The Blob (1988)


A 'meteor' crashes near a mountain resort town carrying an apopalyptic payload that threatens not just the town, but the world.

A superior remake of the original starring Shawnee Smith and a baby-faced Keven Dillon. It's got a nice Eighties pessimistic edge to it. The movie replaces the 'just how stupid do you have to be to get eaten by this thing' blob with an horrific predator that's worthy of your fear. The movie is a lot ickier than the original too (not that the original was that icky in the first place); not much gore to speak of, but lots of ickiness. You'll know it when you see it. Downbeat ending too. If you like creature features, this one is worth your time. Would make a good double feature with the orgiinal The Blob (1958) (Compare and contrast, kids!) or X: The Unknown (1956) or Night of the Big Heat (1967).