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  • A Film (or two) for Every State   14 years 10 weeks ago

    State and Main and White Christmas for Vermont perhaps...Maybe Beetlejuice I think that was Vermont.

  • Z. GAME0002: Name The Director   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Excellent! Even at first my little voice was saying, "perhaps Newman?", but I never listen to my little voice. I'm surprised it still wastes time talking to me.

  • Comic Books That Comics-haters Should Try   14 years 10 weeks ago

    No, never have. I remember reading lots of comics as a pre-adolescent, and only got back into them as an "adult" with Watchmen and Dark Knight. Since then, I've stuck exclusively (and selectively) to those collected into trade paperbacks rather than single issues. Not sure if there's a "Best of Heavy Metal" TPB I could check out...

  • Favorites: Movie Villians   14 years 10 weeks ago

    I respectfully submit these for your consideration:

      - Darth Vader: The Empire Strikes Back
      - Hans Gruber: Die Hard
      - Kahn: Star Trek II
      - Hannibal Lecter: Silence of the Lambs
      - Amon Goeth: Schindler's List

  • Movies That Well Illustrate Action/Suspense Plot Number One   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Hollow Man was a horrible sad for Kevin Bacon and Elizabeth Shue...But there WAS good suspense.

  • Z. GAME0002: Name The Director   14 years 10 weeks ago

    You are correct, sir!

  • A Film (or two) for Every State   14 years 10 weeks ago

    I must say, I'm impressed. If this were given to me as a quiz ("name a movie that took place in -- and captured the essence of -- each state"), I'd probably be able to do five. I don't think the place quite registers with me.

    Deleware - tough one. I know they tout tax-free shopping on their "Welcome to Deleware" sign, but really have no idea on the "captures the essence of Deleware" front.

    For Wyoming, I don't suppose City Slickers took place there?

  • Favorite "Lovers on the Run" Movies   14 years 10 weeks ago

    How 'bout A Life Less Ordinary?

  • Z. GAME0002: Name The Director   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Well then I have to guess Paul Newman (for The Glass Menagerie). If I'm wrong again, I'll sheepishly sidle out the back door . . .

  • 0000:greatest tv theme songs   14 years 10 weeks ago

    I cant believe I didnt think of that Revising my list as I speak.

  • 10 Greatest female artists in rock history.   14 years 10 weeks ago

    All Aretha is is a overweight middle aged britteny spears. She wrote 3 songs in her life. She can sing real great, no doubt, but the songs she sings are Carole King's and Otis Redding's.

  • Five Best Stephen King Novels.   14 years 10 weeks ago

    ...And Cujo.

  • DIRECTOR GAME ripped off from the wacky AAA   14 years 10 weeks ago

    uh huh, thats right.

  • Listology's worst movies ever   14 years 10 weeks ago

    The 3 movies that I can think of that I hate the most:
    1. Escape from LA
    2. Green Berets
    3. Teaching Mrs. Tingle

  • My Dad's Favorite/Best Movies   14 years 10 weeks ago

    He says thank you. So do I.

  • Great Artists you haven't heard of yet   14 years 10 weeks ago

    I think I've heard of Utah Phillips. Didn't he do an album with Ani DiFranco?

  • Rock-era genres I like   14 years 10 weeks ago

    How could I forget Shoegazer?! One of my all-time cherished genres!

    Johnny Waco

  • Great Works Written in Prison   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Thanks for the compliments bertie and jgandcag. I've never actually read anything by Mr. de Sade, and I try to limit these lists to what I have read. De Sade certainly has had an impact, and interestingly enough, it seems his works have a radically different tone from most of the works I've listed.

    Johnny Waco

  • Best David Bowie Song   14 years 10 weeks ago

    From this list, I voted for "Rebel Rebel" but I'd also like to submit a write-in vote for "Sound and Vision." Great song...

    Johnny Waco

  • A Particular Guilty Pleasure: Car Chases   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Bullitt definitely belongs in the pantheon of car chases. My dad showing me that movie when I was, like, ten was a real mind-blower. I still remember him saying, "Watch this--it's the first San Fransisco car chase!" I'm glad I obeyed...

    Johnny Waco

  • Great Renaissance Dramas (excluding Shakespeare)   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Hey, thanks! I guess I just decided to stop running away from my future profession (college English prof, I hope) and put up something besides music lists!

    Johnny Waco

  • Z. GAME0002: Name The Director   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Hi, Jim! The Glass Menagerie was not directed by Robert Redford but was directed by a contemporary of Robert Redford's. And Pierce Brosnan didn't direct Grey Owl. lbangs is correct about Grey Owl's director being a fairly prestigious British director.

  • Favourite Movies By Genre (and how many I have on DVD)   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Very cool to see Badlands on this list; on certain days, I might say that is my favorite movie...

    Johnny Waco

  • best of cartoon series   14 years 10 weeks ago

    I'm glad to see another fan of Animaniacs! I think it is the only inheritor of the grand tradition of Warner Bros. cartoons. They appeal to young children while making pop culture references only an older audience would understand.

    On that note, I would recommend classic Warner Bros. cartoons, esp. Bugs Bunny. I recommend the old ones, though. The new ones cut out all the good stuff (like smoking cigars & gambling).

  • Z. GAME0002: Name The Director   14 years 11 weeks ago

    ========= Hint 1 =========
    01. The Man in the Glass Booth (1975)
    04. The Night Visitor (1970)
    05. Last Tango in Paris (1972)
    06. A Face in the Crowd (1957)
    07. The Sunshine Boys (1975)
    14. High Noon (1952)
    15. Harry and Son (1984)
    17. A Chorus Line (1985)
    19. Roman Holiday (1953)
    22. Gigi (1958)
    24. Sons and Lovers (1960)
    31. Holiday (1938)
    33. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967)
    34. Duck Soup (1933)
    35. Mary, Queen of Scots (1971)
    39. Twelve O'Clock High (1949)
    41. The Sugarland Express (1974)

    OK, for each director which hadn't been guessed I have added another film that they directed.