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  • 0028: Part 2 - L. Bangs' Great Lyric Challenge   14 years 20 weeks ago

    Great job! It is very difficult to grab a Beatles' quote that isn't instantly recognized by everybody. You did fantastic work with a mere snippet. I'm impressed!

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • evil songs/lyrics to have stuck in one's head   14 years 20 weeks ago

    Whenever I'm faced with the dilemma of having an unwanted song stuck in my head I hit it with the cure-all. It's a Small World. I didn't say I enjoy it I just suggested that it would scare anything else away...

  • CDs I'm Embarassed to Own   14 years 20 weeks ago

    Bravo for your ownership of these little gems. The path to healing begins with the admission of a problem.

  • Best songs to dance to...   14 years 20 weeks ago

    Hey hey hey! How about Push It (Salt-n-Pepa). One groovin', pushin', grindin' piece-o-trash later and the whole ROOM is jumping.

  • 0028: Part 2 - L. Bangs' Great Lyric Challenge   14 years 20 weeks ago

    #14 Could it be Sheena is a Punk Rocker from the Ramones?!

  • 0028: Part 2 - L. Bangs' Great Lyric Challenge   14 years 20 weeks ago

    #7 is The Beatles from You Can't Do That

  • Fun music   14 years 20 weeks ago

    Additions for you:

    Veronica - Elvis Costello
    Five O'Clock World - the Vogues
    Cleveland Rocks - Presidents of the United States of America
    Most of Naughty by Nature - rap that's just plain fun

    I'm sure I'll have more later.

  • Books I don' t like   14 years 20 weeks ago

    I also share your antipathy for The Red Pony & Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. We used to call "The Red Pny" "The Dead Pony" in the 7th grade when we had to read it. It in fact, turned me off of John Stienbeck for many years. Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God is just too angry for me, although it is probably well-written. I liked "Tess", though, although I do admit I watched it after seeing a movie of it. I think, though that if you can get through and like Wuthering Heights, which is a good story embedded in almost unreadable style.. you can get through and like "Tess".

  • Top 9 Chick Singers That Really Rock!!   14 years 20 weeks ago

    i recommend Sarah Slean, Susan Werner, and Sarah Harmer.

    if i had to list similarities, i'd say Slean: Tori Amos, Werner: Indigo Girls, and Harmer: maybe Shania-esque, but a bit more gritty. that's underestimating them a bit, but anyway, they're all worth checking out.

  • Books I Need to Read   14 years 20 weeks ago

    say, are you gonna start listing these? i could help you out if you like: The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron, for one... ;)

  • Top Ten movies (in progress)   14 years 20 weeks ago

    I did catch that one (how could I not with Megan Follows back to play Anne?). I agree with you whole-heartedly. I was sorely disappointed. She really lacked the fire she had in the first two, and I don't think the writer really stayed true to the spirit of the Anne's character for that reason. The only part I really felt rung true to Anne's charm was when she was running up to meet Gilbert on the beach and fell flat on her face. Other than that, the movie lacked the charm and grace that make me love Anne so much.

  • The Most Visually Beautiful Movies of All Time   14 years 20 weeks ago

    I had not realized Spike Jonze was a music video director. I'm duly impressed. I will have to see more movies by mvd's to make any further comments about their style. And you're right about the slo-mo and graininess. S-U-B-T-L-E-T-Y, please! I will try to check out the video you're talking about. I don't usually watch videos for all the reasons we've mentioned. But I'll look out for Misogyny.

  • Books I've read this year so far.   14 years 20 weeks ago

    _snowcrash_ was his most thrilling book. Great endung. I didn't think _Diamond Age was all that bad. The ending was a bit weak, but then again a good ending is a rare beast. Cryptonomicon was a whole lot of fun.

  • Books I don' t like   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Thank God!Does anyone but me feel guilty for hating her and feeling that she wasn't even worth raping cause she's such an annoyingly willing and even helpful victim!Thomas Hardy thinks she's a heroine!As a WOMAN I resent being told that abuse is a true woman's chane to prove her worth by being a martyr!Tess is less!(also the book's a snooze to read)

  • Top Ten movies (in progress)   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Did you (or anyone) see the most recent installment of the Anne of Green Gables Series on PBS (it was broadcast a few weeks ago)? Although I loved the other two-- this one went way past anything in the books and put Anne right in the middle of World War I! I don't recomment it if you've liked the others


  • Movies On My 'To See' List   14 years 21 weeks ago

    I didn't know you could even get a pan & scan version of 2001!
    Same with Manhattan, I can only find widescreen versions of that. [Not that I'm *searching* for pan and scan, mind you, but I make it a point to confirm that any copy I see is a widescreen version]

  • Movies On My 'To See' List   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Heh, I sure do :) I love to watch great movies, so I continuously collect ideas of things to watch. It continually grows, and since I was VCR-less for the past 2 months, I haven't taken any *off* the list! I got my VCR hooked up 2 days ago, though, and I've watched 4 of these movies already :)

  • The Most Visually Beautiful Movies of All Time   14 years 21 weeks ago

    My favourite Peter Greenaway movie was "A Zed and Two Noughts." Some of his work is bit arch for me but I do admit that I love looking at his working drawings (as you probably know, he often publishes them in book form). He sure knows his 17th century genre painting.

  • The Most Visually Beautiful Movies of All Time   14 years 21 weeks ago

    I share your distaste for the cliche symbolism and millesecond edits that rock video directors seem to favour. Not to mention the overuse of slow-motion and "nostalgic" graininess. (Did anyone ever teach them that a little goes a long way?)
    I don't know of too many rock video directors making the switch to the big screen, with the obvious exception of Spike Jonz, director of Being John Malkovich. But I have seen some interesting results of directors going the other way. The iconoclastic gay director Bruce LaBruce (Hustler White, Skin Flick) directed a great video for a Canadian band Rusty. I believe the song was "Misogyny". His aesthetic is all his own -- trashy all the way!

  • Fun music   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Fun fun fun, I was getting ready to suggest "Bicycle Race", too :)

    Also, Dan Bern has many fun songs, check him out, especially the songs "Lightning Jazz", "Tiger Woods", "Krautmeyer", and "True Revolutionaries"

    Also, "Green Eggs and Ham", "Johnny Saucep'n", by Moxy Fruvous!

  • Movies On My 'To See' List   14 years 21 weeks ago

    I first heard about 2001 as a kid, and I picked up a pre-viewed copy at a local video store to check it out. I was very disappointed. Later, in my early 20s, I found a remastered widescreen copy for rent, and I decided to give it another chance. I cannot express what a difference this made. 2001 is one of the few films to largely tell its story through visual and audio techniques, and the film simply fails to impress unless it can be seen under optimal conditions. My old, bleed-out, pan-and-scan video could not give it justice.

    8 1/2 is an odd bird, an incredibly poetic film that must be absorbed in one setting. There is an intelligible narrative lurking there, but the film is more poetry than prose, and I can easily understand why most people either love it or loathe it.

    Oh, and yes, I certainly did enjoy 7 and Pi. Very interesting... Of course, I'm not a great fan of either 2010 or 10. ;)

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • My Suggestions: Movies to Watch [Required]   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Yes, Tommy Boy fits into my 'uncontrollable laughter' category. Especially now that there will be no more Farley movies... Some of the dialogue is poorly written, but the comic chemistry between Spade and Farley is simply wonderful. It's just too bad they didn't grow old and continue to do cool movies together [Martin & Lewis, Lemmon & Matthau].
    Besides, the whole deer episode is simply amusing each time...

  • Movies On My 'To See' List   14 years 21 weeks ago

    Interestingly enough, your top two movie choices [2001 and 8 ½] not only are expressed by numbers [I'm sure you also enjoyed Se7en and Pi :P ], but I've also started watching both, and was unable to finish. I've seen 2001's beginning three times, but due to either time restraints or improper taping techniques [thanks to my mom], I haven't finished watching that.

    I'll probably remove Topaz, then. I have a .doc file [films2c.doc] that I keep with some notes for each movie, but I unfortunately don't have room to put notes on *why* they made the list initially. This list has been evolving for the past 2½ years, so it could have come from anywhere!

  • My Suggestions: Movies to Watch [Required]   14 years 21 weeks ago

    "One of these things is not like the others..." :-)

    I'm officially intrigued. I'll have to add Tommy Boy to my to-see list.

  • Movies I haven't tired of despite repeated viewings   14 years 21 weeks ago

    According to Chronicle of the Cinema, a big, heavy book on loan from a friend, Leone wanted to show the three protagonists from GBU getting killed at the beginning of Once Upon a Time in the West, but Eastwood wouldn't do it.