Things I have on my desk which should not really be there

  • Glass tumbler (x1)
  • Tea stained mug (x1)
  • Empty can of Foster's lager (x1)
  • Beaker (x1)
  • Side plate (x1)
  • Banana skin (x1)
  • Pen lid without corresponding pen (x2)
  • Long since discarded duster (x1)
  • Cordless phone (x1)
  • Apple core (x3)
  • Threaded tapestry needle sans tapestry (x1)
  • Crumbs (numerous)
Author Comments: 

My first list, so I thought I'd do something a little unconventional. Despite tidying my workspace today, I've still got all of this rubbish. I thought I'd collect it together for posterity's sake.