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  • Music I'd Like to Get Into   14 years 19 weeks ago

    No, I don't own The Trinity Sessions as of yet, but I am definitely considering it!

  • Favorite One Hit Wonders   14 years 19 weeks ago

    i just heard "died in your arms tonight" by cutting crew the other day and it was so good! surprisingly, it didn't sound that *dated*... also, there was that band called Johnny Hates Jazz--what did they sing again?

  • Some Of My Favorite Classical Pieces (With Sound)   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Bertie it worked so well Variations and Fugue on a Theme by Handel is still playing as I type this. LOL, I didn't realize I had to wait until this one was over to listen to the others.

    By the way, excellent sites!

  • 0011. Albums I Brought to Work Today - And Why (6/16/00)   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Great list with excellent commentary. I hope you'll leave it up and create future installments rather than overwriting this one.

  • Favorite Christmas Movies   14 years 19 weeks ago

    How 'bout The Grinch That Stole Christmas? And have you seen The Santa Clause?

  • Great Opening Lines - A Challenge List - VOLUME TWO   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Assuming this is what you did . . .

    "So how does one identify an opening line within the rules? - well, by recognizing it or by having a hunch (or following one of the challenger's hints, if any) and finding it by looking through actual paper books. Use of search engines is out, but if you used one of the library sites to confirm your hunch about a quote, that would be okay."

    . . . that would be okay.

  • 0006. Favorite Films 1995-1999   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Forgive my meddling, but I've cloaked a portion of your post above. And as a friendly reminder to anyone who reads this, check out this Listology spoiler link.

  • favorite actresses   14 years 19 weeks ago

    yes, i think we're quite lucky here in Rochester, NY. we have the George Eastman Dryden Theatre, which shows a great variety of films--from its collection, from visiting filmmakers, or premieres of major restoration projects. here's what they're showing this month.

  • Great Opening Lines - A Challenge List - VOLUME TWO   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Sorry so scarce. I'm out of the office today, so my Listology time has been little.

    The quote is definitely yours, Bertie, and congrats for getting it. The book is wonderful, and I hope some might be tempted to try it.

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • Great Opening Lines - A Challenge List - VOLUME TWO   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Thanks, Jim, but the matter won't really be resolved for me until I hear from lbangs. He's pretty strict with himself (didn't want to claim an answer because it was gained from cinematic rather than literary knowledge), so I won't blame him if he's strict with me too. When I say use of search engines is out, I mainly mean putting the actual quote into one.

  • Some Of My Favorite Classical Pieces (With Sound)   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Thanks for letting me know. Hope you will enjoy the music and sites. One warning: the MIDI format seems to suit music best that was written for keyboard. Some of the MIDI files are rather unfortunate.

  • Favorite Movies   14 years 19 weeks ago

    If you are referring to a narrator, than I don't recall there be a voice over in this film at all. I think Buffalo 66 is one of the most original films I've seen, although I have heard that it is supposed to be a deconstruction of "Taxi Driver." I liked that Vincent Gallo, the director, used a camcorder and older, outdated equipment to obtain a "real," raw quality, and brighter colors. I liked how flashbacks were accompained by visual boxes popping up in the film; for instance, the part where he reminds his mom that he is allergic to chocolate and it flashes back to him as a kid, where his mom has yet again forgotten his allergy, and his face is covered with hives. I have never seen this technique in a movie before. I liked the plot and liked that it was filmed in dreary Buffalo; being from Rochester, over an hour away from Buffalo, I could definitely relate and found the references to the Buffalo Bills football team, and especially the Super Bowl where Scott Norwood ruined Buffalo's victory, to be close to home and amusing. I thought it was funny, too. Vincent Gallo himself had a lot of good one liners, and I was amused on how Billy (Vincent Gallo's) parents treated him when he came home, as well as the "Goon," Billy's best friend. I liked the double and trick ending; how he could have died, but he decides not to shoot himself and go back to Christia Ricci's character, to the women who loves him. I loved this optimistic, still-believe-in-love twist, and I thought it was a very sweet story about underdogs finally getting something they want, and love. If I had to criticize anything, it would be Christina Ricci's character's treatment; how she was dressed provactively and how she fell for him so easily. But, as you can see, it is one of my favorite films for all these reasons, and probably more.

  • My Wish List: H to P by Author   14 years 19 weeks ago

    I read it long ago, in high school, and remember liking it. I need to reread it. I think that it is maybe a little farfetched, but, at the same time, with the developments of cloning and how soon people will be able to choose just about every genetically determined trait for their children (scientifically, it will be possible... whether morally it is allowed is a different question), I think that it is more relevant than it may first appear.

  • My Wish List: A to G by Author   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Thanks, DaveNut. I've been looking for this one in used bookstores, but haven't found a copy I want to get yet. But, it's high on my list. :)

  • My Wish List: H to P by Author   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Once again, I've only read one and that one would be Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. I heard over and over again that it was a terrifying book, but I read it and didn't find it all that terrifying. It was a good book, but to me it just seemed a bit too farfetched.

  • My Wish List: A to G by Author   14 years 19 weeks ago

    (Blushing shamefully.) I'm afriad to say the only one I've read is Fahrenheit 451 by Bradbury. I've read it three times, and although I don't remember my exact feelings towards it, I must have liked it if I read it that often.

  • Children's Books that Everyone Should Read   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Beverly Cleary. "Boy books" oh I see, LOL. I didn't realize.

  • Overrated Movies - the first installment   14 years 19 weeks ago

    I am quite impressed with your breadth of knowledge. It is too bad you have not included a personal statement about yourself so we can find out who you are.

  • Movies to Avoid at All Cost   14 years 19 weeks ago

    Watch that last twenty minutes again, with the dinosaur running through Los Angeles (or whatever West Coast city it is), and then try to convince me otherwise about this movie. Not that I liked the first one either. I do agree that the effects are better (one need only go to the first movie and watch the scene of the Brontosaurus sneezing on the children in the tree to notice the big difference), but a good story would help this out a lot. I don't want to open a can of worms here, but perhaps if they actually used the book as a basis for this movie...

  • Movies to Avoid at All Cost   14 years 19 weeks ago

    OK, ALIEN RESURRECTION is an ugly film and about sin, etc. You can believe what you'd like. The reason I hate it so much, and there are not enough words to describe it (if I hadn't been with others to see it, I would have walked out), is that is not just completely far fetched, but that it lacks any spirit whatsoever of all the prior movies. Not to say that the third installment was any prize. Ripley remade. Aliens swimming in the water. Aliens mating with humans. Ripley being the surrogate mother of the alien/human hybrid. The faux-smile the alien/human hybrid gives her "mother." It is all absolute crap. Theme or no theme, deliberate or not, this movie sets new depths for movie sequals. It substitutes action for plot, lacks any kind of originality or emotional breadth, and I for one do not sympathize with Ripley whatsoever like I do in the first two movies. OK, she's not human anymore, but without her senses of fear, humanity, and conviction, the core of the ALIEN movie series sits emotionally vacant. What can save a movie with such a deficiency? Maybe something can, but it doesn't here. I think it is just totally dreadful.

  • Authors Whose Works I've Vowed Never to Read   14 years 19 weeks ago

    I have seen many a good review for Garp, so I think I will try that. Half-Price actually had it in stock but their copy had Robin Williams on the cover and (another hangup of mine, LOL) I don't like to buy books with actors on the covers.

    I haven't heard much about Tom Robbins himself, but I hear he has many good books, none of which I have read. I was tempted to buy (oh I forgot the name I should have looked it up before I posted) one of his books by the name of Cowgirl something or other (Even Cogirls Get the Blues?), but I was turned off by the cover. Then I decided to buy Jitterbug Perfume and Skinny Legs and All, but I haven't yet.

    You know, I somehow knew that I would sooner or later read something by John Irving, it was pretty much inevitable. I'll let you know how things work out with that.

    I would suggest you read Bus 9 to Paradise by Leo Buscaglia. I came across this book a couple of years ago and I am a better person because of it. I recommend this book to everyone who comes my way, especially if, as you say, one is a serious student of life. After I read his book I wrote Mr. Buscaglia a long letter telling him how enlightened I was and thanking him for it.....a few days later I was on-line and I found out he passed away in 1997. Such a shame that the world had to lose such a loving man. Now, I have a collection of about six of his books.

  • Songs I'd like to tap dance to   14 years 19 weeks ago

    This sounds like so much fun-- you really do tap dance!

  • 10 Best 20th-Century American Poems   14 years 19 weeks ago

    I don't mean to be picky, but do we consider TS Eliot American. He point of view, if not his citizenship, was certainly more British. My favorite 20th century works not mentioned by you are, of the top of my head, "Anyone Lived in Pretty How Town, " ee cummings, the poem that begins "Lay your sleeping head, my love, human on my faithless arm, I think by Theodore Roethke, and the one that begins "I wake to sleep, and take my waking slow...", I think also by Roethke. When I get near a book, I'll look them up. I'm ashamed to not be able to mention any female poets.

  • 10 Unfortunate Celebrity Paychecks   14 years 19 weeks ago

    How about Keanu Reeves in 1. Dangerous Liasons or 2. Much Ado About Nothing, or 3. Anything he has ever been in except Bill & Ted movies, and possibly speed which I found strangely enjoyable.

    Marlon Brando was also in Don Juan DeMArco, which was a waste of his talents, and very sad to see how much he has fallen apart,

    I didn't see Raul Julia in Streetfighter, but he was very wonderful in many film. I think if he hadn't died, he might have gone on to be one of our greatest actors. I'm basing this mostly on clips that I've seen of scene from Taming of the Shrew, done in Central Park with Meryl Streep. They were very impressive.

  • 10 Books I Enjoyed Despite, Or Perhaps Because Of, Their Pretentiousness   14 years 19 weeks ago

    I liked it. I enjoyed it. I think perhaps all you can do is enjoy decodding it... You certainly can't read it for the plot (unless I'm missinf something) I have to confess I only made it to the chapter that is in the form of a play, and from then on simply skimmed.