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  • Remakes   13 years 48 weeks ago

    I rented the 1986 version for the party after my junior prom in high school. Such a romantic. I'd agree that it's the superior version.

  • Favorite Movies by Genre (with many sub-genres)   13 years 48 weeks ago

    Absolutely. The less genre-splitting you do, the greater the challenge. I personally don't think I have the nerve to stick to only seven or eight genres.

  • Favorite Movies by Genre (with many sub-genres)   13 years 48 weeks ago

    bertie took me to task for the whole "classic" thing as well. I caved.

  • Movies that I have yet to see and must rent this summer (Under Construction)   13 years 48 weeks ago

    Cool. As good natured as they've been, I've always felt vaguely ill-at-ease about our various disagreements. But now you've gone and captured my sentiments precisely. While not for the faint of heart, the dialog alone is worth the price of admission.

  • Favorite Songs Whose Titles Contain Names of States   13 years 48 weeks ago

    Forgot about Georgia on My Mind. Must be an anti-Designing Women thing. Can't really say I'm an Alabama fan (the band, that is, not the state). I don't want to make this a list of any state song, just ones I like. Keep 'em coming though -- I'm sure there's a lot that I've overlooked.

  • Movies I Wish I Hadn't Seen On the Big Screen aka The "All Sales are Final" List   13 years 48 weeks ago

    You are correct about The Seige. At least I only spent $3.50 to see it at the Theatre Cafe. I would have been really pissed if I paid full price.

    As for the Lost World, I found the book a bit dissapointing and the movie totally dissapointing. Did you see my other comment on Jurassic Park 3 being in production. I guess they feel that they don't need to wait for another book since they didn't follow the storyline on the last one that much.

  • Movies I Wish I Hadn't Seen On the Big Screen aka The "All Sales are Final" List   13 years 48 weeks ago

    I'm a big Mel Brooks fan and was very excited when I saw that he was doing a Robin Hood movie. It just didn't live up to the expectations set by movies such as Young Frankenstein, Blazing Saddles, and Spaceballs, IMHO. I must admit that it was better than his Dracula effort.

    I suppose I would have liked A Brief History of Time more if I had seen it on The Learning Channel instead of spending 6 or 7 bucks on it (can't remember how much movies were when I saw that one).

  • scene/movie ruiners   13 years 48 weeks ago

    How can you be so right and then be Oh, So wrong?

    I agree with you for the most part as far as movie spoilers, but come on. I ACTIVELY seek out movies with Ben Stiller or joey lauren adams (she's so cute in that way that Jewel just aint!)

    C'mon expand yer horizons. get some taste. gimme a break. what's your deal. What, joey and Ben aint good enough fer ya? Sheesh.
    Mark Martin!! :)
    Element K Krew!!!!!!!!1

  • My Favorite Films   13 years 48 weeks ago

    Are there any other Kubrick films that you really like: Spartacus, Clockwork Orange, Paths of Glory, The Killing, Lolita, Full Metal Jacket? Have you seen any of these? Also, since you like Nashville, did you Altman's 2 critically acclaimed 90's movies, Player and Short Cuts?

  • Top Ten Joni Mitchell Songs   13 years 48 weeks ago

    You stole my list!!! Just kidding, but I really had this idea and would have put them in close to the same order (if they are in order). So I think I might be obsessed, too.

  • Movie Quotes Part Two: The Revenge!   13 years 48 weeks ago

    yep yep; very nice; that slimy guy (he plays the same role in "Mission: Impossible". I also like his ending line "Great! The world's great, Jack!"

  • Movies that I have yet to see and must rent this summer (Under Construction)   13 years 48 weeks ago

    Don't bother seeing Reservior Dogs. IMHO, it was crap - long, boring, needlessly violent. I've got nothing against violence, but Tarantino seems to throw it in as filler.

  • Since The Listology is so highly cross-referenced   13 years 48 weeks ago

    Good point. For lists that have comments, you can click on the "number of comments" link to get to the non-owner version of the list. I'll try to put a clickable "0" in for lists with no comments by the end of the day (as UncRoger suggested awhile ago).

  • Great Musical Numbers in Non-Musical Movies   13 years 48 weeks ago

    Well, yes, they were purely gratuitous, but still fun to watch.

  • All Time Favorite Books   13 years 48 weeks ago

    I read Catch 22 and definitely liked it. But I guess it didn't make as big an imprint on me as the others. I probably read it at the same time as Catcher in the Rye. Yet, Catch 22 didn't really affect me the same way (although I do use the phrase constantly, without thinking of the book). Perhaps I should reread it.

  • All Time Favorite Books   13 years 48 weeks ago

    I have neglected this list for a while. Thanks to folks who jogged my memory about the missing authors. As soon as I read that I thought, Of Course! How could I forget?

    I just added a new book. It's called "Ishmael" and is written by Daniel Quinn. It's a philosophical essay disguised as a novel. It's very short, but not easy reading. I found it very thought-provoking.

  • movies i regret seeing   13 years 48 weeks ago

    After reading a lot of your previous remarks, I understand that most of the titles are due to either its violence or its mean-spiritedness. I'm assuming that you considered both "The Story of Us" and "She's All That" PUTRID since they are movies about relationships. If this is correct, I agree 100% on "She's AllThat", and I will continue to avoid "Story of Us."

  • Has anybody seen Gladiator yet? Is it wort   13 years 48 weeks ago

    I'll be the heretic here. I was VERY disappointed with the film. The story was a Roman retread of Braveheart, the editing was sorry, the use of the skip-frame technique from the beginning of Saving Private Ryan was a bad idea (especially when coupled with fast cuts; who knew what was going on?), and as the story progresses, it becomes more and more silly until a finale that, sorry, just could, would, and should have never happened. I'm still waiting for Ridley to return to his prior powers.

    Just my opinion... The acting was good, for what that's worth.

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • In a rare moment of Friday evening spontaneity (ra   13 years 48 weeks ago

    I had the same experience. I only went because a friend who hates action films recommended, which shocked me. The high quality of the film shocked me more. Glad it became something of a sleeper.

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • Favorite Movies by Genre (with many sub-genres)   13 years 48 weeks ago

    I fully confess that it is a fancy way of not having to choose between two movies. I though of some of my favorite movies, and then found genres for them. I just can't choose. I have been thinking, however, of doing a list and limiting it to broad, recognized genres, such as you see in the vidoe store

    I think that that would be a real challenge.

    PS. If the critera for modern in being made after 1970, then Braveheart has to be a "Modern War Film" although I though about that for a while. It is pretty silly.

  • Remakes   13 years 48 weeks ago

    The Fly - 1958 and 1986. Both good, but I would lean towards the newer version.

  • Remakes   13 years 48 weeks ago

    Village of the Damned -- 1960 and 1995. Haven't seen either, so can't really say which was better.

  • Nobel Prize Winners for Literature   13 years 48 weeks ago

    If you're into contemporary poetry, you could do worse than try some Seamus Heaney. He's fairly accessible: where I live, a collection of his poems is one of the books studied in high school English.

  • Favorite Movies by Genre (with many sub-genres)   13 years 48 weeks ago

    I was thinking of the film noir genre for Big Sleep as well. Also, I like the genre of teen angst, and both choices are solid. I know Bertie mentioned this about my list as well, but I strongly believe that even though the people on this site respect some of the earlier movies, there is enough prejudice about not seeing movies solely dependent on what year a movie was made. There have been countless times where I have overheard people decline viewing a movie because it is "too old." In video stores, once a movie is removed from the new release wall, it hardly rents. Therefore, as long as the public differentiates, why can't we as well? On a different note, film technology and the studio systems have changed so maybe the cutoff should be the mid 50's with the advancement of technicolor and theater houses.

  • Movies that are as good as or better than their literary source   13 years 48 weeks ago

    That's Chuck Palahniuk who wrote Fight Club, and quite frankly, I'd have to disagree with you there. The movie was amazing, astounding, and brilliant, but the book was more so. And the book's ending was a lot better. I actually wondered why they remained so close to the book throughout the entire film and then drastically changed the ending. Odd. Another book that wasn't as good as the movie it was made into was How to Make an American Quilt by Whitney Otto.