Black Invitation (1969)


This is definitely not wu xia, it's kung fu. It's worthwhile, with caveats. The subs are decent, the colors good, maybe a little faded. Whatever source they used had a fair amount of dirt and damage, but nothing that makes it unwatchable. It might be slightly cut; some of the scene changes were abrupt. The music was interesting, not distracting, but you notice it (sometimes).

It's another town in peril story, with a prodigal son returning to save the day. I found the story engaging all the way through, which is good, because there's no fight to speak of until the last fifteen minutes or so of the movie. 'Pillow' was one of those heroes where the body count must be 'this high' before he cracks the can of whupass. Mostly he used his wits (kind of Yojimbo-ish).

When it did finally get to the fight, I was thrown off until I realized what that there was no hyper-stylized fighting sound effects. It was naturalistic -- cool. The fight choreography was nothing flashy, but it did the job. A solid oater (in a manner of speaking).