Music genres and styles I tend to like :)

  • House
  • Classic Deep House (early 90s had it all, 00s turned it into ****)
  • Techno
  • Acid Techno (How many earthquakes can you really cause using that tiny silver box with a limited amount of knobs on it?)
  • Hard Techno (If this comes close to Schranz shit like Sven Wittekind, then I might just leave it out of the list lol)
  • Industrial Techno (Don't dare to think this is another foolish Hell-Ellektro alias, it's a style of Techno, not EBM!)
  • Offbeat Techno (I've heard some good bangers in this genre, Bassline-laden hotness)
  • Trance
  • Goa Trance (Just when you thought Trance was a hopeless waste with all the Armin Van Buuren-clones and you're about to go back to the Techno-Imperium, Goa Trance came to knock your door and invite you for a dense trip (with or without LSD) xD)
  • Psytrance (When you take Goa and cut the Indian part out of it and replace it with Cyber, you got Psy)
  • Darkpsy (Big booming lowpassed bass b2b Glitchy sweepy madness b2b Fast tempos b2b No melodies or steady tones or whatsoever => Darkpsy for the uninitiated)
  • Dark Fullon (Same as Darkpsy but they actually dare to use melodies on this one and the speed is lol... less hectic)
  • Breakbeat
  • Industrial Hiphop (if that's an existing style? pretty sure it's not lol)
  • Bigbeat (Prodigy's FOTL threw me right into it, but there are other examples that I can use for it, a Magix Music Maker Soundpool Pack for example haha)
  • Nu Skool Breaks (30hz FTW!, yeah, there you got it, sounds like 140bpm Neurofunk all the way with little hints of Electro and Techno)
  • Drum & Bass
  • Neurofunk (BSE pioneered this style, from Holland with Love)
  • Darkstep (Check Current Value's "Indisivible Force" for example, you'll know what I mean)
  • Breakcore (Xanopticon made me)
  • Dubstep (if you swirl through plastic crap like anything that's popular right now and look at acts like Brainpain and Broken Note, you'll come to the conclusion that Dubstep IS pretty interesting)
  • Electro (the breakbeat kind that is, Dynamix II being prime king example)
  • Gabber
  • Industrial Hardcore (Oh I will never get over this, thought Hardcore was all Rotterdam crap with cheesy trance synths and rapist vocals)
  • Darkcore (And I thought Industrial Hardcore was good, this shit is even better, Distorted Kick-Madness all the way, a genre that tends to eat children for breakfast)
  • Rock Music
  • Metal (You don't expect me to listen to shit like Radiohead or Coldplay when it comes to guitar-driven music, do you?)
  • Death Metal
  • Industrial Death Metal (Heavy Low-key Riffage + Immensely Fast Blastbeats + Electronic Sounds = WIN)
  • Technical Death Metal (Alright this is a tough one, the fact I don't really like Death Metal but yet luurve most TDM-acts probably got to do with the fact that the songs are so fast, evil and complex and almost sound like Nintendo Music translated to Metal)
  • Industrial Metal (Cyanotic made me love it, KMFDM made me hate it, still one of my favorite genres)
  • Groove Metal (If this is the genre that claims to share artists like Sepultura, Chimaira, Nailbomb and Skinlab, then yes, I love this genre)
  • Punk
  • Hardcore Punk (Sick Of It All, Hatebreed, Vision Of Disorder, Anti-Cimex => :D)
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Alright, this list is still unfinished, but I feel bored today, so I'm gonna continue working on it.

goa trance :)
good choice man
respect :)

Thx man!

I dig Goa alot, I even consider it one of the most essential styles in electronic music together with darkpsy, dark dnb and maybe darkcore (from gabber) for example.