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  • Read Before 2001   14 years 11 weeks ago

    Well, this is interesting. In fact, I've read all three and while I agree with you on THE LEGACY... and STEEL BEACH we part company on IT, which is my favorite King novel. I particularly like the way the story is told, cutting back and forth over the 30 year span that separates the characters' adult adventure from their childhood one. And the youngsters are just amazingly written - you can tell there's a lot of King's own childhood in them.

    THE LEGACY OF HEOROT, depite its being trashed by many critics, is one of my favorite sf novels. And the comparison with JAWS and ALIEN is very apt. The novel adds an extra dimension to the basic Beowulf-style plot (isolated humans preyed upon by monster(s), hero emerges, etc.), when you consider that it's a story of damaged brain versus augmented brawn. I have also read the sequel, which in my neck of the woods was published as THE DRAGONS OF HEOROT. It's good, very good,'s a sequel and not the original.

    STEEL BEACH has extra delights if you're also a fan of the late great Robert Heinlein.

  • Copycat Movies - Which One Was Better?   14 years 11 weeks ago

    Thanks for your opinions - especially since they mostly agree with mine. I assume you read the discussion above on ENTRAPMENT versus THOMAS CROWN - care to give your reasons for preferring TC?

    I have to reiterate my strong preference for ARMAGEDDON over DEEP IMPACT. I find ARMAGEDDON quite entertaining (I own a copy and have watched it several times) - despite it's being over-the-top and incredible. DE (seen twice)is dull by comparison.

  • Notable Absences (who may or may not eventually show up)   14 years 11 weeks ago

    Waiting for Guffman - Guffman
    Muppet Babies - Any adult's head
    Peanuts - The teacher

  • Read Before 2001   14 years 11 weeks ago

    yikes. i've read 42 of those!

  • Copycat Movies - Which One Was Better?   14 years 11 weeks ago

    Well, here's my picks...

    Dante's Peak over Volcano. Armageddon and Deep Impact tied. They both sucked. Thomas Crown Affair over Entrapment. A Bug's Life over Antz
    Mimic over The Relic. The Truman Show over EDtv
    Tombstone over Wyatt Earp. Leviathan over Deep Star Six. Stigmata over End of Days. Starship Troopers over Wing Commander. She's All That over 10 Things. Saving Private Ryan over The Thin Red Line.

  • Read Before 2001   14 years 11 weeks ago

    Hi, bertie,

    Well it's been a long time since I read IT. As I recall it was just a passable Stephen King book. Some of his books are just that way. :-)

    The Legacy of Heorot is awesome. I haven't read the sequel, Beowulf's Children, yet. Heorot literally had me going one way, standard sci-fi fare, and then, boom, it turned into this full bore horror/action novel. If a filmmaker could ever do this book justice it could top Jaws and Alien from a pure scarability standpoint.

    Steel Beach is a typical John Varley book. Liberal doses of radical viewpoints. Cool concepts. Lots of sex. Definitely worth reading. Of his recent stuff I think I liked The Golden Globe better but that's probably because Globe had a ton of film references.

    Of the three I would say that Heorot and Beach are must reads. IT you could probably pass on.

  • Read Before 2001   14 years 11 weeks ago

    Hi, Nadine,

    Actually these are the books I read last month.

    (Very Long Pause)

    Just joking! :-) The time-frame is definitely my life. I'd subdivide it into more easily digestible chunks if I had a good plan. But as of now I'm sort of doing a core dump as they occur to me. Perhaps I'll come up with an interesting way of organizing them in the near future. Any ideas?

  • Read Before 2001   14 years 11 weeks ago

    Is there a time period for this list (a year, a month, your life) Since I din't read sci-fi, I only know Salinger, John Irving & Tom Robbins (and Steven King, but I haven't read him much) but they are a few of my favorites!

  • Read Before 2001   14 years 11 weeks ago

    I'd be interested to read your opinions of IT, THE LEGACY OF HEOROT, and STEEL BEACH.

  • Notable Absences (who may or may not eventually show up)   14 years 11 weeks ago

    I'm not really saying that any of these characters never show, it's just that for the better part of their existence in these movies/books/shows, their presence is notably missed. For example Kaiser Soze we do eventually see, and Mr. Bell in Drew Carey made an appearance right before he left the show. this criteria I will add Louis Prima and the mother in Psycho, but I've not seen Rebecca.

  • Notable Absences (who may or may not eventually show up)   14 years 11 weeks ago

    I've not seen waiting for Guffman. Thanks for the reminder on MB and Peanuts (all adults in the Peanuts, actually).

  • Read Before 2001   14 years 11 weeks ago

    *laugh* actually no, but I already told one friend I wouldn't marry him just he could have access to my library. ;)

  • My Favorite Films   14 years 11 weeks ago

    I have seen (and loved, to some degree) every Kubrick except for Fear & Desire and Spartacus. Not that I didn't love these, just that I didn't see them. I have no excuses for not seeing Spartacus, but Kubrick, himself, owned the only copy of Fear & Desire, and would not let anyone see it.
    I own all of them (F&D, Spartacus excluded), and watch each of them on a regular basis. Each of his films are one of my favorites, but I didn't want the list to be too long.

    I find that A Clockwork Orange has proven to be somewhat prophectic in its depiction of bored-teenage violence (and some would agrue, helped create it).

    I also think that Quentin Tarantino watched The Killing one too many times. Each of Tarantino's films seem to be told through Kubrick's "The Killing" style (albeit, a little more modern and vulgar). Not that I don't like Tarantino, but everytime I watch one of his movies and The Killing around the same time, I find myself saying "Wait a minute..."

    Paths of Glory? Do war movies get much better than this? Oh! Full Metal Jacket. There is something about the Kubrick symmetrical compositions and fast zooms that just really hit home in this one.

    Is there a movie more beautifully shot than Barry Lyndon? My vote is Eyes Wide Shut. The most overlooked and misunderstood film of his career. I also nominate it for the best cinematography of all time (runner up: Hitchcock's Foreign Correspondent).

    Altman, Altman, Altman,...
    He's a card. As much as I like Nashville, and enjoyed The Player, I found Short Cuts to be unnecessarily long.

    It seems like The Player and Short Cuts are his star-fucker films. These movies were more about who was playing the parts than the actual stories. I mean, can you believe Lyle Lovette made cakes? He's a pop/county/blues star? But, still, enjoyable.

    The best thing about Altman is that the acting is always top-notch. Julianne Moore in Short Cuts. Shelly Duvall in 3 Woman. Tim Robbins in The Player, and so on. Although I don't know if I can say if Robin WIlliams was good in Popeye, or bad? I mean, of all the Hollywood cartoon movies, this was the most cartoonish. And is this good or bad?

  • 80's Teen Angst Classics   14 years 11 weeks ago

    I realize that John Hughes had a monopoly on 80's Teen Angst, but how can you forget to include "Sixteen Candles"?

    ALthough I watch "The Breakfast Club" EVERY SINGLE TIME I catch it flipping through the cable channels (and love it everytime) I could argue that it IS alittle pretentious.

    But "Sixteeen Candles"? It is pure, unadulterated teen angst fun. And Molly's male-interest was far cuter than both Andrew McCarthy and John Cryer put together.

    Favorite PIP Line: "Blane? His name is Blane? That's not a name, it's an appliance!"

  • GE. Genre Movies: Horror: Good and Bad Vampire Movies   14 years 11 weeks ago

    Great to see Near Dark on the list!

    A few suggestions:

    Daughters of Darkness (71)
    Dracula (31) (c'mon!)
    Nosferatu (both 22 & 79)
    Vampyr (31)

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • Read Before 2001   14 years 11 weeks ago

    so kristin are you married? :-)

  • Notable Absences (who may or may not eventually show up)   14 years 11 weeks ago

    Uh, are you sure about number one?

    Gee, perhaps you should warn everybody in your title that this entire list may be spoiler material!

    Off the top of my head - Rebecca in Rebecca; Louis Prima in Big Night; mother in Psycho (sorta).

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • 0028: Part 2 - L. Bangs' Great Lyric Challenge   14 years 11 weeks ago

    It could!

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs (who promises more quotes before too long...)

  • 0028: Part 2 - L. Bangs' Great Lyric Challenge   14 years 11 weeks ago

    Great job! It is very difficult to grab a Beatles' quote that isn't instantly recognized by everybody. You did fantastic work with a mere snippet. I'm impressed!

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • evil songs/lyrics to have stuck in one's head   14 years 11 weeks ago

    Whenever I'm faced with the dilemma of having an unwanted song stuck in my head I hit it with the cure-all. It's a Small World. I didn't say I enjoy it I just suggested that it would scare anything else away...

  • CDs I'm Embarassed to Own   14 years 11 weeks ago

    Bravo for your ownership of these little gems. The path to healing begins with the admission of a problem.

  • Best songs to dance to...   14 years 11 weeks ago

    Hey hey hey! How about Push It (Salt-n-Pepa). One groovin', pushin', grindin' piece-o-trash later and the whole ROOM is jumping.

  • 0028: Part 2 - L. Bangs' Great Lyric Challenge   14 years 11 weeks ago

    #14 Could it be Sheena is a Punk Rocker from the Ramones?!

  • 0028: Part 2 - L. Bangs' Great Lyric Challenge   14 years 11 weeks ago

    #7 is The Beatles from You Can't Do That

  • Fun music   14 years 11 weeks ago

    Additions for you:

    Veronica - Elvis Costello
    Five O'Clock World - the Vogues
    Cleveland Rocks - Presidents of the United States of America
    Most of Naughty by Nature - rap that's just plain fun

    I'm sure I'll have more later.