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  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Visual Art of the Week (2016)   6 weeks 2 days ago

    Yes! Great insights from both you and Reynolds! Each time I listen to it, it seems to inch closer to an upgrade into the 7.3+ range. I'm not sure I'll ever think it attains the considerable evocation of scene and mercurial, profound/poignant/haunting changes of character/loss of identity as their self-titled debut (which might as well be the soundtrack and full musical realization to Antionini's Blow Up), but it certainly has its own (tighter) merits as you and Reynolds so aptly describe. Even if it stays at 7.2 for me dont discount how great an achievement that rating is on my scale. 7/10s have been to some degree invalidated by my lists always starting at 7.3 or 7.8, but 7/10 is really where they should start as all those albums are very worthy of serious music consideration. Usually all that separates a 7.1 or 7.2 from advancing higher on my list is something very minor.

  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Visual Art of the Week (2016)   6 weeks 2 days ago

    I think For Your Pleasure is a ridiculously underrated album. To an extent, the funky trance of Bogus Man can be overly likened to Can's Mother Sky and another song seems to be a slight ripoff of the debut (I forgot), but what else before them was reminiscent of Beauty Queen, Strictly Confidential, Dream Home, or For Your Pleasure? They sound like they took all of the styles on the debut (except for the proggiest and poppiest) and merged them into one proto-new wave electronic horror/vampiric take of British psychedelic rock, with Eno at the top of his "treatment" game and Ferry not yet over-the-top but quite evocative (particularly the vocals on Strictly Confidential)

    Here's Simon Reynolds on the title track:
    "For Your Pleasure" the song warrants its own paragraph, though--I can think of nothing in rock like it, before or after, except perhaps Nico's The Marble Index and Joy Division's "Atmosphere". Like the latter, "F.Y.P" is rock purged of Americana and re-rooted in Bergman's The Seventh Seal, Lotte Lenya, and Last Year in Marienbad. Ferry's hieroglyph words and stilted, stately phrasing (a frieze of emotion), the reverb-hazed piano, the stop-start rhythm, all conjure a Gothic tableau of macabre elegance: a Bavarian mansion's frozen lawns, animals strike curious poses, heraldic and eldritch. Halting for the impossible gravitas of Ferry's adieu ("Old man/Through e-ver-y step I change/You watch me walk away/Ta-ra"), the song then mutates into a mindblowing extended coda, with multilayered piano (Terry Riley/Steve Reich-style one-note riffs and upper octave trills) pointillistically painting a Milky Way skyscape mad with stars. Finally the song expires like a galaxy swirling down a black hole's funnel. Steeped in Eno's studio-as-instrument sorcery but charged with a cryptic passion he's never mustered solo, "For Your Pleasure" is one of the most psychedelic records ever, easily rivalling Barrett-era Floyd, Hendrix, and Tim Buckley.

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   6 weeks 3 days ago

    Sure it happens from time to time. These are the ones that come to mind:

    Note: Even though these "got to me" at one time or another does not mean I dont think some other films/albums are more emotionally moving than some of these. Not all of them hold up as well over repeat viewings/listens.

    Nostalghia - Tarkovsky
    Passion of Joan of Arc - Dreyer
    Schindler's List - Speilberg
    Paris, Texas - Wenders
    Its a Wonderful Life - Capra
    Dancer in the Dark - Von Trier

    In the Aeroplane Over the Sea - Neutral Milk Hotel
    Rock Bottom - Robert Wyatt
    Astral Weeks - Van Morrison
    What Would the Community Think? - Cat Power
    Agaetis Byrjun - Sigur Ros

  • 2015 TV Log   6 weeks 3 days ago

    Terrific! Following your instructions, I found the cache for 12/14 which was after the last time I updated it. Thank you , thank you , thank you! I never knew about that little green arrow.

    BTW, it will work in Chrome if, for the results, you choose the (Google search) option in the initial results, which shows as a second choice in a drop down style selection option. Does that make sense? Well, the important thing, I've got all my data back!

  • Films seen in 2015   6 weeks 3 days ago

    Found something:
    Some explanation in the comments of your TV list.

  • 2015 TV Log   6 weeks 3 days ago

    Hi dashforcover, this is what I found:
    The way to get this: google the address ( The first result normally is the page you googled. Click on the little triangle next to the address listed with that first result, it opens a drop down menu with only one option ("Cached"). Click on it et voilà!
    There might be other possibilities, but that's how I do it. Works with Firefox but not with Safari. Don't know about other browsers.

  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Visual Art of the Week (2016)   6 weeks 3 days ago

    I have to say that it's so nice to post a new 2016 list. My 2015 version was in "super slowdown mode" (due to excessive content for a list???). For the last few months it has taken forever to post on it to the point of being very annoying, and to the point I was slowing down on my updates and would dread doing them.

    Anyone know how to fix that stalling/slowing down or are we stuck with it? Really don't want to go through it again this year...

  • Films seen in 2015   6 weeks 3 days ago

    Kaplan, hoping you can help again. In 2010, I accidentally erased about 1/2 of my movie list. You sent me a listing for google cache that enabled me to get back quite a bit of that list. Now I've lost my 2015 TV list. I tried to modify the web page you gave me but with no luck. I could find instructions that said you have to enable cache search, but no instructions for how to do that. Anyway, the link you gave me in the first place was:

    The page I need to recover, if possible, is:
    Can you give a shot for me. I just screwed it up today, 12/28. I forgot to clone before I edited. I'm just glad I didn't do that with the movie log! Thanks for any help you might be able to give.

  • 2015 TV Log   6 weeks 3 days ago

    Work on re-creating the list from Netflix is impossible. In their continuing work to "improve" the site, they have dropped the list of "recent" views. If the quality of their offerings matched the lack of quality of their website, I'd drop them. They seem to be consistently dumbing down their site.

  • Greatest Punk Rock Songs   6 weeks 4 days ago

    By the way, please post some votes on my tournament for best album ever.

  • Greatest Punk Rock Songs   6 weeks 4 days ago

    Thank you, this list is merely a bunch of songs that I feel best describe what punk music is about - rage, nihilism, loudness, etc. I tried to avoid the songs commonly described as punk that are too close to pop music stylistically. Television is an amazing band that made one of the greatest rock albums ever but they're music (while seminal to punk rock's history and aesthetics) goes beyond punk to no wave and even progressive rock territories. That's the only reason.

  • Critics Ranked and Reviewed   6 weeks 4 days ago

    Louis Armstrong isn't emotionally interesting? Gosh, tough crowd you are.

  • Greatest Punk Rock Songs   6 weeks 4 days ago

    Great choices especially the Stooges, the Saints, the Buzzcocks #48 and the Dead Boys. Would be great if you also could add your favourite albums. Also interesting to see that you did not chose the known songs like Blank Generation (R. Hell), Personality Crisis (Dolls) or London Calling (Clash) or Oh Bondage Up Yours (X-Ray Spex). Only thing: Where is Television? What do you think of them?

  • My 100 Favourite Songs (One song of one Artist)   6 weeks 4 days ago

    Thanks, I could place some of the bottom higher as well. It's difficult and also depends on moods. I've heard both song so many times, but Bad has a more durable effect and is a kind of obsession although CCR had other more influential songs. Jump is a great one, but was one of their commercial era. I also admire Dance the night away or Runnin with the Devil.

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   6 weeks 4 days ago

    Have there been any albums or films that have made you tear up or full-on cry due to their message or sheer force of emotion? If it's too personal, don't answer. I had a dream wherein I was very emotional about MBDTF, so that's why the question came to me.

    And, I'll ask more about your feelings on the latter part of the album soon (tomorrow, maybe).

  • Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2015   6 weeks 4 days ago

    GASP!!! I was looking over the "author comments" section and realized that, for the group effort we did last year when kaplan was indisposed, I'd left te18's old name unchanged. I've corrected it now. Sorry for the delay te18, but it's fixed now.

  • Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2015   6 weeks 4 days ago

    It was not so hard for me as it may have looked as I used Excel spreadsheet. I'm a spreadsheet fanatic. I had formulae set up to do all the maths so I never had to worry if I added wrong to get the number of films watched. It was the only reason I could do a running count of the number of films watched each time and the running total. I'd be happy to send my spreadsheet to you for a template. I could even send instructions for manipulating it.

    For the descriptions of folks' movements, I mostly just said what was positive, except when the folks dropped out of the 3 and 2 films per day group. And I only rarely mentioned someone bypassed. I made sure I chose a different action verb for each description. Where you see the absoluete consistencies, I copied the previous comment to serve as a base for the next comment. That's why things are almost always in the same order.

  • Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2015   6 weeks 4 days ago

    I'm also willing to update occasionally - perhaps kaplan and I could share the load?

  • Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2015   6 weeks 4 days ago

    You did a great job this year. So it won't be easy to do as good as you did.
    But like I said a while ago: I wouldn't mind giving it a try again. Unless someone else really wants to take over.

  • Critics Ranked and Reviewed   6 weeks 4 days ago

    Thanks, still gotta check out Red Resistor one of these days and I'm sure I'll take another stab at Yeezus at some point too.

    Louis Armstrong is indisputably one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century. Unfortunately I don't usually find him that emotionally or conceptually interesting.

  • Year-by-year music rankings, for the sake of nothing more than organization on my own behalf   6 weeks 4 days ago

    The PUNK 45 Akron compilation is really good too.

  • Best Canadian Stuff   6 weeks 4 days ago

    I'm pretty ignorant of the more avant-garde side of filmmaking, so I'll check out Presents. I like Norm MacDonald as well.

    What's so bad about Arcade Fire. Their last album was a bit cliche but I think their work is pretty good overall?

  • Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2015   6 weeks 4 days ago

    Update 36 - 27 December

    There will be one final update of the 2015 Listology Scoreboard on January 17. So be sure to get all your films logged by the 16th, wherever you live.

    Kaplan jumped into 7th place and then got shoved back down to 8th by McJoJo rocketing two slots into 7th. Well, kaplan, you did hold it briefly. Bpchicky joined the 1+ films per day group, welcome. to 15th place and nyybella broke the tie and claimed 24th place alone.

    Top watchers (alphabetically) guaranteed to not fall out of the 1 or more movies per day rank are: dashforcover, guardianryoga, kaplan, McJoJo, mightysparks, Puzzgal, schwabe, te18 and Ultimo Lee. I believe we have lost our mattmakins, no change in the number of films there for the last 12 updates. We miss you mattmakins.

    Has anyone decided to step up to the plate to do a Listology Scoreboard for 2016? You are all remarkably silent on that score (pun intended).

    As a group we logged 169 movies since the last update for a total of 6758 films. For the final update on 17 January, the number for 1 film per day is 365. Happy viewing and see you then! God willin' and creek don't rise.

  • Best Canadian Stuff   6 weeks 5 days ago

    So many talented people come from the great nation of Canada. I would add comedian Norm Macdonald, the funniest person in the world right now. I also second Marquee's suggestion of Michael Snow (check out his film Presents).
    Reading Alice Munro right now and enjoying it very much.
    Neil Young is probably the jewel of Canada's crown (props for picking Zuma). However, I would dump Arcade Fire immediately - bunch of affected retards.

  • Critics Ranked and Reviewed   6 weeks 5 days ago

    Jimmy Page calls How the West Was Won "the conundrum of Led Zeppelin". With the love you already have for Von LMO, you'll probably enjoy Red Resistor a lot, specially the 30-minute opening track. No extended tribal noise jam that I've heard (including stuff like Sister Ray, Ladybird and Sheets of Easter) sounds like it. For Yeezus, being pissed off as all hell really helps the listening experience :D Damn sure it's awkward (it's Kanye West being personal) but I don't agree that it's confused at all. Pretty much everything is in its right place. It's hard to call it a hip hop album because it pretty much ignores all classic hip hop structures and the techniques that he used on his own previous albums too. Dancing in Your Head is basically Ornette Coleman and his band dancing around a theme from one of his symphonies ad infinitum. It's freaking awesome!

    The Great Summit might simply bore you. How do you like Louis Armstrong?