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  • The 10 Greatest Videos of All Time..   15 years 11 weeks ago

    Very excellent choices. I agree wholeheartedly with "Take On Me" and "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and the others are all excellent choices too. For Madonna, being a huge fan, I prefer many of her videos to "Material Girl", however. I have a special place in my heart for "Like a Virgin" and "Express Yourself". My list would probably also include "She Blinded me with Science" "Janie's Got a Gun" and if I could ever actually view a Queen video, something by them. Also, "Thriller" by Michael Jackson. Man, I better get to work on a list like this!

  • 0012. Over-Rated Artists   15 years 11 weeks ago

    hahaha! volumes and volumes of sarcasm are written in between the lines.... it doesn't take a genius to figure that one out :)

  • THE BEST SONGS - F O R E V E R   15 years 11 weeks ago


  • ZLMC001: Taxi Driver (1976) [Spoiler Alert!]   15 years 11 weeks ago

    I find it to be very believable. The circumstances may be a little unorthodox, yet the personality of Bickle is very realistic. I sense that there are people like that everywhere. One thing I really love about this film is how he has such distorted views on things. He cares enough for Iris to want to protect her and help her get from underneath Sport's thumb, yet his solution is a psychotic one. Why? I think maybe because he doesn't know any better. He is like a little kid that wants to do bad grown up things. He is so responsible for how he feels yet he doesn't think so. Paul Schrader possibly wrote the best screenplay ever with this film..

  • Horribly Miscast   15 years 11 weeks ago

    A Walk In The Clouds is possibly the best role I've seen Keanu in. Thats a great little movie! Plus Connery in Hunt For Red October is almost oscar caliber work. Almost. The rest of these I'm right there with you on.

  • Who Should've Won?   15 years 11 weeks ago

    I stand in agreement with you about 1981. It was a weak year for films. By your list and comments I can tell I respect you and admire your tastes. Thats why I would like you to maybe go back and watch Midnight Cowboy again. Read my review of it and see if something shows itself you may have missed. You da' man.

  • Who Should've Won?   15 years 11 weeks ago

    With the exception of Reds and China Syndrome, I considered each of the films you mentioned for the years you've noted. I find Nashville's complexity contains more depth than One Flew's simple yet powerful tale. Dr. Strangelove is great, but I favor the magical musical I listed above. 1968 may well have been the toughest year to select; both 2001 and Once Upon a Time were very close, but in the end, I went for Leone's odd yet gripping and moving masterpiece. Midnight Cowboy didn't really stand a chance against The Wild Bunch, and Manhattan barely nosed out Apocalypse Now. 1981 wasn't the greatest year for films. As far as I am concerned, Raiders takes the statue quite easily. I certainly like it much more than Reds, a good, not great, film.

    Interesting, though. I enjoyed reading your selections.

  • Avoid if You're Getting Married Soon   15 years 11 weeks ago

    Never saw it, and will be sure to avoid it.

  • Who Should've Won?   15 years 11 weeks ago

    There's a lot of these that aren't worth arguing about. However, there is a few I strongly disagree with (the beauty of listology, voicing opinions).

    1975 One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest was the obvious choice here. Nashville is very good, but Cuckoo's Nest is the benchmark all filmmaking should be used against.

    1964 Dr. Strangelove is the best of this year and the decade. Too many foreign films in your list of entries.

    1968 2001:A Space Odyssey is in a different universe thanOnce Upon a Time In The West.Leone's epic is grand and sweeping, and no doubt great. But this is still the year I have found to be the biggest disparity.

    1969.Midnight Cowboy. Period. Everything else is average compared.

    1979 Apocalypse Now. After that maybe China Syndrome.I do think Manhattan is Allen's best though.

    1981.Reds.Raider's is good, but thats all..

  • Horribly Miscast   15 years 11 weeks ago

    Finally saw it...must agree and add.

  • High Fidelity DVD Unavailability   15 years 11 weeks ago

    Also, if you don't mind buying used, you might try, which is where I plan to get rid of all my VHS tapes and obtain the DVDs.

  • Kurosawa Was Not Alone: The Ten Greatest Japanese Films   15 years 11 weeks ago

    Good movie, but for Ozu I favor Tokyo Story and Late Spring.

  • Kurosawa Was Not Alone: The Ten Greatest Japanese Films   15 years 11 weeks ago

    Floating Weeds.

  • Listology's worst movies ever   15 years 11 weeks ago

    Three movies I despised:
    Vampire in Brooklyn (w/Eddie Murphy...I should have known better)
    Last Action Hero (gag!)
    Graffitti Bridge (w/Prince...also should have known better)

  • Listology's worst movies ever   15 years 11 weeks ago

    I don't want to have to re-write my list, so please take as my contribution my Movies that Made me Want to Die and Movies I walked out on/Stopped Watching lists. That pretty much covers it. Also I've got a worst movies ever poll I was taking that I really ought to update.

  • Some Flicks & Why I like them   15 years 11 weeks ago

    I don't think that you need to know a character's background to have good development. All you need is a well rounded character who grows or changes in some significant way due to the events of the movie. Now that I think about it, you're right about this film not having much character development, just really good, interesting characters. I was probably too hasty with my wording.

    A better movie for character development, I think, is The Shawshank Redemption for Red's character. He attains a new, brighter outlook on life (hope) because of his experience with Andy DuFresne. Yet we know very little about his background except that he is guilty.

    As a brief sidenote, I was never really convinced of Jerry Maguire's sudden epiphany at the end of the film. I mean, he wants his wife at a game so suddenly his priorities are reorganized and he's really in love? I could go on about this one but I won't right now. Anyway, I hope this answers your question.

  • the SILVER SCREEN edition of TRIVIAL PURSUIT   15 years 11 weeks ago

    Correct on 36 DaveMog.

  • the SILVER SCREEN edition of TRIVIAL PURSUIT   15 years 11 weeks ago

    36. Ed Burns' character in "She's the One" is a cab driver.
    I have a question. Do you want to ask it?
    "What is Tucker's full real name in 'There's Something About Mary?"

  • 0012. Over-Rated Artists   15 years 11 weeks ago

    i have just one question: are you people musicians? do u even know what good music FEELS and not sounds like? you have a long way to go if you're just the no. 1 tower records customer. don't judge music with your cd player... try playing DMB, the dead, led zep, or the pumpkins on your guitar, pinao or whatever. then maybe you'll finally know what you are talking about.

  • 0012. Over-Rated Artists   15 years 11 weeks ago

    in regard to the forum of assumptions and ill-rooted beliefs, i was wrong, lbang. u don't have to be a musician to be a music-critic, and u don't have to be a poet to be a poetry critic. that is what is called freedom. i was merely making a point of how well-formulated opinions are very often created through experience and not through misgiven concepts and theories which often turn out to be nothing more than spiteful exaggerations or understatements that do more harm than good. in other words, if you're not a classroom teacher, don't pretend to be the one standing behind the desk while you are badmouthing other teachers and school administrators' teaching skills. in the same way, if you know zilch about flying planes, don't begin to try to tell a pilot how to push the buttons. but wow lbangs, u ARE a poet. that is most excellent. though i am not the most brilliant rhymester, i find it very fascinating. i concede, u have every right to make fun of dave matthews' poetry.

  • 0001: My Favorite Television Programs   15 years 11 weeks ago

    I endorsed you based on this list.

    Lucy rules. China Beach kicked ass. Twin Peaks change TV forever and for the better. AbFab rocks. Newhart can do no wrong.

  • WHO WANTS TO LIVE FOREVER (lyrics, Brian May) - QUEEN   15 years 11 weeks ago

    But let's quote Freddie Mercury: "it's only a bloody record"!!

  • 0012. Over-Rated Artists   15 years 11 weeks ago

    "When the music actually got a bit interesting, Matthews started believing he was a poet. He ain't, and his lyrics on Crash induce giggles of embarrassment over his attempts to wax poetic" -Oh yeah, lbangs... before you disrespect any other artists' work/s like dissing dave matthews' poetry. why don't you post some of your poetry here and show me us musicians how good a poet you really are that you say make fun of dave's poetic skills. you know what they say.... only those great enough to be up in the clouds can spit down on the lesser beings on the ground. sometimes opinions can suck, no? ;)

  • 0012. Over-Rated Artists   15 years 11 weeks ago

    wow, you people DO reply fast. im surprised. fine, fine, i apologize if my "hasty" statement hurt your feelings jblack or lbangs. i wasn't aware that you really are serious about these lists. i guess i should have been more "tactful". anyway, that's done and i suppose i got my message across...though in a very awful way apparently. well anyway,who said that musicians often make the worst critics? that might have been a bit inacurrate. ive been through a dozen bands, and i guess that the best people to ask whether your music is good or bad are musicians. im pretty sure that if the "no. 1 tower records customer" (used as a metaphor, not intended to offend any of you) told jerry garcia he sucked at music, he would take it more lightly than if bob dylan told him he sucked. see my point? im sorry if you don't, i mean no ill-intended remarks. and also, musicians don't base their judgements on the difficulty of playing the song on his/her instrument. that's just incorrect. i'd rather play an easy song that sounds good, rather than play an yngwie malmsteen-like creation that sounds awful. jblack, you said that im a chump and i can live with that. ill try not to disrespect people in listology but pls don't disrespect musicians too. before i became a musician, i was a fan of music myself like you and all i can say is that it has broadened my view on certain areas of music. you can talk all you want about how big of an asshole i am, but all im saying is that maybe if you just broadened your view on music you can see what im talking about. lbangs- no disrespect intended, the freedom of speech is a wonderful thing

  • THE BEST SONGS - F O R E V E R   15 years 11 weeks ago

    I take it you like Van Morrison. I have a list devoted to Van. Check it out.