Countries Which Have Received the CM

  • New Zealand
  • England (hard to miss, what with the being born there thing)
  • Wales (seeing Welsh spelled on signs was like acid without the crying tomato people)
  • Russia (band trip)
  • Finland (band trip)
  • Estonia (espionage! Just kidding. Band trip.)
  • Canada (both ends but not the middle)
  • France (when DeadlyM lived there)
  • People's Republic of Vermont

Countries Which Will Receive the CM (&DM):
Belgium (if only for the chocolate museum. Not to mention the molecule building.)

Chocolate museum? Apparently Belgium will be receiving me tomorrow. Mmmmmm. Chocolate.

Does Las Vegas count as a country?

Ummmm... no. Sorry. Not until the Revolution, anyway.

And I'm a bit skeptical on that last one, too...