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  • The BIG NEWS today is that this is the first anniv   14 years 7 weeks ago

    I prefer "automaton" to "sub-program". :-) And this does help explain the little antenna I can feel at the base of my neck. I was wondering how that got there . . .

  • The last 10 CD's I have purchased   14 years 7 weeks ago

    Hey, jgandcag, shoot me an email at some point - I have a question I want to ask you off-board.

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • To Buy/Borrow, Technical   14 years 7 weeks ago

    Thanks Jim. The "View Source" is currently my preferred method of learning. But, I wanted to try to figure out how some of these pages design the sleak graphics they have, which seem to be composed of many images side by side. I'm not sure if I like it, since it requires a lot of download time, but I have a couple of projects I will be working on and the idea, anyways, seems nice.

    I think that your "Spartan" design is actually pretty good. I like the layout and the usability of it. I think you've done a great job.

    If you happen to have time, I would be interested in finding out what you think of my site.

  • To Buy/Borrow, Technical   14 years 7 weeks ago

    I'm afraid the focus of all my books is programming rather than design (hence the rather spartan design of The Listology). I did read Creating Killer Web Sites by David Siegel a few years ago, but I really didn't care for it. I do have two suggestions:

    [1] Get on over to eBay and try to find a copy of Adobe ImageStyler (my current search for "ImageStyler" turned up one copy). It's a marvelous program. I'm a graphics idiot, but all the graphics in the current and new versions (forthcoming) of the Listology were created in ImageStyler (for better or worse). It's intuitive and powerful. Unfortunately, it's discontinued, so there are no upgrades nor support for it. But it also means you can pick it up dirt-cheap in auction (currently bidding at $20, but it used to retail for $100+).

    [2] Use the "view source" button in your browser for websites you like. It'll be far more educational than any book. Many, "oh, THAT'S how they do it" moments.

    Hope this helps!

  • Most romantic movies   14 years 7 weeks ago

    Jen, what do you think about SHADOWLANDS? That movie is romantic and very sad.

  • Worst Movies Ever: An Interactive List   14 years 7 weeks ago

    What is Dark City doing on this list? How 'bout casting a vote for NORTH.

  • These movies are so bad, you'll want to kill yourself!   14 years 7 weeks ago

    You said it home girl. Dr. T. And The Women is ridiculous.Cheers!!

  • Movies That Well Illustrate Action/Suspense Plot Number One   14 years 7 weeks ago

    Bertie, there was a movie in 1979 called Prophecy that was about a group of hunters who stumbled across a giant mutated owl creature. I dont know if you saw it or not, but it definetly qualifies.

  • Undecipherable Lyrics...what the heck did they just say?   14 years 7 weeks ago

    Fiendin' means addict or addicted. It's pronounced feeenin. It's black slang derived from the word fiend (We say fiendin' usually to describe drug addicts jonesin'). According to Webster's dictionary in addition to meaning evil, it means addict. So I think she's saying she appears cool but she's really desiring him.

    I originally thought she was saying feigning. Feigning means pretending.

  • 10 Hateful, Overrated Pieces Of "Literature"   14 years 7 weeks ago

    I can understand that. His fascination with the bull fight seems to be an extension of this manly honour theme he seems to stress. I felt that, in For Whom the Bell Tolls, which is the only Hemingway I've read, there wasn't so much of this kind of thing there. One of the strongest characters is a woman, and the main male character has his own weaknesses and doubts about what he is to do. But, if his other books stress the themes you mention more, I can understand why you didn't like it. I felt that his description of the Spanish Civil War, especially the details of how the war came to one small pueblo, greatly added to the overall history you would get in a general history of the war.

  • 0023: L. Bangs' Great Film Challenge   14 years 7 weeks ago

    Nevermind. I see from the previous posts that both guesses are wrong. :)

  • outstanding soundtracks   14 years 7 weeks ago

    My favorite soundtrack has to be Less Than Zero, with Hazy Shade of Winter, Goin Back to Cali, et. al. Great tunes in a movie that just seems too close to real life with Mr. Downey's continuous battles with addiction.

  • 0023: L. Bangs' Great Film Challenge   14 years 7 weeks ago

    Is 13 from "Devil's Advocate" and 24 from "Chicken Run"?

  • Oscar rip offs(Who won and who really should of)PICTURES   14 years 7 weeks ago

    I forgot to mention Braveheart/Babe, Titanic/anything, Shakespeare in Love/Saving Private Ryan, and American Beauty/Being John Malkovich (I know it wasn't nominated, but it should have been).

  • Why Not? Another Lyric challenge...   14 years 8 weeks ago

    ah, and #26 is "River" by Joni Mitchell; I have that one on MY list, which, *SHAMELESS PLUG* is still up and running with 74 song lyrics to study and comment on--so y'all come on over after yer finished with the excellent Min's quiz *END SHAMELESS PLUG WITH BACKHANDED COMPLIMENT*...hehehe...

  • Why Not? Another Lyric challenge...   14 years 8 weeks ago

    #19: "Sixth Ave. Heartache" by the wallflowers, right? I think I heard it today on the radio as I came back from Northern VA

  • 0034: Favorite Cover Versions   14 years 8 weeks ago

    Have you heard the Jam's cover of David Watts by the Kinks? It's really good

  • THE BEST SONGS - F O R E V E R   14 years 8 weeks ago

    Good list!

  • The BIG NEWS today is that this is the first anniv   14 years 8 weeks ago

    sk, it's your anniversary. Have a happy one. Jeez, I'm getting a bit misty here.

    Seriously, we don't hear from you enough. [Just between you and me: The New Listology is actually going to be Bertie's Listology. I've pulled off that coup we used to talk about, and "Jim" will just be my front man from now on - in fact, he's now really just a sub-program in the new version (full prog. to be applied any day now). Pretty lifelike, don't you think?]

  • To Buy/Borrow, Technical   14 years 8 weeks ago

    Hi Jim,

    Are any of the Internet/Web books you've listed supposed to deal with web design, from a visual perspective? I am wondering about any good books about designing attractive web pages and the techniques on how to do that. Do you have any suggestions?


  • Movies I walked out on/Stopped Watching before the end   14 years 8 weeks ago

    I'm with you Jen on the richard gere infested Dr. T. Man that movie blew chow!!!!

  • curiosity may lead me...   14 years 8 weeks ago

    As a terrible film nerd, I feel bound to point out that the Unbelievable Truth is named after a film by my favorite director, Hal Hartley.

    Forgive me.

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • 0001. My Top 10 Films   14 years 8 weeks ago

    It is indeed a beautiful day. Tonight, Friday, February 2, 2001, the Independent Film Channel is showing both of my very favorite films of all time in a row. Yep, they are even showing Amateur, which as far as I know is the first time in at least five years this film has been shown on American television. If you are curious about the films on my lists, I plead with you to check these films (the other film, obviously, being Simple Men) out. If I could remember how to post news (lost the link, I did!), I'd post this on the home page.

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • 0034: Favorite Cover Versions   14 years 8 weeks ago

    That's right. I knew I wasn't remembering the original (The Kingsmen did also do a later version); I just couldn't recall the artist.

    By the way, welcome back!

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • 0023: L. Bangs' Great Film Challenge   14 years 8 weeks ago

    Congrats! Correct on both!

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs