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  • Great Opening Lines - A Challenge List - VOLUME TWO   13 years 51 weeks ago

    #46 "The Roads Must Roll" by Heinlien. #45 Is "Helen O Loy" can't remember author.

  • 0003. My Favorite Movies by Genre   13 years 51 weeks ago

    This is the first list that I've seen including "The Producers", one of my all time favorites. Which "Psycho"?

  • There are hundreds of lists here, and yet we only   13 years 51 weeks ago

    Re. your last sentence. I would say that if our x > 5 then our DI lists will be indistinguishable from a our Favorites lists. My understanding of the DI list idea is that such a list is meant to be an answer to a question like: "If you found yourself in Robinson Crusoe's situation and only one small chest salvaged from the wreck had books, etc., in it, what books, etc., would you like to find in that one small chest?" I would say that the "one small chest" constraint limits x to less than 5. So I'm interested to know how you see a DI list as being different from a Favorites list.

  • Copycat Movies - Which One Was Better?   13 years 51 weeks ago

    Well, EDtv wasn't too bad, but I thought the Truman Show was a much better movie. Rachel, on the other hand, liked EDtv better -- The Truman Show was too sad, she said.

  • Copycat Movies - Which One Was Better?   13 years 51 weeks ago

    Haven't seen EDtv yet, but I know where I can get it. I'll get back to you, 'cos I need to have seen both movies of a pair before I put them on the list. [And, yes, I have seen THE RELIC since the above discussion with Jim, but don't tell on me.]

    Btw, the video store I frequent doesn't have that musical 1776 - I'll have to go farther afield, but will keep looking.

  • There are hundreds of lists here, and yet we only   13 years 51 weeks ago

    Jail? I thought we were talking about desert islands.

    I had originally read your first post as you now explain that you meant it, and continue to disagree.
    Assuming that one could take x books, x pieces of music, and x movies, I would have as much difficulty picking movies as books or music.

    But comparing movies to books or music is irrelevant, unless one is
    only allowed a total of x of the three. In that case, for any x <= 100, I doubt that I would take any movies.

  • Books I Read in 2000   13 years 51 weeks ago

    _The Hawkline Monster_ is really a short book, the copy I have has about 200 pages but the chapters are so short and there's so much white space I would put at about 80 pages of normal type. If you like his minimalist, 'quick & dirty' (and I mean dirty as in a lot of sex) style then you might like this. I really didn't like it all that much. It was very original but he gave away things too easily that could have been great surprises. Haven't read anything else by him but after this book I doubt I'll be getting to anything else soon.

  • Movie Quote - identify the movie!   13 years 51 weeks ago

    The answer to this one's pretty hard: "I drive a Volvo. A beige one."

  • movies i regret seeing   13 years 51 weeks ago

    i'm curious about the krays....even though i take it you didn't like it. i want to hear more about it even though you didn't enjoy it. can you tell me more about it? thanks

  • THE CONTENTS OF MY VIDEO LIBRARY WOULD BE...(if i had my own VCR, that is)   13 years 51 weeks ago

    i *definitely* agree with your recommendation of cruel intentions, but if you're going to own anything -- and this is a fantasy list, n'est-ce pas? -- you should own the dvd. *much* more fun than the video...and not necessarily for the reasons you'd think, either. <g> as far as andrew mccarthy goes, he's made a few movies since; kind of a long while ago i saw a movie on either sundance channel or the independent film channel with him and lili taylor in it, which i really enjoyed, but no one else seems to have heard of, called things i never told you. he's also got a few movies coming up soon, according to his imdb listing.

  • i eagerly look forward to seeing these...still under construction   13 years 51 weeks ago

    ooh, barbie, see zero effect, high fidelity, and pecker....those are the only ones i've seen already, but they're all a lot of fun. zero effect you might have to be in the mood for; it's very....quirky. and pecker i saw knowing *very* little about it but loved it, but it too might be a mood movie. but high fidelity....well, if you read my response to your comments in my books i wanna read list, then you'll see what i think of it. :)

  • books i really want to read   13 years 51 weeks ago

    i finally saw high fidelity today, and it made me *so* happy. i totally can't place my finger on why....but it's *such* a cute little film.

    as far as books made into movies is concerned, honestly? i've never actually read a book of a movie before i saw the movie. so i can't say whether or not reading the book first works better than the other way around. i actually generally avoid literary adaptations, but it seems like lately i've been seeing a *lot* of them....i just haven't read the books yet. the only one i can think of right now that i both saw the movie and read the book of is foxfire, and i didn't like the book as much as the movie, but i think that's cause i *really* liked the movie, and the book seemed much different. i don't know. i think it's a better idea to see the book and movie as separate entities. :)

    but yes. definitely see high fidelity. ;)

  • books2BEreadMOREthanONCE.....   13 years 51 weeks ago

    thanks for reminding me about that one...i've read it twice and can't wait to read it again...i can't believe i forgot all about it. thanks again.

  • anxiously awaited movies   13 years 51 weeks ago

    barbie, i've never heard the soundtrack *nor* read the book, actually; my wanting to see it is based solely on things i've read about it, and, as of tonight, the trailer for it. i'm assuming you're saying the book is worth reading? ;)

  • Copycat Movies - Which One Was Better?   13 years 51 weeks ago

    How about EDtv (March 1999) and the Truman Show (June 1998)? So far, I think the Truman Show is better, but as of now, EDtv isn't as stupid as it looked in the ads. 8^)

  • Great Opening Lines - A Challenge List - VOLUME TWO   13 years 51 weeks ago

    44 = David Copperfield or no?

  • Children's Books that Everyone Should Read   13 years 51 weeks ago

    I was saddened to read about the death of Edward Gorey a few weeks ago...course, I think he would have wanted a more interesting death for himself. I like HP but it's a little too "fluffy". I think the Dark is Rising has more believable characters. Haven't read Dahl, I'm afraid.

  • Movie Quote - identify the movie!   13 years 51 weeks ago

    correct. I love the first 15 minutes of's like a fever dream.

  • Great Opening Lines - A Challenge List   13 years 51 weeks ago


  • 0003. My Favorite Movies by Genre   13 years 51 weeks ago

    Me, again- I forgot to state what is pretty obvious, this is in reference to the suggestions for the "Tear Jerker" category.

  • 0003. My Favorite Movies by Genre   13 years 51 weeks ago

    I don't cry easily and two that got me were, Steel Magnolias and The Joy Luck CLub (this one would be my entry if I was to make a similar list).

  • There are hundreds of lists here, and yet we only   13 years 51 weeks ago

    You're going to think I'm trying to wriggle out of a self-contradiction, but here's what I had in mind in that first post. I meant that, for the book and music categories, it would be much easier to come up with candidates for such a very short list (we hadn't discussed how short, but you seemed to want to limit it to one item in each category). But when it comes to movies, not so many candidates spring to mind. How many movies might conceivably be ranked alongside Bach, The Bible, and Shakespeare? None, to my mind - not even CITIZEN KANE or THE GRAND ILLUSION. Am I out of jail?

  • Time Travel   13 years 51 weeks ago

    I remember Somewhere in Time- and will add it. Will check out the others... Thanks

  • "if you don't like these movies, i don't like you" movies   13 years 51 weeks ago

    Would you like me if I said that I really like
    Taxi Driver, hated Field of Dreams, and haven't seen Better Off Dead?

  • Time Travel   13 years 51 weeks ago

    Have you seen SOMEWHERE IN TIME, with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour? Belongs to that tiny sub-genre the sf-romance.

    How about THE FINAL COUNTDOWN from the early 80s? A modern aircraft carrier finds itself back in WW2. "Splash the zeros!"

    Then there's that icon of serious sf, BILL AND TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE.

    And would you consider DEMOLITION MAN (Stallone vs Snipes) a time trave movie? True, they sleep their way to the future - to coin a phrase - but they get there.