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  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Miscellaneous Art of the Week (2014)   2 weeks 3 days ago

    Thanks, you're in for quite the assault! You may want to wear a helmet :-)

  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Miscellaneous Art of the Week (2014)   2 weeks 3 days ago

    I never found Parable interesting enough to listen to the whole thing until :

    "Sister Ray was "only" 18 minutes, whereas Parable of Arable Land comes close to maintaining a similar pitch for its 40+ minute running time"

    You just made me get really really really really hyped man! :D

  • Rock : 100 Greatest Albums   2 weeks 3 days ago

    Ok. Heard it. That was one trippy listening session!

    My experience was similar to the last dozen of times I heard it, but I loved Why Don't You Eat Carrots so much this time that it might replace Meadow Meal as my favorite from the album. It is basically a 10/10 for me until Miss Fortune comes up. Don't get me wrong, I understand the song and I enjoy listening to it. I can see how this song could be a masterpiece for someone and how every little noise could mean so much to them. But in my personal view, it lacks the magical precision and the structural complexities that made me find the first two songs so amazing. It's kind of a letdown compared to the freakishly syncopated circus music of the first song and the surreal sing-along of the second. I wish the album would climax with Miss Fortune but it doesn't. To be honest, despite their enthusiasm and creativity, I find Miss Fortune a bit amateurish and a little too self-indulgent (love how they close it with that poem though... that's one of the best endings to any album ever). I guess it's just not my cup of tea.

    Speaking of my cup of tea, Miss Fortune reminds me of This Heat's 1978 debut. That album has a similar avant-garde vibe but with a much groovier sense of rhythm AND much more reckless experimentation. I think they're the most successful "progressive" band in rock history. Like Faust, their debut is a completely visionary piece of art (at one point during the album, they accidentally predict Dubstep!). I guess I feel the same way about that album as you do about Miss Fortune. I find its every tiny detail to be just perfect. I love it!

  • The Greatest Non-Rock Albums (totally incomplete)   2 weeks 3 days ago

    That's a remarkable coincidence...

    Another one I'd recommend: The Lemon of Pink by The Books.

  • Greatest Albums of All Time (Rock & Jazz)   2 weeks 3 days ago

    I wonder if there's a dance-pop record worth a 9/10 :D

  • Rock : 100 Greatest Albums   2 weeks 4 days ago

    I haven't listened to the whole album for more than 2 years! Can you believe that?

    I'll listen to it with fresh ears today. We'll discuss it after that :)

  • Rock : 100 Greatest Albums   2 weeks 4 days ago

    Speaking from experience -- as a person that has been blown to smithereens by the album for years now (and having nearly upgraded it to my #1 rock album many times) -- I can assure you it's not the case. I mean, it's possible he's a decimal point of a rating off or something like that, but I can assure you, once it hits you, it is one of the most incredible albums/works of art, of all time.

    As a matter of fact, there is an old user of this site who said that once questioned about Faust's merits, Scaruffi told him that he actually had it at #1 for a period of time above TMR and Rock Bottom (though I don't think he published this result on his website). I don't doubt this for a second. I really do just recommend keeping listening to the album and maybe it will open up for you. Miss Fortune is one of the most powerful and profound songs/tracks ever recorded. All I can say is that at some point it will probably just "happen" for you (but maybe not, it's subjective).

  • Longest Song Titles Ever   2 weeks 4 days ago

    We thought our title was long.
    We discovered our belief was wrong.
    We may fit within the first hundred King Kong.
    Didn't find a better rhyme.

    Polarbeers - If You Feel Like I'm a Bad Dream (Let Your Head Roll Down by the Hill)

  • Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2014   2 weeks 4 days ago

    I'm definitely up for it, and would also be happy to assist with regular updates if anyone can show me the HTML trick required to activate links.

  • Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2014   2 weeks 5 days ago

    Question for current players: Are you interested in continuing this in 2015? I suggest it is unlikely kaplan will take the helm again as the last activity for our leader was 4/16. I would not mind doing it if y'all want to play again. But I'll need some help with the thing kaplan did to let you click on someone and you go to their list. I don't know how to do that, but it is an invaluable tool for the person who maintains the list.

    Let me know who is interested in going again! I know you won't have a link as yet, I just want to get an idea. If enough of us want to, I'll set up a list and get working on it. -- If someone shows me that trick I mention above. (or gives me a link where I can learn how to do it)

    BTW, unless one of you beats me to it, I'll be updating the list by next Monday.

  • Funniest Jack Handy Quotes (SNL)   2 weeks 6 days ago

    It take a big man to cry but it takes even a bigger man to laugh at the man who's crying.

  • List of Oscar nominated actors and actresses by date of death   2 weeks 6 days ago

    Available on Netflix for the ten last
    Bold means Oscar nominated role
    Bold caps means Oscar winning role
    * means recommended movie

    - The Forger, 2012 (USA, Ger, Aut, Sui, Lux)
    - The Walker, 2008 (Bra, Mex, Arg, Col)
    - Diamonds, 1999 (USA)
    - A Foreign Field, 1993 (USA)
    - Misery, 1991 (UK, Ire) *
    - How to Marry a Millionaire, 1953 (USA) *

    - The Face of Love, 2013 (Can)
    - World's Greatest Dad, 2009 (Arg, Bra, Can, Col, Mex, USA) *
    - Old Dogs, 2009 (Bel, Fra, Lux, Sui)
    - August Rush, 2008 (Arg, Bra, Can, Col, Mex)
    - RV, 2006 (Can)
    - The Final Cut, 2005 (Arg, Bra, Col, Mex)
    - Insomnia, 2002 (Arg, Bra, Col, Ire, Mex, UK) *
    - One Hour Photo, 2002 (Den, Fin, Fra, Nor, Swe, Sui) *
    - Bicentennial Man, 2000 (Den, Fin, Ire, Nor, Swe, UK)
    - Jakob the Liar, 1999 (Arg, Aut, Bel, Bra, Col, Fra, Ger, Mex, Sui)
    - Get Bruce!, 1999 (Den, Fin, Nor, Swe, USA)
    - GOOD WILL HUNTING, 1998 (Arg, Aut, Bel, Bra, Col, Fra, Ger, Ire, Lux, Mex, Ned, Sui, UK, USA) *
    - What Dreams May Come, 1998 (Arg, Bra, Col, Ire, Mex, Ned, UK) *
    - Flubber, 1997 (Arg, Bra, Col, Mex, USA)
    - The Birdcage, 1996 (Bra, Ire, UK, USA) *
    - Jack, 1996 (Bel, Ned)
    - Jumanji, 1995 (Bel, Can, Fra, Ned, USA)
    - Mrs Doubtfire, 1993 (Arg, Bra, Col, Den, Fin, Fra, Mex, Nor, Swe) *
    - Toys, 1993 (Ire, UK)
    - The Fisher King, 1991 (Ire, UK) *
    - Awakenings, 1991 (Aut, Bel, Ger, Sui) *
    - Dead Again, 1991 (Arg, Bra, Col, Mex) *
    - Hook, 1991 (Arg, Bel, Bra, Col, Den, Fin, Fra, Mex, Nor, Swe, USA)
    - Dead Poets Society, 1990 (Nor, Swe, Den, Fin) *
    - Good Morning, Vietnam, 1987 (USA, Can) *

    - Dust to Glory, 2005 (USA)
    - The Notebook, 2004 (Arg, Bra, Col, Mex) *
    - Space Cowboys, 2000 (Bel, Fra, Lux, Sui)
    - Twilight, 1998 (USA)
    - Maverick, 1994 (Can) *
    - The Great Escape, 1963 (Bra, Can) *
    - Move Over Darling, 1963 (USA) *
    - The Children's Hour, 1961 (Ire, UK) *

    - A Thousand Words, 2012 (Ire, UK)
    - Video Girl, 2011 (USA)
    - Baby Geniuses, 1999 (Can, Den, Fin, Ire, Ned, Nor, Swe, UK)
    - Cop and a Half, 1993 (Arg, Bra, Col, Ire, Mex, UK)

    - The Sons of Katie Elder, 1965 (UK, USA) *
    - The Carpetbaggers, 1964 (Ire, UK) *
    - Houseboat, 1958 (Ire, UK) *
    - Sabrina, 1954 (USA) *
    - Down Three Dark Streets, 1954 (USA)


    - Snow White and the Huntsman, 2012 (Arg, Bra, Can, Col, Mex) *
    - Made in Dagenham, 2010 (Bel, Can, Lux) *
    - Doomsday, 2008 (Bra, Can, Den, Fin, Nor, Swe)
    - Outlaw, 2007 (Den, Fin, Nor, Swe)
    - Hollywoodland, 2006 (Arg, Bra, Col, Den, Fin, Mex, Nor, Swe) *
    - Paris, Je T'aime, 2006 (Bel, Den, Fin, Ned, Nor, Swe)
    - Den of Lions, 2006 (Arg, Bra, Col, Mex, USA)
    - Vanity Fair, 2005 (Den, Fin, Nor, Swe) *
    - Unleashed, 2005 (Arg, Bra, Col, Mex)
    - Son of the Mask, 2005 (Can)
    - Beyond the Sea, 2004 (Bel, Fra)
    - Maid in Manhattan, 2002 (Can, Ned, USA) *
    - Enemy at the Gates, 2001 (Den, Fin, Nor, Swe)
    - A Room for Romeo Brass, 1999 (USA)
    - Twenty Four Seven, 1998 (USA) *
    - Cousin Bette, 1998 (USA)
    - Spice World, 1998 (USA)
    - Hook, 1991 (Arg, Bel, Bra, Col, Den, Fin, Fra, Mex, Nor, Swe, USA)
    - Mermaids, 1990 (Arg, Bra, Col, Mex)
    - Who Framed Roger Rabbit, 1988 (Ire, UK, USA) *
    - A Prayer for the Dying, 1987 (Ire, UK)
    - Zulu Dawn, 1979 (Den, Fin, Nor, Swe) *

    - The Muppets, 2011 (UK, Ire, Nor, Swe, Den, Fin, Ned) *
    - The Fighting Temptations, 2003 (UK, Ire)
    - Leave 'em Laughing, 1981 (USA)
    - The Black Stallion, 1979 (Bra) *
    - Pete's Dragon, 1977 (Ned)
    - The Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County, 1970 (USA)
    - Breakfast at Tiffany's, 1961 (Can, Bra, Mex) *
    - The Last Mile, 1959 (USA)
    - The Bridges at Toko-Ri, 1954 (UK, Ire) *

    - Salinger, 2013 (USA)
    - A Late Quartet, 2012 (USA, Can, UK, Ire) *
    - The Master, 2012 (Bra, Mex, Nor, Swe, Den, Fin) *
    - The Ides of March, 2011 (Nor) *
    - Moneyball, 2011 (Can) *
    - Jack Goes Boating, 2010 (Can)
    - Pirate Radio, 2009 (Can)
    - Doubt, 2008 (Bra, Mex) *
    - Before the Devil Knows You're Dead, 2007 (Bra, Mex) *
    - Mission: Impossible III, 2006 (Nor, Swe, Den, Fin) *
    - CAPOTE, 2005 (USA, UK, Ire) *
    - Strangers With Candy, 2005 (Nor, Swe, Den, Fin)
    - Along Came Polly, 2004 (UK, Ire)
    - Cold Mountain, 2003 (Bra, Mex, Nor, Den, Fin) *
    - Punch-Drunk Love, 2002 (USA, Can) *
    - Red Dragon, 2002 (Bra, Mex) *
    - Almost Famous, 2000 (Bra, Mex) *
    - Flawless, 1999 (Bra, Mex)
    - The Talented Mr Ripley, 1999 (USA, Can, UK, Ire, Bra, Mex, Nor, Swe, Den, Fin) *
    - The Big Lebowski, 1998 (Bra, Mex) *
    - Next Stop Wonderland, 1998 (Bra, Mex)
    - Boogie Nights, 1997 (Nor, Swe, Den, Fin) *
    - Nobody's Fool, 1994 (USA) *
    - When a Man Loves a Woman, 1994 (UK, Ire) *
    - Leap of Faith, 1992 (USA, UK, Ire)

    - House of the Sleeping Beauties, 2006 (USA)
    - My Sister Maria, 2002 (USA) *
    - Vampires, 1998 (Bra, Mex, Arg)
    - The Rose Garden, 1989 (Mex, Arg, Col)
    - Marlene, 1984 (USA)
    - A Bridge Too Far, 1977 (Nor, Swe, Den, Fin) *
    - Julia, 1977 (Can) *
    - The Odessa File, 1974 (USA) *

  • Favorite albums   2 weeks 6 days ago

    Yea, that's a good way to go too. I did something similar with my "Recommended Order" list some years ago, though it's quite outdated now. I'll be revising/updating it soon (hopefully). Also, my list that compares films and albums can be helpful in a similar way as what you're going for with similar albums.

  • Favorite albums   2 weeks 6 days ago

    Probably not. I don't have any desire to be that specific. But I like being able to suggest other albums that people who like specific albums might additionally like. So I might group albums that way. I was already inclined to do that, which is why I put Blonde on Blonde and In the Aeroplane over the Sea next to each other, and Hejira and Late for the Sky together, and Volunteers and What's Going On together, for example. That's a more interesting and rewarding way (and even possibly more efficient since albums could be easier to compare) to organize or define my taste, in my opinion.

  • Favorite albums   2 weeks 6 days ago

    Also, thanks for the reminder to add ArchAndroid to my lists. It's supposed to be on there, but I keep forgetting...

  • Favorite albums   2 weeks 6 days ago

    Do you have any plans to add ratings? (fine if not, just curious)

    Also, very cool to see Spirit of Eden here, strangely overlooked amongst like-minded listeners.

  • Best Kanye West songs   2 weeks 6 days ago

    Cool, thanks! :-) I would of course recommend Piero Scaruffi's site if you haven't checked it out (though presumably you already have). He introduced me to probably 1/2 of the rock/jazz albums on my 9/10+ list, some of the classical works and maybe 1/3 of the paintings.

  • Best Kanye West songs   2 weeks 6 days ago

    I already know we agree, you're one of my sources!

  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Miscellaneous Art of the Week (2014)   2 weeks 6 days ago

    That's right, The Mascara Snake!

  • Music Ratings & Notes   2 weeks 6 days ago

    re:"perfect companion piece to Loveless"...exactly! Glider is another good EP, but it's not as great as Tremolo despite having Soon on it.

    You Made Me Realise is like a shorter and more consistent version of Isn't Anything, but both are good releases. I was going to say it doesn't sound anything like Loveless, but it just occurred to me I haven't re-listened to it in a long time, so I don't remember what all the songs sounded like. I guess this would be my ranking of the MBV EP's and albums from 1988-1991:

    1. Loveless
    2. You Made Me Realise
    3. Tremolo
    4. Isn't Anything
    5. Glider
    6. Feed Me With Your Kiss

  • Music Ratings & Notes   3 weeks 1 hour ago

    I heard Tremolo once and it sounded like the perfect companion piece to Loveless. I'm amazed at how great these two My Bloody Valentines EP's turned out to be. I should hear Isn't Anything sometime.

  • Music Ratings & Notes   3 weeks 1 hour ago

    Listening to the cover right now... Wow.

  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Miscellaneous Art of the Week (2014)   3 weeks 2 hours ago

    You wore your trout mask for halloween..

  • Best Kanye West songs   3 weeks 7 hours ago

    Comments are unavailable on your best albums list so I'll say here that we agree on several of your choices on there and it will be interesting to watch it expand over time

  • Greatest Albums Extended List [rated 7.8/10+] (in progress)   3 weeks 19 hours ago

    I have but it was years ago. I thought it was really good but I'd have to give it another listen before I rated it.