Books Read in 2009

  1. Winter Heat by Vicki Lewis Thompson, Jade Lee, Anna DeStefano
  2. Casual Hex by Vicki Lewis Thompson
  3. Tangled Up In Love by Heidi Betts
  4. When the Lights Go Down by Heidi Betts
  5. Something About Polly by Barbara Elsborg
  6. Speed Demon by Erin Lynn
  7. Cupid's Caper by Vicki Lewis Thompson
  8. Unraveled by Jaci Burton
  9. My Favorite Phantom by Karen Kelley
  10. Redneck Cinderella by LuAnn McLane
  11. Practice Makes Perfect by Julie James
  12. Blame It On the Blackout by Heidi Betts
  13. Seven-Year Seduction by Heidi Betts
  14. Getting Real by Vicki Lewis Thompson, Julie Elizabeth Leto, Jennifer LaBrecque
  15. Claiming the Rancher's Heart by Cindy Kirk
  16. Follow That Groom by Christine Ridgeway
  17. Harlequin Duets: How Sweet It Is by Kimberly Raye & Second Chance Groom by Eugenia Riley
  18. Really Hot by Jennifer LaBrecque
  19. Mistress of Pleasure by Delilah Marvelle
  20. Every Woman's Fantasy by Vicki Lewis Thompson
  21. Better Than Chocolate by Jennifer LaBrecque
  22. Invitation to Seduction by Vicki Lewis Thompson, Carly Phillips, Janelle Denison
  23. Hard and Fast by Erin McCarthy
  24. Outback Sizzle by Alexis Fleming
  25. All Tied Up by Cathryn Fox
  26. Taking Chloe by Anne Rainey
  27. How to Seduce a Texan by Karen Kelley
  28. Lord of Pleasure by Deliah Marvelle
  29. Loves Me, Loves Me Knot by Heidi Betts
  30. Real Men Last All Night by Heidi Betts, Lori Foster, Lora Leigh and Cheyenne McCray
  31. How to Tame a Modern Rogue by Diana Holquist
  32. True Love and Other Disasters by Rachel Gibson
  33. Impetuous by Lori Foster
  34. Tails of Love by Lori Foster, Stella Cameron, Kate Angell, Dianne Castell, Ann Christopher, Marcia James, Donna MacMeans, Sarah McCarty, Patricia Sargeant, Sue-Ellen Welfonder
  35. Daring in the Dark by Jennifer LaBrecque
  36. You Don't Know Jack by Erin McCarthy
  37. Jinxed by Inez Kelley
  38. Tangled Up in Love (re-read) by Heidi Betts
  39. Sliding Home by Kate Angell
  40. Love Me Knots by Dee Tenorio
  41. The Matchmakers by Jennifer Colgan
  42. Mr. and Mistress by Heidi Betts
  43. One Night, Two Babies by Kathie DeNosky
  44. Texas Heat by Debbi Rawlins
  45. One Night Stand by Cindi Kirk
  46. How to Dazzle a Duke by Claudia Dain
  47. He's No Prince Charming by LuAnn McLane
  48. Christmas Spirit by Amy Garvey
  49. Santa, Honey by Kate Angell, Sandra Hill, Joy Nash
  50. The Billionaire's Unexpected Heir by Kathie DeNosky