Clone of Rolling Stone 500 greatest songs

  1. Like a Rolling Stone, Bob Dylan
  2. Satisfaction, The Rolling Stones
  3. Imagine, John Lennon
  4. What's Going On, Marvin Gaye
  5. Respect, Aretha Franklin
  6. Good Vibrations, The Beach Boys
  7. Johnny B.

Who is the most innovative electric guitar player in history?


I tried to include guitarists from most genres, if I left out your favorite, I'm sorry! Your opinion is greatly appreciated.

Top Five Greatest Blues Songs and Performances that Most Younger People Don't Know

  • Texas Flood: Live at El Mocambo (Stevie Ray Vaughan) This one is kinda long, bordering on ten minutes, but it is all completeley worth it. While Stevie's song writing ability may be inferior to some other players of his time, he still has some of the greatest feel on guitar of all time.
  • Lucille (B.B. King) B.B. King is the grandfather of guitar and has probably contributed to the genre more than anyone else. This song is simple a masterpiece.
  • Smokestack Lightning (Howlin' Wolf) Whoa. Now this is gettin a little bit old now.

musics of 2010

  • +++
  • Gareth Liddiard - Strange Tourist
  • Swans - My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky
  • Tonetta - 777
  • ++
  • Dungen - Skit I Allt
  • The Ex - Catch My Shoe
  • The Fall - Your Future Our Clutter
  • Fursaxa - Mycorrhizae Realm
  • Gnod & White Hills - Gnod Drop Out with White Hills II
  • Grinderman - Grinderman II
  • Moon Duo - Escape
  • Naked on the Vague - Heaps of Nothing
  • People of the North - Deep Tissue
  • Purling Hiss - Hissteria
  • Rangda - False Flag
  • Robert Pollard - Moses on a Snail

listening to albums (mm/dd/yyyy)

  • 10/28/2010
  • The Ex - Catch My Shoe (2010) ++
  • Clipd Beaks - To Realize (2010) +
  • 10/29/2010
  • Purling Hiss - Hissteria (2010) ++
  • Tame Impala - Innerspeaker (2010) +
  • Naked on the Vague - Heaps of Nothing (2010) ++
  • Om - Conference of the Birds (2006) +++
  • Tyvek - Nothing Fits (2010) +/x (somewhere in between Wire and Pennywise and I haven't quite figured it out yet.

Best Album (Out of 16)

It's rather self-explanatory. I know there are only 16 choices pick one.

My Favourite First Lines From Rock Songs So Far.

  • Got a wife and kid in Baltimore Jack, I went out for a ride and I never went back. (Hungry Heart)
  • The sirens are screaming and the fires are howling way down in the valley tonight. (Bat Out Of Hell)
  • On a dark desert highway, cool wind in my hair. (Hotel California)
  • I was born in a crossfire hurricane. (Jumping Jack Flash)
  • Your daddy works in porno, now that mommy's not around. (My Michelle)
  • I never saw it as the start, it's more a change of heart. (The Day We Caught The Train)
  • There must be some kind of way out of here, said the joker to the thief.

Who Is The Grearest Rock N Roll Front Man?

Who out of this lot puts their heart and soul completely into every performance?

Top 15 Springsteen songs

  1. Adam Raised A Cain
  2. Backstreets
  3. Point Blank
  4. New York City Serenade
  5. Thunder Road
  6. It's Hard To Be A Saint In The City
  7. Youngstown
  8. Highway Patrolman
  9. The River
  10. Born To Run
  11. Candy's Room
  12. My City Of Ruins (Written about a town in New Jersey, not the attacks on New York as some believe)
  13. Radio Nowhere
  14. I'm On Fire
  15. Badlands

The 50 Greatest LIVE Albums of all-time!

These are the greatest live experiences in the history of recorded music, according to Le Monotre

50. R.E.M | Live at the Olympia: 39 songs (2009)

49. Derek Trucks | Live at Georgia Theatre (2006)

48. Albert King & Stevie Ray Vaughan | In Session (1990)

47. Matisyahu | Live at Stubb's (2005)

46. Daft Punk | Alive (2007)

45.Neil Young and Crazy Horse | Weld (1991)

44. Gov't Mule | Live- With a Little Help From Our Friends (1999)

43. Peter Gabriel | Plays Live! (1983)

42. Curtis Mayfield | Curtis Live! (1971)