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  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   21 min 17 sec ago

    Thanks, I think I've heard Day on our Planet once 5+ years ago and I've heard Boys Don't Cry -- though that one is more like 15 yrs ago... The others would be totally new. I'll post all of them up there soon.

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   1 hour 36 min ago

    Spicelab - A Day on Our Planet
    Aglaia - Three Organic Experiences
    The Cure - Boys Don't Cry
    Dr Phibes and the House of Wax Equations - Hypnotwister
    Mantric Muse - Mantric Muse

  • Harold Bloom's Western Canon   2 hours 41 min ago

    For realz these comments on the Canon are great examples of unbelievable ignorance. 90percent sure your an idiot if u judge a great classic before even reading it. If you read Blooms books he says the future of the reader doesn't look good as people are more and more unwilling to challenge themselves with the great classics, substituting fast food shallow crap or look at everything through sociology and political correctness.

  • Every animated movie ever created (alphabetical)   4 hours 33 min ago

    your talking about the Disney version of the sword and the stone im positive that's it!

  • Every animated movie ever created (alphabetical)   4 hours 36 min ago

    hey guys im trying to find a very old anmated kids flick its a Halloween tale were these four young teens dress up and meet to go trick or treating, but at either the end/beginning of the trick or treat night they come across something that lead them off there path and spend the whole night running from the villan wich I do remember being a guy, and one of the teen boys doesn't talk I believe and I think he gets captured and to get there friend released they make a deal to eat a magical skull shapped item of some kind which takes away a few years of life from each of them equal to how old there friend who got captured is and wallah!! the end is here such a happy ending im sure that's not all the story but that's pretty much all I can remember

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   5 hours 39 min ago

    Great! I'll put those up there. Hex and Anthem of the Sun would be new to me. It's been quite a while since I listened to Live/Dead. Love Dark Star. I've thought I should revisit that album several times so this will help keep it in mind. I'm a big fan of Pink Moon though I've generally considered it more in the 7.5-range. Would be thrilled if it moved up. Last I listened to Indian War Whoop I gave it a 7.6 while noting its potential for my 7.8+ list.

  • Films Seen: Listology Scoreboard 2015   5 hours 46 min ago

    I wanna join in too of course :) I will make a list on january 1 and then submit the link here :D

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  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   7 hours 41 min ago

    Nick Drake - Pink Moon - non-stop haunting, melancholic atmosphere, simultaneously stark and hypnotic and with a commanding presence that seems to erase any other stimuli in the room (a la Dylan) and draw one toward Drake's depression; highlights: "Things Behind The Sun", "Road", and "Parasite"

    Grateful Dead - Live/Dead - on the strength of the singular eerie lunar power of both "Dark Star" and "Feedback", the giddy kinetic energy of most other tracks, and the highly intelligent use of of segues

    Grateful Dead - Anthem Of The Sun - alternating between liquidy jazz-rock sounds, frenetic jamming, jug-band-influenced casual singing/arrangement, and psychotic noise collages and infused with a sense of wonderment/excitement/anxiety/fear about the birth of a new post-hippie era

    Bark Psychosis - Hex - conveys a sense of urban alienation without the typical stark and low-tech sounds associated (replacing them with a cinematic electronic slow-core of sorts), like the protagonist is confused and unable to adjust to the fast-paced high-tech world he's forced into; the tracks blur into a cohesive whole

    Holy Modal Rounders - Indian War Whoop - the maddest take on traditional American roots music, blending it with freakout, musique concrete, heavily stoned and surreal moments, and 20th century classical violin (the latter of which is often in a drugged out blur)..and despite (or because of) this, filled with the enthusiastic spirit of being young in the atemporal concept of the USA - thereby merging two unrelated eras

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   16 hours 54 min ago

    Gave Las Meninas an 8.0/10. During my evaluations of it I nearly rated it a bit higher (8.1, 8.2, 8.3+) several times and may still do so. Casually, I'd say that it's a very deep, insightful work on art, the nature of perspective, of the artist, of Velazquez in relation to his post and his aspirations, of each of the characters in the "shot", of oneself/the "viewer" -- has an endlessly circular nature to it where each "definition" of "what" the work is referring to leads right back to another one, and is complicated by all the other possible perspectives which the viewer must continuously account for as both the assumed "subject" and the "real-life viewer" (in the painting that is being painted inside itself yet has already been produced as that which it once was, looking back on itself ... or ...). I'll leave it at that for now, but feel free to discuss your take on this work and I'll certainly unload more and become much more explicit (if necessary).

    An 8/10 is a very high rating but this probably deserves higher ... the more I think about/view and evaluate it, the higher I tend to think it's potential, so...

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   1 day 5 hours ago

    I was actually thinking about watching Beauty and the Beast and 12 Angry Men not too long ago -- it's been years!

    Are there any films you would compare Grand Budapest Hotel to on my films list? (maybe I've already asked you that elsewhere...) Or, any albums you feel it corresponds with?

  • Favorite albums   1 day 7 hours ago

    I'll take that as a compliment compared to most sites! :)

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   1 day 8 hours ago

    I gave a proper listen to Jimmy Bell last night. Will probably have a grip on its rating soon! So far, seems like a cross between Minutemen and Morphine with a touch of Colosseum's rhythm section. Good stuff.

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   1 day 8 hours ago

    Great, thanks. I'm quite intrigued by these. I started revisiting and studying Velazquez last night :)

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   1 day 8 hours ago

    Awesome, looking forward to what you have! Yea, Pop would fall under Rock. Any of your ideas sound intriguing to me; lets start with the top one. Thanks :)

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   1 day 12 hours ago

    In the name of compliance, I'll narrow my list down to an essential four (in order): Marriage of Figaro, Quintet op 163, Nocturnes and Aida. I only recently discovered the Schubert piece and it's become something of an obsession.

    I don't know about Giovanni paintings that would rate highly, but weird and wonderful works of his include The blessed Ranieri frees the poors from a jail Florence, St. Anthony Beaten by the Devils and St Anthony Tempted by the Devil in the Guise of a Woman.

    Since you also have a taste for 20th century art I'll also throw in a recommendation for Charlotte Salomon's Leben? oder Theater?, a monumental cycle of paintings composed between 1941 and 1943 before she met her fate--at the age of twenty-six and four months pregnant--in Auschwitz. The collection is semi-autobiographical and ineffably haunting. An introduction to my edition, written by Ad Petersen, pertinently spells out the difference between this series and another monumental work of Holocaust literature: "Although the term diary is in fact incorrect (Charlotte's work is about her past), the intimate and autobiographical character of Life? or Theatre? has often led people to apply this definition to it. Her work was also compared with Anne Frank's diary, especially at first. This is unfair to both of them, to the directness of the young girl as well as the creativity of the mature artist. The fourteen year old Anne Frank describes the everyday emotional problems of living underground and in this way she attempts to neutralize the unbearable tensions. Charlotte Salomon was twenty-three when she started working on Life? or Theatre? and behind her she had more or less complete artistic training. Unlike Anne Frank, her youth was not her present, but her past. She uses her own life as a way of giving meaning once more to an existence that had become so meaningless."

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   1 day 13 hours ago

    Cool idea. Would you rather I pick 5 from
    - a list of 9 rock albums that are Scaruffi-8/me-7.5+/you-I-believe-would-be-7.8+, which you don't seem to have rated, afaik.
    - a list of Scaruffi's rock 7's which I think are 7.5 to almost 7.9, the discrepancy of which I think you might amplify rather than reconcile

    Also would a "pop" recommendation fall under rock and count towards my 5? :)

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   1 day 16 hours ago

    Do you have any works in particular that you'd recommend from, Stefano di Giovanni, that unusual painter you pointed me to weeks ago? (works that you think could rate highly on my list ... if you have no idea, just go with your gut)

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   1 day 17 hours ago

    Thanks, I've heard Tri Repetae and another one (probably Incunabula or Chiastic Slide), but it's been ages (8 years maybe?) and I don't recall if either was the complete album or not ...

    Putting those up there in 1 ... 2 ...

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   1 day 19 hours ago

    Their discography is a pretty amazing collection. They have their very own vision (an extremely original and influential one) and they follow and expand it album after album. The first two albums are relatively easy to understand but things start to get increasingly weird after the third. I recommend their entire discography because it's worth it and also because it's wise to hear the easier stuff first so the harder stuff won't sound totally impenetrable (some of their best albums are batshit crazy!)

    My favorites are (chronologically) : Incunabula, Tri Repetae, Chiastic Slide, Untilted.
    Tri Repetae is a well known IDM classic. Untilted is one of the best albums of all time IMO.

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   1 day 20 hours ago

    Thanks those would each be new to me. Will add them as soon as I'm in front of my laptop instead of my "smart" phone. Curious to hear your thoughts on Birdman -- without giving away important details

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   2 days 1 hour ago

    Olivier Messiaen - Turangalila Symphonie (1948) [Classical] I suggest the Chailly recording on Decca.
    Dawn of Midi - Dysnomia (2013) [...Jazz?]
    Birdman (2014) [Film]

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   2 days 3 hours ago

    Or ... did you mean that their entire discography is 7.8+ (approx 8.5+ on your scale) ???

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   2 days 3 hours ago

    Thanks, these ones would all be new. Adding them...

  • Please Recommend Music, Films or Paintings to Me   2 days 3 hours ago

    Thanks, adding these...

    Also, I added a new "requirement" to my author comments section to recommend only 5 entries per category at a time, but I won't hold you to it this time :)