Vengeance of a Snow Girl (1971)


Interesting to note that by the time Lo Wei directed (and acted in) VENGANCE OF A SNOW GIRL, he'd already directed over a dozen movies, mostly Shaw Bros movies, and acted in over two dozen. He has directed two Bruce Lee movies (FIST OF FURY and THE BIG BOSS) as well as directing and or producing plenty of other movies including a couple for the Yuen Clan, THE YOUNG TAOISM FIGHTER and TAOISM DRUNKARD.

The plot is a variation of the -- child seeks revenge on the person/people who killed his/her parents/family. This time it's for a sword (how old was this trope when this movie was made)?

The movie is wu xia fantasy lite no where near the level of HOLY FLAME. There's a fair amount of wire work, mostly people jumping around during fights, though some of the fights are grounded. I'm no expert, but I thought the swordplay was pretty good.

What really made the movie for me was Li Ching's performance as the anti-hero. Oh, and not to be too spoilerish, hopefully (I knew where the movie was going when this factoid popped up during a conversation), but Ice Girl is probably a better description in more ways than one.