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  • My Celebrity Crushes   2 days 15 hours ago

    The main centers for new trends are Montreal, Vancouver and Toronto. Robert Lepage, movie theater itself and entrepreneur from Canada, has an international following among connoisseurs.
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  • Greatest Works of Art   2 days 20 hours ago

    Agreed, it is an amazingly spiritual album. At its best, it's just breathtaking.

    I like Cassavetes in general but A Woman Under the Influence wasn't as intimidating as Faces so it gets the high rating from me! I still need to figure that film out.

  • Best "Slowcore" Albums   2 days 21 hours ago

    It's a diaphanous, ethereal album. Both introspective (a la shoegazing) and loopy and trance-like (a la psychedelia). This creates the effect of an intense overlapping of the mind and the cosmos, and a sense of duality, between mind and matter, and between human "music" and electronics. Particularly cool because the detached vocals are both struck by the inhumanly ambient sounds and rescued by the elegant rhythm of the guitar and also the piano.

    I'm wondering whether she is even slowcore, and whether "slowcore" is even a legitimate genre. I'm thinking it might just be shoegazing/psychedelia. Are the vocals reminiscent of Low's or My Bloody Valentine's? I don't know.

  • Greatest Works of Art   2 days 21 hours ago

    Nice to see some props to Talk Talk! Spirit of Eden is such a masterpiece. Very cool to see Woman Under the Influence here too, perhaps my favorite Cassavettes.

  • Every animated movie ever created (alphabetical)   3 days 4 hours ago

    I hope you see this post, I know it has been 4 years but I was searching for the same cartoon and finally found it. It's called 'The Yum Yums and the Day Things Went Sour.' You can watch it on Youtube. :)

  • Posters on My Walls   3 days 12 hours ago

    Love all this movies.

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  • South Park Movie Spoofs   3 days 12 hours ago

    This is nice thank you for sharing this one.

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  • Top 20 TV Characters (Comedy)   3 days 12 hours ago

    Great list thanks for the share.

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  • History's Most Interesting People... According To Me   3 days 12 hours ago

    The man even fought of death longer than anyone could imagine.

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  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Visual Art of the Week (2015)   4 days 7 hours ago

    I agree with your take too. The album is so "physically" immersive, compositionally unstable and psychologically varied that it's open to multiple interpretations simultaneously.

  • Favorite TV Shows   4 days 7 hours ago

    The greatest scene from the greatest show?

    Granted, competition is pretty stiff...

  • The 80 Greatest Albums Ever   4 days 16 hours ago

    It's junk art made by a young and completely stoned Lou Reed to get out of a contract by doing whatever he wants. It's so random and heartless it has a class of its own. I have no idea where to rank it yet.

  • The 80 Greatest Albums Ever   4 days 18 hours ago

    ^ This :/

  • The 80 Greatest Albums Ever   4 days 19 hours ago

    It's very much like Pet Sounds performed by pets.

  • 2014 albums   4 days 20 hours ago

    So what exactly is the rating system here?

  • Every animated movie ever created (alphabetical)   5 days 5 hours ago

    Does anyone remember this cartoon?

    There were birds and beasts, and I believe they each had a leader who wanted to be king of the animals. The birds would attack the beasts with rocks. That's all I really remember. I think all flying creatures were on the birds' side, and all ground creatures were on the beast's side.
    There were talking animals, and I think it was told from the point of view of a mouse. The animals were not anthropomorphic, it was set in a woodland type environment.

  • Best "Slowcore" Albums   5 days 6 hours ago

    Jessica Bailiff is fantastic, both the album and the artist. Even in Silence is probably my favorite record of hers: noisy, dreamy, gauzy with Alan Sparhawk of Low contributing as well. Failing Yesterday is among my all-time favorite tracks.

    True Widow are more recent slowcore band you may enjoy was well.

  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Visual Art of the Week (2015)   5 days 7 hours ago

    For me, it's a very poignant album that captures what it feels like to be young and furiously excited by how new everything is, while simultaneously mourning the impermanence of one's youth.

    Beneath the noise, Chasing a Bee and Frittering have a resigned, haunted quality that are almost reminiscent of Red House Painters at their best. There is something very earnest and melancholy in Jonathan Donahue's vocals and lyrics.

    The contrast of that earnestness with the wild, blistering noise and surreal poetry of David Baker is what makes the album so compelling to me.

  • The 80 Greatest Albums Ever   5 days 7 hours ago

    It's the perfect music for when you feel the worst you've ever felt and you know you can't possibly do anything good about it. It inspired me in that situation. Listening to it all the way through felt like the greatest meditation.

    I hope you never feel like listening to it.

  • The 80 Greatest Albums Ever   5 days 12 hours ago

    It's a really beautiful album. Not kidding.

  • 2014 albums   5 days 19 hours ago

    Really cool list. Lots on here that I haven't heard of, and I've listened to a lot of 2014 albums.

  • Top 10 Movies, Music & Visual Art of the Week (2015)   5 days 21 hours ago


  • The 80 Greatest Albums Ever   6 days 3 hours ago

    Please tell us what it is. I want to like it too.

  • Greatest Punk Rock Songs   6 days 3 hours ago

    I was planning to do a separate Post-Punk/Art Punk list next. Double Nickels would be represented on that one. This one was intended as a purer, nihilistic punk-rock list. Maybe some less-sofisticated early Minutemen albums or EPs could qualify for this one, but I haven't heard them all.