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  • Favorite southern rock songs   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Well, if you want to check out similar-souding artists, go to Amazon Music > Styles > Rock > Classic Rock > Southern Rock. It's not a very popular sound nowadays, but I'm not the only one who classifies it this way.

  • favorite directors   14 years 13 weeks ago

    PETER WEIR - FEARLESS !!!!! Always overlooked, but I will never forget it.

    And no Stanley Kubrick...? Even if you aren't a Kubrick fan, you certainly can't overlook Dr Strangelove or 2001: A Space Odyssey

    No David Lynch...? Same as above, but The ELephant Man and, maybe...Blue Velvet

  • The Most Visually Beautiful Movies of All Time   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Re: the rock-video thing. I certainly hope not. I find music videos too pedantic, and the strobe-like scene switches are made for people with the attention spans of gnats.

    Granted, the only movie I've seen where I knew that the director was previously a music video director was Stigmata, which was dreadful in just about every possible way. What bugged me most, though, was the tendency to uses the previously mentioned scene changes. Heavy on meaningless or too-obvious symbolism, very light on substance. Perhaps if I knew of a few more movies by video directors, I might change my mind. Can you mention a few (besides the Cell, which I have yet to see)?

  • best foreign language films i've seen   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Diary of a Country Priest (or Journal d'un curé de campagne) was made in 1950--very powerful.

    Also, Dekalog was directed by Krzysztof Kieslowski (who went on to create the Three Colours trilogy: Blue, White, & Red). He's my all-time favorite and *definitely* worth checking out. Dekalog was originally created for Polish television--it has 10 parts, which each correspond to one of the Ten Commandments--and it was only recently released on video in the US. Let me know what you think of it if you do check them out.

  • Favorite southern rock songs   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Is southern rock the genre (or rock style), or does it refer to where the artist comes from? Because while I'm pretty sure most of these come from the south, Alannah Myles is Canadian.

  • The Most Visually Beautiful Movies of All Time   14 years 13 weeks ago

    We are totally open to additions and suggestions. We just got back from seeing The Cell. It does not make the list despite some pretty sumptuous art direction and pretty costumes. Do you think the proliferation of rock-video directors making feature films will change the dominant aesthetics of film? Anyone care to respond.

    And yes, Walkabout is a contender for the list but we'll save it for the upcoming list entitled, "The Most Poetically Beautiful Movies of all Time." (Channing has seen it. Lisa hasn't but will next time she goes to the video store.)

  • °   14 years 13 weeks ago

    hey, thanx for commenting... i haven't been here in months, haven't yet had time to put any effort into my lists... but yeah, those're the ones most special to me so far, that've affected me most - for the better..... have you see them, what'd you think? ~raine (``oddsong")
    ‘i dream’

  • The Most Visually Beautiful Movies of All Time   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Are you open to suggestions for additions to this list? If yes, I suggest WALKABOUT ['71, dir. Nicolas Roeg].

  • 5 James Taylor Songs I Love   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Good to see a JT fan. My husband proposed to me with "How Sweet It Is" playing in the background!

  • best foreign language films i've seen   14 years 13 weeks ago

    I'm glad to see someone else who likes ponette. I didn't know that diary of a country priest had been made into a movie. Do you know how old it is? I'll try and track it down. Is the dekalog by a polish producer? I just recently heard about it. Is it worth seeing?

  • 25 Albums to Feed your Soul   14 years 13 weeks ago

    I only have Killing Floor on cassette so I don't end up listening to it as much as a few others I have on CD. I just saw Cockburn and he put on an amazing show. He and his band exuded such great enthusiasm and enjoyment as they were playing.

  • LIst of the most boring movies in history   14 years 13 weeks ago

    I agree that A Thin Red Line was quite boring, since the plot really seemed to have a hard time figuring out if it even existed. The cinematography of that movie was absolutely excellent, though. The scenery was beautifully shot.

  • Writers I'd Most Like To Meet (Living and Dead)   14 years 13 weeks ago

    After R.A.W. wrote "Cosmic Trigger" (what I consider to be his thesis statment), he expanded this further by turning each chapter of "Cosmic Trigger" into its own book. Of these "Prometheus Rising" was my favorite.

  • Read Quickly While Recovering from Various Physical Maladies   14 years 13 weeks ago

    That was probably my 5th or 6th Dortmunder book. I was recovering from surgery and I knew I needed a book that wouldn't require too much brain power to appreciate.

  • LIst of the most boring movies in history   14 years 13 weeks ago

    I was hoping to see A Thin Red Line on this list! Finally--someone who feels the same! I didn't even get to appreciate the scenery before I fell asleep, and I wasn't especially tired going into the movie...BORING!

  • Overrated Movies - why do people like these so much?   14 years 13 weeks ago

    I really enjoyed the suspense of the first film, but in Aliens the exceeding amount of explosions and aliens and shoddy manner in which all the action was just jumbled together took away alot of the excitement and suspense. Another point(although very minor) that bothered me concerned a scene with the marines. The marines were situated inside a closed room, while they watched their tracking device which indicated that the aliens were several meters away. The marines fretted, not comprehending where the aliens could possibely be. Of course the aliens were not on the same floor. The sheer stupidity of the marines in that scene greatly bothered me. Also I hated the finale, with the "queen" alien. That was just ridiculous. Anyways, the greatest disappointment was the lack of suspense. It was still an enjoyable movie, just not as good as the first. Anyways, since this is a Cameron film, that gets me thinking. Do you want to see a horrible movie? I bet you do. Check out the Abyss, a terrible Cameron flick that will make you beg for the end(especially if you get the director's cut like me).

  • movies i regret seeing   14 years 13 weeks ago

    man bites dog sucked hard, i agree with you on that it was supposed to be all deep and reality check like but it was so boring. i have to disagee on resevoir dogs, shawshank, boogie nights (didnt like the end section though (you know what i mean)) pink floyd the wall made me cry for two weeks

  • Give me my two hours back, you thief   14 years 13 weeks ago

    spade it is david spade

  • 0023: The 100 Best Rock Albums (10-1)   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Wow! Either somebody has recently brought it back into print, or Amazon found a stash behind a copy machine recently! This is great, great news.

    Thanks for the compliments. I hope to finally finish either today or Monday. I'm especially thrilled that you liked the Exile review. That was the hardest, and I told my wife later that day that I either loved it or I hated it. I had trouble making up my mind. Re-reading it today, I'm much happier with it than I had thought. I'm noticing that my longest write-ups are ending up my favorites. Hmmmm....

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • 0023: The 100 Best Rock Albums (10-1)   14 years 13 weeks ago

    This list continues to be marvelous. Great writeups. I particularly liked your Exile on Main Street and Sun Sessions reviews.

    But my original purpose for writing was to bring good news.

  • Movies with interesting use of colour   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Don't forget What Dreams May Come. Beautiful art, beautiful colors.

    Also, Kieslowski's Three Colors trilogy--undeniable great use of color!

  • I've recently become surprised that The Listology   14 years 13 weeks ago

    I'm glad you enjoy my list(s). Sorry I cheated and put them in the comments, but that way they're updated automatically. If you like to share your links (like I do), I highly recommend putting them on one of the web bookmark managers.

  • favorite directors   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Great call with Kieslowski, my fav director!

    • Wim Wenders - Wings of Desire!!! Lisbon Story, and the Buena Vista Social Club documentary
    • Peter Weir - Fearless, Dead Poets Society, Truman Show
    • Woody Allen - If you don't know, then shame on you! :) Annie Hall, Manhattan are the best 2.
    • Quentin Tarantino - This one's debatable, depending on your tastes...

  • My Favorite Foreign Films   14 years 13 weeks ago

    Yes, and The Double Life of Veronique! And, if you like all these, check out the documentary about Kieslowski, titled "I'm so-so".
    [He's my fav director, can't ya tell? :) ]

  • 0016: Films to Scare Yourself Silly With (AKA Great Horror Films)   14 years 13 weeks ago

    i am sorry but night of the living dead sucked and was not scary at all. the only good thing was that black guy who could just do anything and was an all around pimp!