DVD's I Bought for $5.99 in MediaPlay's Bargain Bin

  • Worth the 5 Bucks
  • UHF (One of the greatest movies ever made about a man and his love for a mop, a MUST SEE...okay, well, only if you like silly humor.)
  • American Werewolf in Paris (Great soundtrack, good effects)
  • Creature Comforts (By the makers of Wallace and Grommit, it's got a few short programs of clay-mation, but the first one's the best. Watching animals talk in distinctly human voices about living in the zoo...it's hilarious.)
  • Blair Witch (for posterity!)
  • Cabin Boy (Has since become my favorite comedy)
  • Dark City (AWESOME)
  • Hamlet (The new edition, with Ethan Hawke, it's okay, but I just like Kyle McLachlan, so really anything with him in it I like)
  • House on Haunted Hill (I love this movie up until the last 15 minutes, awesome effects, I love the "Jacob's Ladder" jerky moves!)
  • Idle Hands (Fantastic dark humor movie, totally underrated! Great one-liners!)
  • Quills (Joaquin Phoenix is a sweet piece of man candy. Enough said about that. Besides that Geoffrey Rush is one of the greatest actors of all time. His performance is suh-weet.)
  • Something Corporate: A Year in the Life (Short and sweet, nice for us emo/punk kids that don't mind being called emo.)
  • Cruel Intentions (Still gives me the shivers, and no, it's not because of cute boys, it's just a really fucked up story.)
  • S.F.W. (One of my favorite movies ever, a fantastic story with pretty good acting, but the story is what really gets you.)
  • Stand By Me (I don't really need to say why this movie rocks, do I?)
  • Suicide Kings (Christopher Walken. Respect.)
  • Not Worth the 5 Bucks but I Kept Them Anyway 'Cause I'm Stubborn Like that
  • The Attic Expeditions (Too bizarre, and I like bizarre)
  • Castle Freak (Too gory, and I like gory)
  • Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things (Just really really really lame.)
  • The Point of No Return (I used to love this movie, until I watched it again, realized how much COOLER the La Femme Nikita series was, and also there aren't any special features. SUCK)
  • Swing Kids (I like movies that make you think, movies that make you cry, and this movie does both, at the same time, I cried for about an hour and felt really depressed the rest of the day. If you have a harder heart than I you might like it, I on the other hand, could only handle watching it maybe once a year.)
  • Taboo
  • (Bought it for Nick Stahl. Who I fell helplessly in love with during his quick stint on HBO's "Carnivale"...too bad the movie sucks llama butt.)
  • The Tommyknockers (I love Stephen King, I love Marg Helgenberger from CSI, so naturally one would think this would be cool...yeah no. Stay away. Far away.)

I sense you might be a little young for this recommendation but the director of An American Werewolf in Paris, Anthony Waller, made a great film prior to that movie called Mute Witness (1994). It's a favorite "thriller" of mine.