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  • Wierdest movie I've seen in a while   14 years 44 weeks ago

    I'm not sure what the cutoff is. But I know three stars is "good", because there's is a "Thumbs Up" on the box of Bait.

  • The Copycat Movies Poll - as Demanded by Jim and Buddy   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Wow. There isn't a single pair of those that I've read both movies from!

  • Wierdest movie I've seen in a while   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Just out of curiousity how many stars does he give a movie he likes?

  • The Bombs: Red Planet (2000)   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Sure do! And hey, I didn't realize Ebert didn't like Brazil! The wretch. :-)

  • R.E.M.'s Great Songs   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Strange Currencies, perhaps? Particularly because of "Y'now with love comes strange currencies, and here is my appeal / I need a chance, a second chance, a third chance..."

  • Wierdest movie I've seen in a while   14 years 44 weeks ago

    I think Jeff is probably referring to this extended rant I posted yesterday regarding Red Planet. My wife and I saw it two days ago, and we agree that it's possibly the worst movie either of us have ever seen (not counting Plan-9ish entries). Turns out, Ebert liked it (link's in the rant). Unbelievable.

    He also liked The World Is Not Enough, which is inconceivable to me. Possibly the most boring Bond ever (although The Man With the Golden Gun was probably at bit worse).

    He also liked Bait and Any Given Sunday, neither of which I liked, but since they did have their moments I'll cut him some slack there.

  • The Bombs: Red Planet (2000)   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Jim, I didnt think you were ripping me. I just thought maybe my ebert comment maybe stirred up a little more controversy than it was worth. Thats cool though, we need a little pot stirring now and then, don't we?

  • The Bombs: Red Planet (2000)   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Oops. I never took you literally, and I'm sorry if it came across that way! You invoked Ebert in defense of Titus (when you said "best movie critic in the world" I did take that as hyperbole, but also took it to mean that you do like him), and I replied (more or less) that he's too hit-or-miss for me to regard his approval (independent of his particular points) as a credible point in defense of a movie (although I have been known myself to link to his reviews when I think he's making sense).

    I hope I didn't give you the impression I was criticizing your judgement by linking back to our original discussion (note that I highlighted one of my own quotes, not one of yours :-). I just thought it was an interesting coincidence that I barely finished that conversation with you, and the next day I end up picking up the quitessential example of "rented some real dogs on his [Ebert's] endorsement."

    For what it's worth, my favorite non-Listologist reviewer posts his stuff here. Unfortunately, he hasn't posted much new since 8/10/2000, and the stuff that has been posted since then isn't all written by him. Alas. So it goes.

    Last thing . . . I hope you know I hold your opinion in high regard. That's why I linked to your review for Almost Famous rather than writing up my own. I thought you nailed it.

  • Best 80's Song - long list to choose from!   14 years 44 weeks ago

    It's good to see a fresh face on the listology. We welcome you with open arms (no pun intented).Kelly, there is some songs you are missing on here like, Save It For Later, I Melt With You, etc. It's hard for me to vote here.

  • Copycat Movies - Which One Was Better?   14 years 44 weeks ago

    So Jim, why isn't there a Turn This List Into A Poll button up there next to the Clone button? Tsk, tsk! Sloppy programming. :-)

  • The Bombs: Red Planet (2000)   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Jim, I think what I've said about Roger Ebert has been taken to literally. I don't agree with his reviews all the time. I am an individual with my own perceptions of what makes a film good or bad. I find Roger to be a good guideline to go by when determining how I should spend my money at the theatre or video store. He didnt like Usual Suspects, Brazil, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas, Full Metal Jacket or The Professional. These are movies I admire highly. I'd rather hear what Ebert has to say about a film than Maltin anyday. By the way I've yet to see Red Planet, but the way you make it sound, I dont think I will anytime soon brother. Much love.

  • A Random Mix of Books that Impacted my Life Greatly   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Hail Eris ;)

  • Beautiful Pieces of Classical Music   14 years 44 weeks ago

    These pieces I'm gonna mention Dave are a little bit maonstream, but i still find them "beautiful".

    Adagio For Strings by Barber

    The Theiving Magpies by Rossini

  • 0029: So You Want To Be A Film Fanatic - Tier 2   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Don't worry. I'm very pokey, so you'll probably have plenty o' time to catch up! :)

    Welcome to Listology!

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • The New Critical Underground Guide to Films of 2001   14 years 44 weeks ago

    I'll just go and slit my wrists now... Thanks...

    Nah, this just primes the pump even more. When it arrives here in 2(20?) months, I'll be first in line!

    Glad to hear you liked it, as given our past records, that probably means I'll enjoy it as well.

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • The New Critical Underground Guide to Films of 2001   14 years 44 weeks ago

    A definitre must see as I saw it this weekend. There are not many movies you can compare it with...truly unique plus Guy Pearce is a very underrated Actor. Hmm Tulsa..I guess sometimes I forget how lucky I am to live where I live Cambridge MA. There are literally 75 movies playing within 20 miles of my house. Not to make you feel bad or anything....

  • The New Critical Underground Guide to Films of 2001   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Alright, I have to add this juicy piece of information. Although it is technically a 2000 film and not eligible for this list, Memento is only hitting most cities in 2001. I have now received enough votes to rate it, and so far, it is earning a **** 1/2!!! This easily puts it at the top of the heap for 2001.

    I guess I'll be seeing this one when it hits Tulsa!

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • ZLMC: Home   14 years 44 weeks ago

    I think you did a fine job. My thinking is the top vote getters can always be included in future polls. Eventually most of them will be watched.

    I want to see something I haven't seen before so this voting system works just as well as any other.

  • Wierdest movie I've seen in a while   14 years 44 weeks ago

    jeff, did he already answer this one?

  • Wierdest movie I've seen in a while   14 years 44 weeks ago

    smarty butt.

  • Movies I've Watched The Most Times   14 years 44 weeks ago

    I can get close to reciting the whole damn movie Jim, yes. I would watch that movie 2 or 3 times a day. I decidded to keep track of that kind of stuff when I realized I was rewatching these movies so often. There are others I've seen many times that are not listed. I.E. Dr. Strangelove, Apocalypse Now, Midnight Cowboy etc.

  • Weirdest Movies I've Ever Seen   14 years 44 weeks ago

    We watched Boxing Helena this weekend and I think I would have to put that at the top of my weirdest movie list. I haven't seen any of the movies you list, though, so I can't really compare it to those. But, it was a very weird and disturbing movie.

  • Wierdest movie I've seen in a while   14 years 44 weeks ago

    Hey, Jim! I'm interested in knowing what movies you rented based on Roger Ebert's upturned thumb which turned out to be dogs...

  • Top 9 Chick Singers That Really Rock!!   14 years 44 weeks ago

    what?!....shirley manson doesnt deserve to be on this list...for shame...for shame

  • The Album Game III (couldn't resist)   14 years 44 weeks ago

    no.3...jim morrison