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  • authors I'll automatically buy books from   13 years 44 weeks ago

    Well, I like them all obviously, but for many different reasons, so you might or might not.

    Neil Gaiman -- Everyone should read Gaiman. He's fantasy (mostly) but in a very quirky sort of way. Check out Good Omens by him and Terry Pratchett as a starting point.
    William Gibson -- cyberpunk
    Peter F. Hamilton -- hard SF

    Will Self -- kinda weird British author. Check out The Quantity Theory of Insanity

    Julian Barnes -- somewhat less weird British author. Check out A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters

    Nicholas Bantock -- Beautiful art/fiction books.

    Haruki Murakami -- I bet you'd like his stuff. Try Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World

    Christopher Moore -- Highly humorous author. Definitely worth a try. Bloodsucking Fiends is my favorite (though it's a close call).

    Neal Stephenson -- mostly SF
    Bruce Sterling -- cyberpunk
    Vernor Vinge -- SF

    Robert Anton Wilson -- wacked out sex, drugs and conspiracy theories. I'm pretty sure Robbins has read some Wilson.

    Kim Stanley Robinson -- SF again. I quite liked his Mars series.

  • Anyone have any Recommendations?   13 years 44 weeks ago

    Oops. I meant A History of Knowledge by Charles Van Doren.

  • books I started but haven't managed to finish   13 years 44 weeks ago

    I think I only managed to get about 10 pages in before I gave up. It's been awhile tough.

  • Some I tried to read but haven't, yet, finished   13 years 44 weeks ago

    I bought a townhouse a year ago in a large part so I'd have more room for bookcases. I read a lot, but I buy books faster than I read them.
    "Ooooh, a new Richard Powers. Gotta pick that up."
    -- me, last night at Powells.

  • Some I tried to read but haven't, yet, finished   13 years 44 weeks ago

    Thanks for making me feel so much better. LOL. A decade?!?! I've got a tiny room so, unfortunately, I can't buy any more bookshelves. I merely place my books in sloppy and tidy piles on my floor.

  • To Buy/Borrow, Fiction   13 years 44 weeks ago

    Glad to see A Confederacy of Dunces.

  • Jojo's Funniest Movies   13 years 44 weeks ago

    Absolutely! Another one of my favorites! I'll have to add it to the existing list. Who could forget "Springtime for Hitler" -- LOL!!!


  • books I started but haven't managed to finish   13 years 44 weeks ago

    The only one of these I've read is the Silmarillion. I read it quite a while ago. I did find it a heavy read as well, but the history it offered about Tolkien's world sucked me in and helped me get through it.

  • Books I will never finish   13 years 44 weeks ago

    knew, I knew enough about the movie. Sorry.

  • Books I will never finish   13 years 44 weeks ago

    This is really quite pitiful, considering I'm a Lit major, but I didn't make it through Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huck Finn. I got to chapter 15 and lost my way. I had no idea if I was coming or going, but I stopped. Luckily, I had seen the movie and new enough about the book to help me b.s. my way through the Lit exam.

  • Anyone have any Recommendations?   13 years 44 weeks ago

    I haven't read Roberts' book, but I have seen that he has written this and a history of Europe which have both gotten good reviews. I was tempted to get the history of Europe book, but the size was a bit bigger than I wanted at the moment (my only real reading time right now is on the bus and I was looking for shorter reads so it wouldn't take me a year to read it :)

    I did just finish Guns, Germs and Steel by Jared Diamond, which looks at the history of the world in a broader sense than individual events. I found it very itneresting.

    Thank you for your other suggetions, L. Bangs. I will definitely look in to them.

    I don't know if this is what you intended when you created the Listology, Jim, but my "to read" list is growing exponentially... :) Thanks.

  • Anyone have any Recommendations?   13 years 44 weeks ago

    Who is the author of this? I tried to do a search on Amazon for this title and there wasn't anything with exactly this title.

    Thanks. :)

  • Children's Books that Everyone Should Read   13 years 44 weeks ago

    Have you read the Anne of Green Gables books by L.M. Montgomery? I didn't read these as a kid, but I watched the movies, starring Megan Follows, about four years ago and I fell in love with them. I just recently read the books for the first time. I haven't read them all, there are eight total, but I read: Anne of Green Gables, Anne of Avonlea, Anne of the Island, Anne of Windy Poplars, Anne's House of Dreams and I tried to read Anne of Ingleside, but I skipped about 15 chapters and went straight to the end. If you haven't read them I would say at least read the first book Anne of Green Gables.

  • authors I'll automatically buy books from   13 years 44 weeks ago

    John Irving, Tom Robbins, and Kurt Vonnegut are favorites of mine-- and I've never heard of the other authors. Are they similar-- or more properly-- if I like those three do you think I will like the rest.

  • reading these sucked   13 years 44 weeks ago

    oh, that explains alot about how prolific she's been since death... but as for the movie, i saw it a looooong time ago, but i remember thinking it was *better* because it cut out some of the less savory portions and added a bit of revenge at the end. interesting...

  • 0007. L. Bangs' Great Lyric Challenge   13 years 44 weeks ago

    :) Great entry. No, this artist is not on the list yet, so I'll add it.

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • 10 Books i'll never get tired of   13 years 44 weeks ago

    Jitterbug and Skinny Legs are my faves, but I heard the new one is not worth reading?! Tom Robbins has the best quotes (I collect quotes from book and find myself writing down most of is book) although I do agree with you about the same plot thing

  • My favorite actors of the Old Garde :)   13 years 44 weeks ago

    Don't you like any old garde women?! :)

  • reading these sucked   13 years 44 weeks ago

    VC Andrews (I was very into her in about the 6th grade) died, but left plot outlines for numerous books. When she passed, they were ghost written. I have to say that its been so many years now since she died that I think they may just have someone else making up the plot in some sort of franchise. They are extremely formulaic, and anyone could probably do it if they read a few books. In addition to Flowers in the Attic being awful-- try the movie. It is worse.

  • musicals i've seen/been in   13 years 44 weeks ago

    I was also, sadly, in Anything Goes in High School-- but Once On this Island?! That's an interesting choice in High School. Don't feel badly about it being not much, I was a theatre major, and I haven't seen very many either.

  • Books that held my attention for less than five minutes   13 years 44 weeks ago

    Reading fiction gives you a view into world you never have seen, and also can show you that many others over time have felt the way that you do. It can give you a sense of community when you find none. Fiction is also a differant take on non-fiction religion and philosophy books, the really good books can lead you to the same conclusions. Some people really just don't enjoy fiction, but I think that for personal growth need to read with fiction or philosophy... and fiction is more fun!

  • Jojo's Top Ten Musicals   13 years 44 weeks ago

    I have to agree with you that Holiday Inn is much more enjoyable, somehow, than White Chirstmas, although they are so similar... I'm in my late twenties and I've seen your whole list.. so young people do like musicals, too. I tend to prfer the live shows of musicals like the King and I and My Fair Lady, which were written for the stage.. but I like the movie versions, especially if they somehow expand or change the show instead of just filming a stage musical.

  • 0007. L. Bangs' Great Lyric Challenge   13 years 44 weeks ago

    dang, here's another: a good canadien band (eh?):
    "I went back to bed this morning / and as I'm pulling down the blind / yeah the sky was dull and hypothetical, and fallin' one cloud at a time..."

  • 0007. L. Bangs' Great Lyric Challenge   13 years 44 weeks ago

    here's one from an artist not on this list (I think!)...pretty popular nonetheless:
    "Tell you the truth I perfer the worst of you /
    Too bad you had to have a better half..."

  • Aussie/New Zealand Films Kick Ass!   13 years 44 weeks ago

    I've heard of Romper Stomper because I've been on a Russell Crowe kick lately, and I know he's in that (and I believe it's the role that got him the call for LA Confidential).