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  • Has anybody seen Gladiator yet? Is it wort   13 years 50 weeks ago

    Cool. I've heard it compared favorably with Braveheart. Fair comparison? Did you prefer one over the other?

  • Recommended Sci-Fi books   13 years 50 weeks ago

    You might want to give Snow Crash or The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson a try.

  • Recommended Fantasy books   13 years 50 weeks ago

    I've never found "copying Tolkien" to be a valid criticism. Allow me to quote Terry Pratchett:

    "J.R.R. Tolkien appears in all subsequent heroic fantasy in the way that Mt. Fuji appears so often in Japanese prints. Sometimes it's big and up close. Sometimes it's a shape on the horizon. Sometimes it's not there at all, which means either that the artist has made a deliberate decision against the mountain -- which is interesting in itself -- or is in fact *standing* on Mt Fuji."

  • I'm going to assume Galaxy Quest appears on   13 years 50 weeks ago

    I agree, Galaxy Quest was a really truly surprisingly good movie. I saw it in the theatres, and I'm gonna rent it soon too. :)

  • Has anybody seen Gladiator yet? Is it wort   13 years 50 weeks ago

    It's freaking fantastic. As my friend said, it should be renamed to "Russell Crowe Kicks Much Ass".

    That's just my opinion, but it's a great all around hero story, and the computer-generated shots of Rome (especially the Colosseum)are soooooo nice.
    It is a bit bloody, of course (he was the general of Rome's Northern Armies), but if you don't have a problem with that, I'd recommend the movie wholeheartedly.

  • Great Opening Lines - A Challenge List   13 years 50 weeks ago

    Why yes, yes it is!
    JENHOWELL, being all anonymous

  • Favorite Mystery Authors (of non-formulaic mysteries)   13 years 50 weeks ago


    actually i haven't had a chance to read any of them yet...although it would be interesting to read some b/c i liked heavenly creatures so much (despite the distubing, true, subject matter...) what would you recommend as a good FIRST BOOK as an introduction to anne perry?

  • movies i *want* to see just because of who's in them   13 years 50 weeks ago

    hey laurel holloman the girl who played "georgina" in girl, interrupted? i downloaded the preview for committed and it looks pretty good...hey did you hear about ANGELINA JOLIE*******?????? UGH...she marrried (yes MARRIED!!!) BILLY BOB THORNTON THIS WEEKEND!!! yuck poor angelina...what was she thinking? apparently it's his fifth marriage (!) and her second...they appeared in PUSHING TIN together..and played husband and wife...see ya.

  • Recommended Fantasy books   13 years 50 weeks ago

    I wonder if you have read Feist and, if so, what about his work didn't prompt you to put him on your list? I'm just curious.

  • feelin' the need to see   13 years 50 weeks ago

    I half-expect Christopher Walken to be unmasked and say something like "And I would have gotten away with it if it hadn't been for you pesty kids!" pretty pitiful.

  • Copycat Movies - Which One Was Better?   13 years 50 weeks ago

    UncRoger, I just watched EDtv and it was a really tough call to say whether it was better than THE TRUMAN SHOW. I've placed EDtv first, but, unlike the other pairs on the list, this placing does not imply any very definite difference in preference - both movies have their own virtues. For example, TTS is philosophically deeper and more original (whereas EDtv plays for laughs and tells what is basically a familiar romantic story), and EDtv is more realistic (whereas TTS is more than a little science-fictional). I'm into philosophy and science fiction, so you'd think I'd prefer TTS - well, as I said, it was a very tough call. I liked both about equally well - so you can consider them as continuously switching places on the list.

  • Movie Quote - identify the movie!   13 years 50 weeks ago

    UncRoger, would you confirm that bertie got 32 right - otherwise I don't think he's gonna get the cred.

  • Movie Quote - identify the movie!   13 years 50 weeks ago

    I think #33 is that movie about the giant squid... don't remember the name though.

  • Movie Quote - identify the movie!   13 years 50 weeks ago

    This flick is all about the Cuda, baby! (the car). Hilarious movie! I don't really consider myself a horror fan, but I'm getting more into it.

    PS - I followed your link from the daily jolt

  • 10 (or more) Memorable Magazine Articles from the 20th Century   13 years 50 weeks ago

    Plenty of the above articles have been
    reprinted. RS puts out an anthology every
    few years, always worth getting, esp. from
    your local library. Esquire should as well,
    but I don't know why they don't. I used to
    buy old issues for 10c, rip out the fiction
    and any other interesting articles, and give
    the full-page fashion ads of guys wearing
    leisure suits to my punk-rock-loving,
    fashion-fanatic friend for her to laugh at.

  • 10 Live Albums   13 years 50 weeks ago

    Who's Phish?

    Without seeing your posting, I actually put
    on my old vinyl copy of Gypsies about a month
    ago, and you're right. It should knock ALO
    off the list. I also have Humble Pie from the
    Fillmore, which I think you're referring to,
    and every time I try to play it (like every
    5 years) I find it self-indulgent and
    unlistenable. Which is what some people say
    about Phish.

  • 10 Bob Dylan Albums You Need to Check Out   13 years 50 weeks ago

    Boy, I forget to log into this list for 3 months
    and all kinds of stuff has happened...

    I got tired of the big 3 from the mid-60s.
    They get overplayed, or at least the hits from
    them do. Over the last decade or so I decided
    to explore the lesser known crevices in Dylan's
    oeuvre, and found some neat stuff. Not that
    I didn't know about Blood or Desire -- I had
    Blood on 8-track, so it's not exactly a recent

    But everyone knows about the big 3.

    Did I mention that is an amazing
    site? Check it out.

  • Great Musical Numbers in Non-Musical Movies   13 years 51 weeks ago

    Another good one! And of course, we've all done that (knowing full well how ridiculous it looks to the guy in the next car... 8^)

  • Great Musical Numbers in Non-Musical Movies   13 years 51 weeks ago

    I haven't seen My Best Friend's Wedding -- though I understand it's supposed to be good. But how could I forget the Dey-oh song from Beetlejuice? I'm not familiar with Bobby Darin, though... Can you enlighten me?

  • Great Musical Numbers in Non-Musical Movies   13 years 51 weeks ago

    I like the "Say a Little Prayer" sequence in "My Best Friend's Wedding" as well as the Bobby Darin sequences in "Beetlegeuse".

  • Animated Movies, My Personal Ranking   13 years 51 weeks ago

    I don't think Toy Story belongs anywhere on a Disney films list. It is a Pixar film. Disney co-branded it, and handled the distribution and tie-in stuff. To quote Pixar's latest Annual Report on Form 10-K:

    Pixar's first three films, Toy Story, A Bug's Life and Toy Story 2, were created and produced by Pixar and were marketed and distributed by The Walt Disney Company. . .

  • Books I just bought at a League of Women Voter's Book Sale For $21   13 years 51 weeks ago

    Thanks Jim, for letting me "show off my haul"! I appreciate it!

  • Favorite Movies by Genre a la Jim - my version   13 years 51 weeks ago

    Excellent! But didn't I tell you that there are no ties allowed? :) Just kidding; indecision is why I split genres so much. So it impresses me that you've listed Dr. Strangelove twice - using 2 slots for the same movie when there are limited slots to go around is quite the sacrifice.

    I see you've listed Europa Europa (great movie). You might want to check out this list.

    I've never heard of Genghis Blues; tell me about it?

    Finally, if you want to link "Plot Number One" to the relevant list (so folks know what that means), you can replace that line with this code:

    <A href="">>Plot Number One</A>: TBA

    (that probably wrapped funny, but it should all go on one line, starting with "<A HREF")

    Looking forward to seeing how you fill in the TBAs.

  • Animated Movies, My Personal Ranking   13 years 51 weeks ago is a non-Disney translation. The two are fairly close.

  • Great Opening Lines - A Challenge List - VOLUME TWO   13 years 51 weeks ago

    HINT re. #50: Meryl Streep starred in the movie version of one of this author's other novels.