Top 25 Led Zeppelin Songs

  1. 1-Kashmir(Physical Graffiti)
  2. 2-Stairway To Heaven(LZ IV)
  3. 3-Babe I'm Gonna Leave You(LZ I)
  4. 4-Tangerine(LZ III)
  5. 5-Bring It On Home(LZ II)
  6. 6-Black Dog(LZ IV)
  7. 7-Whole Lotta Love(LZ II)
  8. 8-Going To California(LZ IV)
  9. 9-Heartbreaker(live) (BBC Sessions)
  10. 10-Battle Of Evermore(LZ IV)
  11. 11-Dazed And Confused(LZ I)
  12. 12-Hey Hey What Can I Do(CODA reissue)
  13. 13Over The Hills And Far Away(Houses Of The Holy)
  14. 14-Rain Song(Houses Of The Holy)
  15. 15-How Many More Times(LZ I)
  16. 16-Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp(LZ III)
  17. 17-Since I've Been Loving You(LZ III)
  18. 18-Nobody's Fault But Mine(Presence)
  19. 19-Rock And Roll(LZ IV)
  20. 20-Moby Dick(LZ II)
  21. 21-In My Time Of Dying(Physical Graffiti)
  22. 22-Boogie With Stu(Physical Graffiti)
  23. 23-When The Levee Breaks(LZ IV)
  24. 24-Achilles Last Stand(Presence)
  25. 25-Tea For One(Presence)
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By no means is this a final list i'm sure there are songs i've overlooked, but I consider it pretty accurate, If you have anything to say
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