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  • Books Finished Since May 1st   14 years 10 weeks ago

    How are the Mrs. Malory books? I have not tried that series myself yet.

  • Seen Recently At Theater   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Ah bertie my friend you certainly can make Bennett Cerf spin in his grave and I have missed you. I enjoyed SPACE COWBOYS as much as any of these except GLADIATOR and CHICKEN RUN. It probably qualifies as a guilty pleasure. I told my date it reminds me of a cross between ON GOLDEN POND and ARMAGEDDON. Lots of fun with the Tommy Lee Jones part.

  • Movies that are as good as or better than their literary source   14 years 10 weeks ago

    I'd agree about Henry and June. I haven't been able to handle wading through much of her writing, but LOVED that movie.

  • Feeling   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Pink Floyd's The Wall really ought to have been on there somewhere. (though the movie is worse in that regard than the album)

  • Top U2 songs   14 years 10 weeks ago

    I second the comments above, and I must also add that Heartland may well be the most under-rated U2 song ever.

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • 0021: The 100 Best Rock Albums (21-30)   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Thanks for the compliments. Yes, I love Achtung Baby, although The Joshua Tree and War are also fantastic albums. I remember writing for a newspaper when the Achtung disc first arrived. I wrote a beaming review and was quite shocked to see the number of negative mail I received for it. Fans of Tree felt betrayed by both the band and me! I still stand by the assessment I made then; Achtung is (so far) U2's finest moment, and easily one of the best albums to arrive in the 90s!

    Again, I appreciate your comments. I've been rather tardy finishing this list, but your comments encourage me to get on the ball and to finish the final 15!

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • Excellent Fiction   14 years 10 weeks ago

    I liked it as well..

  • So far, I love   14 years 10 weeks ago

    You'll have to let me know what you think, as I've really enjoyed Kotzwinkle so far. In fact, I have The Fan Man on my to-read pile, but it keeps getting pushed down the list because I'm worried (for no particular reason) that I'll find it dated.

  • Top U2 songs   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Ok, I definalty agree with your top choice up there. It's probably my favorite song, and All I Want Is You is also amazing, but I think you should definatly consider some of their later work in Achtung Baby and Pop. All of those songs are good, but I think you could have definatly added a few there.

  • 0021: The 100 Best Rock Albums (21-30)   14 years 10 weeks ago

    I'm a diehard U2 fan and I aplaud you on the albums you chose from U2 for your list. Achtung Baby is my favorite U2 album, and The Joshua Tree has some amazing artistic merit to it. The band memebers commented that Achtung Baby is the sound of 4 men chopping down the Joshua Tree and that it's 12 takes on an obsession. The Joshua Tree feels a lot more raw to me, in it's sound, but i think both of them are really terrific albums. I agee though, that Achtung Baby is the better of the two. Each song on that album is completly diferent from the one before, and yet, they are all the same on some level. The underlying concept about love caries through the entire album. And all I can say to your obvious incredible knowledge of rock!

  • Excellent Fiction   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Einstein's Dreams was amazing. I had almost fogotten about that book. I'll have to go back and read it again now. Anyone else read it? oh, and what's this about making the Tolkien seris into movies? There's no way they can do it justice, and I'm almost afraid to go and see them when they come out.

  • top ten kevin spacey movies   14 years 10 weeks ago

    i had a hard time numbering them. a lot of these are almost too close to call. i think if i was just looking at his preformance and not at the movie as a whole the list would be quite different. i would definately recommend seeing swimming with sharks when you get a chance. it is an excellent movie and my favorite of all time.

  • top ten kevin spacey movies   14 years 10 weeks ago

    I just realized that I completely forgot about the ref. i don't know what i was thinking. i think that i would definatly knock off working girl and put the ref just below the negotiator.

  • 0007. L. Bangs' Great Lyric Challenge   14 years 10 weeks ago

    The Ghost in You - Counting Crows (off the Clueless soundtrack, mind you). I was just listening to this song this morning...

  • So far, I love   14 years 10 weeks ago

    I've had one of his Fata Morgana sitting here for probably a year or two but haven't picked it up at all yet. Perhaps it'll have to go into the pile of things I'm likely to read soon.

  • Movies that scared the crap out of me when i was a kid   14 years 10 weeks ago

    I don't know how old you are, but JAWS frightened a whole GENERATION of kids, myself included (I'm still leery of the ocean). Then there was the made-for-tv movie about nuclear war, I think it was called "The Day After" or something? I had nightmares for months, if not years, after that, and I saw it as a teen!

    I know kids who also were frightened of Sleeping Beauty, but I liked it. Lots of Disney movies have really scary parts if you think about it...there's always that kind of good vs. evil thing going on...

  • 10 Reasons why comix shouldn't be overlooked   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Hey, nice list, one I've fully gotta support- every book on this list that i've read is great, most notably the Gaiman works, and of course, 'Nny is a great guy to have around. JCV is someone to watch for, definitely.

    My recommendation for #10 would have to be "Transmetropolitan", and I just can't remember who wrote that one. It's great, though.

    Great List :)

  • Movies that scared the crap out of me when i was a kid   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Yeah the Last Unicorn was a bit disturbing. That whole part with the bird or harpie or whatever it was attacking the old lady....dude

  • To Buy/Borrow, Technical   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Cliff Stoll is basically a junior chemist(?) who got lucky and tracked down some hackers. It's not terribly technical, but it is a surprisingly good read. He's a typical uni freak, though. Dunno about the second one.

    I seem to remember that Upgrading and Repairing PC's isn't all that great, unless you really don't know what you're doing.

  • Movies that made me Cry (a lot)   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Thank you for the recommendations-- I have seen Beaches, and it did make me cry-- but the others I have only heard of. I don't necessarily LIKE to cry, but I do it so easily that I can;t help it.

  • Concerts I've Been To   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Yes, but fortunately, I was able to control my bladder!

  • Favorite Falsettos   14 years 10 weeks ago

    Good point. I am adding him.

  • Great Songs by Tori Amos   14 years 11 weeks ago

    First time I saw Tori Amos live I was front row in this small night club..."Me and a Gun" was perhaps the most powerful live performance I've ever seen...I still tremble even now to think about it.

  • Movies that made me Cry (a lot)   14 years 11 weeks ago

    I've watched the movie "Angus" several times...two scenes in it always make me cry. "Untamed Heart" made me cry..."The Waterdance" makes me cry even after several viewings.

  • For you Bladerunner fans - was Deckard a re   14 years 11 weeks ago

    I find it to be a bit of a shame that anyone would come forth about whether Deckard is a replicant. What is great about the film, and especially the director's cut, is that it is left ambiguous, while the viewer is left to his or her own opinions. I have alluded to this concept in films before, and this reinforces it even more. Why do you always have to understand every intention an artist has, like being obsessed with asking the question "what is it?" about a painting? It is what you think it is - part of the beauty of art is that it is open to interpretation, just as the end of this great movie is. By knowing Scott's intent to portray Deckard as a replicant, a part of the mysticism and interest of the movie is taken away. I compare this to the proposed Terminator 3 movie. No one needs to make this, for starters. But the Judgment Day movie makes one wonder if the heroes will actually stop, prevent or change the perceived future scenerio (like in Back to the Future), or not be able to change anything at all (like in 12 Monkeys). By showing a war between man and machine, as this new movie is reported to show, one scenerio is favored over the other. What is wrong with just not knowing?
    So jeers to Ridley Scott. He should know better. It is like giving away magic secrets. Some things should just be left alone.