Trance, Classic Trance, 90's Progressive Trance, Goa Trance, Acid Trance, Psychodelia, New Age, Celtic, Traditional Folk, Renaissance, Barroque, Heavy Metal, Power Metal, Symphonic Metal, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Ambient Black Metal, Sounds of Nature

  1. Classic Trance
  2. Dance2Trance
  3. Age of Love
  4. Art of Trance
  5. Oliver Lieb
  6. Culture Trance
  7. Professor Trance
  8. Goa Trance and Classic Psychedelia
  9. Juno Reactor
  10. Boris Blenn
  11. Raja Ram
  12. Hallucinogen
  13. X-Dream
  14. New Age
  15. Richard Searles
  16. David Lanz
  17. Diane & David Arkenstone (Adventure Cargo)
  18. Loreena McKennitt
  19. Mars Lasar
  20. Howard Shore
  21. Mark Dwane
  22. Celtic & Traditional Folk
  23. Slide
  24. Keltoi
  25. FutaFata
  26. Richard Searles
  27. Celtic Horizon
  28. Spire Folk
  29. Heavy Metal & sides
  30. Angra
  31. Rhapsody of Fire
  32. Luca Turilli
  33. Blind Guardian
  34. Grave Digger
  35. Nightwish
  36. Dream Theater
  37. Ambient & sides
  38. Tangerine Dream
  39. Lustmord
  40. Trist
  41. Valerio Orlandini
  42. Koji Kondo
Author Comments: 

Since some years ago, I started to become very interested in music. Always widening my tastes and trying to embrance the most different sounds possible, I walked a path through a lot of very different genres.
7 years ago System of a Down was my favourite band. This was the first time in my live I started to search music for my own, taking my way outside commercial music.
5 years ago I got very involved with the heavy metal scene, learning and loving more a more a lotta bands. My favorite during a whole year was Angra, then Rhapsody one year later.
The end of 2006 marked one of the most shocking happenings in my life, I knew Trance. In a single day, my appetite suddenly took another route. Firstly I listened both to psytrance and european trance indistinguibly. In 2007 I persued psytrance artists and raves.
In 2008 European Trance touched me (a lotta people pass through this) and made me think I'd be listening to that till the rest of my life, until I knew CLASSIC TRANCE.
Serious I doubt any music from any age and genre can beat Classic Trance. I can imagine how bright were the ages that inspired such a nostalgic style. The fall of the Berliner Wall. The Love Parade. German united.
Recently I got a very fun taste for New Age and Tradition Folk. Richard Searles is New Age classic guitarrist who blends that style with a lotta Celtic, Folk and classical styles of music. This sector of my taste keeps rivalizing with my Trance taste, since they're very different, but both summon my emotional senses of dreaming and imagination a lot! Of course each in a very peculiar way, very different of from another.
During a week of 2008 I rendered my soul to a very murky and pale style of "music", Dark Ambient. Music that can drain your life and make you crudely experience a death-like state of conscious. Surely, very artistic, as much as it is dangerous!
I'm still very open for suggestions about new artists, specially in any one of the scenes I mentioned above. I'd be glad to know If someone walked through a similar path of mine. (or I'm the only one on Earth, I always think this can't be possible)