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  • Greatest Paintings of All Time (in-progress)   2 weeks 2 days ago

    Awesome, thanks, yes I dig Velazquez. I've viewed most (maybe all) of his major works, but definitely need to evaluate them more thoroughly as you seem to have done. He is one of my higher priorities on my "to do" list, including the ones you mention here. I am confident he has at least a few works I'd rate highly.

  • Greatest Paintings of All Time (in-progress)   2 weeks 2 days ago

    Have you looked at Velazquez? An incredible storyteller... Las Meninas, in which he paints of the infanta's visit to his studio, and The Surrender of Breda, which details the victorious Spinola, are the highest flights of painting. The former is especially, I think, one of those happy convergences where the work's acclaim is proportionate to it's greatness. Bacon said "If you can say it, why paint it?" and I think Velazquez shows how different the narrative possibility of painting is compared to literature.

  • My Music Lists   2 weeks 2 days ago

    This is such a perceptive comment! I completely agree with your interpretation of Otello. In my opinion, to find equals (in opera) to the likes of Aida, Otello and Falstaff one needs to look to the Da Ponte collaborations, although Mozart may in fact surpass Verdi. (Admittedly, I'm no Wagnerite, though I love Tristan & Isolde). I hope you find a chance to dig into more Verdi soon!

  • Best Kanye West songs   2 weeks 2 days ago

    This dude has so many awesome songs.

    How would you rank his albums?

  • My Music Lists   2 weeks 2 days ago

    Regrettably I've only gotten around to Verdi's Otello. But what a work it is! The opening is incredibly intense. I'm amazed at how wildly his music can change direction within a single instant and still maintain its utmost musical coherence and logic. The nature of this music reflects what I imagine to be a very stormy personality - one that is quick to admire or despise; trust and mistrust; to be capable of showing the gentlest human affection one moment and going into a frenzied rage the next. Whatever the state of being Verdi is in, there is always a deep burning passion in his soul. Unlike Wagner, he is very Human. He is very much of this world. Yet, not unlike Da Vinci, there is something immortal about his art; something divine. At every point in his music, you feel that you're in the hands of a higher power. Listening to his music, it is surprising to me how much Wagner and others of his time underestimated Verdi, who was clearly Wagner's equal. At least Brahms recognized Verdi's stature when he referred to Verdi's Requiem as "a work of genius".

  • My Favorite Films   2 weeks 2 days ago

    Yeah, I've been laying low lately around here. I just haven't had much to say I guess. Yeah, I've seen some of your updates. In The Aeroplane... is now above Trout Mask Replica!?! Holy shmoligans!!! I admire your audacity and courage.

    I'll probably input suggestions for music on your lists in the near future. I'm too exhausted at the moment.

  • My Favorite Films   2 weeks 2 days ago

    Re Lynch: I have some mixed feelings about Lynch. While I'm fascinated by his very imaginative filming style, I have often found his plots to be somewhat incomprehensible. If that makes me some hopeless pleb that needs to be spoon-fed a conventional, linear plot then so be it! Despite this, I've always found Mulholland Dr. to be very entertaining. My favorite scene is where that big guy knocks that chick's lights out! Hilarious!! Lost Highway was added to my list if mainly for it's phenomenal filming style. Once I gain a better understanding of his art, I will most definitely add more of his films to my list.

    Re Welles: You may not have noticed but I haven't really gotten into older films yet. But I will! And films by Welles will probably be first to be added (Hitchcock too!).

    Re Punch-Drunk Love: Sounds like a good movie. It's got some of my favorite actors in it. I'll check it out some day.

  • Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2015   2 weeks 2 days ago

    I've never played before but I'd like to join for 2015

  • Media Log 2014   2 weeks 3 days ago

    I totally forgot that album! Yes, Y would be a good choice.

  • Media Log 2014   2 weeks 3 days ago

    So, in other words, Pop Group's Y? ;-)

  • Greatest Albums of All Time (Rock & Jazz)   2 weeks 3 days ago

    In certain respects -- inside the walls of noise, where it's basic structures lie -- MBV's Loveless semi-qualifies as "dance-pop" (though it's a little bit of a stretch of course).

  • Greatest Albums of All Time (Rock & Jazz)   2 weeks 3 days ago

    I really like both of those albums, but actually haven't listened to them since before my (so-called) "Scaruffist" days. At the time I was a bigger fan of "Second Toughest..." but according to Scaruffi's ratings, I may like "Dubno..." more if I returned to it. Maybe even a 9? I'll have to check it out again at some point.

  • Jazz Masterpieces   2 weeks 3 days ago

    Right now I'll go with Ellington's Money Jungle, Dizzy Gillespie at Newport, Mingus 5x, Solo Monk (1964), and Sonny Rollins' G-Man. What about yours?

  • My Music Lists   2 weeks 3 days ago

    ...did you ever get to Verdi's operas!?

  • Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2015   2 weeks 3 days ago

    Sign me up, too, once things get going again.

  • Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2014   2 weeks 3 days ago

    Well past time for another update.

    Update #18(ish) - 6 Nov [310] days
    =======⥣⥣⥣ > 2 films/day ⥣⥣⥣=======
    =======⥥⥥⥥ < 2 films/day ⥥⥥⥥=======
    01. (01) tom_elce 553 (45)
    02. (02) mightysparks 413 (25)
    =======⥣⥣⥣ > 1 film/day ⥣⥣⥣=======
    =======⥥⥥⥥ < 1 film/day ⥥⥥⥥=======
    03. (04) Ultimo Lee 305 (63)
    04. (03) loonapick 299 (13)
    05. (05) Tatum 266 (32)
    06. (06) dashforcover 265 (40)
    07. (07) Puzzgal 252 (36)
    08. (08) mamushka 195 (28)
    09. (14) LukeRobot 161 (47)
    10. (09) Laivaren 153 (23)
    11. (10) julesyoung 147 (18)
    12. (11) danvers 143 (16)
    13. (13) guardianryoga 141 (20)
    14. (12) skullduggerish 129 (5)
    15. (15) mattmakins 124 (12)
    16. (16) bpchicky 102 (0)
    17. (17) nyybella 92 (3)
    18. (17) kaplan 89 (0)
    19. (18) Lendoxia 87 (20)
    20. (19) kgracetasticsake 69 (47)
    21. (22) AJDaGreat 64 (16)
    22. (20) nukualofa 54 (2)
    23. (21) hinterland 49 (0)
    24. (23) alberkin 24 (0)
    25. (24) aaliyah16 19 (3)

    Next update: Mid-November

    2013 edition
    2015 edition

    Only two players remain above 1 film per day, with none over 2 films per day. The greatest move was by LukeRobot who, with 47 films, leaped from 14th to 9th place. Ultimo Lee made a massive play toward reaching the 1 film/day rank with 63 films and only 5 films shy of the mark. This time there are no ties. Keep up the good viewing!

    Special thanks to guardianryoga for suggesting how to get the links to players working!

    kaplan, we still miss you.

  • Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2014   2 weeks 4 days ago

    You rock, Ultimo Lee!

  • My Favorite Films   2 weeks 4 days ago

    Good to see you back Geo-J! I've been pretty busy on paintings, as you may have already seen. Also, I'm about to get rolling on some classical...

    both are always open for discussion/suggestions ... hint hint :-)

  • Most Invigorating Albums (Rock/Jazz) [in-progress]   2 weeks 4 days ago

    Thanks I havent heard Severe Exposure but the others might make the grade as I update this. It depends on where my cut off point is. I might go with 50, in which case, maybe 35 of the current entries will eventually survive -- but we'll see...

  • Rock : 100 Greatest Albums   2 weeks 4 days ago

    "The first four minutes are repetitive" Hmm, I'd agree, that's the only flaw in the track. 01:30 would've been too short though :P

  • My Favorite Films   2 weeks 4 days ago

    Nice list!

    Some films not on the list that I think you'll enjoy:

    Paul Thomas Anderson - Punch-Drunk Love (2002)
    Alfred Hitchcock - Vertigo (1958)
    David Lynch - Mulholland Dr. (2001)
    Orson Welles - Touch of Evil (1958)

  • Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2014   2 weeks 4 days ago

    I'll be in again. Had been wondering if someone would take over.

    Trick attempt


  • Media Log 2014   2 weeks 4 days ago

    re:albums Lost Hwy resembles... maybe the ideal album would share Faust's/White Light White Heat's apocalyptic vision, but sung entirely from the point of view of the singer(s) in Good/Suicide?

  • Most Invigorating Albums (Rock/Jazz) [in-progress]   2 weeks 4 days ago

    More suggestions:

    Blues and Roots - Charles Mingus
    Half Machine Lip Moves - Chrome
    Severe Exposure - Six Finger Satellite
    Surfer Rosa - Pixies

  • Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2014   2 weeks 4 days ago

    OK, I've set up the new list, unpopulated yet, of course, but once you know where your 2015 list will be, post it here: 2015 edition

    For those of you who want to know the trick, I'll give a shot at explaining it.
    Where I have curley braces {} they need to be replaced with their equivalent angle brace <>. Where you see { put < and where you see } put > and that should be enough to work for the example


    {a href=""} 2015 edition {/a>}

    Let's hope the example worked. IT DID! Thar ya go!