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  • Highly Rewatchable Movies   14 years 18 weeks ago

    Well, a year and a half after this post, I suppose I'll reply. CK can be less re-watchable [lost in the semantics yet?] due to the length. Just like Godfather, *great* movie, but who wants to spend 3+ hrs to watch it again? It's hard to watch more than once every 6-9 months...

  • Favorite Actors   14 years 18 weeks ago

    Isn't Cary Grant the star of Arsenic and Old Lace, not Jimmy Stewart?

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • Favorite Actors and the Movies I Most Liked Them In   14 years 18 weeks ago

    Yeah, I strayed from keeping the list specifically about favorite actors and made it a more general "favorite people" list. Also, I removed The Rock, not so much from outside pressure, but because although I found his act amusing awhile ago, I find it kind of annoying now. Times change. Also, this list isn't specifically movie-related, but either is whether lbangs is famous or not...but it's fun.

  • Songs I'd like to tap dance to   14 years 18 weeks ago

    I asked Rachel what she thought was the greatest tap dance number, so she didn't mention what is probably even more her favorite scene than Singin' in the Rain: The tap challenge in Tap!. Sammy Davis Jr. and some of the legends of tap try to outdo each other at tap, taking turns at more and more challenging bits.

  • Songs I'd like to tap dance to   14 years 18 weeks ago

    Sun Valley Serenade is about what you'd expect for the era. If you like light romantic comedies from once upon a time, when stealing a kiss was positively scandalous and so on, then yes, it's definitely worth watching. If not, then I'd recommend one of the documentaries that include that number. I like that kind of genteel sappiness, when men were men and women wrapped them around their little fingers. But not everyone does.

  • 100 Best Movies that I Have Seen   14 years 18 weeks ago

    I'll second that. Really like over half your choices, but there are enough I disagree with to keep me from running to the video store with this list in hand. :-) I'm surprised to see Unbreakable weigh in at number one, given the lukewarm reception critics gave it. Still, nice list! Picking a top 100 has to be hard. Haven't worked up the courage myself, yet.

  • So far, I love   14 years 18 weeks ago

    Hi Mish . . . Come create some lists! :-)

    Thanks for the recommendation of The Bear Went Over the Mountain. Duly added. Do pick up The Midnight Examiner. Laugh-out-loud funny.

  • My Suggestions: Movies to Watch [Required]   14 years 18 weeks ago

    :-) Yeah, they do cancel each other out nicely. Also looking forward to Oh Brother.

  • Songs I'd like to tap dance to   14 years 18 weeks ago

    Should I add it to my "to see" list? If so, am I adding it for the movie as a whole, or just that routine?

  • Esteemed listologists: I have finally gotten off   14 years 18 weeks ago

    Here's the list:

    • Favorites: You will be able to flag any piece of Listology content as a "favorite", and it will be available from a "favorites" section of your profile. Other users will be able to see your favorites.
    • List Spawning: When you find an interesting list, you will be able to click on something like "create my own version", at which point you will be able to make your own copy with your own modifications. For any list, you will be able to see which list it was derived from, and/or which lists is has spawned.
    • Broader Focus: By popular request, the categories "Television" and "Other" will be added. The "other" category will be used so that folks can use built-in Listology mechanisms to flesh out information about themselves, and use Listology as a more general-purpose content management tool rather than strictly a movie/book/music list repository. If I implement this correctly (time will tell), I think this should serve to make Listology more personalized and rich without detracting from the entertainment list focus.
    • Automatic E-mails: You will be able to "watch" lists of your choice, choosing to receive a daily digest of new comments/updates to your "watched" lists. Also, you will have the option of receiving e-mail when a user responds to a thread in which you are a participant.
    • Better Stars: Right now we have stars for which Listologists have been active in the past week, which comments have been added in the past 2 days, and which of your lists have new comments since they were last saved. I'm going to try to expand the star system. Possibilities include all of the above plus:
      1. "merit" stars for volume of output, and or number of generated comments.
      2. tying star appearance to your last usage date rather than an arbitrary week or couple day cutoff.
      3. the ability to clear stars off your lists without resaving the list (which currently puts your list on the "recently updated" list even if you haven't made changes.
    • Public Interfaces: An XML or WDDX interface to Listology data that would make it easy to incorporate your Listology content into your own pages elsewhere.
    • Better Searching: Allow searching by title, list, comments, or all of the above. Allow cross-category searches (hopefully).
    • Beyond Lists: I hope to allow folks to create polls and reviews in addition to lists.
    • Content Feeds: Any user can create a "feed", which is a categorization of their content. Best explained by an example: I could create a "Recently Seen Movies" feed. Then, when I create a list, review, or poll I can choose to associate the item with the feed. So I could go see Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (if it ever comes to a local theater) and associate it with my "Recently Seen Movies" feed. So the review exists as a separate entity, and as part of the feed. Other users can browse my "Recently Seen Movies" feed and see the reviews, lists, and polls contained therein. Better, users can subscribe to feeds such that content from their subscribed feeds shows up on their home page (much like editor notes appear on the home page now). The trick will be implementing this in an intuitive fashion.

    Also, here are some features that might make it in. These are either low-priority or difficult to implement. They might make it into a future version though (or this version, if all goes well).

    • Versioning: The ability to store (and view) old versions of Listology content (like lists, etc.)
    • Grace Period: Allow users to alter their own posts in some short period after posting.
    • More List Info in Search: The ability to see how many items and/or comments are in a list when searching or browsing.
    • Randomizer: Return a random Listology content item.
  • My Movie Links   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Even if you're not local (San Francisco), the San Francisco Chronicle reviews and listings can be helpful.

    And of course, you've forgotten the best movie site of all!

  • 100 Best Movies that I Have Seen   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Fair enough, general sir, I agree with about 70% of these (and strongly disagree with about 15%), but you really need to see more of the older movies. I say this because both MEMPHIS BELLE and U-571 are just mediocre re-hashes of old WW2 movies.

    Btw, typo in no.79

  • My Movie Links   14 years 19 weeks ago

    UncRoger, thanks for the SFC Reviews. Very handy, brief but informative reviews. I've bookmarked, and after further investigation I may add this one to my list.

    I stumbled across a new, so-called interactive, movie review site, and I'll be posting a link on the Listology homepage soon. It's not my cup of tea, but I think some of our fellow Listologists may like it.

  • My Movie Links   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Thanks. Just visited Carfax Abbey (a brief stopover, really, when my new bride and I ran out of gas during a storm) and it looks promising. Even has three lists of greatest horror movies right there on the home page. One thing: at the bottom of the page they proclaim that This site contains no nudity. I found that rather disappointing.

  • My Movie Links   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Also you forgot movie great site.

  • My Movie Links   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Hey ,try carfax abbey ,the horrer film database. IT ROCKS.

  • Songs I'd like to tap dance to   14 years 19 weeks ago

    When you own a Land Rover, you tend to hang out with a lot of brits and pick up the lingo, so that is a good one.

    As for movie tapping... I'm no expert, so don't go by what I say. There's the scene with Shirley Temple and Bill Robinson (in The Little Colonel?) -- the first time an interracial couple danced together in the movies. Donald O'Connor in Singin' in the Rain is possibly the most comical. Rachel's favorite is the Singin' in the Rain number in that same movie, but she admits it's probably not the "best". I love Gene Kelly, so anything he does is wonderful.

    There's a great scene (Royal Wedding?) with Fred Astaire dancing all around the room -- including the walls and ceiling -- but I'm not 100% sure that that was tap and not ballroom. There's another one where he's in a hotel room (iirc) and tap dancing, and gets yelled at for being so loud, so he dumps some sand from the ashtray on the floor and does a soft-shoe number. I like Buddy Ebsen a lot too, so his number with Shirley Temple (Captain January?)is up there (along with the rare dancing bits he did on the Beverly Hillbillies).

    All in all, I would have to say the greatest, imnsho, would be the Nicholas Brothers in (iirc) Sun Valley Serenade(?) -- it's a big number and extremely famous.

    Since my Dad isn't living with me anymore, I don't watch as much AMC as I used to -- I'm gonna have to pull out the tapes to refresh my memory.

  • literary songs   14 years 19 weeks ago

    let me correct myself...I love cover songs, but this is one I thought I had right. I believe the orginal artist behind "The Ghost of Tom Joad" was Bruce Springstein, not Rage

  • Answers to "Another Lyric List"   14 years 19 weeks ago

    20: Amie - Pure Prairie League

    27: Talk To Ya Later - The Tubes (Great song!)

    51: I Can't Wait - Van Halen

    #70 sounds like Arc of a Diver by Steve Winwood, but the lyrics are "But jealous night and all her secret chords"

    76: Deacon Blue - Steely Dan


  • My Suggestions: Movies to Watch [Required]   14 years 19 weeks ago

    I've seen all of the Coen brother films, though I have a special affinity for TBL. That one I can watch over and over again. I'm definitely looking forward to Oh, Brother...I got to see one preview for it, and it looks awesome!

    And yes, they had to have oeuvre to balance out syzygy.

  • Songs I'd like to tap dance to   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Ah, that Nicholas Brothers routine is very, very hard to beat.

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • literary songs   14 years 19 weeks ago

    how about "The Ghost of Tom Joad" by Rage Against the Machine (Grapes of Wrath)? Or "Virginia Woolf" by the Indigo Girls...

  • Titanic Verses: an expanding lyric MEGAQUIZ   14 years 19 weeks ago

    I can't begin to guess at any of these, but I must say it was very diverting to read them. Thanks. Keep 'em coming.

  • Odd Songs   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Your question is a fascinating one.

    Btw, I've just revisited that page I linked and I see the silly buggers have bollixed up the lyrics.
    Here is an unbollixed version of The Pheasant Plucker's Song.

  • Great Opening Lines - A Challenge List - VOLUME TWO   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Oddly enough, I was just looking at the list. came to #38 and said "That's one of the Tom Robbins books I've read." but I'm at work so can't check which one. Scroll down and that much had been figured out already!