The Greatest Films of All Time (in my opinion)

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Conspicuous lack of Cassavetes!

But I'm glad that Inland Empire is so high. By far my favourite Lynch.

havent got round to him just yet my friend, what would you recommend?

I would say Cassavetes's best two films are Faces and Love Streams, but trust Marquee there too, he's got good taste; it would be good to start with Shadows, his first feature, though, I think-- it is far from his best but I think it's a good starter of sorts. Minnie & Moskowitz is also good and much lighter than most of his other things, and is an extremely cute, charming movie in a really idiosyncratic way. Also a great example of Cassavetes's acting is Elaine May's Mikey & Nicky-- the funniest but also saddest gangster movie ever.

In addition to Cassavetes (A Woman Under the Influence, Faces, Killing of a Chinese Bookie) I would also strongly recommend Fassbinder (Effi Briest, The Marriage of Maria Braun, In the Year of 13 Moons) and Mizoguchi (Ugetsu, Sansho, The Story of the Last Chrysanthemums).

fassbinders stuff is way too expensive for me at the moment haha. but thanks for your recommendations man. i'll look into them.

ugetsu is a great film by the way!