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  • Media Log 2014   5 weeks 4 days ago

    Perhaps The Terminator, or maybe The Cook the Thief His Wife and Her Lover... or... well, it was nice knowing you...

  • Media Log 2014   5 weeks 4 days ago

    I haven't listened to Litanies of Satan but I did listen to Diamanda Galas so I think I know what this lawyer is like :/ What about his movie equivalent though? The Terminator? Texas Chain Saw Massacre? :P

  • Media Log 2014   5 weeks 4 days ago

    My lawyer will be contacting you shortly. I rate him an 8.8/10, and the emotional/thematic equivalent of Diamanda Galas' Litanies of Satan.

  • Songs With Women's Names in the Title   5 weeks 4 days ago

    The actual title of the song is "Candle In The Wind" by Elton John and the first lyric is "Goodbye Norma Jean". :)

  • 1001 Songs You Must Hear Before You Die   5 weeks 4 days ago

    Thank you for a great list!
    I recently bought the book and I'm now creating a spotify playlist with the "10101 Songs Must Hear Before You Die", which can be found on the last pages of the book! It will take some time to finish, but please follow =)

  • Media Log 2014   5 weeks 5 days ago

    And I hope it remains that way -_-

  • Media Log 2014   5 weeks 5 days ago

    Nice! It's all good, I don't mind at all. I haven't copyrighted it! (yet???) :-)

  • Media Log 2014   5 weeks 5 days ago

    Of course you do. I found it from your list XD

    (Sorry for stealing your Top 10 Movies/Albums/... of the Week format by the way)

  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Miscellaneous Art of the Week (2014)   5 weeks 5 days ago

    Yea, it's been ridiculous :) Perhaps unbelievably, I've managed to go through approximately 1500 painters (mostly modern, 1960s to present) and about 15000 of their paintings over the last few weeks alone. What I've posted here are what I deemed significant enough (7.8+) to add to my list, so it goes to show one that for every 7.8+ there are hundreds of lesser works (many of which were great too). I've probably discovered at least 1000 more paintings for the 7.3 - 7.7 range but simply don't have time to track those and have decided not to focus my list on those ratings because it would slow me down too much. Any work I've posted here that fell below 7.8 was because I initially thought it would be 7.8 or better.

    This site is a very good start:

    If you want to jump ahead from the earliest history of paintings to more significant artists, on page 7 it covers Giotto, who was probably the first great painter (that emphasized more compelling and emotional qualities in his scenes).

    Generally speaking, wikipedia is an excellent source for well-known artists (for both information and pictures) and a "so-so" source for lesser known artists.

    Also, Scaruffi's recent history of visual arts (modern - early 1900s on up) is a great snapshot of several significant artists with direct bullet points about their significance, though if you're trying to avoid my selections for now, he's recently added several of them upon recommendations I emailed him.

    His (old) greatest western paintings list is excellent too, particularly for pre-1920s works (though many of the links no longer work).

    The best sources, aside from traveling to all the museums that house paintings (!!!), are to go to a bookstore/library and read and view the history of art (or different sections of it) through various art books (preferably large ones). These often have the best pictures. While they almost never cover the significant rarer works such as some of the ones I've found (only after crawling down many rabbit holes!) they are the best way to get a foundation and good viewing perspective of the main body of significant works. What I have done many times was go to the bookstore/library and go through those and take notes, notes and more notes and then use the internet to explore further from there. The internet is obviously the fastest way. I don't have specific books to recommend but perusing the shelves will get you acclimated pretty quickly. They're usually the larger books that cover a section of visual art history with large, high quality pictures in them. I've looked through hundreds, including books specific to certain artists, which I also recommend.

    As a note, I've hardly begun to add significant works from the periods 1300 - 1800 to my lists. There are probably some 8.8+ in there, and certainly several 7.8 - 8.7 works.

  • "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die"   5 weeks 5 days ago

    There have been errors in the past on the website, so it's a good idea to check the actual book when it comes out.

  • Media Log 2014   5 weeks 5 days ago

    Whoa! It's a painting! I know that one! :-)

  • "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die"   5 weeks 5 days ago

    Hi guys, I've updated the list for the 2014 edition. Thanks to Anarcisos for the heads up. nharlowg I cross-checked the new entries against so there's no doubt. I expect to get back up to date pretty soon. Good luck everyone.

  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Miscellaneous Art of the Week (2014)   5 weeks 5 days ago

    The Marble Index at the top... I can only imagine what insanely amazing week you must be having :D

    As a starting point, what website or list would you recommend to someone who basically knows nothing about the art of painting but is very enthusiastic to know about it? I have decided not to check out your greatest paintings list yet, I don't think I'm ready to view such a list.

  • My Favorite Albums (8.25+/10)   5 weeks 5 days ago

    Although sometimes it's very tempting to create a very precisely rated list, I've decided not to create one. One reason is that if I created such a list, I would have to change the ratings and rankings almost every day, which would in fact make the precision somewhat pointless. The more important reason is that I don't believe everybody needs to know how I exactly feel about the albums and their differences. Everybody has their own taste and criteria so the most useful information I can give about an album is that it's not worth their time , good , great or a masterpiece .
    The only albums that I try to rank very precisely are the masterpieces. Other than the ratings of those albums, my other ratings simply reflect my taste. I believe all the albums rated between 7/10 and 8.5/10 are great. If the reader's taste is very similar to my own taste in music, he/she might find the 8/10 and 8.5/10 albums very fascinating. If our tastes are very different, he/she might enjoy the 7/10 and 7.5/10 albums more than I do.

  • Songs With Women's Names in the Title   5 weeks 5 days ago

    Don`t forget Oh Denise by randy and the Rainbows!

  • "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die"   5 weeks 6 days ago

    Thanks, Anarcisos! Question for you, though - Where did you get this list? I've seen this same exact exchange at another place on the net, but I want to try to get multiple sourcing on these before I take it as Scripture.

  • "1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die"   5 weeks 6 days ago

    Thanks, Anarcisos! Question for you, though - Where did you get this list? I've seen this same exact exchange at another place on the net, but I want to try to get multiple sourcing on these before I take it as Scripture.

  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Miscellaneous Art of the Week (2014)   5 weeks 6 days ago

    Yes, of course! :) Though it's close ... could go either way.

  • My Favorite Music   5 weeks 6 days ago

    I bought it a couple days ago, but haven't listened to it yet. I really liked Lady from Shanghai, and what I've heard from this I like even more.

  • My Favorite Music   5 weeks 6 days ago


    Hey have you heard the new Pere Ubu album? They released it yesterday. I haven't heard all of it yet but the first song sounds freaking great!

  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Miscellaneous Art of the Week (2014)   5 weeks 6 days ago

    So Strange Days and Happy/Sad better than Suicide's debut now? I guess you're now willing to stand up to Johnny despite him looking so mean and feeling so tough.

  • My Favorite Albums (8.25+/10)   6 weeks 2 hours ago

    I agree with you to some extent; indeed, that's the only reason I rated The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady 10/10. I think maybe my previous rating of 9.8 might've been more suitable if I were, like AfterHours, working my way from an ideal. But even the ideal is vague so I choose to just make it simpler and have it at the highest possible rating. There's no right or wrong way for rating in my opinion. One has the complete freedom, after all, to keep changing the scale.

    Half of these ratings are probably not even that reliable since I've been focusing more on movies for the past two months. And I'm still exploring the rating system so I don't think I have any answer that I myself would be sure about.

  • My Favorite Albums (8.25+/10)   6 weeks 7 hours ago

    I can see it either way and agree with either system. One (mine) could be said to be based on a perceived ideal. One could say Beethoven's 9th is a 10/10 because it's the greatest work of all time -- and this would be fine -- but also, how could it be a true 10 if its 1st and last movements are so much better than its (albeit great) middle movements? Wouldn't they all have to at least be on that level to be a 10/10? An easier one is VU's WL/WH. Obviously it's not a 10 (in my system) if one half of the album (Sister Ray) is so much better than the first half...

    On the other hand, if nothing has ever been better than [insert work of art], maybe it should be rated 10/10.

    How do I assign such precise rankings? I just start from that ideal and work my way down, such as: If Beethoven's 9th is a 9.5 and Black Saint is an echelon lower, it's a 9.4, and so on. The exactness of it is refined over repeated experiences with the works. But first you have to start with deciding what your overall criteria is, what your greatest work is, how (if) that differs from one's ultimate "ideal", and work your way back from there. Then successively rate other works relative to that. Then, as you build the list you can use others that are more relate-able and easier to compare (example: comparing The Doors debut to Strange Days). One can get even more thoughtful and "scientific" with it when you start rating songs and comparing the albums more intricately.

    In my system I (a) experience the content of the work in all its parts (or as much as I can dependent on my present understanding of it); (b) rate based on what degree I found it to be emotionally expressive (any emotion -- whatever the work is expressing) and how compelling it's expression(s)/idea(s) are. It doesn't necessarily have to have a high degree of both emotional expression and compelling ideas to rate high (for instance, Coltrane's Ascension mainly specializes in "emotional expression" -- and this is true for most free jazz), though specializing in both gets more necessary the higher one goes on the ratings. And, one becomes more necessary if the work has shortcomings in the other. In the case of Coltrane's Ascension is is one of the most intensely emotionally expressive albums of all time, so doesn't "need" to be compelling as much as a less emotionally expressive album might need to be, in order to rate high.

    There is a certain degree Beethoven's 9th accomplishes "(b)" for me, which is a "9.5", and so on down the list. Whatever degree a work does "(b)" for me, I assign it that rating.

  • My Favorite Albums (8.25+/10)   6 weeks 8 hours ago


    RE: sounds so fucking huge ... yes, one could say this is when Mingus brought jazz up to the same massive intensity as classical symphonies (which was one of his intentions starting, I believe, with Epitaph)

  • Rock : The Greatest Male Vocalists   6 weeks 17 hours ago

    I take my comment back after relistening to the S/T and Fun House.