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  • Recently Seen Movies - With Comments, But No Spoilers   14 years 5 weeks ago

    Being in the child care field, I have very mixed feelings on the subject of movies which are suitable for younger viewers. For instance, when Star Wars came out in 1977, I was 7, my brother was 4 and my cousin was about 2. We all loved it. (You should have heard my cousin screaming with joy and laughter at the weirdos in the bar scene!) And now I have a 6 year old friend I would DEFINITELY take to see The Phantom Menace because it really is a "cool" movie. Other kids I would not take because I know how it would affect them.

    I think it is important to distinguish between reality and fantasy--some kids are just too young to do that, in which case I would discourage their being exposed to it. I think it also depends on the child. Some kids have too much exposure to violence, hyperactivity, lack of personal control, whatever, etc. and act all that out, while others understand that it is pretend and if we even played like that it would really hurt. Some kids are too sensitive and might be frightened by the movie. Know your child and the movie content before you expose them to it!

    Under 15 definitely, but I'm torn on the cut off age below that...wasn't it rated PG-13 anyway?

  • Recently Seen Movies - With Comments, But No Spoilers   14 years 5 weeks ago

    Hey--I wasn't sure how to post this message for everyone to read, but I've got a suggestion. My hands are tired of scrolling up and down between lists and Author's comments on same. If the title were listed again in the comments section, it would alleviate all the scrolling...maybe we could all get in the habit of this, or does anyone have a better idea?...just a suggestion.

  • Recently Seen Movies - With Comments, But No Spoilers   14 years 5 weeks ago

    Are you working on the comments for 21 and 22? I'm eager to hear what you thought of those.

  • I'm just about mentally committed to completely re   14 years 5 weeks ago

    yup. i like that one as well. I currently just try to look at the most recently commented lists to try to see if anything i was interested in was modified..

  • Recently Seen Movies - With Comments, But No Spoilers   14 years 5 weeks ago

    Min, I'll have to get back to you later on this.

  • Recently Seen Movies - With Comments, But No Spoilers   14 years 5 weeks ago

    Min, many thanks for this thoughtful comment. It's a very important point you make: that movie viewers (of whatever age) are individuals and what some can handle at a certain age others of the same age can't. Yet we still try to apply general rules that just don't apply generally. So when it comes to kids, it has to be up to parental responsibilty and knowledge to make the informed decision. Of course, not all parents take the responsibility. I'd like to opine more on this but don't have time right now.

  • Recently Seen Movies - With Comments, But No Spoilers   14 years 5 weeks ago

    Jim, that's correct. But you'll have to wait some more: I'm off to work soon. Comments will appear later in about ten hours from now.

  • Essential Albums: Trip-Hop   14 years 5 weeks ago

    Where are the replies to this post? Sir Waco? The Good Doctor? I thought I'd wait for the more involved participants to respond before chiming in myself...

  • summer page turning.   14 years 5 weeks ago

    thank you for the enthusiastic recommendations which are about to be scrawled into my sketchbook and remembered! my friend read kitchen, she said it was weak-but didn't quite elaborate. she liked n.p. though. i think i'll read kitchen anyway.

    i've heard about the anais nin stuff- tell me more? thanks!

  • canadian musicians i think i'd like if i heard more of   14 years 5 weeks ago

    I think you forgot esthero.. it wouldn't count for me because I've heard all of her stuff.. but I think more people would like her if people heard more of her stuff

  • summer page turning.   14 years 5 weeks ago

    WOW! You've read Banana Yoshimoto! She is so cool. If you liked NP, by all means read Kitchen as well (if you haven't already.)
    A surprisingly page-turning book (though a bit different than your other selections) is Thackeray's Vanity Fair. When I heard of it, the title just sounded so STODGY. But reading it was a wonderfully entertaining experience which would often cause me to laugh out loud. And I couldn't put this huge book down. Another long and involving book is I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb, about a pair of twins, one schizophrenic. If you're into memoirs at all, also check out any of the diaries (preferably the unedited ones of Anais Nin.)
    Alright, who knows if you would like any of this stuff, but I like most of your stuff, so who knows?

  • canadian musicians i think i'd like if i heard more of   14 years 5 weeks ago

    holly cole is cool as shit. but i didn't know she was from canada. for some reason, i thought england, maybe out of the total parallel to dusty springfield. let me know how one of her full-lengths are if you ever get one.

  • Best Novels I have Ever Read   14 years 5 weeks ago

    I am embarrassed to admit that I did read both series a long time ago, and I think I erred in my list. I believe the "Belgariad" was the one I preferred, and the "Mallorean" was hard to finish. Thanx for the reminder...

  • canadian musicians i love   14 years 5 weeks ago

    yeah, i'd say i'm still a fruvous diehard, even though i don't call myself a fruhead anymore. (i went to 30 shows in a little over a year and then burnt out on following them...) personally, "Wood" is one of my favorites, but you've really hit on a big division among their fans with your comments--even if people claim to *like* all their music, they generally prefer the humourous stuff OR the more serious stuff. people of the "Bargainville" ilk, generally enjoy the "B" and "C" albums, and "Wood" fans seem to enjoy the newest one, "Thornhill." however, "You Will Go To The Moon" and "Live Noise" seem to fall somewhere in the middle, so if you haven't heard either of those, you should pick 'em up. but i understand your struggles--it's hard to follow any band through years of evolution (see fans of the Beatles, the Cure, Ani DiFranco, Sinead O'Connor, etc. and you'll find the same phenomenon.)

    and maybe "sold out" is too harsh a term for BNL. i realize selling out isn't synonymous with making it big--but there have similar effects on a fan-base. all i can say is it's going to be difficult for them to win me back, because as it is, i listen to their new singles once when i hear them on the radio, and then end up switching stations every time after that.

  • summer page turning.   14 years 5 weeks ago

    a dark and very captivating journal-esque account of the life of a post-college and mentally tortured female writer. it's haunting and beautiful and painfully real.

  • Movies that made me Cry (a lot)   14 years 5 weeks ago

    I try to stay far AWAY from movies that make me cry, but even with the best of effort I have accidently seen some. Have you seen "Beaches"?
    I cried till I thought my head would explode, then was depressed for a week! If you really like this type of movie try renting a video of the old movie, "Love Story" or "Brian's Song". I guarantee you will need a whole box of Kleenex and a years worth of therapy after viewing them. Good luck, and enjoy your cry! -Chagal

  • Books that make me want to live in them   14 years 5 weeks ago

    This is a great idea for a list! I think my taste differs from yours (although not completely), but if wishing made it so, there are definitely some books I would love to live in. -Chagal

  • summer page turning.   14 years 5 weeks ago

    I have been wondering about "The Bell Jar". Can you give me a short overview without revealing too much about the plot? Thanks. -Chagal

  • Offbeat, Sleepers, or Just Pleasant Surprises, Tier One   14 years 5 weeks ago

    Really enjoy your lists! By way of "Pleasant Surprises", have you seen "MY DOG SKIP"? I took my nephew to see this show and was pleasantly surprised that I really enjoyed it too. I found it to be a delightful, coming-of-age movie, and if you're a dog-lover as I am, you will enjoy it even more. -Chagal

  • A Random Mix of Recommended Books   14 years 5 weeks ago

    Have you read any other Perez-Reverte books? I just finished The Flanders Panel recently and really enjoyed it. What was your take on The Ninth Gate movie (if you've seen it)? I'm undecided... They made a number of changes to the book, some I like, some I didn't.

  • Alltime Sweatiest Movies   14 years 5 weeks ago

    Thanks. I didn't think of this one and you are right they sweat profusely.

  • Some Films You Might Find Confronting   14 years 5 weeks ago

    And you have to wonder, Jim, about the aliens' drooling problem. Where is all that mucous coming from, and why? They don't eat their kills, so it isn't for digestion. How do they avoid dehydration with so much slobber?

  • movies i wouldn't watch again if my life depended on it   14 years 5 weeks ago

    What didn't you like about DELIVERANCE? It was the rape scene, wasn't it. Confronting. Realistic. Actually, it's an excellent movie.

    Which version of MOREAU? The Val Kilmer, Marlon Brando? I didn't mind it. Another confronting movie. And wonderfully horrifying makeup fx.

    Haven't seen THE DENTIST, but you know you haven't put me off it, don't you :-D

  • 0016: The 100 Best Rock Albums (71-80)   14 years 5 weeks ago

    One minor fault of Anthology: It includes what was sadly Berry's largest hit ever, the dreadful My Ding-a-Ling... A shame.

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs

  • 0016: The 100 Best Rock Albums (71-80)   14 years 5 weeks ago

    No sooner do I post most of this list, and it looks like a possible revision is already called for. Above, I mentioned that Chuck Berry's Great Twenty-Eight was not a perfect collection, but that it was the best one released so far. I spoke a bit too soon, as the newly released, 2-disc Anthology seems to have outdone even this fantastic single disc collection. The selection is faultless, including many of the tracks Great Twenty-Eight missed but avoiding some of the dross that slightly clutters up his boxed set, and from all accounts the sound is peerless. I'll hold off until I get a chance to buy it and hear it first-hand, but if the collection is as good as it appears, it not only will replace my entry above, but it might also jump up several slots on my list.

    Shalom, y'all!

    L. Bangs