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  • 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die (Rated)   3 weeks 6 days ago

    'Spartacus' and TKAM are higher on my list, but I still agree that they're both a little overrated.

  • Rock Masterpieces : 100 Best Albums   4 weeks 2 hours ago

    Yes I think You Made Me Realize is awesome. I aslo have Tremolo but haven't heard it yet. I'll listen to all their EP's soon but at the moment I'm more fascinated by discovering great LP's like Gong's Camembert Electrique (which blew my mind recently) and Czukay/Wobble/Liebzeit's Full Circle (which is so magnificent that I don't even know how to describe it properly yet).

    You got any LP suggestions? Specially prog and metal? I really like to find more masterpieces in these genres.

  • Rock Masterpieces : 100 Best Albums   4 weeks 2 hours ago

    I have heard the actual EP's, and they're pretty good. You Made Me Realise at least I think you're familiar with already?

  • My Favorite Albums (8.3+/10)   4 weeks 3 hours ago

    Yes, it's probably a 9 but I need to relisten. I have listened to a few albums each by Mingus (The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady is probably at least a 9.5), Davis and Coleman as well. I'd probably have included quite a few jazz albums here if I hadn't been out of touch with the genre for such a long time. Hopefully this list will be more diverse by the end of the year.

  • My Favorite Albums (8.3+/10)   4 weeks 6 hours ago

    Been wondering the same thing. Also: Davis and Mingus and Coleman's masterpieces.

  • Rock Masterpieces : 100 Best Albums   4 weeks 6 hours ago

    I haven't heard it but I too have seen some pretty good BEA lists with that compilation on them. Still I won't include any album or compilation that I'm not totally familiar with. But yeah, it seems like it's great.

  • Comparing the Best Albums to the Best Films -- Corresponding Works of Art [IN PROGRESS]   4 weeks 8 hours ago

    After re-watching Eraserhead, I removed it from being a candidate for In the Aeroplane Over the Sea, Spiderland and VU & Nico, and lowered its ranking in its candidacy for Faust. However, it improved its candidacy for Suicide's debut, as possibly an even closer comparison than Taxi Driver. I'll probably have to watch Eraserhead and Taxi Dr again before making any changes.

    Additionally, after re-watching Aronofsky's The Fountain, I removed it from candidacy for Rock Bottom.

  • My Favorite Albums (8.3+/10)   4 weeks 15 hours ago

    Have you heard A Love Supreme yet?

  • Greatest Films - Extended List   4 weeks 18 hours ago

    Re: Comparing Albums to Films ... yep, both for WL/WH, probably just Pulp Fiction for VU & Nico -- two of the more difficult albums to find a close comparison to. Several films share certain characteristics but I'm not quite sure if any have the whole package. Maybe such a close approximation doesn't exist for those albums?

    For VU and Nico it is very difficult to find a film that visualizes the suffocating, oppressive, expressionistic "deaf noise" atmosphere of the album AND also has a similar series of episodes/situations ... Touch of Evil may be the closest (but is it too "un-serious/uninhibited" to be oppressive?). Taxi Driver has the visualization down and even bookends pretty closely to how the album does, but I'm not sure if its mid-section keeps up with VU & Nico's (especially All Tomorrow's Parties, Heroin). I'm warming up to both Alfredo Garcia and Clockwork Orange as possibilities, and I've long considered Lost Highway a possibility... re: Pulp Fiction, it has similar situations/emotional arc but, like I mentioned with Touch of Evil, it may be too "uninhibited/un-serious" and doesn't seem to exhibit its suffocating, oppressive, expressionistic, "deaf noise" at all (unless I'm missing something about it) ... and Von Stroheim's Greed might be the ticket if I could just watch the darn thing again (very difficult to find, especially a decent copy, currently only on VHS) ... For WL/WH there are a group of films that exhibit similar structure/themes but I'm not sure if one exists that spends most of one of its halves (preferably the second half) following the black mass of relentless oblivion to the degree that VU's Sister Ray does.

  • Rock 100 albums (limited 2 albums per artist)   4 weeks 19 hours ago

    Completely agree!

  • Rock Masterpieces : 100 Best Albums   4 weeks 20 hours ago

    I haven't heard My Bloody Valentine's compilation EP's 1988-1991 in full, but from what I've heard, it's probably worth including here?

  • My Top 50 Albums   4 weeks 22 hours ago

    A very nice list :D

  • Funny Piero Scaruffi Quotes   4 weeks 22 hours ago

    Magical Mystery Tour.

  • Greatest Films - Extended List   4 weeks 1 day ago

    Interesting points about Pulp Fiction. Maybe it's the larger-than-life characterization and length that turn me off somewhat despite those things being among its strengths. I like Reservoir Dogs more for the very reasons you mentioned ("12 Angry Men gimmick" is pretty appropriate as 12 Angry Men is one of my favourite movies!) I guess comparing Pulp Fiction to Reservoir Dogs is like comparing VU&N to WL/WH: the former does more interesting things and is more diverse/longer while the second one is simply more enjoyable. [EDIT: Just noticed on your Comparing Albums To Films list that Pulp Fiction is a candidate for VU&N and Reservoir Dogs for WL/WH :D]

    Thanks for these suggestions, I do need to watch those films.

    As for our rating systems, I think they're similar enough though maybe not exactly the same. 6.5-7/10=good, 6/10=okay but flawed, something like that.

  • Greatest Films - Extended List   4 weeks 1 day ago

    Whoops :) I hadn't looked at it until now because I thought it was just a copy of the 1001 Films Before You Die book list. I'd missed the "rated" part of the title. Nice, I'll keep up on that one

  • Greatest Films - Extended List   4 weeks 1 day ago

    Not really; my 1001 Films Before You Die Rated list is pretty close though.

  • Comparing the Best Albums to the Best Films -- Corresponding Works of Art [IN PROGRESS]   4 weeks 1 day ago

    Note: the rankings "(1), (2), (3)" etc for the "candidates" section are in order of likelihood (subject to change).

  • Greatest Films - Extended List   4 weeks 1 day ago

    Yep, as always, it comes down to a matter of opinion -- subjective...blah blah... Any plans to creating and consistently updating a "Best Films" list?

  • Funny Piero Scaruffi Quotes   4 weeks 1 day ago

    What do you mean by "MMT"?

  • Greatest Films - Extended List   4 weeks 2 days ago

    Cool, a 7/10 is still excellent (if a 7/10 is as good as mine in your ratings system) ... Pulp Fiction is Tarantino presenting a series of retro characters that recall old crime films and leading them into situations that defy the immediate expectations that those characters would get into in those old crime films, instead exploding those situations from the retro past into violent or intense modern-style dilemmas, including the structure of the plot and their verbose interactions with one another. It also has a visual sense that tends to turn the characters into larger-than-life mythic figures (as if exploding off the climactic pages from a comic book).

  • Greatest Films - Extended List   4 weeks 2 days ago

    Regardless, you're better off viewing more of the history of cinema to more fully appreciate the depth of what other great modern directors like Tarantino are doing/alluding to. He displays a striking verbal and conversational delivery that seems founded in Howard Hawks (Big Sleep, His Girl Friday, etc), but more directly from Scorsese (such as Goodfellas and Mean Streets). And a visual, thematic and editing sense that again recalls Scorsese directly, but runs even deeper through Peckinpah (Wild Bunch, Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia) and back to Welles (Touch of Evil, and in how it turns its characters into larger than life B-movie mythic figures [especially Quinlan] and throws them into situations that subvert expectations by exploding into strikingly vivid modern situations). Perhaps it's all most accurately encapsulated in Leone's Once Upon a Time in the West which does a similar thing to Westerns though in a more operatic fashion -- and clearly a major influence on Tarantino.

  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Miscellaneous Art of the Week (2014)   4 weeks 2 days ago

    Just Capt Phillips which I thought was very good (7/10ish).

  • Greatest Films - Extended List   4 weeks 2 days ago

    Reservoir Dogs has some similarities in that regard, subverting expectations, and never showing the actual crime scene, making it character (and their madness in its aftermath) driven. It's a bit more relentless/economical (if less thematic and visually provocative) in its tensions and brutality. Its sort of a spin on the 12 Angry Men gimmick. As one learns more about the characters through situations and in their flashbacks, the scenes become increasingly tense until the volcanic release of the conclusion where every character in the scene turns against one another.

  • Greatest Films - Extended List   4 weeks 2 days ago

    The opening scene is brilliant, I agree, and the action scene near the end was great as well. All of this is obvious enough for me to give it a 7/10 only though. I think I get Face/Off fine, but just don't think it's impressive to the degree you do.

    I think I should've asked about Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs instead.

  • Greatest Films - Extended List   4 weeks 2 days ago

    Briefly ... the action scenes and emotional scenes are sensationally shot and choreographed but also extremely perverse while also remaining intense/affecting -- the presentation of the scenes themselves are metaphors of the personality clash/dichotomy between Cage and Travolta: the opening scene of his sons death is shot like a fairy tale in slo-mo -- its both criminal/horrific but also beautiful and child-like and innocent, the combination of which is perverse/insane; the near-finale in the Church, doves flying about, etc... the film continually tops itself in escalations of the insanity between the personality switches of the two leads, until he finally kills ... himself, staring at his own death scene as if looking in the mirror, shaken by not being able to tell the difference any longer. And then, to top it all off, it ends with him adopting Cage's son to replace the death of his own son ... again, restarting the cycle (of Cage/Travolta), the scene is both beautiful and perverse/insane (with the same shot composition/cinematography and slo-mo as the opening)...