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  • Music Rankings & Notes   1 week 9 hours ago

    The video was great. I loved the detail it went into on the rhyming schemes of those artists.

  • Music Rankings & Notes   1 week 9 hours ago

    I didn't even say Illmatic didn't have great lyrics. What are you even arguing about? Do you know?

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  • Favorite Rock Albums (Eclectic)   1 week 12 hours ago

    Spiderland. Much love.

    How would you rank the songs? I know it's a really tough thing to do. I love all six, my most favorite is Good Morning Captain, probably because of that epic I MISS YOUUU moment. But Don Aman is equally amazing and downright surreal, and each one of the rest is a masterpiece in its own right.

  • Music Rankings & Notes   1 week 14 hours ago

    Meanwhile, Harvard University opens hip-hop course with Nas and every knowledgeable hip hop listener has been recognizing the same exact lyrics on Illmatic as some of the greatest of all time, writing essays and books and creating millions of web pages dedicated to analyzing his art since 1994.

    That being said, I'm glad you think different and it's so cool that you say this stuff out loud. Always one to provide fresh original opinions that we haven't already seen somewhere else. So unpredictable!

  • Music Rankings & Notes   1 week 15 hours ago

    You can't write lyrics that don't rhyme and then deliver them in a way that makes them rhyme.

  • Music Rankings & Notes   1 week 16 hours ago

    I don't think I agree with that statement, nor do I think it's relevant in any way. How many albums can really survive that treatment? Even so, I think Illmatic will hold up better than many.
    BTW, check out the video, it's amazing.

  • Music Rankings & Notes   1 week 17 hours ago

    On a sound or musical work, you of course, would not. That would be literature. What I did say was: "For instance, if the entire album were spoken word with the same exact lyrics it would probably be one of the worst albums of all time".

  • Favorite Rock Albums (Eclectic)   1 week 18 hours ago

    Great to see Aeroplane rising :-)

  • Music Rankings & Notes   1 week 19 hours ago

    How can you have the lyrics without the voice though?

  • Music Rankings & Notes   1 week 20 hours ago

    Thanks, I'll check it out, though I have a hunch you're probably misunderstanding me. I have no doubt about those artists' vocal delivery/flow/rhythm, etc, and as mentioned above, is one of the strong points of their music. How the lyrics are said/sung is very important in rap and all vocal music with lyrics. All I was saying is without that and the music/beats, etc, surrounding it, the lyrics by themselves would amount to very little musically. Anyway, I'll check out that video when I get the chance.

  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Visual Art of the Week (2016)   1 week 21 hours ago

    Re: Rocket to Russia ... Sorry Ramones fans, I was surprised too, but even though it was revolutionary at the time, I currently feel that several have surpassed it. If someone can make a convincing argument as to how it's better than, say, Green Day's Dookie, and moreover, how it's an 8/10 (according to Scaruffi), I'll reconsider.

  • Music Rankings & Notes   1 week 1 day ago

    Watch this youtube video "Rapping, deconstructed" and then listen to Paid in Full and Illmatic again. You'll be amazed at the density and beautiful complexity of their rhyme structures and flows. Their art goes much deeper than just spoken word on top of 4/4 beats. More often than not (specially with lyrical giants like Nas and Rakim) the lyricism is the main ingredient and focal point of the music and the beats and samples play the secondary role, providing a launching pad for the rapper's art.

  • Music Rankings & Notes   1 week 1 day ago

    I think what's most impressive about Illmatic is "documentary feel", its observational, raw sense of reality of life on the streets and the nuances of its production/compositions and Nas's delivery (at times reserving a hard knocks sense of pain, especially Life's a Bitch). The lyrics are great but don't mean that much (musically) without those other factors supporting them. For instance, if the entire album were spoken word with the same exact lyrics it would probably be one of the worst albums of all time. So, I would disagree that it's heavily centered around lyrics and much more a product of those other factors. That said, it is definitely more lyrically centered than, say, West's MBDTF and many other hip hop albums that rely more on production/instrumentation, so I'm guessing that's mainly what you meant. Similar sentiments towards Paid in Full. Anyway, that's neither here nor there really... For raw hip hop, I find Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly a more expansive and emotional/conceptual triumph over both of them. It spans an entire culture as well as expounding a fascinating, charismatic, anxious persona, and has generally superior songs (imo). I do need to revisit Fear of a Black Planet. Based on my most recent listen (weeks ago) I doubt I'll place it above Nation of Millions, but it's still awesome in its own right and I can understand why you rank it among the very best, and as the best of Public Enemy.

  • Favorite Music [archived]   1 week 2 days ago

    I've wrestled a bit with this question, but can't come up with a satisfying hierarchy. The bottom two are 808's (unlistenable, though I haven't listened in years), and Cruel Summer (some good tracks). I like Graduation and Watch the Throne a lot, the latter more so, but they're not at the highest level.

    That leaves us with five, and I'm not sure how to organize them. Perhaps Pablo is at the bottom-- though it's a very fine, ambitious album, that I have no doubt will age well. I'm slightly inclined to say that Late Registration stands at the top of the heap, but I'm not so sure these days. The College Dropout, My Beautiful and Yeezus are all very great, the latter two in particular being the more inventive works in his canon. But trying to sift through them to determine what gives the most pleasure is a fruitless task.

    What's your take?

    edit: any thoughts on Views?

  • Favorite Music [archived]   1 week 5 days ago

    How would you rank Kanye's albums?

  • Favorite Directors   1 week 5 days ago

    Oh shit, how come I didn't know about this? Great loss :/

  • Music Rankings & Notes   1 week 6 days ago

    Nation of Millions is the best aggressive political hip hop album that I've heard but I've never thought of it as the best of the genre. Their own Fear of a Black Planet shows a leap forward to more layered and creative music that's more open to interpretation while still maintaining the strong groove. It's easily the best album of sound collages that I've ever listened to. If we're talking greatest of hip hop, I'd give the advantage to Aquemini because it's just as musically impressive and lyrically head and shoulders above Fear of a Black Planet. Another serious contender for the title of GOAT is Illmatic which is the popular choice among hip hop heads but I don't think you'd appreciate it like that because it's heavily centered around lyrics. The same can be said of Paid in Full.

  • Listening+Viewing Log 2016 (Started: 11 July)   2 weeks 9 hours ago

    Spot on. Its creative ingenuity is a major aspect to its success for sure.

  • Listening+Viewing Log 2016 (Started: 11 July)   2 weeks 9 hours ago

    Re: The Band and The Kinks ... Agreed

    Re: Yeezus ... Ill post something about it when I do (whether I agree or disagree)

    Re: To Pimp ... Looking forward to your thoughts. A lot of material, so may take a few listens plus...

  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Visual Art of the Week (2016)   2 weeks 17 hours ago

    Thanks man, it was your list that introduced me to them! Nuts indeed :-)

  • Listening+Viewing Log 2016 (Started: 11 July)   2 weeks 20 hours ago

    Totally agree with all of this, you explained in great deal what I meant to imply with it being a "remarkably fresh" album. I particularly enjoy the grooves on the bookends.

  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Visual Art of the Week (2016)   2 weeks 23 hours ago

    Za! I love that band. Shame almost nobody has heard of them. If you liked them enough to explore more of their stuff my favorite album my them is probably Megaflow--reminiscent of Battles at their best. Their music is nuts.

  • Listening+Viewing Log 2016 (Started: 11 July)   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Even more than the tradition and nostalgia The Band evocates what strikes me is the musicianship and the highly inventive and conspicuous song constructions of some of songs of this album. Songs like Jawbone (my favorite) and Up on Cripple Creek exemplify this kind very creative assembly of musical ideas as well as an impressive display of technical ability. When one of the guys on Pere Ubu (Allen Ravenstine?) said this was one of his favorite albums it made sense to me - there is some kind of aesthetical detachment here. Its traditional american sounds are not done in a obvious way at all, some songs are almost Randy Newman-esque in their handling and avoidance of cliches and calculated playfulness within the musical language they adopted.
    But, of course, despite everything I said there are also many genuinely moving moments like Whispering Pines and The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down. It's certainly a fantastic album.

  • Favorite Rock Albums (Eclectic)   2 weeks 1 day ago

    Cool, I'm looking forward to where every album on here ends up. Even in cases where I dont totally agree with you (it would be boring otherwise...) I can still see why you would choose album "X' over album "Y" and the results are always intriguing.