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  • The Greatest Albums Ever   6 weeks 4 days ago

    Charlie Haden's astounding jazz album, Liberation Music Orchestra (1969), is an absolute must. I'd be surprised if it didn't quickly establish itself on this list. I doubt you'll be disappointed. It's easy to find too (Spotify, etc).

  • Favorite 2016 Albums   6 weeks 4 days ago

    Thanks, I'm intrigued to check it out as well as revisit This Heat.

  • Most Emotionally Moving Films   6 weeks 4 days ago

    Hmmmm, possibly... Its an excellently crafted film in every respect. Not sure just how moving I find it. In your opinion, is it more moving than any of these or are you recommending it for 41+?

  • Most Emotionally Moving Films   6 weeks 4 days ago


  • Best decade for Movies   6 weeks 5 days ago

    1950 for sure

  • The 100 Greatest Cartoons   6 weeks 5 days ago

    I haven't really assessed this list in years, but looking at the two cartoons you bring up, I'd probably score them (on a ten-point scale) something like this:

    Popularity: Simpsons (10) South Park (9)
    Influence: Simpsons (8) South Park (7)
    Impact: Simpsons (9) South Park (9)
    Innovation: Simpsons (7) South Park (8)
    Critical Acclaim: Simpsons (10) South Park (9)
    Cultural Significance: Simpsons (9) South Park (9)

    TOTAL: Simpsons (53) South Park (51)

    Even though I still think The Simpsons is the more important cartoon, they're a lot closer than I thought.

  • Favorite ambient albums   6 weeks 5 days ago

    Yeah, I was pretty mixed on considering it "ambient" so I'm not surprised. Glad you checked it out.

  • Favorite 2016 Albums   6 weeks 6 days ago

    It's too soon for me to tell. I'm still in the discovery phase with Animals. The only other album in my collection that really sounds like this is This Heat s/t (Not Waving is named after one of the best songs on that album). Then again, there similarity more in madness than method. Right now I'm guessing that I'll eventually rate it somewhere between 7 and 8, but this can change. It's an exceptionally unique album, cold and mechanical yet also direct and heartfelt at the same time.

  • Greatest Rock Albums   6 weeks 6 days ago

    Looks like Hex puts its spell on you to a similar degree as it did to me last year!

  • Favorite 2016 Albums   7 weeks 17 hours ago

    How does Not Waving compare (qualitatively) to last year's best (such as Apocalypse, girl) ?

  • Best Coldplay songs   7 weeks 1 day ago

    Cool, thank you :-)

  • The Greatest Albums Ever   7 weeks 1 day ago

    "Cannibal Corpse" =)))))

    Thanks. There's more to come. Hip hop is really underappreciated around here.

  • The Greatest Albums Ever   7 weeks 1 day ago

    Great list, nice to see some albums that don't generally make it to these best of lists.

    I'm pretty sure you mean Cannibal Ox tho.

  • Best Coldplay songs   7 weeks 2 days ago

    Bigger Stronger and Such a Rush both essentially mock materialism, the latter probably being inspired by The Tourist. They're good songs, 6-6.5/10. They're present on Safety and The Blue Room EPs, which are both 6/10.

  • Best Coldplay songs   7 weeks 2 days ago

    Well, I really don't pay any attention to Coldplay and hadn't given them much thought over the last 10+ years, but it's good to know they made some songs that went in a different direction. What would you rate them?

  • Best Albums of the 1980's   7 weeks 2 days ago

    No worries. Hells Angels Cracker Factory would make it on here all by itself, let alone the entirety of Telepathic Surgery. Oh My Gawd gets props from Scaruffi, but Id have to listen to it (one of these days).

  • Best Coldplay songs   7 weeks 2 days ago

    Surprised you didn't remember, it got the highest rating from Scaruffi.
    They're not really very intriguing, but they're solid tracks nonetheless. Shows that Coldplay could've gone in a different direction perhaps.

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   7 weeks 2 days ago

    Thanks, Turin Horse is on deck. Im looking forward to all of them but I also have so much to watch and listen to that they'll probably be done sporadically.

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   7 weeks 3 days ago

    Nice to see Casablanca broke through at least. Might as well honor the remaining recs now too? Especially film. There are a couple in there I'm curious to see what you'd think of.

  • Best Albums of the 1980's   7 weeks 3 days ago

    I'm not sure what I was thinking of back then. I don't even like the Flaming Lips' 80s work that much. I mean, I like it, but they've done better.

  • The 50 Greatest R&B Artists   7 weeks 3 days ago

    Thanks for breaking it down. It was interesting to read and it makes sense. I usually don't put too much weight into impact and popularity because these things change over time and we all actively contribute to their change. Case in point: The Monkees were much more popular and had more impact than The Velvet Underground during the 60's.

    Which one do you personally prefer? For me it's definitely Prince. Not just because he's a multi-instrumentalist and exceptional vocalist and made something as intricate and monumental as Sign o' the Times all by himself, but also because unlike MJ I can connect to Prince music as an adult and have a great time.

  • The 100 Greatest Cartoons   7 weeks 3 days ago

    I don't know about popularity, but imho South Park surpasses the Simpsons in influence, impact, innovation, critical acclaim, and cultural significance. Plus it's still a relevant series with brand brand new experiments after 19 seasons, while the Simpsons have been kinda meh since almost 2 decades ago.

  • Best Coldplay songs   7 weeks 3 days ago

    Sweet, looking forward to it.

  • Best Albums of the 1980's   7 weeks 3 days ago

    4 years later: Whaddaya mean? Ive got Telepathic Surgery on there! ;-)

  • The Greatest Albums Ever   7 weeks 3 days ago

    There's no wasted moment on that album. The absence of stylistic borders confused the hell out of me the first time around. I began to love it soon and it's a pretty groovy and catchy album from start to finish. Few musicians have combined so much casual eclecticism, adventurous structures and robust but highly complicated rhythms at the same time without resorting to hysteria. It's amazing.