICE: New comments are on the last page. Do not save a comment multiple times.

Holy crap. I'll throw in 'The Adventures of Prince Achmed' and stop there, or I'll never stop. You aren't going to count shorts, too, are you? Are you counting straight-to-video releases?

I don't count shorts - that would just be insane! I count straight-to-video though (there are a few on the list already).

Please do go on actually - I'd like to get every animated movie ever created. Having massive lists of movies sent in is exactly what I was hoping for.

I'll certainly add The Adventures of Prince Achmed.

Thanks! :) :)

hi there,
i found this by searching google and i thought since you are clearly an expert on animated video you may just be able to help me, although i apologize in advance for the boring topic.

several years ago a friend rented an animated video for his young child of a dog on a serious of adventures. the animation was very basic, the movie was pretty slow, there were no words to the video but nice music, and it was an incredibly sweet video for VERY young children.

he can't remember it. is it on your list? i would love to buy it but i can't find it on amazon, etc, although searching with that little to go on is pretty hard....

Hey there. You might be able to help me out! I am looking for a movie that I watched in the early 90's. The problem is I cant remember the name, only a few details about it. It was a stop motion capture movie like Wallace and Gromit, all I remember is an old man and a young boy go on (what i can only remember as) an airship to meet a comet. There was some sort of magic door in the cockpit that opened up into different places they wanted to go. And the last thing I remember, is that they were hooked onto the sphynx in egypt, and when they pulled away the nose came off!I am sorry that its not much to go on, and your probebly reading this thinking "he's a nut" but I have been trying to find this film for ages and have turned up nothing. All I need is a name and if you could maybe find out I would be extremly appriciative. Thanx.

Hi, I am also looking for a title of this stop-motion movie/cartoon, too! I do not remember so many details as Timmy, but it's definitely it!

tags: old man (granddad), boy, airship (baloon?), adventure, comet, life, stop-motion.

The Adventures of Mark Twain (1985)
Just re released 2013

This was one of my favorite movies as a kid.. it's called The Adventures of Mark Twain.

The Adventures of Mark Twain (1985)

Could you help me? I am trying to figure out the name of a very old cartoon I used to watch as a child. All I remember is there are little men kind of like dwarfs that are working/mining underground and it begins to rain these beautiful rainbow colors. I don't remember much of conversations but I do believe it had music playing in the background the whole time.

I think I know which cartoon your talking about. it's about this little dwarfs and they mine colours for spring and one gdwarf a bit dopey which he ends up saving the day cause the winter clouds were trying to keep it winter! it is on youtube. I am trying to find it again because I can't remember what it is called I think it is done by walt disney.

Yes that is it, if you could tell me the name that would be great. Thank you so much I miss this movie but its not to easy to find.

It's called "To Spring"

I am in desperate need of help from anybody... I'm trying to think of this old Animated movie I think Disney. It had a moose in it but it wasn't the main character.. The moose got shot with a net gun by a poacher and I think it has snow in it and at one point there is these little like weasels and they're in a house or big manor and they're throwing up these little fruits then eating them while singing a song... And at a different point it showsthis guy driving a car up to the big house and when he gets there he says "it's dangerous to presume anything about me" and there's a little girl with her grandfather he's husky and has a lil white beard and they get trapped in his truck on the snowy road... That's alll I remember but if you know anything about what it may be called please email me my email is pep.crich@yahoo.com thank you soooooo much!!!!

Hey you are missing an HBO animated cartoon movie of Jack and the beanstalk.. was pretty cool one.. out in the early 80's..
also, im looking for one dont think it is on here... i saw it on HBO... had heavy metal music...was good vs evil kinda movie.. heroes of the movie not quiet human lookin... young couple.. have a band.. the bad guys kidnap the girl and the guy has to try and save her.. the bad guys think she has a power.. they are like the mafia type.. so he spends the movie trying to save her.. some blue light is involved.. some place called OME TOWNE i think.. in the end their love for each other saves them and the people..came out in the early 80's.. you ever hear of it?

Hello & thank you for your fantastic effort! May I prod your mind...I remember 2 cartoons (as vague as it goes.....) but 1 had a little boy, blonde hair, American accent, may look 60's/70's but he & a cute talking Blue bird was in it. Near the end the boy tells the bird to go away & the bird flies off crying. The boy then has second thoughts & rushes to find the bird. The blue bird is seen crying in a tree then a Sparrow hawk or some sort of predator bird swoops down & all one sees is a single blue feather floating...! The boy cries trying to find the bird. It's vague but sad & touched me with the morel of leaving things nice!

The other was a really well animated film with 2 eagles or the like, the film has nice music & you see the 2 birds flying together, a couple! But on a farm a farmer shoots 1 & I never saw the end.

If you or anyone could help, happiness looms :)

When are you going to put them in order? I'd like to add but it's hard to look through.

'Animal Farm' is one for the list, 'Land Before Time' is in there twice.

Fixed! And added Animal Farm.
Thanks :)

Partially animated (not including CG effects, unless they're intended to look animated):

lol very funny

It has that sequence with "Pleasuretown."


oh lol, i thought you were making fun of it :)

lol no. I liked Anchorman.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion

I think Dream of the Rarebit Fiend should be in the partial animation category. And is it long enough? What's the cut-off point?

Do add Tale of the Fox (Starewicz). Another film by him, The Mascot, is a masterpiece, as are shorts like Street of Crocodiles (Quay twins) and Tale of Tales (Norstein).

Conspirators of Pleasure (Svankmajer) is a feature-length partially animated Czech film.

The Transformers: The Movie
Legend of the Overfiend
Belleville Rendezvous
The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie

I already have Transformers and The Spongebob Squarepants movie, but the other two are new. Thanks for the suggestions! I'm adding them now...

You should check out Hideki Takayama.

Thanks! I added all of them.

You forgot:

Dragonball Z: Dead Zone
Dragonball Z: The World's Strongest
Dragonball Z: The Tree of Might
Dragonball Z: Lord Slug
Dragonball Z: Cooler's Revenge
Dragonball Z: The Return of Cooler
Dragonball Z: Super Android 13
Dragonball Z: Broly The Legendary Super Saiyan
Dragonball Z: Bojack Unbound
Dragonball Z: Bardock The Father of Goku
Dragonball Z: The History of Trunks

That is all of the DBZ movies released stateside so far.

Excellent! Thanks!

About 12 years ago I watched an animated movie about a bunch of different beings (human-like and non... ) on a quest to save the [galaxy?] from a giant growing brain entity (not Akira). The brain's minions were black stormtrooper-type robots w/ red eyes/visors and lasers--black tanks that shot lasers too. I remember them marching - nazi-like. One of the good guys was brown with 8(?) arms and its big face on its torso (no head). As the movie progresses, more characters join the mission to destroy the brain. I think "quest" is in the title, though I'm not absolutely certain... Lifequest or GalaxyQuest???? From the 70's I would guess. BTW big thanks to those who found "Flight of the Dragons"... been searching for years, almost convinced myself that it was nonexistent and I had dreamt the whole thing!

Shangoshi found it! The name is "Light Years" I was also looking for it for about 15 years since I last saw it on STARZ. Thanks again to Shangoshi!

I am trying to remember the title of this older cartoon movie where a bug gets assigned a job as a construction worker, but he is very clumsy and he only wants to play music. Somehow he ends up in a cave where he meets an evil red and blue two headed worm, and i'm pretty sure they can detach their butts. Any ideas? It was probably mde between the 1970s and 1990s. It is NOT antz or bugs life

Ok, so this post is really old, but I'm hoping you are still looking for your answer. I think you and I are possibly the only people who have ever seen this. It's called "The Gallavants"

Thank you so much. I'very been trying to figure out what that movie was

Some Isao Takahata films

Goshu the Cellist
Little Norse Prince
Only Yesterday (this title is the one they use in the UK)
Pom Poko

and also Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story. The best straight to video film i've seen.

You have Tron and Team America: World Police listed but IMDb dosen't consider them animations. Do you think they should?

I think they definitely should. That's all I can really say about it...

+adds all others. Thanks! :)

Nice list. A couple I think you've missed.

Barefoot Gen 2
Whisper Of The Heart
Batman Vs Dracula
I Can Hear The Sea
The Theatre Of Mr & Mrs Kabal
Cat Soup

Cat Soup is a short but it's about the same running time as Blood - The Last Vampire so I thought you may want to list it.

Thanks! :) :)


Hello, I have been searching for a movie I saw as a child for years and I found your website and have been looking into some of the titles but none are working. So I am writing in the chance that someone might remember this movie. It is a cartoon about a board game and the main character is taken to a world where there he becomes a dragon and there is a princess that falls into a coma and will not wake until they kill the 3 headed red dragon at the end. there is a wolf that is sent to kill the dragons and ends up travelling with them, the end of the movie is the man back as himself in a small shop infront of the game when the princess walks in the door. the animation is very much like the Last Unicorn maybe made at the same time. I would love to find this movie so I hope that I wasn't the only one to ever see it. Hope you can help. Thanks

I'm replying to myself because after an extensive search I found my movie. It's called "The Flight of Dragons". I can't remember if it was on the list but if it isn't here is another add on. Thanks

AH! I've been trying to find the name of that movie for years!!! I watched it 9 years ago and loved it, thanks a lot!

+adds :)

Great list!
I can't helpyou on any new titles,though :-(

You've forgotten
Fantasia (1940)
Allthe animated Asterix Films
M.D.Geist (1996?)
Valhalla (1987?)
Felidae (1994?)
I married a strange person (1997)
Mutant Aliens (2002?)
Hair High (2004)

Ha! You're right...some quite obvious ones there - Fantasia?!?!? Honestly, I even have the remake (*smacks self upside head).

Many many thanks!

Hi, I was wondering if anyone here could help. I have been trying to remember this film for literally years now. It is a clay kind of animated film, and it is set in a winter land. I think the gist is that a Princess of the main character's (a boy) sister is kidnapped, and the boy goes on a journey to find her. He is helped out by an old man who makes a flying Ship made of ice in the forest for him. On his journey, the boy meets many characters each with their own abilities. He meets a man who is a great sharpshooter, he meets a man with big ears that has amazing hearing, and he meets a man who can run very fast. I saw this film about 10 years ago now(on TV) and i have been serchign and searching for its name.
It would be greatly appreciated if anyone had any information on this film.
Many Thanks

Sorry, it doesn't ring a bell...

ahh not to worry. It was a long shot. I guess I will never know. Thanks anyway though.

No, try typing some of the details into google.

Or, you could also try systematically watching every movie on the list...:P :P For a more practical idea, try checking off the movies you know it isn't, on this list, then look for plot synopses of the rest online, see if any ring a bell.

Or maybe someone else here will know. Just sit tight. Anyone else know the answer? I'll post your question on the list, so it's always being viewed.

Nope, it's not The Secret of the Selenites. Its not a cartoon, but like clay figures. The old man makes a flying ship made of ice in the middle of a forrest...

I doubt I will ever find out, but thanks anyway for the help - please keep searching though if you have any ideas of what it could be..


Well, the story is that of Baron Munchausen.

When you talk about stop motion animation I think of Ray Harryhausen and he did shoot test footage for a Baron Munchausen project but I've never seen it.

The world of claymation is fairly small... I'm not saying that makes your movie easier to find. I'm saying that you don't have to search very far before you have to question your criteria and your memory.

I can't think of any movie where a boy rescues his sister's princess with the help of an old man (the Baron) and his posse. At least I'm assuming that she was rescued... even though I have no idea from whom, how or why.

The idea of him rescuing a sister or a princess is not true i dont think... i was trying to remember and the more i think of it, the more i dont think that is the case.
It is very Baron Munchausen style i agree. The hard facts that I remember is that it has a boy, and he has two older brothers (who push him around etc), and the land get sset some task or something like that (really cant recall), and th eboy - th eunderdog of the tale) meets an old man who builds him a magic flying ship made of ice in the middle of a forrest. On his journey he meets some crazy characters, each with the their own skill(such as a sharpshooter man, a man with amazing hearing, and some man with straw that always burns or something like that).
That is all i can remember, the answer has to be out there somewhere..........

I think i have it - I think it has to be an animated version of the adventures of baron munchausen....... has anyone ever seen this??

THE FOOL AND THE FLYING SHIP is its name!! Now all i've got to do is find it!! Thanks for everyone's help. Merry Christmas!

Thanks! I'll add that to the list.

I know that this has been posted long ago, but I had to register to this site and say THANK YOU SO MUCH carva!!! I was looking for this for a long time too, and put some better keywords in Google and that brought me to this site.
Thank you once again!
Now, I just have to find it for download.... xD

Its 'The fool of the World and The Flying Ship! Amazing movie, still love it!!

It's called The Fool of The World and The Flying Ship
It's been shown on the Long Ago And Far Away TV Show
which used to be on a long time ago . It's a Cosgrove
Hall production .

Notice to everyone:
I won't really be here for a while. Until about early May (2006), I'm pretty much entirely tied down to the rest of my life: I'm going to have almost no time at all to respond or update here. I may make an occasional post, but don't expect anything regular (and don't take offense if I don't answer you for a very very long time).

Sorry to anyone who has posted and I can't respond to: I'm juggling university (a SCIENCE degree, in others words the nightmare of university existence - this is a complete time filler as it is), a (very serious - not in nature, in depth of relationship) girlfriend, two entirely seperate groups of friends, several plays, several clubs, and possibly soon a job. There really isn't time left to handle answering comments...

Goodbye for now everyone! (I'll be back again, eventually). It's been fun.

Good luck with the rest of your life! You'll be missed during your hiatus, but I'm happy to hear you'll be back eventually!

Thanks Jim!

I'm back now (I would've responded earlier, but I didn't get the message until now), but I won't be posting quite so often as I did before.

Welcome back!

Every animated movie ever created???

I haven't seen any German movies mentioned.
To name some:
Das kleine Arschloch
Werner Beinhart
Werner 2: Das muss kesseln!!!
Werner 3: Werner - Volles Rooäää!!!
Werner 4: gekotzt wird spater
Tobias Totz und sein Löwe
Der kleine Eisbär
Lauras Stern
Der kleine Eisbär 2 - Die geheimnisvolle Insel

Also found some spanish movies mentioned:
Living wood
El Cid
Pinocchio 3000
Midsummers night dream
(I'm not from english speaking country, so my translations could be wrong)

List of Asterix animated movies(wikipedia):
1967 – Asterix the Gaul (Astérix le Gaulois)
1968 – Asterix and Cleopatra (Astérix et Cléopâtre)
1976 – The Twelve Tasks of Asterix (Les douze travaux d'Astérix)
1985 – Asterix Versus Caesar (Astérix et la surprise de César)
1986 – Asterix in Britain (Astérix chez les Bretons)
1989 – Asterix and the Big Fight (Astérix et le coup du menhir) — the novelization was published as Operation Getafix
1994 – Asterix Conquers America (German: Asterix in Amerika) (produced in Germany)
2006 – Asterix and the Vikings (Astérix et les Vikings)

Considering their strong tradition, I'm convinced that in most countries of former Varsaw pact (Russia, Chech Republic, Poland, Hungary,...) exist at least some animation studios. And I don't know nothing about studios (if any) in South America, Africa, Asia(-Japan) and Australia.

Any info welcome on rokermat@yahoo.com


You have to remember, this list is a continuous work in progress.

Thanks for letting me know about those though.

Any others I can add?

This list put me in awe. I mean really. Awe.
You have everything. And I began just looking... then found myself desperately searching for something you didnt include... it became a goal, rather...

I think I did it...

I looked and looked and looked...
And its in alphabetical order obviously...
but first I looked under the P's...
then I looked in the T's...
then i went to partial animation and looked at the P's...
then I looked in the T's...

I don't know if you would refer "The Pagemaster" as full animation or partial animation... it's majority animation...

And "Armitage: Dual Matrix,"

The sequel to "Armitage III."

+Adds both.

Perfect. Thanks!

Yeah, I'm a completionist. I like making big expansive things with no cracks in them. But I appreciate when people point out the cracks so I can stuff them up with something obscure and powerful (like mithril or adamantium). Eventually, through enough crack-pointing (If that isn't already a euphemism for drug smuggling, it will be someday), there won't be any, and I'll have the perfect gargantuan 8th wonder-worthy monolith. Yeah, suggestions are appreciated.

I don't know, but would this be of any help?


Definitely! Thanks a lot!

i have been looking for a movie i had seen when i was younger, and i skimmed through the list and saw some i recognised but none of them were what i was looking for...i dont even remember the whole plot line, all i remeber was that there were fairies that lived in the forest and a girl (maybe a princess?) was with them..something bad happened and they went to go see a woman called "mother nature" and basically they got sent on a journey...umm and a small hunched-over figure in a purple cape, who turns out to have been the prince who was cursed and turned ugly by a sorcerer, helps them along the way but he never shows his face to the girl until the end...when they confront the sorcerer....i know that this is incredibly vague but if anyone remembers the title i would greatly appreciate it..the movie was made in the 1990's perhaps aroud the same time as a troll in central park??...thanks for your help

I seriously have no clue.


Alicerabbit, if you even sign on anymore... its been literally a year since you posted this on the list. But I own the movie you speak of.

It's called Happily Ever After.

It's a continuation off of Snow White, but not under Disney Studios. It's under some label called Filmation.

The fairies are actually referred to as Dwarfelles, being female dwarves in this story, each having their own special powers. Like you stated in your description, they are all under the order of mother nature, because each of their powers play a role in nature itself. (Controlling weather, animal behavior, fire, water, land, etc.)

The hunched creature in a cape that can only make mumbling noises is Prince Charming under a curse by Lord Maliss, who is the male version of Malificent I guess.

It's basically another magical Snow White journey with gender roles changed completely around, and instead of the Prince saving the Princess, the Princess now soughts out to find the Prince who's in trouble.

I don't even know if you'll ever see this message, you've probably forgotten about this post.

None-the-less, Darktremor doesn't have this on his list!!!!!!

I think you're talking about Happily Ever After. It's like a version of Snow White. Hope that helps.

freddy the frog
nemo in slumberland


Im looking for a movie i saw when i was a kid, i searched on the list but didnt find any thing that rang a bell. Maybe someone may know. Long story short, the movie involves a young boy who somehow enters a armoir (did i spell it right?) and enters a whole new world where he meets a princess and her father. I cant quite seem to remember much more other than its animated and it came out in the late 80's or early 90's. If its any help, the princess' father looked like a greek god or something and wore a wreath type thing on his head. please post a message if you have any information. thnx

Is that The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, maybe?

I think you may be referring to is Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland

I think I am on the same quest. The movie I remember the king is a giant kid who rides his toy trian around and wears a conductor looking suit? there is and evil crow who tries to tempt him to do wrong for whoever is the evil side... The boy goes on this wierd hot air balloon ride where both him and the girl become naked with clouds covering them.. dont remember how they got like this or why. another thing is i remember his bed getting destroyed by a train.

I believe I am searching for the same movie. The king rides around a toy train that he is wayyy to big for. there is an evil crow who is slick. the kids have this weird scene where the are riding hot air balloons and they dont have clothes just clouds coverng them.. dont know how or why tho. I seem to remember the kids bed being destroyed by a train but I'm not sure if that's the same movie...

Hi, I'm trying to remember a animated film, Can anyone help?
All I remember is that it was a late 80's or early 90's film. It's a bout a frog , a skinny looking young (teenage?) frog.I remember him wearing a (red?)hat or cap. He lives in the forest, I think he had parents that left (for the day?). I remember his adventures like him being bullied and beat up by another bigger frog (or other similar insect).I think he was very weak or silly.That's all I remember, hope anyone can help, been trying to find the title or any info with no luck sofar.
Thanks again!

I have no idea. My only suggestion is to systematically watch every movie on the list until you find it.

There's a project for somebody: watch every animated movie ever created.

The Brave Frog!!!

I noticed you missed this year's TMNT. Not a great movie, but I enjoyed it for nostalgic reasons.

Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew and Pokemon Ranger & The Temple of the Sea are the two newer Pokemon movie installments.

And Paprika is the new Satoshi Kon film that was in theatres a while ago.

And there's also a Cinderella 3...


Some others...

-Ah! My Goddess
-Black Magic M66
-Dark Fury
-Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children
-Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz
-Inu Yasha the Movie: Affections Touching Across Time
-Inu Yasha the Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass
-Love Hina Again
-Love Hina Christmas Movie
-Love Hina Spring Movie
-Mezzo Forte
-Mobile Suit Gundam: Char's Counterattack
-Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth
-Otaku No Video
-Patlabor 3: WXIII (Wasted Thirteen)
-Sky Blue

...and if you missed my post above all these... I found out a movie someone was looking for nearly a year ago...

Yeah, I've been bored and studying and remembering, perhaps I'll slow it down now...

- Tekkonkinkreet [anime]
- Kronk's New Groove

Thanks, I'll add them.

I'll add these too. Thanks.

Hi, not sure if people still check this site but I've been trying to remember a animated Christmas movie that I used to love in the early 90's. It was about a seeing eye dog that leaves the child he was assigned to because he was losing his eye sight. Santa Clause in the story has given up because people stop believing in him, and these 2 wierd elf-like things ride around on surf boards trying to fix everyone's problems. Meanwhile at the north pole, some evil elf is making "doubting thomas dolls". If anyone can help me remember what movie this is I'd hugely appreciate it!!!

Sorry, it doesn't ring a bell.

I haven't actually seen all of these (or even most), I'm just listing movies from disparate sources.

I have been searching for a very weird movie I saw when I was little, so that would have been the 90's.
It might have been anime... I remember there was this guy, he might have slept for like, a thousand years. there was like, a robot army or something, and they captured this woman and guy in these big egglike containers, and took them away...
I think I remember there was this big blob like thing, it had like some sort of great conciousness...
It only comes back in bits and peices....
I thought it was called Millenium, but I might be wrong, because I can't find it anywhere... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks,

I saw that movie a number of years ago on cable, I believe it was on one of the STARZ channels or something, I've been trying to figure out a way to research movies that have aired on a particular network but I've yet to find out how. "Millenium" indeed sounds correct, but I can't find anything either. the big brain/blob-looking thing brings people from the past with the robots to feed itself in the future. the style wasn't typical of anime, as far as I remember...

I'm about 90% sure Millennium isn't animated. (It's a terrible movie, I might add, complete butchering of the book).

took some careful keyword searching, but I found it!
"Light Years" (Original French: "Gandahar") is a 1988 French animated film.

There's a wikipedia entry.

thanks a lot! i can't believe you found such a weird old movie!

And I shall add it to the list. Thanks!

Wow, thanks so much. I have been searching for this movie for about 15 years since I saw it on STARZ!!!

Are you looking for Origin? It's an anime movie

I hope someone can help me find the name of an animated movie about a mermaid and im am not talking about the disney version,,, the one im talking about is much older and the mermaid dies in the end because she cant kill her prince to become a mermaid again.....so she kills herself....i remember as a kid and teen that i loved this movie.... then one day it was lost(very sad)

i realy hope someone can help
best regards


Sorry, I've never seen it.

I don't know if you check this list anymore, but
i'm pretty sure i watched the same version when i was a kid, too.

Does this ring a bell?:


At the end of this video is where she decides not to kill the prince:


It was made in 1978--and I believe it's originally French.

Hope this helps!

I think I can help you with this one; it is a Potterton Production done in 1974 and narrated by Richard Chamberlin. I used to watch this one when I was little and it always made me cry - no happy endings here. It is a beautiful movie and the music still haunts me. One thing they don't address in this version that is apparently in the book, is that when the mermaid walks, every step she takes is supposed to be like walking on daggers. Hope this helps if you still look here from time to time!

hans christian andersen the little mermaid
its on youtube made in 1978
have to watch it in parts

Well......there is a cartoon movie i saw as a child.....but all i can remember is a magic man who is little and towards the end he has a sphere of magic all around him. I know there is more to it, but I was very young.....anyone?

Again, I have no idea. If I think of anything I'll post it.

possibly the 2nd Unico movie Kuruku (or something to that effect is the puppet/wizard's name)

Just to help...I didn't see one of my childhood favs...."Katy Caterpillar"

Sure, I'll add it.

hi, i'm trying to think of this movie i used to watch when i was little. i can't remember much about it, but what i do remember is that it was animated...in the beginning there's a little boy in his bed and i think he falls asleep and then something starts happening to his room and all of a sudden a flying ship just like busts through the wall or something like that. then he goes on an adventure. anything? theres like a city in the sky... i don't know. please help!

No idea, sorry.

The movie you are describing is called Little Nemo: Adventures In Slumberland. I just watched this movie for the first time since seeing it as a child when it was released (1992). It took me a few months to figure out the name of this movie; all i remembered was a black blob, a boy, and a castle. So glad I figured it out. It definately brought me back to my childhood. Anywho, there you have it. This movie should be up on the list as well. Great movie!

if you havent found the movie you were looking for i found it...because i was looking for the same one too...Its called little nemo: adventures in slumberland

I have a question, there's a movie I watched when I was little and I think it was about the czars and Anastasia, but it wasn't called Anastasia, and I can't find it anywhere. Anyone have any idea what movie I'm think of, I'm positive it was animated, but I didn't recognize it on the list and it's driving me crazy.

I've got nothing.

I'm looking for a movie I saw when I was young... probably in 1993 or 1994. I only remember a few, very vague details. There was at least one scene with scary birds or monsters flying around whatever they were going to attack... their prey was a small animal of some sort, and it was on a rock or something. I also remember a tree house, I think. I know that's really not a lot of information to go on, but if that triggers anything for anyone, please let me know. And don't get my hopes up by replying, only to say you have no idea what the movie is. I might cry or something. haha

Could that be Once Upon a Forest?

i dunno if anyone answered your friends search about the claymation/stopmotion movie w/ the kid and the flying ice ship (way too many posts), but the name is The Fool of the World and the Flying Ship... you can find it on amazon...

Are you sure it isn't "The Fool and the Flying Ship"?

I know this is a long shot, but here it goes:

I'm trying to remember a movie I watched when I was a kid. This film could have been made anywhere between 1975-1995 (probably closer to the ladder, I'm guessing sometime in the late 80s). It was possibly anime, but I can't be sure. I can't remember a whole lot, but if I saw the box or stills from the film--I would know. I can picture it in my head but have a hard time putting the images into words.

I remember a little girl (possibly a boy) who was left on a desert island after being on a boat with her (his?) family. The kid eats coconuts and makes some friends (one is possibly a mermaid). Sadly this is all I can make sense of the pictures in my head.

I have done many google searches to no avail. If anyone can give me any information to help me figure this puzzle out, that would be great!

Sorry, I don't know. None of that rings a bell at all.

This movie is Serendipity the Pink Dragon (1990), and it is not on the list. It is my favorite childhood movie! I hope you see this... It is about a little boy named Bobby who floats to Paradise Isle on the egg of Serendipity after his parents in an earthquake in Antarctica (they are explorers). The island is ruled by Princess Laura, a mermaid, and has many other strange creatures, like the bird Peela Peela and Lord Winston the dolphin.

You should add this to the list!!

this is going to sound INSANE! but there was an animated movie i loved as a kid. It had to be from the late 80's or early 90's. And i dont remember much of it at all. So here is what I remember, a little boy going to a place in a hot air ballon, and its a fun place. except there is a door with a talking black cloud or blob then the boy I think gets the key and lets it out. I know there is a boy and a black type of cloud or something, I just dont know much else to give details!! Im trying like crazy to find it so please help me find it!!!!
please email me at swtnsxy4life@aol.com

The movie is definitely Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland.

I can't remember the name of my favorite movie as a kid. I don't even remember the plot. I DO remember it was partially animated and it took place in England (I think.)

There was something about this old house that hadn't been lived in for years. I remember a scene where all the furniture was covered up with white cloths.

There was a stream that ran behind this house and, at one point in the movie, you go into the stream and it is animated with fish swimming around.

That is pretty much all I remember about it but I am desperate to find it again. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks! (And this is a great list...very impressive.)

Do you have an approximate idea of the age of th movie, or a year you know it had to be made before?

I have been searching for this same movie. I think it has something to do with the words "splish splash" but i can't recall. If anyone can shed any light, PLEASE do so. I'm going insane

I am looking for the name of a mostly animated movie that took place in Australia. From what I remember it is about a boy who goes to some sort of prison colony in Australia. One of the older men in the colony dies whwn a tree falls on him. At the end everyone in the movie is on a carousel (as cartoons)and then they show real life people as each of the characters in the movie including the old guy who dies. I beleive there is also a kangaroo in the movie and a scene where a house is burning and all the people inside are rescued. Any idea???

Same question as for veraknows: Do you have an approximate idea of the age of th movie, or a year you know it had to be made before?
Also, do you have any major plot points you can think of?

I figured it out. It was Toby and the Koala Bear, made in 1981. Thanks

No problem, although I didn't help much. Glad you found it :D

I don't think I actually have that one on the list.

To those who can't think of a movie, try imdb's plot summaries search.


interesting site!

I am looking for a cartoon / film I saw when i was younger.. There was a young boy in his room talking on the phone to his friend when a box arrives (birthday?) in his room from nowhere. The box opens and I remember it turns in to a little car and a dog (the boys?) goes with him in to this cartoon world and talks to him. The main part of the film is in cartoon. I remember the boy at some point in the stroy gets in trouble will the droll worms which slow his car down.. By the end the bay ends up back in the real world in his bedroom then the box dissapears and arrives in his friends house (his friend is still on the phone when he gets back) I don't remember much else. Do you or anyone recognise this? Any help would be appreiciated.

It might be The Phantom Tollbooth.

Bullseye! Brilliant got it in one - no way, I've been trying to remember or guess the name of this film/animation for years! Ta very much! appreiciated!

There is also another I've been trying to remember.. I don't suppose you might also happen to know the name of a cartoon where a little boy gets lost and he is in a strange world. He has a microphone/communicator with him which is his only means of contact with his family but he doesn't understand and he thinks the microphone is a friend - he is told it's name is mike. I think his family are on a space ship or something talking to him. The only other thing I remember is he gets a piggy back on some wierd creature he meets in the strange world but the creature gts killed by another creature (like tenticals hanging from a roof of a cave or something) the boy manages to escape but I don't remember anything else.

Many thanks again for the Phantom tollbooth!

God bless.


I don't know what that one is, sorry. Glad to help with The Phantom Tollbooth though :D

Hey, I'm trying to look for the same film. I remember two other things, he gets rescued at the end but not before some flying creatures attack him and pull out some of his hair (weird) and there's a scene set in some kind of palace with lots of water?

Hey - di you find out the name of this animation movie?

Stef, if you are still around and haven't found the film yet, its Time Masters a French film, real name Les Maitres du Temps.

Stef, if you are still around and haven't found the film yet, its Time Masters a French film, real name Les Maitres du Temps.

I am trying to find a movie I watched when i was younger. It was in the early 90's and it was about a boy who dreamed that he was in a magical place with a princess and he flew around on his bed. and he somehow betrayed the princess because he opened a door that he wasn't suppose to and and evil like black smoke came out or something and it was going to destroy the whole kingdom? please help this is driving me insane!!!! =P

You are thinking about "Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland." I loved that movie, but it scared me a little as a kid. Here is a link to it.

It is called "Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland."

You're thinking of Aladdin.

I remembering hitting puberty right about the moment I first saw Princess Jasmine in her hot slave girl outfit.

I love how Jafar can be so witty while he's engaged in hand-to-hand combat.

"Princess, your time is up!" (hourlgass!)
"Don't toy with me!" (monkey toy!)
"Things are unraveling fast, now!" (unraveled rug!)
"Get the point?" (swords!)
"I'm just getting warmed up!" (fire!)
"A snake am I?" (snake!)

I keep forgetting to use the line, "Now, pussycat, tell me more about... myself."

Oh my gosh, I've been wondering the same for ages! And now it somehow crossed my mind again and this time I was able to find it, this feeling.. It's largely thanks to your question, so thank you :'3 All I could remember was the part with the forbidden door and black smoke invading some kingdom.. And something about Flip, but I couldn't remember what he looked like. No one I know remembered anything about it, so I also wondered if it was a dream of mine.. but I was pretty sure it wasn't, and now I know for sure. The reason I even remembered that movie was probably that I kept fearing that black smoke when going to sleep for a long time

All I can think of that you missed (at the moment) is The Care Bears in Wonderland, madagascar, and there are like six animated scooby doo movies (couldn't tell you their names tho) AWESOME LIST.
Do the Muppett Movies count?
and if Tron counts does Sky Captain and the world of tomorrow? or Time Bandits.. Van Helsing w/ jackman was CGI as holy hell as well. Didn't Disney do an atlantis movie? Nice compilation, checked this out on whim, good work! I will have to check my coll. tho, I think I might have a few you missed. Hopefully I can help.. Thanks for your effort!