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  • amazing things about kubrick   14 years 20 weeks ago

    you know bertie thats a good point. It seems during crucial scenes, he's able to find music that enhances his mood. It seems really strong in Full Metal Jacket as well, especially the ending scene when the troops are standing over the dying sniper.

  • Unputdownable!   14 years 20 weeks ago

    You should definitely be able to identify one of the unidentified quotes on my Great Opening Lines list.

    Thanks for this list, btw, even though it's pretty strongly gender-biased.

  • amazing things about kubrick   14 years 20 weeks ago

    For me, one of the great things about Kubrick is/was his ability to find the perfect music to enhance his visual art. This is particularly evident in DR STRANGELOVE, A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY, and BARRY LYNDON.

  • As requested by my man jim:favorites by genre   14 years 20 weeks ago

    Thoroughly approve of your Comedy, War (Vietnam), Science Fiction, and Western choices.

    For me, LAST YEAR AT MARIENBAD is the film I've long wanted to see but never met up with. I've heard both very good and very bad opinions of it.

    DRESSED TO KILL is very good, given that it owes a lot to Hitchcock.

  • Ten Best Films Of The 1990's   14 years 20 weeks ago

    Why not "Reservoir Dogs"? Over time I've come to view "Reservoir Dogs" as definitely the deeper film with better characterizations.

  • Another lyric list   14 years 20 weeks ago

    thanks. That was one I couldn't figure out!

  • Another lyric list   14 years 21 weeks ago

    97. Red, Red, Wine-- UB40

  • Most romantic movies   14 years 21 weeks ago

    jen- i'm glad to see you mentioned the first kiss scene in still gives me goosebumps every time i see it! and the song playing in the background is cool too.

  • 10 most respected members of listology(not in order)   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Wow, thanks! I'm honored to be listed and put in such fine company. Of these folks, I fully expect to be the first one bounced from the list when somebody else cracks the top five. :-)

  • films featuring electric or other shocks   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Wes Craven's Shocker. Truly awful. And I think the villian in Fallen (also awful) gets the chair. And didn't either (or both) Godzilla or King Kong get lured into power lines at various times? Then there's the shock treatment administered to Jack Nicholson in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest.

  • Top Five Brat Pack Movies   14 years 21 weeks ago

    thanks for the info Barbie. I'd be very interested to see oyur list of Brat Pack favs. When I do, I'll drop you a line and let you know what i think. Thanks again for your comment.

  • Another lyric list   14 years 21 weeks ago

    This is a good list for me, too

    1. Java Jive-- The Ink Spots (or Manhatten Transfer)
    20. River-- Joni Mitchell
    59. Summer of '69-- Bryan Adams
    80. (You Can) Call me Al-- Paul Simon

  • Another lyric list   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Which leaves me with:
    5. Right Here, Right Now - Jesus Jones
    34. Centerfold - J. Geils Band
    37. Old Time Rock N' Roll - Bob Segar
    62. Livin' On a Prayer - Bon Jovi
    63. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant - Billy Joel
    71. Boys of Summer - Don Henley
    72. Hot Blooded - Foreigner
    98. Voices Carry - Til Tuesday

  • Resonant Movies, Tier One   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Another factor is that I try not to duplicate entries (I have a few duplicates, but not many). It turns out that many older movies that leapt immediately to mind are on other lists of mine already. For example, The Sting, Casablanca, The Thin Man, Singing in the Rain, and Mary Poppins are all here.

  • Favorite Movies by Genre   14 years 21 weeks ago

    I had to ditch the separate list. I'm not well-viewed enough. I'll try to add more slots here, where appropriate.

  • Resonant Movies, Tier One   14 years 21 weeks ago

    A number of factors are at work here:

    1. My mind doesn't seem wired right to accept older movies. I watch them, I enjoy them, and then they rapidly blend together in my mind. A deficiency on my part, I'm sure.
    2. Despite my efforts to the contrary, I subconsciously attach greater value to things I've experienced recently.
    3. I only started actively maintaining this list a couple years ago, so it has been colored by what came to mind when I created it, and what I've seen since.

    That said, I really should add some older movies to this list. There are some that stand out in my mind. I'll have to work on it.

  • proper names gratuitously used as titles   14 years 21 weeks ago


  • 10 Movies Featuring Outstanding Work By J.T. Walsh Or Arliss Howard   14 years 21 weeks ago

    You have got to see "Johns" with Arliss Howard in a small but crucial role. It is wonderful and moving.

  • 10 Acceptable American Filmmakers   14 years 21 weeks ago

    this list of film makers is extroardinary. good taste partner.

  • 0020: Four Reasons to Love Hal Hartley   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Boogie nights is a masterpiece. Anderson clearly has made a movie about real people and their struggles to sustain any level of normalcy. The porn industry is a unspeakable profession in the general public's eye, yet these people are real and not so bad. They simply work in pornography and are trying to get by. Maybe they chose the wrong profession, but that's really their business and in the movie they get shafted for their occupation. A very griddy look inside the life of a 70's porn star. One of the very best movies in the last 10 or 15 years. MOVIE MAGIC my friend.

  • 0016: Films to Scare Yourself Silly With (AKA Great Horror Films)   14 years 21 weeks ago

    I think you are being too hard on Rosemary Woodhouse.She is real young and quite naive. She's not stupid. And if you look at the movie in that perspective, you might change your view.

  • Another lyric list   14 years 21 weeks ago

    You're right about #45. I fixed the line. Thanks.

  • Another lyric list   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Here's what they left me to get:
    3. How Soon is Now? The Smiths
    6. Killer Queen QUEEN (one of my favorite bands!)
    8. White Wedding BILLY IDOL
    10. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic THE POLICE
    21. It's the End of the World as We Know It REM
    30. Walk Like an Egyptian THE BANGLES
    31. Our Lips are Sealed THE GO-GO'S
    33. Turning Japanese THE VAPORS
    39. Copacabana BARRY MANILOW
    66. Someone to Dance With MICHAEL PENN

    (nice selections, by the way...)

  • Songs with days of the week in the title, please add more!   14 years 21 weeks ago

    I might... but it's so much fun seeing what other people come up with!

  • kings or queens of glam rock   14 years 21 weeks ago

    When I think of "Glam Rock" I think of T-Rex, Bowie's Ziggy Stardust and that whole era. A lot of the bands you mentioned are "hair bands" or as my significant other labels them, "Butt Rock Bands." Call them what you will, but I don't agree with calling them Glam Rock. I honestly don't feel they deserve the correlation.