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  • Great Opening Lines - A Challenge List   14 years 7 weeks ago

    i received the nickname via the snide remark. thanks for the clarification, i did know, but i didn't think anyone would guess. i just thought it was a funny opening line. ah well, back to playing by the rules...

  • Greatest Supporting Actors   14 years 7 weeks ago

    Alas, I knew my movie ignorance would come out sooner or later. I'm afraid my experience with classic movies is extremely limited. I have only seen a handful of the movies you mention. Thank you for your contribution, though, as my list is obviously lacking range.

  • Greatest Supporting Actors   14 years 7 weeks ago

    I had to do a quick check on IMDB to find out what movies he's been in, because I really know him best from tv (Simpsons and Newsradio being two of my favourite shows). I don't remember him really well in most of the movies there (eg. Stuart Saves His Family), but he was great in Greedy.

    As a brief aside, his death was one of the few celebrity deaths that really affected me - I had just been saying a few days earlier that I love his comedy and was looking forward to more of his work.

  • Help! It appears AOL does not like The Lis   14 years 7 weeks ago

    Argh, AOL bastiges. Instead of putting in extra logout links, let me just give you a logout URL. You can save this as a bookmark, and click on it to logout at will:

    Or, if your browser supports it, you should just be able to drag this link to your bookmarks/favorites: Listology Logout.

    So what was AOL's last word after failing to help you? Did they give you any cause for hope? Are you going to call back? Have you tried using the site with both cookies enabled and disabled, and has it failed in both cases?

    Thanks for following up on this so diligently, and please keep me posted as to what you've tried, and what AOL has said might be the problem.

  • Favorite Falsettos   14 years 7 weeks ago

    how about Michael Stipe (of REM) on the song "Tongue" off of Monster?

  • 10 Reasons Why "Infinite Jest" Remains The Most Frustrating Book Ever Written   14 years 7 weeks ago

    Like many others, I suffered (suffered horribly) through the first 120 pages of IG only to be defeated. The darling of the late 90's could not convince me that I should try to plumb its depths of arcania to try to pull something meaningful out if it. Perhaps that's the point, however. BTW, my copy of it is currently mocking me from its place on one of my shelves....

  • 10 Female Poets Who Are Far Superior To Adrienne Rich   14 years 7 weeks ago

    Uh, sure, alright.

    I'd agree on some of these and disagree on others. I believe Rich is wonderful, but she certainly wasn't always wonderful. Her later poetry in particular became quite didactic and 'preachy,' but her early poems are marvelous and could easily crush most of Bishop or Stein's work. Plath is indeed marvelous. At least you didn't list Louise Gluk (or however you spell her last name)...

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • Favorite Actors and the Movies I Most Liked Them In   14 years 7 weeks ago

    Wait a minute... Am I not famous?

    Darn it. Why did everybody wait till now to tell me?

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • Greatest Supporting Actors   14 years 7 weeks ago

    It didn't come out that way. I just lament my lack of experience with classic movies and regret not being able to put any on there. I was a little shocked myself that it took so long for someone to inject some classics. I do honestly thank you for your contributions.

  • CC00050: The Byrds   14 years 7 weeks ago

    Once again, I appreciate your support, Jim! I'd love to see your "to listen to" list; perhaps I'll have to create one myself!

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • Critics' darlings I don't adore   14 years 7 weeks ago

    Actually, this list merely refers to artists I consider a bit overrated, not ones I dislike. I like The Velvet Underground and Husker Du, but I don't hold them in as high of esteem as many critics do. In the case of Big Star, I do genuinely dislike them and consider their conception of power pop anything but part of a "whole genre of experimental pop music." Innovative, yes. Experimental, no. There are quite a few experimental artists that I think are deserving of every bit of praise that comes their way, including Frank Zappa, Brian Eno, Eno-era Roxy Music, "Heroes"/Low-era Bowie, Pere Ubu, Suicide, and Pavement. Elliot Smith is also good, although Stereolab is a bit precious for me.

    Johnny Waco

  • Favorite Actors and the Movies I Most Liked Them In   14 years 7 weeks ago

    Sorry, I had to make the distinction "famous" people, which lessens your qualification to make the list. Perhaps if I could do a non-media favorite people list, or rather a "favorite people on listology" list...

  • Greatest Supporting Actors   14 years 7 weeks ago

    I did not intend it to be a personal attack. I hope it didn't came out that way. Actually, I was shocked that some of the other contributors who have seen a ton of movies did not point out the exclusion of classic actors.

  • A Random Mix of Recommended Books   14 years 7 weeks ago

    what's the skinny (i hate that expression and don't know why i used it) on "jitterbug perfume"? i picked it up when i was in high school and got too neurotic to get past twenty pages but don't remember why. any reason why it's good?

  • My Current Playlist (Labor Day, 1999)   14 years 7 weeks ago

    the geraldine fibbers- gosh. what a lost gem. where are they these days anyway? did you hear "butch"? i thought it was hideous... but i do love the fibbers.

  • Help! It appears AOL does not like The Lis   14 years 7 weeks ago

    Did you edit/create some of your "Essential Albums" lists yesterday? If so, how did you do it? Did you use a different machine, or did you find a way around the problem?

  • curiosity may lead me...   14 years 7 weeks ago

    shudder to think are an easy one off your list- you dig "velvet goldmine"? they're responsible for most of the soundtrack. they put on a crazy good live show.

  • dying to be read   14 years 7 weeks ago

    have you read "girlfriend in a coma"? the sticky soap-y plot had me going but packed a much bigger punch for me than gen x. shampoo planet was...entertaining. i'm reading miss wyoming right now. i'm not liking it much. too bad.

    (i've admittedly declared this a coupland summer, by the way.)

  • San Francisco Songs   14 years 7 weeks ago

    "come back from san francisco" the magnetic fields

    not a well known one, but with the killer and memorable opening line: "come back from san francisco, it can't be all that pretty"

  • People I can recognize just by the sound of their guitar   14 years 7 weeks ago

    hey jimi...someone's callin your name...hey jimi...i think i hear it again...

    how about robert johnson?
    how about kurt cobain?
    how about JIMI JIMI JIMI?

  • CC00050: The Byrds   14 years 7 weeks ago

    Wow, your fiftieth CC list! Congrats! I wish I had more to contribute to them comment-wise, but I don't feel knowledgable enough in most cases. Sure do like reading them, though. I'm going to have to start a "to listen to" list. Thanks!

  • Favorite Movies with a Disability Focus/Storyline   14 years 7 weeks ago

    does the disability have to be the quirk to make it to your list? how about the disability being the message? i vote "cat on a hot tin roof"

  • 0001. CDs You Really Should Hear   14 years 7 weeks ago


    slint is a band.
    "in the aeroplane over the sea" is an album by neutral milk hotel.

  • 0001. CDs You Really Should Hear   14 years 7 weeks ago

    or "in the aeroplane over the sea". you might also do some good by checking out slint- some sort of common denominator of bonnie "prince" billy and some other louisville and chicago rockers.

  • Greatest Supporting Actors   14 years 7 weeks ago

    How can you have this list without listing some of the greatest classic supporting actors. Take a look at these resumes:
    Claude Rains - Casablanca, Notorious, Lawrence of Arabia, Mr. Smith Goes to Washington, Here Comes Mr. Jordan, Now Voyager, Mr. Skeffington, Angel on My Shoulder, and Passgae to Marseilles.

    Lionel Barrymore - It's a Wonderful Life, You Can't Take It With You, Key Largo, A Guy Named Joe, Since You Went Away, Camille, Dinner at Eight, Grand Hotel, and Duel in the Sun.

    Walter Brennan - Meet John Doe, To Have and Have Not, My Darling Clementine, Sergeant York, Pride of the Yankees, How the West Was Won, Bad Day at Black Rock, Red River, and Rio Bravo.

    Robert Shaw - Jaws, From Russia With Love, The Deep, The Sting, Man for All Seasons, Battle of the Bulge, Lavendar Hill Mob, Black Sunday, and The Taking of Pelham One Two Three.

    Shelley Winters - A Place in the Sun, Night of the Hunter, Diary of Anne Frank, Lolita, Alfie, A Patch of Blue, The Poseidon Adventure, and The Tenant.