Darktremor's current favorite tracks and albums - November 2008 on

  • March 24, 2010
  • My apologies that this took forever to update. I was fighting an amphetamine addiction (or rather, dependence, as I quit immediately upon doctor's orders and never looked back) due to a misdiagnosis with ADHD - taking Adderall and not having ADHD is a great way to get addicted to it. On top of that, I had to get used to not having "hypomanias" due to being placed on mood stabilizers - turns out I instead have bipolar 2 disorder - the non-psychotic bipolar that is usually mistaken for ADHD and/or atypical depression. In other words, I no longer had/have the bursts of energy that I once used to update listology (among many other things). However, I've evened out on all that now, and figured out how to do everything I used to do with my altered personality, and so the updating shall begin again (it may slow next year with graduate school, but for now, expect my presence here again my friends :D). I hope you're all OK with openness - it's my policy to be open about such things, as it's stigma-reducing, and as a psychology major, I think that's a very important thing for our society. Anyways, all of this has led to this being a very functional list, as I've been supplementing aspects of myself that were lost (mainly hypomania), and certain prescription drugs with music. Also, my apologies to anyone I needlessly flipped out at on this site - I know I did it fairly frequently (especially musical newbies who were easy targets for my personal anger). That was certainly me, not you.

  • 1.Gas - Nah Und Fern [genre: ambient/minimal; album; 1994-2009]
  • A collection of all of Gas' works from his initial masterpieces in the 90s, all the way up to the epic beauty of "Pop". Lovely, and surprising coherent as a single album. It's as if Wolfgang Voight (the genius behind this project, and an instrumental part of the Kompakt label) was simply creating one enormous album over the years, each new release adding to the last. Put together, it's gorgeous, and possibly the most relaxing album in my collection. I've been using it to put myself to sleep over the last few months, and it works wonderfully.
  • 2.The DI.fm Hardcore channel [genre: happy hardcore/freeform hardcore; radio station]
  • Nothing gets you working like happy hardcore. They have a nice (if homogenous) selection on this channel, but it's wakes you up and gets you going.
  • 3.Brisk & Ham - Hardcore Underground 3 [genre: happy hardcore; album; 2009]
  • A particularly good happy hardcore DJ mix, which I love for the same reason as the above radio station.
  • 4.John '00' Fleming - Global Trance Grooves [genre: trance/psytrance/progressive house/progressive trance/progressive psytrance; radio show; Ongoing]
  • It seems JOOF is trying to capture trance as it was at its peak, from 1993-1998, by taking the psytrance, progressive house, progressive psytrance, and regular trance of today that best fits that older sound. It's still different from the classic era - a progression of that sound - which makes his work particularly brilliant. It's like hearing trance as it could have developed in a world where commercial trance and the superstar DJs didn't take over. Also a great set of mixes for keeping myself going once I'm ready to vomit from the sugar-coated inanity of happy hardcore music.
  • 5. Destroyer - Bay of Pigs [genre: indie rock/nu-disco; EP; 2009]
  • Destroyer is currently perhaps indie rock's most talented lyricist - not only does he spin epic, tangential and convoluted tales, but he does so within exceedingly twisted rhyme schemes and innovative instrumentation (which the lyrics always fit). It's an acquired taste for sure. Some can't stand his voice, but I personally love it - he's like an old drunken bard cum literary writer spinning tall tales about his fascinating life in an English pub.
  • 6.The XX - XX [genre: indie rock; album; 2009]
  • 7.Hauschka - Ferndorf [genre: ambient/minimalism (of the orchestral sort); album; 2008]
  • 8.Chihei Hatakeyama - Saunter [genre: ambient/drone; album; 2009]
  • 9.Bat For Lashes - Glass [genre: indie rock; album; 2009]
  • Especially Daniel. What a beautiful track.
  • 10.Studio 1 - Studio 1 [genre: minimal techno; album; 2009]
  • A ingenious collection of minimal techno from Mink Ink's brilliant Studio 1 alias. These clicky, slowly shifting grooves are truly entrancing, making you wonder why a certain cheesy supersaw-dominated Disney-pandering eurocentric genre got the title it did, and not this music.
  • 11.Rong Music - This is Rong Music [genre: nu-disco/house; compilation; 2006]
  • I'm a big fan of the mutant disco revival currently going on at the moment. It was truly a shame that twisted, innovation-based disco fell out of favour (or perhaps just faded out) in the 80s, so it's nice to see it coming back into style, if only in a limited way in the underground. I personally think the label Rong Music label is the leader of this pack, the Kompakt of nu-disco.
  • 12.The Very Best - Warm Heart of Africa [genre: world/funk; album; 2009]
  • Especially the title track. It deserves to be a top 40 hit (but of course, it wasn't, and it won't be, despite top 40 showing a vast improvement in the last couple of years).

  • August 7th, 2009
  • 1.The Big Pink - Dominos [genre: indie/electropop; track; 2009]
  • 2.YACHT - Psychic City [genre: indie/electropop; track; 2009]
  • 3.Frances - Lighthouse [genre: indie pop; track; 2009]
  • 4.Cold Cave - Life Magazine [genre: electropop; track; 2009]
  • 5.Sally Shapiro - Love in July (CFCF remix) [genre: indie/nu-disco/electropop; track; 2009]
  • 6.Pictureplane - Goth Star [genre: trance(?)/indie/minimal]
  • 7.Ian Pooley - Coracao Tambor [genre: funky house/latin house; track; 2000]
  • 8.Arctic Monkeys - Crying Lightning [genre: indie rock; track; 2009]
  • 9.Neon Indian - Should Have Taken Acid With You [genre: indie pop/psychedelic pop/electropop; track; 2009]
  • 10.M & S - If You Wanna [genre: funky house/disco house; track; 2000]
  • 11.Pete Heller - Big Love (The Dronez mix) [genre: funky house; track; 1999]
  • 12.The Love Language - Night Dogs [genre: indie rock/indie folk; track; 2009]
  • 12.M.I.A. - Sunshowers [genre: underground hip-hop; track; 2004]
  • 13.Patterson Hood & The Screwtopians - Heavy and Hanging [genre: indie rock; track; 2009]
  • 14.Lee Cabrera - I Watch You (Ian Carey mix) [genre: funky house; track; 2005]

  • June 1st, 2009
  • 1.Hardfloor - Acperience 1 [genre: classic trance/acid trance; track; 1993]
  • Turns out I had Acperience 1 and Acperience 3 mixed up. Now that I've actually heard 1, I declare it far superior to 3 (which is still good). This is one of the best trance tracks ever made - the build-up is pure perfection.
  • 2.Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream [genre: indie pop/synthpop; track; 2008]
  • 3.Misstress Barbara ft. John Mayer - I'm Running [genre: minimal techno/mainstream pop(!?); track; 2009]
  • This is played on the radio constantly here in Canada, which is awesome, since it's basically Kompakt pop meets Border Community's IDM minimal. In fact, Misstress Barbara is actually on Border Community! I have trouble believing I'm hearing it every time I hear it playing somewhere. I mean, Border Community on top 40 radio?!?! Better yet, it's actually really good! It's totally surreal hearing this track blaring out of cars and in public places.
  • 4.The Long Lost - Amiss [genre: acid jazz/indie pop; track; 2009]
  • 5.Little Boots - New In Town [genre: electro-pop; track; 2009]
  • 6.Japandroids - Post-Nothing [genre: indie rock/shoegaze; album; 2009]
  • Especially Young Hearts Spark Fire.
  • 7.Calvin Harris - I'm not Alone [genre: trance; track; 2009]
  • 8.Basement Jaxx - Raindrops [genre: disco house; track; 2009]
  • 9.Cybordelics - Adventures of Dama [genre: classic trance; track; 1993]
  • 10.The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - This Love is Fucking Right [genre: indie rock/shoegaze; track; 2009]
  • There seems to be a shoegaze revival going on right now. This is great, shoegaze was fantastic music. I guess it's exactly the right time for it - this is typical of retro trends - as of now, it's been almost exactly 20 years since shoegaze first blew up (retro = 20 year cycles, with a minor revival every 10 - unless the original style is still kicking around).
  • 11.BBU - Chi Don't Dance [genre: underground hip-hop; track; 2009]
  • 12.Spectrum - Metal Master [genre: classic trance; track; 1993]
  • 13.Genlog - Airwalk [genre: classic trance; track; 1993]
  • 14.Lucky Dragons - I Keep Waiting for Earthquakes [genre: IDM/experimental; track; 2008]
  • 15.Virtual Symmetry - Mammal (mix 1) [genre: classic trance; track; 1994]

  • March 28, 2009
  • While still addicted to dubstep, there is one fantastic exception that I forgot to write about a couple of months ago that I must share.
  • 1.Pom pom - CD 001 [genre: minimal/dub techno; album; 2009]
  • Track 6 especially. There's just something so gleefully, playfully evil about it. It's like the soundtrack to a zombie attack on a minimal rave. Actually, the whole album is fantastic.
  • 2.Kode 9 - Black Sun [genre: dubstep; track; 2009]
  • I love this pitch-bent, wobbly monster. When I make my dubstep list, this will be up there. Here's the clip again:
  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1epq0tTTnlY
  • 3.Sub.fm [genre: dubstep; radio station]
  • I now have about 2 gigabytes of incomplete streamripped dubstep sets thanks to this
  • 4.Shackleton - Death is not Final [genre: dubstep/minimal techno; track; 2008]
  • I was into this track before, but listening to dubstep more has put its brilliance into a new light.
  • 5.Geeneus - Volume (one) [genre: dubstep/UK funky; DJ mix; 2009]
  • This is apparently a new style: dubstep and grime producers and DJs recently took influence from funky house and started making their own. It sounds pretty good to me.
  • 6.Mount Kimbie - Maybes [genre: dubstep/ambient; EP; 2009]
  • 7.Paleface ft. Kyla - Do You Mind (L.D. remix) [genre: dubstep; track; 2009]
  • I went to ridiculous ends to find this track. Good luck if you want a copy. You'll need it.
  • Well worth it though.
  • 8.Matias Aguayo - Minimal (DJ Koze remix) [genre: minimal/micropop; track; 2008]
  • This might explain why I'm mostly listening to dubstep lately, and not minimal.
  • 9.Echospace - The Coldest Season [genre: dub/ambient; album; 2007]
  • A favorite of the fiance...oddly, considering she only likes pop.
  • 10.Paul Frick - Steal My Heart [genre: minimal; track; 2008]
  • Meta-minimal. Way less pretentious than it sounds. It might deserve a higher place this week, but my dubstep addiction is making that difficult. Although dubstep and minimal go together really well.
  • 11.Caspa - Cockney Violin [genre: dubstep; track; 2006]
  • 12.Shonx - Canton [genre: dubstep; track; 2008]
  • 13.Quest - Eden [genre: dubstep; track; 2008]
  • 14.STP - The Fall (T++ mix) [genre: dubstep; track; 2009]

  • March 19, 2009
  • I'm still addicted to dubstep.
  • 1.D1 - Chocolate Orange [genre: dubstep; track; 2008]
  • 2.Joker - Digidesign [genre: dubstep; track; 2009]
  • 3.Pangaea - Mosaix [genre: dubstep; track; 2009]
  • 4.Toasty - The Knowledge [genre: dubstep; track; 2004]
  • 5.Narcossist - Brother Creeper [genre: dubstep; track; 2009]
  • 6.Shut Up & Dance - Epileptic (Martyn's No Strobe mix] [genre: dubstep; track; 2008]
  • 7.Untold - Discipline [genre: dubstep; track; 2008]
  • 8.Kuma - Dawn Stepped Outside [genre: dubstep; track; 2008]
  • 9.Stenchman - Signs [genre: dubstep; track; 2007]
  • 10.South3rn - Floating [genre: dubstep; track; 2008]
  • 11.Pangaea - Bear Witness [genere: dubstep; track; 2009]
  • 12.D1 - Mind & Soul [genre: dubstep; track; 2007]
  • 13.Dusk + Blackdown - dis/East [genre: dubstep; track; 2008]
  • 14.Skream - If You Know [genre: dubstep; track; 2008]
  • 15.Martyn - Velvet [genre: dubstep; track; 2007]
  • 16.Conquest - Moodswings [genre: dubstep; track; 2006]
  • 17.Phaeleh - Fire [genre: dubstep; track; 2009]
  • 18.L-Wiz - Sub [genre: dubstep; track; 2006]
  • 19.Vex'd - Angels [genre: dubstep; track; 2006]
  • 20.Random Trio - Haunted remix [genre: dubstep; track; 2008]
  • 21.Evol Intent - Gunpowder Plot [genre: dubstep; track; 2008]
  • 22.Komonazmuk vs. Whiteboi - Shankstep [genre: dubstep; track; 2007]
  • 23.Dusk + Blackdown - Darker Than East [genre: dubstep; track; 2008]
  • 24.Rusko - Jahova [genre: dubstep; track; 2007]
  • 25.D1 - Crack Bong (Loefah mix) [genre: dubstep; track; 2004]
  • 26.Marco Del Horno - Samurai (Rusko's Safe Sex mix) [genre: dubstep; track; 2009]

  • February 25, 2008
  • I've fallen in love with dubstep. This is unbelievably good music. I'd argue it rivals minimal as the best electronic dance music around at the moment. I haven't got into an electronic genre like this since I discovered microhouse (what is today called "minimal") back in 2004 - that should tell you how rare a style this uniformly brilliant is. The only thing that surprises me is that I hadn't discovered how incredibly wonderful it is until now - maybe I kept it at arms length thanks to its roots in that that horrendous speed garage scene, and its less than inspiring illegitimate children 2-step garage and grime. Since when do dull, vapid, and uncreative styles of music mutate into something experimental, original, organic, and unique? I suppose it happens all the time, but this quickly? I'm quite impressed with this stuff, it's like a Jamaican Basic Channel playing a rave in an undersea city at the bottom of the ocean on Europa. I can totally see why the minimal DJs have started championing the sound. Anyways, this (week's?) list reflects this current obsession...
  • Although I'll point out: before becoming dubstep obsessed a few days ago, I did get into a number of other tracks. They're all quite good, but they're all under the dubstep, since I currently can't stop listening to it. A dubstep list will come in the near future.

  • 1.Toastyboy - Splash [genre: dubstep; track; 2006]
  • 2.Peverelist - Dubstep Allstars vol. 06 [genre: dubstep; album; 2008]
  • 3.Distance - My Demons [genre: dubstep; album; 2007]
  • 4.Milanese vs. Virus Syndicate [genre: dubstep; track; 2005]
  • 5.2562 - Embrace [genre: dubstep; track; 2009]
  • 6.Distance - Present day [genre: dubstep; 2008]
  • 7.2562 - Aerial [genre: dubstep; album; 2008]
  • 8. DJ Zinc - 138 Trek [genre: Jungle/Drun n' Bass/proto-dubstep; track; 1999]
  • 9.Kode9 & The Spaceape - Kingstown [genre: dubstep; track; 2005]
  • 10.Darkstar - Saytar [genre: dubstep; track; 2007]
  • 11.Burial - Untrue [genre: dubstep; album; 2007]
  • I've had this album on here before, but I love it in a different way now that I'm addicted to dubstep.
  • 11.Darkstar - Need You [genre: dubstep; track; 2008]
  • 12.Zomby - Memories (Darkstar remix) [genre: dubstep; track; 2008]
  • 13.Benga - E Trips [genre: dubstep; track; 2008]
  • 14.Benga & Coki - Night [genre: dubstep; track; 2008]
  • 15.S.Y.N.K.R.O. - Empty [genre: dubstep; track; 2008]
  • 16.Dusk - Focus [genre: dubstep; track; 2008]
  • 17.Skream - Dutch Flowerz [genre: dubstep; track; 2007]
  • 18.Tiger Stripes - Dingo (Main mix)[genre: house; track; 2004]
  • 19.Max Tundra - Which Song [genre: IDM pop; track; 2008]
  • 20.Andy Caldwell - Quiet Nights [genre: deep house; track; 2000]
  • 21.Girl Talk - Bounce That [genre: mash-up/hip-hop; track; 2008]
  • 22.Santogold - Lights Out [genre: indie pop/indie rock/indie dance; track; 2008]

  • February 11, 2008
  • Still busy, so another 20. It's been another crazy 2 months, and I still download music when I'm procrastinating.
  • 1.Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion [genre: psychedelic folk/indie; album; 2009]
  • 2.High Places - From Stardust To Sentience [genre: psychedelic folk/indie/IDM; track; 2008]
  • 3.The Juan Maclean - Happy house [genre: House; track; 2008]
  • 4.Ame - Fabric 42 [genre: minimal/neo-trance; DJ mix; 2008]
  • 5.Andrew Bird - Soldier On [genre: indie/folk; album; 2008]
  • 6.Sasha - Invol2ver [genre: minimal/progressive/neo-trance; DJ mix; 2008]
  • 7.Friendly Fires - Friendly Fires [genre: dance-punk/electro-punk/indie; album; 2008]
  • 8.Sis - Nesrib [genre: minimal; track; 2008]
  • 9.aMute - The Sea Horse Limbo [genre: ambient/IDM/twee pop; album; 2006]
  • 10. Fennesz - Black Sea [genre: ambient/shoegaze/glitch; album; 2008]
  • 11.DJ Koze - I want to Sleep [genre: minimal; track; 2008]
  • 12.Sarah Records - There and back again lane [genre: indie pop/indie rock; compilation; 1995]
  • 13.Amadou & Miraim - Compagnon de la Vie [genre: Mali blues; track; 2008]
  • 14.Syclops - Where's Jason's K [genre: nu-disco; track; 2008]
  • 15.Luke Vibert - I love Acid [genre: acid/abstract hip-hop; track; 2003]
  • 16.Animal Collective - Water Curses [genre: psychedelic folk/indie; track; 2008]
  • 17.Peverlist & Appleblim - Over Here (Brendon Moeller mix) [genre: dubstep/dub/minimal; track; 2008]
  • 18.Another Sunny Day - Anorak City [genre: indie pop/shoegaze; track; 1988]
  • 19. The Mole - Baby, You're the One [genre: minimal/rave?; track; 2008]
  • 20.Blue Boy - Remember Me [genre: house/big beat; track; 1997]

  • November 11, 2008
  • I've been studying a lot lately, and writing a lot of papers, so naturally I've wasted a lot of time downloading music, and naturally, I've collected quite a bit recently. I couldn't cut it down to 10 this week, there was no way.
  • 1.Wiley - Wearing my Rolex [genre: electro-house/grime/nu-rave(?); track; 2008]
  • 2.Super Flu - Rattleschneck [genre: minimal; track; 2008]
  • 3.Shugo Tokumaru - Exit [genre: Japanese psychedelic pop/indie pop; album; 2008]
  • 4.Getz/Gilberto - The Girl from Ipanema [genre: bossa-nova/cool jazz; track; 1964]
  • 5.Abfahrt - Come into my Life (S.M.I.L.E. mix) [genre: acid trance/acid techno/classic trance; track; 1992]
  • 6.Charlie Parker - Yardbird Suite [genre: bebop; track; 1944]
  • 7.Bajofondo - Grand Guignol [genre: tango/house; track; 2008]
  • 8.Port O'Brien - I Woke up Today [genre: indie rock; track; 2008]
  • 9.Alix Perez & MC Fats - Down the line [genre: liquid funk; track; 2007]
  • 10.The Dodos - Fools [genre: psychedelic folk/indie pop/indie rock]
  • 11.Pleiadians - I.F.O [genre: goa trance/psytrance; album; 1997]
  • 12.Jack Penate - Spit at Stars [genre: indie rock; track; 2007]
  • 13.DSK - What would we do? [genre: classic house/classic garage; track; 1992]
  • 14.Ricardo Villalobos - Minimoonstar [genre: minimal; track; 2008]
  • 15.Born Ruffians - Little Garcon [genre: indie rock; track; 2008]
  • 16.Intrusion - Tswana Dub (Brendan Moeller's Beat Pharmacy Dub) [genre: dub/minimal; track; 2008]
  • 17.Ikon - Retangle [genre: acid jazz/downtempo; track; 2008]
  • 18.Sascha Funke - Mango [genre: neo-trance/minimal; track; 2008]
  • 19.Women - Black Rice [genre: indie rock/indie pop; track; 2008]
  • 20.Barry Adamson - Psycho Sexual [genre: nu-jazz/downtempo; track; 2008]

I really loved that Super Flu track (though my favorite by them is Zinnober). Exit is also an astounding album, definitely in my top 10 favorites this month. I'm glad you ended up enjoying the Retangle song =D! Also, did you ever end up looking up the Café Zen album?

Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to look this entire list up and D/L it all XD.

Rattelschneck is really an awesome track, I just love it. It reminds me of a giant, evil, slithering mechanical snake. I've never checked out anything else they've done, but I've intended to for a little while. I'll get ahold of Zinnobar ASAP, I'll probably love it.

I looked up cafe zen, but I can't remember what my opinion of it was - I've heard so many chillout compilations over the years with zen or cafe or something like that somewhere in the title that I can't remember which one your suggestion was.

It's ZinnobEr btw, not Zinnobar. The Café Zen album I was talking about has the song Diamonds In the Sky by Husky Rescue, Rising Slowly: Pan Electric. It's a very good mix in my opinion. I've listened to each song about 25 times (this was before I got REALLY into the genre, in fact this album is what really got me started). Let me know what you think!

And when I say each song I mean the entire album about 25 times (counting the 45 minute mixes).

interesting selection, i can't say i approve of all of them but i do enjoy most as well.

what are you studying btw? you've been on listology for quite a while lol

I'm studying experimental psychology, but I'm heading in a neuroscience direction. Here's some of my research:

Don't approve of them? Lol, how so if you enjoy them? Are you confusing current favorites with all-time favorites by any chance? The two are very different things.

Yea i think i had those mixed up, but that one track from the 40s and indie rock/jazz im not all that into.

I'm just curious if you get paid for doing research projects or is it something that is required as part of your program? What inspired you to go into neuroscience (what kind of jobs are available for someone with such a degree)?

It depends. Some of the research projects are resume boosting and give experience, some I was paid to assist with, and one is required with my program.

With a Ph.D in neuroscience (my goal) you can be a university professor/academic researcher, government scientist, work for the pharmacology industry as a research scientist, do research for a private company (developing neurological-based technologies), or work at a hospital performing diagnoses of neurological disorders.

Jazz and indie rock take some time to get into :D

Check out the band "I Was A Lover Delorean Was A Dealer"

A friend of mine just pointed them out and they are quickly growing on me.

And I thought I might add I cannot stop listening to The Girl From Ipanema! Is the album as good as the song by any chance?

I find the album pretty good, it was an older favorite of mine. The Girl From Ipanema is definitely the catchiest though (which does not necessarily mean the best, although I find it so, so far in this case).

I'll check that other band out too (although the name is actually off-putting - it's really awkward and sounds like the sort of name a bad teen garage band would have).

It is a teen band, but I really like the vocals, his voice is very different...though you may disagree with me on this. But actually you should look up the car DeLorean (it's the car in Back to the Future). Look up the story, it's kind of an inside joke... Also, I got the album (TGFI), and I would have to agree...

But that band is really starting to catch with me...

I've heard of the car, and seen Back to the Future - I caught the reference, the name just made little sense even with knowing what a Delorean is.

I listened to the band, and it's not half-bad. Sort of shoegaze-like, but a bit rougher. Cool.

You do know that the guy who made the car got sent to prison for dealing crack right lol? Anyway, I dig their one album, but it is not ZOMGTHISISAMAZING! I think you said it perfectly..."cool."

Haha, really? Sucks, poor guy. But why did he need to do that if he designed a famous car?

The album still sits at about that level, just cool.

Pete Yorn: Musicforthemorningafter

I've always liked this guy. He's pretty mainstream, but that album is probably my favorite. Check it and let me know what you think : ). Hope life is treating you well.

Sure, I'll check it out (when I can download again...)

When you can DL again? That doesn't sound good...

Anyway, here is the Café Zen album I told you about a while back (in case you struggled finding it). If you end up getting it, let me know what you think.

Also, you might like Moose: High Ball Me (indie)

Cool, thanks. Yeah, I've got that fixed. I don't even remember what the problem was at the time, actually...

Not a bad album. It's the sort of thing I'd put on in the background if I owned a small seaside cafe. Not my favorite, or anything special really (IE it's no Moon Safari or Chill Out), but I got some enjoyment from it, for sure - it does what it sets out to do fairly well.

Well, if you like downtempo/ambient I got some good albums I recently DL.

VA: Module 01
VA: Module 02
VA: Fahrenheit Project Part 5
VA: Nova Natura 3
VA: Chillum: Ultimate Tribal Ambient Journey (1 & 2)
Nodens Ictus: Spacelines (more of Dub, but it works)
VA: Psychedelic Chilling 2 (more of Dub also)

Glad you enjoyed the album, and I would have to agree. Did you get the Moose album?

Sure, when I have some time (which could be a while, because I'm going insane right now) I'll take a look.

I didn't check Moose out yet, but I'll add that to my upcoming listening list. Actually, I should make that list...

Going insane? Sounds like fun, let me know how it works out :). At least you don't need to worry about not graduating high school... I'm so paranoid about not passing that I am working my ass off (meaning I study about 30 minutes before I go to bed the night before a test) to pass. But I'm getting A's and B's so I'm content.

Also, check out Baiyon - Pixeljunk Eden Original Soundtrack. It's techno/minimal, and to be honest the only videogame music actually worth listening to. Let me know what you think of those albums when you get them.

I'm so paranoid about not passing that I am working my ass off (meaning I study about 30 minutes before I go to bed the night before a test) to pass.


Haha, sounds familiar! Be careful in first-year university if you have that habit though, especially if you're going into one of the sciences. No matter how smart you are, you can't get away with it anymore at that point. Don't make my mistake and lose your scholarship in first year, it's nearly impossible to get it back, no matter how well you do in 2-4th year (I've had 9.0/10 in 2nd-4th year, and still haven't been given my scholarship back - the standards are much higher to get it back than they are to keep it).

O.O thank you for the pointer, I will make sure not to make that mistake!

Also, what do you think of Invol2ver in comparison to the first one?

(To Neptune) Actually, no.:P

That is hard work? :P

Hahaha I hate studying with a passion (some very extremely bad memories attached to it, too long and complicated to explain [and I don't think anyone would really care to hear the story]), but I see what you are saying. The studying is not necessarily hard work, but I am paranoid about passing. I thought you asked if I was sarcastic about being worried on passing high school XD.

Oh right, I understand. I personally don't mind the content, but I'd much rather learn it in a freeform environment where I could just read and produce as I please, not with deadlines etc.

Well I'd wanna hear the story, if it wouldn't be too much hassle and you didn't mind sharing?

It's very personal, but I hate it when people say something like "It's this huge life-changing story...but I'm not gonna tell ya" and just leave you hanging. I'll give you the gist of it later, and I may send it to your email, but right now I'm trying to juggle about 40 things at once and this story isn't something I'm quite over and ready to talk about to a total stranger, and it's not on the top of my list of things to do. But I will tell it to you later if you really want to know...though it would take days to explain it in real detail.

I'm pretty interested as well, actually.

I also have a possible solution to that problem, which worked quite well for me for a similar issue (having trouble doing something I wanted to be able to do due to bad memories attached to it). I'd have to know the story first, but I suspect your problem would respond very well to my (unorthodox and controversial, but clinically supported) method.

Based on your recent update I can see you had a loko at RA's top track's of the year.

Opinions on their choices?

Overall, I found it to be a good list. It did what any good year-end list should do: introduce readers to some great music they missed throughout the year. I obviously don't agree 100% with the order and necessarily all of the tracks (although they were all good), but no one ever would: it was literally the average of all of RA's featured critics' year-end favorites lists.

I had heard a fair number of them already (and liked them), and I was a fan of most of the choices I hadn't heard (hence the additions).

Can you please link this list? I've never heard of it and would like to do some Dl from it if it is worth it.

I should point out, that whole site is actually really good. The music reviews are also a fantastic source of new dance tracks.

Really? Awesome, I love good music sources! Also, check out the new list I made today, I think you will like my number 1 DT, and even you will be pleased Menindrag =D.

Yes, it was a pretty nice list.

On Feb. 25 2008 (I believe you mean 2009), number 5 is 2562, not 2563 :). And what's the name of the song in number 4? Or is that the name?

Haha, yeah. I sort of whipped this list off in an infatuated daze. Thanks, I'll fix it.

Oh and at least your obsession isn't completely ridiculous. I'm becoming obsessed with italo-disco, which I never expected in the least. Hopefully this fad will go away soon!

Actually, italo-disco has some "street cred" because it really was innovative: the first genre of dance music to be purely electronic.

Still, I've never been able to get into it. I intend to at some point, I just have trouble getting past its tinny sound quality.

Whoo-hoo! Now I'm not too embarrassed lo1 XP! Oh, and Joker - Digidesign is a good song. I've been planning on making a new top 10 list and that song was going to be on it (I discovered it about 3 weeks ago along with You don't know what love is [which was another song that came with it, at least for me]), but it seems you stole my thunder :P. Nice list :)!

Haha, it's pretty much house's equivalent of retro indie cred to actually like italo-dance.

Any dubstep suggestions? I've been listening to it a ridiculous amount, and any new tracks are always welcome.

Check out Mount Kimbie's stuff. William especially. It's my track of the year so far.

And also try and check out Shackleton. Or Appleblim. In fact, just the now redundent Skull Disco label.

Yeah, I love Shackleton and Appleblim, and that whole label.

Mount Kimbie is excellent. The entire Maybes EP IMO, not just (the completely awesome) William. It's like ambient dubstep.

I myself am pretty blind on the genre, and the only dubstep I really Love is Burial. But I do have some I listen to weekly (that I am sure you know of...)

*In no particular order*

1. 26 Basslines - Benga [track]
2. You Don't Know What Love Is - 2000F & J Kamata (personal fav.) [track]
3. Soul Jah Boogie - Sub Version [track] (I reallly like this song)
4. Tamil Dub - King soly [track] #3 and #4 are from the album Box of Dub 2: Dubstep and Future Dub, though I have only really payed attention to those two songs, the album seems very popular amongst the dubbers.
5. Various - Dubstep Sessions Vol.1 [album] Though I may not be a large fan of dubstep, I instantly fell in love with this album, enough to spend money on it O.O!

Those I've heard: excellent. Those I haven't, I'm downloading.

If you like Dubstep Sessions Vol. 1, you'll love the rest of the series. I liked 1, but I found it got better and better as it went on. 6 is my personal favorite.

I will definitely check it out, I cannot stop listening!

And I feel like laughing my ass off right now because Minimal (DJ Koze Remix) was going to be around my top 3 favorites on my next list! You keep taking my thunder LOL!

Haha, we seem to have exactly the same taste in music.

I really agree, that "minimal" track is truly amazing. Ironic, self-deprecating dance music? What is it, indie rock? Almost any other week, it would've been much closer to the top. In fact, I'm adding it to my best of minimal list.

Hahaha, I know exactly what you mean! Reincarnations is an amazing album, but looking at the play count that one song has twice the plays XD! So hows the dubstep craze going still? Oh, and that Do You Mind song was fucking awesome, though the other mixes pale (no pun intended) in comparison.

Pretty good, I've got a favorites list up now:

Yeah, I'm a big fan of that mix too, I'm not sure why the others are more popular.

I'm just so happy to hear someone say they like "Wearing My Rolex". It seems like I was the only one...

Everyone that likes Wiley's grime tracks HATES this song, and I don't even know why! (This is a pretty mainstream track, though.)

I'm not sure either, but it might be because it's more electro-house than grime, and a lot of grime fans seem to dislike other styles of dance music. Grime was initially a rebellion against the banal silliness of speed garage - these artists wanted garage to have more depth, and especially more of a lyrical focus. Wearing my Rolex is almost everything grime rebelled again. This isn't an attack on the track: I think there's nothing inherently wrong with music that only aims to be fun.

However, I see their point. Whenever a genre becomes exclusively about fun, it often very rapidly becomes exclusively about money. Grime essentially became the voice of London's underprivileged, and I can understand why people would see a track like "Wearing my Rolex" as a threat to that: it tells major corporations that grime is commercially viable. Cue major label execs, and shortly after, a loss of all originality in the genre.

Why do you like Psychic City?

I have no idea. Maybe it's the sheer stupidity of the song, which the band itself seems to realize:
from www.teamyacht.com/
"Included are all the songs off of See Mystery Lights, excluding the A Cappella version of "Psychic City" for obvious reasons."

Either way, I find it to be a hell of a lot of fun. I'm guessing you're not a fan?

It's not a bad song per se, I just wasn't really captivated it by it. A sillier thing I'm into at the moment is FutureSex/LoveSounds, a production masterpiece but stupid nonetheless.

What are some of your favourite albums of 2009?

I really liked these:
Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion
Psychedelic Horseshit - Magic Flowers Droned
Pom Pom - CD001
Grizzly Bear - Veckatimest
Dirty Projectors - Bitte Orca
Japandroids - Post-nothing
Bibio - Ambivalence Avenue
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart - The Pains of Being Pure at Heart
DJ Koze - Reincarnations
The Big Pink - A Brief History of Love
No Age - Losing Feeling
Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix
Mount Kimbie - Maybes

This is far from complete, of course; I've been too busy this year to give a lot of promising albums a good listen.

As of your March 2010 update, I have to say that Destroyer - Bay of Pigs is one of my favorite songs this year. I put that song on while hotboxing in my friends car and we were stunned by it. We were basically overwhelmed by how it kept...surprising us! And XX is an awesome album. It's been on repeat several times for me.

Also, have you heard:

The Dead Weather - Horehound (blues rock/indie/alternative)
Ayhun, Oni - OAR 003A (minimal techno)
The Lonely Forest - WSBHBWA (indie/alternative) (it's just the song, but I haven't really given the whole album a thorough play through)
Loop Guru - Hymn - Duniya(The Intrinsic Passion of Mysterious Joy) (breakbeat/tribal/dub) this is an amazing song, but the album is worth checking out.

If you have already heard of 'em let me know what ya think :).

No, except that last one, which I love.
I'll check out the rest, thanks for the suggestions :D

Yeah, I love that song so much. I actually bought the physical album on amazon just so I can say I own something by loop guru :P.

I CANNOT believe you have not heard of Oni, OAR 003B (which was the song I meant, A is still good, but it pales in comparison, to me at least)! It is, in fact my favorite minimal techno song I have heard yet, and it quickly rising to be in my top 10 favorites of all time. You NEED to check that one out. OAR 004A is also worth a check out, but it isn't as good as 003B imo.

Wow, you're right. I'm totally blown away by this. What a deeply beautiful track.

Seriously. This almost brings tears to my eyes. And it never stops being great, and it never feels repetitive (and in fact, it isn't repetitive at all). I'm reminded of the first time I heard Sasha's Xpander, and Humate's Love Stimulation, both almost transcendental experiences for me, since I was just starting on the non-mainstream at the time. When it ends, I want it to keep going. This is going to be a compulsive listen for me, for a long time, and make it onto multiple lists of mine, in very high positions. I spent like the full 10 minutes of this track experiencing chills, and this is just my first listen, and it sounds like the kind of track that gets better each time. Best piece of music I've heard all year. Just....wow.

Haha, I can relate exactly :). I'm so glad I was finally able to repay all of those "Just...wow" moments that you have given me! I've had this track on repeat ever since I got it, and I remember when I finished downloading it I got the exact same feeling that you described! It's almost sad, because OAR 003A is also an amazing piece of work, but it's almost like a modern business building next to the eiffel tower - it does it no justice. And you are absolutely correct, it just keeps getting better.

Hey, check out the list I just made, and it's #1 :P.

Steve Hillage - Green. This makes me wish I had been around in the 70s (really everything he did, check out Gong - You, if you don't already know of it). I've listened to like 4 of his albums so far and I love them all. Fish Rising is another stunning piece of work. The intro song, Solar Musick Suite, alone blows me away every-time.

Sounds good, I'll check it out. I like Gong already, so I'll probably like Green.