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  • Every animated movie ever created (alphabetical)   3 weeks 5 days ago


    I can't find a movie I wach when I was a kid. I think around the first time I watched Akira.
    I don't remember much but I'll try and explain what I do.
    I remember a part where their is a girl ( half or full robot/cyborg/android) and another boy I think she likes. He at one stage is killed some how and she attaches herself to his head or something to keep him alive?

    Also I remember a part where he is running up these Hugh cables or pylons on an angle that look like they are supporting a city in the sky, kinda over the old city. And these metal rings with spikes come flying down the huge ropes or pylons and the boy jumps one and is hit by another? Cutting his foot off I think?

    Man I was young but for some reason I've always remembered.

  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Miscellaneous Art of the Week (2014)   3 weeks 5 days ago

    I re-listened to Starsailor one or two days ago, and it keeps getting better. I've started loving Moulin Rouge as well! I'm gonna be checking out a few discographies such as Beefheart's, Pere Ubu's (till 1982), Zappa's, and Primus' to find more masterpieces, maybe I should add Tim to that list as well.

  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Miscellaneous Art of the Week (2014)   3 weeks 5 days ago

    Yes, it is :-) Don't think I've heard any full albums past Starsailor -- just some songs I think.

  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Miscellaneous Art of the Week (2014)   3 weeks 5 days ago

    Isn't Starsailor just one of the greatest things ever? I'm thinking about delving into Buckley's sex-funk period (specially Greetings From L.A. which came right after Starsailor) since he seems to have reached a very radical point of transition with Starsailor (those vocal acrobatics on Down by the Borderline are just... I mean, HOLY SHIT!). You have any experience with his later albums?

  • My Favorite Music   3 weeks 5 days ago

    I've been trying forever to find a download link for Jimmy Bell's Still in Town but can't seem to find anything. How did you get the album?

  • Rock Masterpieces : 100 Best Albums   3 weeks 5 days ago

    I heard it. Wow! Didn't expect the production to be this amazing. The album's sound is fantastic.

    Right now I'm unsure about how much I'll end up liking it (I only listen to an album when I totally feel like listening to it. These day I'm kind of stuck on Trout Mask Replica). Based on what you said, I'll add "There Was a Time" to my playlist as this album's quintessential track. Thanks for the good suggestion and description!


    Update: The first listen was the best. The production is still fantastic but for me it lost its novelty value over time. I'm not particularly fond of neither the musical compositions nor the lyrics. I guess this album is just not my sort of thing. Your reference to Original Sin is apt. They have aimed for a similar vibe here. I enjoy both of these albums just about the same but I respect Original Sin much more than Chinese Democracy. To me Original Sin is an extremely flawed potential masterpiece that's ruined by the excessively melodramatic overproduction whereas on Chinese Democracy the production is the best factor.

  • Music Ratings & Notes   3 weeks 5 days ago

    Listened to it a bunch of times. As of now I gotta say it somehow interests me more than Pawn Hearts. When listening to Pawn Hearts there are moments when I have a rather hard time seperating genuine emotion from sheer pomp. But Godbluff sounds more personal, much more tasteful and definitely more powerful. Comparable to Red indeed, although maybe not as agressive (there are moments on Red that practically sound like heavy metal... God I need to listen to it again sometime. I do miss it). I can see Godbluff becoming a favorite over time.

  • My Top 10 Albums   3 weeks 6 days ago

    I actually need to update this. I've been busy editing my other ones.

  • Piero Scaruffi's Top Albums - Ones I've Collected   3 weeks 6 days ago

    Oh...should have noticed I forgot that one.

    And yep, I've listened to that one.

  • My Top 10 Albums   3 weeks 6 days ago

    I don't think Abbey Road is underrated at all. By Rolling Stone perhaps, but generally I don't think so. Anyways, nice list. I completely agree with you on Pet Sounds that some of the standouts are "the less-known ones", such as You Still Believe in Me and tracks 9 to 11.

    (By the way, take it easy with the tagging. Too many tags makes the content page a bitch to navigate. Funnily enough, I used to do the same thing when I was new.)

  • Piero Scaruffi's Top Albums - Ones I've Collected   3 weeks 6 days ago

    The Doors is missing from the list...I'm guessing you've listened to that one as well?

  • Greatest Albums Extended List [rated 7.8/10+] (in progress)   4 weeks 6 hours ago

    I think Waiting for the Sun and LA Woman are excellent. It's been about 3-4 years since I've heard them but at the time I considered them 7-ish, same as Scaruffi. I still haven't heard Absolutely Live but I want to at some point.

  • Greatest Albums Extended List [rated 7.8/10+] (in progress)   4 weeks 6 hours ago

    OK :P

    What would you rate their other albums?

  • Greatest Albums Extended List [rated 7.8/10+] (in progress)   4 weeks 6 hours ago

    To make it shorter I suppose I'd just take out a couple brief songs as exchange.

  • Greatest Pop Albums [includes R & B/Soul] (in-progress)   4 weeks 6 hours ago

    Thanks for the suggest, when I come back around to pop, I'll give it a spin.

  • Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2014   4 weeks 15 hours ago

    I'm still in, but rarely online anymore even though I am keeping track of films seen.

  • What misscurly read in 2014...   4 weeks 17 hours ago

    Lucifer's Hammer

    A post-apocalyptic work which includes action leading to the apocalypse. A giant comet collides with Earth, fracturing into many pieces and causing worldwide catastrophe. The various survivors, including the man who identified the rock, Tim Hamner, video journalist Harvey Randall and his Boy Scout son, the governor of the state of California Arthur Jellison, and various others struggle to retain a sense of humanity and rebuild their world.

    Maus II

    A graphic novel whose protagonists are mice, detailing the story of the author's father as he survived the Holocaust with his wife.


    A fourteen year old, lanky blonde inappropriately named Thumbelina deals with her mother's death by running away from foster care with her newfound friend Myrna, who is close to delivering her first child. Miserable and defensive, Thumby eventually reveals to Myrna that she is also pregnant, but the depth of the secret is much greater than just that. The story is tragic and heartbreaking, and the content is often difficult to read.

    In Cold Blood

    Truman Capote's famous non-fiction novel, detailing the events and aftermath of the slaying of a Kansas family by two strangers. A true crime novel with minimal fanfare, Capote chose to focus on the human side of the killers, discussing their histories leading up to the brutal choice.

    The Second Jungle Book

    Another collection of jungle-themed stories, in which animals feature as prominent characters. In one, the boy Mowgli becomes and man and has his last adventure with his brothers. Some good stories in this collection.


    Kim is a Brit by parentage, left largely to his own devices as an orphan and street urchin in India. One day, this so-called 'Friend of all the World' comes across a Buddhist monk on a quest for enlightenment, and Kim decided to follow this man as his chela (disciple) because the monk clearly cannot manage on his own. While helping the Holy One on his quest, Kim finds his own destiny within the country.

    Joseph Andrews

    Joseph, is thrown out of his position as footman to Lady Booby when he rejects her amorous advances in favour of maintaining his own purity. Joseph has already dedicated his heart to lovely Fanny, and intends to marry her as soon as possible. Adventure ensues as the two strive to get home and achieve that purpose, with the help of their friend and pastor Mr. Adams.

  • Funny Piero Scaruffi Quotes   4 weeks 19 hours ago

    In Rainbows: 15 Step is good, kind of agree with the rest though. Then again, sometimes I think it's not that bad of an album overall. Also, what's with the random Beatles mention?

    Sgt. Pepper: It IS a set of jingles, apart from WYWY and Day in the Life. Catchy, well-made jingles though. He rates it a 7 though, so...not that bad? Wonder why he rates MMT only a 6 then.

    MBV: I agree with this one, though I think Only Tomorrow is very good and the other two tracks mentioned are also decent. But the album overall is nowhere near Loveless quality, or even Isn't Anything quality.

  • Trout Mask Replica, best to worst   4 weeks 19 hours ago

    Another Bills Corpse fan, yay! Hair Pie Bake 2 is too high though.

    Maybe the time is right for a relisten. Maybe. I've got the rest of the Magic Band discography to relisten to as well.

  • Greatest Albums Extended List [rated 7.8/10+] (in progress)   4 weeks 19 hours ago

    Replacing My Eyes Have Seen You and 20th Century Fox with Love Me Two Times and When the Music's Over makes an album of 55+ minutes. That's long! :P Maybe save one of the longer tracks for another Doors album! Now a 9.3+ album made up of tracks from the four other albums would be interesting...

  • Greatest Pop Albums [includes R & B/Soul] (in-progress)   4 weeks 23 hours ago

    With the Beatles? Really?

  • Rock Masterpieces : 100 Best Albums   4 weeks 1 day ago

    For a fan, definitely. Otherwise no. The are too many tracks on the 1 compilation already.

  • Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2014   4 weeks 1 day ago

    I'd let it go for longer being it is summer for lots of us and that means lots of other things take our time. I'm tending to only update once a month or so. Maybe others are, too.

  • Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2014   4 weeks 1 day ago

    Sorry to see you go! It's hard when your internet is not reliable.

  • Rock Masterpieces : 100 Best Albums   4 weeks 1 day ago

    For compilations, 1962-1966/The Red Album and 1967-1970/The Blue Album instead of 1?