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  • High Fidelity DVD Unavailability   15 years 11 weeks ago

    Phreak! Thanks for the heads up. I can't believe I forgot to try the eBay route. I'll see if my BUY.COM order goes through and move to eBay next. Thanks!

  • films i'm avoiding for one reason or another   15 years 11 weeks ago

    I'm not adverse to posting 1.5 yrs after this comment was posted, regardless of if no one sees it. But, it being 2001, and so is this post, then I guess I'll reply by saying:

    Yeah, I've tried to watch it twice, fell asleep both times. I need to watch it earlier in the day, to be sure.

  • High Fidelity DVD Unavailability   15 years 11 weeks ago

    First off, hopefully everyone knows what alliteration means, but in this specific case, "High Fidelity DVD Availability" has a lot of hard consonant sounds repeated within it, specificially with the double "ity". Now I demand my prize.

    Blah blah blah, I love High Fidelity (easily one of my top 3 favorites of the year), though I'm fine with getting it on Ebay, as it's common to find there. I don't know what you think of that, but a copy recently went unsold for $9.99, and the closed auctions end from $12 to $18. Just do a search for: "high fidelity" dvd and the goods (literally) should pop up.

    Other than that, I don't own a DVD player yet, though I've been a huge proponent of DVDs since before the general public had heard of the darn things--you can blame lower-middle class status on that. For the most part, I'd rather own 50 used movies than 10 new movies, with a few exceptions on things I'd like to collect as new.

  • great cover songs/remakes   15 years 11 weeks ago

    I liked Frente's version of New Order's Bizarre Love Triangle.Also Fiona Apple doing The Beatles Across The Universe.Lets see...hmmm. OK, maybe Sixpence None The Richer doing The Laws There She Goes.One more..I liked The Foo Fighters version of the Eddie Money classic,Baby Hold On To Me.

  • Great Performances in Film by Musicians   15 years 11 weeks ago

    Thanks Dan for the insight.

  • Great Performances in Film by Musicians   15 years 11 weeks ago

    Actually it was Ice-T not Iced Tea. Big difference there!

  • what dead musician should God bring back to life?   15 years 12 weeks ago

    My vote goes to Holly simply for the contributions he made to modern music. Then would be Lennon, then Hendrix, then Cobain, and the rest I consider fillers(not taking anything away from their respective genius). But as far as changing, innovating, and contributing to modern Rock-n-Roll, the Texan from Lubbock gets my vote. Cheers!

  • themed compilation: eyes   15 years 12 weeks ago

    Dead Red Eyes-Archers of Loaf
    Eyes of a Stranger-Payolas
    Ebony Eyes-Bob Welch

    If you would like to add...if not, oh well.

  • themed compilation: color   15 years 12 weeks ago

    I've got a lyric for ya..Song For My Sugar Spun Sister-Stone Roses.."until the sky turns green, and the grass is several shades of blue"

    That's all for now..enjoy

  • themed compilation: rain   15 years 12 weeks ago

    Happy When It Rains-Jesus & Mary Chain
    Rain-The Beatles
    Laughter In The Rain-Neil Sedaka

  • Great Performances in Film by Musicians   15 years 12 weeks ago

    Tom Waits was also good in Short Cuts also.

  • Great Performances in Film by Musicians   15 years 12 weeks ago

    Tom Waits comes to mind. My favorite Tom Waits performance is his interpretation of Renfield in "Bram Stoker's Dracula". But there are certainly others, including his prisoner on-the-lam in "Down by Law" and his pacifist weapons supplier in "Mystery Men". (Remember, you said great performances, not great movies...)

  • Great Performances in Film by Musicians   15 years 12 weeks ago

    Oops. Wasn't thinking.

  • Actor's Best Roles   15 years 12 weeks ago

    You are right on about Fishburne he was stunning as Ike Turner though he was also very good in Boyz in the Hood. Freeman did a real nice job in making Lean on Me not an After-school special but he has done such great work all over the place. I actually saw him last night in Nurse Betty and he was the best part. I also loved Him in Seven but I would say Glory was his best Part.

    Crowe was great in the Insider but he carried LA confidential and that was a truly great movie.

    I remember Spacey in Wiseguy and you are right in saying that was some of his best acting. A geat show that sometimes gets forgotten.

  • themed compilation: color   15 years 12 weeks ago

    I'll come up with more you foxy chick, but this is what I have for now...

    Red Skies The Fixx
    Red Sector A Rush
    Red Barchetta Rush
    Red Lenses Rush
    Nights In White Satin The Moody Blues
    Green Tambourine Lemon Pipers
    Cherry Cherry Neil Diamond
    Song Sung Blue Neil Diamond
    Red Red Wine Neil Diamond (the original..)
    White Room Cream
    Deep Purple April and Neno
    Lil' Red Riding Hood Sam The Sham and the Pharoahs
    Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Brian Hyland
    Blue Morning Blue Day Foreigner
    Rev On The Red Light Foreigner
    1,2,3 Red Light 1910 Fruitgum Co.
    Goodbye yellow Brick Road Elton John
    Blue Eyes Elton John
    Black Water Doobie Brothers
    Black And White Three Dog Night
    Grey Matter Oingo Boingo
    Mr. Pink Eye The Cure
    Black Sabbath Black Sabbath
    Color My World Chicago
    Fool's Gold Stone Roses

  • GAME0003: Name The Series TV Character   15 years 12 weeks ago

    that is correct! 2 points for you!

  • themed compilation: color   15 years 12 weeks ago

    white light white heat-velvet underground
    bright yellow gun-throwing muses
    jackie blue-ozark mountain daredevils
    ebony eyes-bobwelch
    crimson & clover-tommy james
    back in black-ac/dc
    blue-leann rimes

  • canadian musicians i don't love   15 years 12 weeks ago

    What about Alannis?

  • great cover songs/remakes   15 years 12 weeks ago

    the pixies version of Head On and the wedding present's version of Waiting On The Guns and oh...siouxsie doing Dear Prudence is really good.

  • themed compilation: color   15 years 12 weeks ago

    How about Little Black Backpack-Stroke 9?

  • Movies on my "To Watch" List   15 years 12 weeks ago

    Interesting to see your movie list, as I have one of my own (sans descriptions) that I have been keeping in some form (currently Listology) for four years.

    Kieslowski's Three Colors trilogy ( Blue , White , and Red , in that order) are absolutely astounding. It's hard to believe you watched Blue and were bored, especially if you pay attention to the symbolism.

    Also, Wings of Desire is amazing. Make sure you're ready and willing to be able to read subtitles for a while, because of its serenity and subtleness, it's a very easy movie to fall asleep to. It's one of the best movies I've seen, though! Be sure to add its sequel, Faraway, So Close!

    Make sure you watch Manon of the Spring (Manon des Sources) after Jean de Florette , as this is its sequel. Good set of movies, though. I suggest watching them both in the same week.

  • books I started but haven't managed to finish   15 years 12 weeks ago

    I started a similar list a while back. I advise thinking back to your assigned reading in college for more entries.

  • Adam Again - The Greatest Rock Artist of the 90s   15 years 12 weeks ago

    Good thing Jim used the word obscure as the test search on the news page, so I noticed this article! I've been a fan of Adam Again since a friend first played Dig for me, which I immedately bought on cassette.

    Coincidentally, you can easily pick up an in-print AA album titled "Worldwide Favourites" , kind of a best-of album. As you'd expect with any such album, there are songs you wish had been included, but there are a few good songs, like Worldwide, Dig, River on Fire, and others--but not No Regrets. You can see a full track listing here.

    Also, just as a side note: Don't get the new Daniel Amos compilation, as that doesn't do the band justice, unfortunately.

  • Great Performances in Film by Musicians   15 years 12 weeks ago

    Yeah, Yoakam was good. I'll add him. It was Iced Tea in Surviving The Game not Ice Cube.

  • Great Performances in Film by Musicians   15 years 12 weeks ago

    May I suggest Dwight Yoakam in Sling Blade. Also, I think Ice Cube was really cool in Surviving the Game.