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  • Three for three: Vomitting   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Oh my goodness - I just remembered that there's a guy that pukes at least four times in Any Given Sunday.

    And let us not forget the all-time barf champion: Stand by Me.

  • Three for three: Vomitting   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Just saw Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, and it has a vomiting scene (from behind though, so it's not so bad).

    By the way, I think there's a ton of these movies, but thankfully no others are leaping to mind. :)

  • mr001;MOVIE RATINGS(ZERO TO FOUR STARS)   14 years 21 weeks ago

    You're gonna kill me but . . . Have you considered rearranging these lists so that all the 4-star movies are on one list, 3.5s on another, 3s on another, etc.?

  • People who invent pathetic catchphrases to try an inject life into themselves   14 years 21 weeks ago

    dude, RedJoe, what's your story? I feel like I missed a whole chapter of listology drama. Just curious.

  • British music magazine, NME, conducted a year-long   14 years 21 weeks ago

    No no no. Beatles are clearly more influential than Bowie! I chose them under that poll, and 51% of the people agreed with me. Beatles EQUAL influence!

  • Movie Quote - identify the movie!   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Yep. "Send in the car. Send in the Car!" is the police guy ordering the armored tank to advance. Shortly thereafter, the terrorists blow it up, and the computer guy, watching on CCTV exclaims "And the quarterback is toast!" Sorry for the delay in responding!

  • If you are lucky enough to live in the San Francis   14 years 21 weeks ago

    10@10 is part of the regular broadcast day. It is one of the most popular radio program in the bay area. There's a link for the daily list above the DJ picture on the right.

    I suspect they know where the server you're connected to is. Time zone is an important it of info when you want to accurately timestamp files/messages/etc.

  • If you are lucky enough to live in the San Francis   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Sorry! Sometimes life gets, shall we say, interesting. This time around, I'm getting a new career out of it. I'll check that list asap! (And actually, I'm way too conceited to be much affected by flattery. 8^)

  • Songs that make me Smile   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Nadine, either you are listening to a shortened version of Cabaret, or I'm a bit worried that it makes you smile... "When I go, I'm going like Elsie"?

    Great song, though... Great list, as well.

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • British music magazine, NME, conducted a year-long   14 years 21 weeks ago

    This music fan type agrees with you. How much influence can EMINEM have at this point, regardless of any alleged talent? How many bands had even heard his music before last year, and how many of those bands have cranked out an album with the EMINEM influence strung thoughout it yet? Bob Dylan's influence is so great that often band aren't even aware of how controlling his innovations are because they inherit them second or third hand. These lists, like the pathetic, pandering Rolling Stone pop list mentioned earlier, are often doomed to fail to please everyone, but surely they both could have been much better than they were. Bowie's influence is incredible, but many of the other choices are very doubtful. A true list would probably contain mostly artists from the 50s to the 70s. Chuck Berry (who influenced almost all of rock guitar, not to mention songwriting), Jimi Hendrix (who probably influenced the rest of the guitar players), Sam Cooke (R&B/soul, anyone?), James Brown (where would the world of rap, not to mention EMINEM, be without the its godfather?), Dylan, and the Beatles, the Stones, and The Clash are excellent contenders for a decent list.

    Ah, well.

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • British music magazine, NME, conducted a year-long   14 years 21 weeks ago

    I adore David Bowie-- so I'm pleased too! However (and I am no music critic!) is EMINEM really more inflential than Bob Dylan ? I mean, don't you have to be around awhile to be influential. I'll admit I think Eminem sucks, for lack of a better word, but I'm always confused when some relatively new act is touted as influential. Maybe there should be some ten year waiting period before someone can be considered influential?
    I'm interested in what all you learned music critic type people have to say about this issue.

  • Another lyric list   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Actually, I was going to make a list with all the answers I have thus far in about another week or so. I've figured out about 85% of them myself, so I don't know if I should post those, or just put the answers that everyone else has supplied. Or maybe I'll put the answers everyone has supplied, then add one of mine each week. What do the rest of you think?

  • Recently Seen Movies 2: The Adventure Continues   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Horror need not have a supernatural element, not these days. Anthologies of contemporary horror stories often include non-supernatural horrors. But we're talking movies. How about THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS? - I'd call that horror. However, THE GREEN MILE does have a supernatural element, but that element (the black prisoner's special talent) is used to counter-balance the movie's horror aspects, which are the setting and the executions - one execution in particular.

    Sure, I'd be interested to read your in-depth analysis, but only if you're careful not to blow a fuse. And be careful of spoilers, too, or you'll get a nasty blast from Jim.

  • If you are lucky enough to live in the San Francis   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Well I clicked your link, but I didn't hear 10@10, nor could I find a reference to it on the home page. I did give K-FOG's webcast a listen though and they played some great stuff: what the youngsters here would think of as old classics - from the 80s.

    A warning to those who might visit K-FOG's site: they know where you live. Well, not really (I hope), but they do know what time zone you're in because they show you what time it is in 'Frisco and what time it is where you are. Wonder how they do that.

  • LYRIC QUIZ # 885,678,000   14 years 21 weeks ago

    That is practically my favorite soundtrack ever, I know all those songs.

  • Another lyric list   14 years 21 weeks ago

    i got it! it was killing me, but i believe #68 is Seeds of Love by Tears for Fears.

  • Good Sci-Fi doesn't have to be Scary   14 years 21 weeks ago

    I haven't seen Gattaca. Galaxy Quest definitely needs to be added (finally got to see it).

    Of the others, I have to admit I didn't understand 2001 at all, (Well, not much, anyway,) so I'm not sure it fits with the title "Good Sci-Fi". (Yes, I know it was a great Film, but good Sci-Fi?)

    Close Encounters was excellent, but it was a bit scary too. Hmmm... I'll have to think about that one.

    Clockwork Orange is on this list; it's not really scary, but it's not what I had in mind for this list.

    E.T. should be here too. I haven't seen The China Syndrome, so I can't comment on that one, and while most of the Star Trek movies don't really fit with the "good" part of the list, I think I'll go ahead and add them. Thanks!

  • Not my kind of movie   14 years 21 weeks ago

    I understand what you're saying, but again, I feel aware enough of the issues presented in most of these that I don't think I need to see them. Examples:

    Schindler's List: I live with a reminder of this every day as I pass the site of the Jewish Orphanage where my Dad grew up on the way to visit him -- My grandparents and two aunts all perished in a concentration camp, and my Dad (who made it out) grew up alone, with nothing.

    Saving Private Ryan: I've met one of the guys who was actually there, but more importantly, I am all too aware of the horrors of war, and the incredible behaviours it can elicit from ordinary people. (Again, from my dad's experiences and other friends who suffered in that and other wars.)

    One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest: I grew up in San Francisco, where people have been going up against the establishment for eons.

    As for great entertainment, to me they are not entertaining at all. Just as some people like football (my wife), others (like me) find it quite boring. And some people love Opera (my Dad), while others are into showtunes (my wife), and a few like it all (me). While you might find these entertaining, the ones that I have seen, even partially, were not entertaining to me.

  • If you are lucky enough to live in the San Francis   14 years 21 weeks ago

    UncRoger, very good to see you back at The Listology. (In my excitement I forgot to log in, but this is bertie.)

    I'll give 10@10 a listen this evening when I've got more time.

    Let take this opportunity to raise a small, self-serving matter with you. It's been unresolved for some time now. You posted a challenge on jenhowel's Movie Qoutes Challenge List a while ago; it was "And the quarterback is toast!" I posted an answer, but you haven't been back to say if it was right or wrong.

    Got to go to work soon. Don't be such a stranger; we need more quality comments. [Jim said you'd respond to flattery.]

  • Favorite Actors   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Yeah, I do like Bruce Willis, but his number one problem is picking really sucky scripts. Hudson Hawk is, of course, the best example, (even though he wrote it.) I do like it, however, in a grapefruit juice kinda way. Still, I think I like him enough to add him, with a caveat about the movies he picks. (Sure, Rachel, The Sixth Sense wasn't scary... 8^)

  • Favorite Actors   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Mostly, I can count on these guys to deliver a good-to-great performance every time. Some actors are great in one or two movies, or maybe they do pretty good most of the time, but these guys are almost always great, and consistantly so. Even if a movie sucks, these actors will at least do a good job in their part. Maybe I'll update this to add some of my favorite roles for each one.

  • films i'm avoiding for one reason or another   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Hmmm... A double whammy with Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz, but I'll say that Diaz wasn't too annoying. Lucy Liu was wonderful, though. And Barrymore was good, I thought.

    If you don't like Ben Stiller, you don't like Ben Stiller, and there's not a lot I can do about that. DeNiro, however, was worth seeing in Meet the Parents, and Stiller was probably at his best.

  • Another lyric list   14 years 21 weeks ago

    first, my guesses:
    38 - life during wartime by talking heads; 64 - dizz knee land by dada; 87 - bizarre love triangle by new order; 89 - big country by big country; 95 - safety dance by men without hats; and 96 - under the bridge by red hot chili peppers.

    and now a suggestion, if that's ok: it might be somewhat easier to tell what's been guessed and what hasn't if you marked them off up there somehow. also, it's kinda fun to keep score, too--but i'm not saying that out of any competitive nature... i came to this list waaaay too late for that. :) great list, btw!

  • List of reasons why my removal from this site breaches the freedom of speech   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Short version: [1] Personal attacks are not welcome here. [2] UncRoger is right - Freedom of speech protects you from the government, and that's where it ends. Do you see .gov in the URL? Didn't think so.

    Do you want the long version?

  • films i'm avoiding for one reason or another   14 years 21 weeks ago

    yes, you're right--these two movies have little in common with the rest of those on the list, but they have a lot to do with this list over here.

    thanks for tryin' though. ;) they may not be permanently listed here, but have been annoying me enough lately to be added for now.