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  • Favorites: Driving Albums   15 years 14 weeks ago

    What's in my car varies from week to week, but One that I've found it great for driving is the soundtrack to Hackers

  • Favorite Actors   15 years 14 weeks ago

    Yup! I actually listed Myrna Loy strictly on the basis of her performance in The Thin Man movies (I wasn't sure if I could justify her addition based on such a thin sample, but what the heck - I liked her). Powell's listing is almost as tenuous, but I also thought he was terrific in My Man Godfrey.

  • Series I'd Buy on DVD *   15 years 14 weeks ago

    Jim, The Sopranos is well worth the rent if you do not get HBO. Quality TV has never been this good. The small touches, the classic Movies Tony watches, to the Music they use...The Acting, writing and rythm of the show is just superb.

  • Series I'd Buy on DVD *   15 years 14 weeks ago

    Since posting this list I have seen one Sopranos episode, and it was fantastic. I'm certain I'd be hooked if we had cable. I'll definitely have to at least rent these.

  • Who Should've Won?   15 years 14 weeks ago

    You are so right on so much of this List. Particuliary happy to see the Magnificent Ambersons, but Titantic....yikes. I was rooting for the Iceberg to do a quicker job. I guess it is a visually stimulating movie but so much of the rest of your list screams out Plot and character development. You really think it was a better Movie than LA Confindential?

  • Who Should've Won?   15 years 14 weeks ago

    L.A. Confidential certainly had fantastic performances, and Crowe and Pearce were both stunning in the film.

    1997 did produce some great foreign films. My understanding is that Life Is Beautiful was first released in Italy in 1997, though I would not swear to this. The wonderful Japanese film Fireworks is a 1997 film, as is Princess Mononoke (though it did not open here until much later) and Iran's The Taste of Cherry. Those are the few that leap to my mind, and they are all excellent.

    I have seen Memento. A great film - the best I have seen this year (though, as L. Bangs pointed out, it is a 2000 film).

    Thanks for the comments.

  • Worst Rock Bands of the Nineties   15 years 14 weeks ago

    Yeah! This is an adequate list and we could probably throw more on there. I only disagree w/ one entry...Toadies, and I'll tell you why. I for one know that Possum Kingdom is an all-out jam and Tyler, besides being a Pixies rip-off, is alright too...the rest of that disc sucks. But they have the chops to be a great band if they just write some decent tunes. Anyway, good list.

  • Another Character Game-Newer Films   15 years 14 weeks ago

    correct, dgeiser

  • Another Character Game-Newer Films   15 years 14 weeks ago


  • Six Superb Movies You've Probably Never Heard Of   15 years 14 weeks ago

    Did you ever notice the striking similarities between "Local Hero" and the TV series "Northern Exposure"?

  • Favorites: Guilty Pleasures   15 years 14 weeks ago

    Say it Loud and Proud on the Guess Who. Their greatest hits album used to get a lot play on my turntable.In my opinion, less of a guilty pleasure than ABBA, not to say I have anything bad to say against Abba. The Association life would continue just fine without hearing Cherish again.

    Nice List

  • The most overrated movies   15 years 14 weeks ago

    i meant "agree wholeheartedly on the other two." my head must've been in the clouds or something

  • The most overrated movies   15 years 14 weeks ago

    The Matrix is way overrated, but its still extremely entertaining. I also argue whole heartedly on the other due, although I would've been more lenient on Kubrick's Lolita if I hadn't experienced the book first.

  • My favorite actors of the Old Garde :)   15 years 14 weeks ago

    The list says "actors", not "actresses", right? :)

  • Going Solo: Unsuccessful Solo Artists   15 years 14 weeks ago

    While you're right about many of these artists going into obscurity, it's wrong to also assume that their solo works were not good. I know that Roger Waters' solo album "Amused to Death" was much better than many of Floyd's albums.

  • 0012. Over-Rated Artists   15 years 14 weeks ago

    I'm with you all the way on "Animals" being the best Floyd album (in fact, I think I might go write a list now :)). I think the "overrated" attribute comes from people who haven't really heard too much of Floyd.

  • The last 5 memorable books I've read   15 years 14 weeks ago

    Well, the quality of Kafka's work that I always enjoyed the most was its surrealism, the dreamlike environment that is constantly present in his writing. What amazes me is that it's so difficult to point out the exact thing that creates that dreamlike atmopshere, but you can still sense it being there. If you're doing a study on him, I recommend you read "The Trial" or "The Castle" for novels, and "The Hunger Artist" and "The Volture" for stories. I think those works will give you the best impression of Kafka.

    And yes, I always thought that Adrian Lyne's "Lolita" was the work of a true Nabokov fan. Kubrick's "Lolita" was nothing else but Kubrick's "Lolita" - it had nothing to do with Nabokov's novel.

  • rock and rolls greatest guitar player   15 years 14 weeks ago

    Sounds more like a sentimental pick to me.

  • THE MOVIE GAME   15 years 14 weeks ago

    Ansd I'll go with Rocky.

  • 11 GREATEST DIRECTING TRIUMPHS   15 years 14 weeks ago

    Greed is wonderful. However I lean toward Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin.

  • THE MOVIE GAME   15 years 14 weeks ago

    As the person who said both Bradford Dillman and Alan Napier, All I ca say what would the purpose of this game be if it wasnt made difficult. This game could and would go indefintely if you did not make it difficult. But in Fairness I will Move it along to something more easy for you folks. From Napier go to Batman(1966) and From Batman go to Burgess Meredith

  • Songs for the Broken Hearted   15 years 14 weeks ago

    LOL. I know it's kinda hard to take axl (with a sock stashed down the front of his bike shorts) seriously. But I like the sultry sound of So Fine.

  • Favorite Actors   15 years 14 weeks ago

    I think as actors get older, their choices for parts is dramatically reduced. If they want to keep working, they have to accept some of the stuff that's laid on the table. With what they are offered they do a fine job with. Some of those roles are similar to past roles, so they dont have to do much to prep for them.

  • My Favorite Albums   15 years 14 weeks ago

    Nothing like responding a year later, is there Jim? I apologize.

    I still haven't heard Forosoco, so I can't really give you some sort of genre label (and I don't want to sound like labels are important; there are times I simply want to say I like "Rock"), but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be rockabilly. Rockabilly was a 50s genre from the likes of early Elvis and Carl Perkins. A real hillbilly, country beat that had some twangy guitars and amped up lyrics; kind of a precursor to rock and roll. In the 80s, the Stray Cats did a sort of neo-rockabilly.

    From your description, Forosoco could be folk-rock, americana, or just plain ol' rock 'n' roll. I'm still meaning to give it a listen at some point.

    Johnny Waco

  • Songs for the Broken Hearted   15 years 14 weeks ago

    Im sorry for laughing my ass off, but Guns n' Roses singing a song for the broken hearted? Thats beautiful. Classic I'm tellin' ya'. Classic.