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  • BEST 1000 DANCE TRACKS [1984-2009]   1 day 3 hours ago

    Not sure if you even check on this great list you created..... But I thought I'd try asking if you might know the artist for a classic 90s gabber house song that keeps repeating either "I'm a song, I'm a song, I'm a song" or it also sounds like it might be saying "Amazon, Amazon, Amazon"

    Suggestions whether you update or not....

    Aly-Us - Follow Me
    Mount Rushmore - I've got the music
    Planet Soul - Set You Free
    Lina Santiago - Feels So Good
    El Presidente - Cafe Con Leche
    Tony B - La Selva
    Frank Ski - There's Some Ho's In This House
    Cajmere - Perculator
    Kadoc - The Night Train

  • My Favorite Music   1 day 8 hours ago

    What would you say are the 5 selections (or even 10 if possible) from "The Rest" that are the closest to "The Best"

  • Viewing Log, 2014   1 day 12 hours ago

    Thanks I think I might go see it one of these nights. His best film imo is 21 Grams, though its hard for me to predict the likelihood of you agreeing (I thought Amores Perros was superb). I would be thrilled if Birdman topped either or both of those. Lynch is one of my favorite directors so your comparison has me intrigued. Kubrick is one of my favorites too :)

  • Viewing Log, 2014   1 day 17 hours ago

    Birdman is easily the best Inarritu I've seen so far. The only other two I've seen are Amores Perros and Babel, but the latter struck me as cloying and self-important, while the former didn't leave much of an impression on me at all, good or bad. I can see Birdman being called cloying or self-important (not that I would agree), but it has a sort of manic energy that makes its flaws so much easier to forgive. And then there are its streaks of dark humor and something close to a Lynchian surrealism, which seem unusual for Inarritu but tick personal boxes for me.

    As of right now, I'd probably say Kubrick is my favorite director, yeah. I'm still working my way through the canon and whatnot, but he was just so consistently great in so many genres over so many decades.

  • Greatest Rock Albums   1 day 21 hours ago

    Double post, guess you inspired me! :-)

  • Greatest Rock Albums   1 day 21 hours ago

    Given your rock tastes, I'd highly recommend any of the jazz works myself (and of course Scaruffi) rate/rank highly. Black Saint and the Sinner Lady seems particularly plausible for the 9.1+ range.

  • top 100 songs in progress...   1 day 21 hours ago

    Fair enough :-)

  • top 100 songs in progress...   1 day 23 hours ago

    thanks, isn't really for me. had heard that tightrope one b4.

  • Top 50 Favorite Films (Feature-Length)   2 days 2 hours ago

    Several of my own favorites here. Based on these, I'd recommend Greenaway's The Cook the Thief His Wife & Her Lover if you haven't already seen it. Love that the hugely underrated Europa is here :-) amongst others

  • top 100 songs in progress...   2 days 2 hours ago

    I recommend Janelle Monae's ArchAndroid. It combines several genres from your list. Think you might dig it.

  • Media Log 2014   2 days 2 hours ago

    If you're in for an awe-inspiring assault to the senses you may want to fasten your seatbelt for Michael Mantler's Jazz Composers Orchestra (1968). It can be heard on grooveshark (a great source for many albums btw) and, I believe it can still be pieced together on YouTube.

  • My Favorite Music   2 days 2 hours ago

    Thanks, sounds like its incredible -- and a mere 6 centuries apart. Silly me, I've always thought the top entries on your list were organized qualitatively even though it should've been obvious.

  • My Favorite Music   2 days 3 hours ago

    Well, it's not technically #1, just first chronologically. I previously had it on my "The Rest" list, with a recording by Jeremy Summerly and the Oxford Camerata, but then I heard the recording that I currently list, that includes the Gregorian Propers, and it blew me away. Closest thing I can relate it to would be "Vuh" by Popol Vuh (side 2 of In den Garten Pharaos).

  • Greatest Rock Albums   2 days 4 hours ago

    Haven't had enough exposure to really say..

  • Greatest Rock Albums   2 days 4 hours ago

    Haven't had enough exposure to really say..

  • Greatest Rock Albums   2 days 7 hours ago

    Are there any works of art outside of rock that you would rate above 9.0?

  • Stretch Corleone's Album Listening Log 2014   2 days 7 hours ago

    Seriously this time: You've obviously heard a lot of hip hop/rap... What have you found, if any, to be a towering masterpiece of the genre?

  • Stretch Corleone's Album Listening Log 2014   2 days 7 hours ago

    Based on your choices here, I recommend John Denver! ;-)

  • My Favorite Artists (in Alphabetical Order)   2 days 7 hours ago

    Nice to see another fan of visual art/paintings around here. Do you have any suggestions for my paintings list(s)?

    Do you have a favorite Dali? Bosch?

  • Viewing Log, 2014   2 days 10 hours ago

    Been hearing increasingly good things about Birdman. How would you compare it to Inarritu's previous efforts? ... Would you consider Kubrick your favorite director?

  • New films watched in 2011   2 days 11 hours ago

    Also, ever get back around to Nostalghia? If so, what are your current thoughts?

  • New films watched in 2011   2 days 11 hours ago

    When we were talking about this earlier, did you mean that you're doing versions 2012, 2013, 2014 too? Hoping that's a "yes" but no obligations ;-)

  • My Favorite Music   2 days 11 hours ago

    Whoa, a new #1! How would you describe it? Which work of art, if any, would you relate it to?

  • Rock : The Most Influential Artists   2 days 14 hours ago

    Unfortunately, I think you may have misjudged the way I've "said" some comments in one or two recent "arguments" (if they even amounted to that), due to the sometimes difficult-to-decipher nature of print/text ... because it seems to be carrying over here?

    So, if these still apply, the one regarding Who's Next was simply me saying that it sounds virtually free form due to the intricate, improvisational, rhythmically interlocking nature of the instrumental/compositional elements that the songs escalate into. If you disagree, it doesn't bother me; you're totally free to not think that's what it amounts to. My opinion is ... my opinion...

    Re: Scaruffi rating based on emotion/singularity/innovation ... I am not trying to "prove" this, and don't even care. I simply said (in more or less words) that it was my theory based on having assimilated most/all his highest rated rock albums (and should add films/paintings/jazz/classical to that), and that he pointed to this in an email or two with me some years ago, and on his criteria page (which you recovered) it "goes over" it. If you disagree on this, then you're disagreeing with something that is my opinion/theory so it really doesn't matter. If you really think Faust is a "hoax" (not your words) then that's totally fine too -- nobody said you had to think it was a masterpiece. I would agree with you that there are probably people out there that only rate it that high (including Rock Bottom, TMR) because Scaruffi does, just like with any famous list of bests.

    Some of this could also be due to me leading a very busy life (I'm probably not the only one) and most of what I say on this site is typed very quickly and often from my smartphone. I am not trying to write "official" statements or essays when I comment. When I say something, it is best to take it a little more on the "conceptual" side than "100% literally" -- because I am generally just throwing comments and ideas out there "in passing", so to speak. That doesn't mean that I don't "mean" what I say, it just means that I am rarely making thorough analyses or critiques in my comments or on casual lists such as my "Top 10 of the Week". When I write something more "official" (does not mean "objective"), it would be something like a formalized review or some such (such as my Citizen Kane or other film reviews, or my music reviews, or my paintings lists). When I am writing casually, I tend to "write" casually, as in, I am not paying too strict attention to sentence structure, punctuation, etc...

    Hope that clears that all up?

  • New films watched in 2010   2 days 17 hours ago

    Holy guacamole!