The Worst Things About Comic Books

  1. Gimmick covers
  2. These are what ruined the comic renaissance in the early 1990's and made it impossible to enjoy comics for almost 10 years!
  3. Event Comics that aren't truly innovative
  4. Any time you have a new writer or artist come on a comic, the editor feels like its time to shake things up and give us an "event" like Secret War or Infinite Crisis. These are just excuses for stories that seem grand in the beginning only to wither up and die by issue 3 of a 6 issue mini-series!
  5. Reimagining the hero's origin
  6. What started out in the 1980's with a redux Superman lead to more inconsistencies than they had before redoing his origin. Now it seems to be the norm to re-invent characters with each successive artist or writer, regardless of whether it will affect the character in a positive way (think Hulk or Spider-Man in recent years).
  7. Bad art on good stories (or vice verse)
  8. Any time you have a writer giving you Hemmingway with the artist doing only slightly better than a spastic monkey, that is a bad thing to do to comics. Also, putting a Jim Lee on a book that wouldn't provide enough quality writing to fill up a postage stamp is also a terrible idea!
  9. Shipping consistency
  10. We know it takes a lot of time to put out a quality piece of art, but if you ship issue #1 in June and then wait 18 months to ship issue #2 - that is a BAD THING!
  11. X-Books
  12. Just because the X-Men are Marvel's #1 super-group, doesn't mean you need to have 100 books with "X" in the title or featuring variations of the Merry Mutants! Quantity doesn't mean quality!
  13. Canceling a book before issue 5
  14. When you start a new book, you invest $3.99 (or more) on the belief it will be good and will last long enough for the writer to finish the story he is telling. But the big companies believe that if a book doesn't sell well out of the gate, it needs to be dropped as soon as possible, regardless if anyone likes it or not. I can't tell you how many great books from DC or Marvel I have liked only to see them killed off before any kind of ending was presented!
  15. The Big 2 (Marvel and DC)
  16. If anything kills the comic market, it is the fact that these 2 companies are responsible for 90% of the output in comics at this time! Not that the other companies are putting out good work but consumers only get fed the books from these 2 because they have a more direct marketing scheme towards people than all of the other companies combined!
  17. Diamond Comic Distributors
  18. Seriously - when Jeannette Khan had an idea about a director distributorship of comics to comic shops, she certainly couldn't have foreseen the devastation that Diamond has inflicted! If Diamond doesn't like your company, you would be hard pressed to get ANY OTHER DISTRIBUTOR to even look at you! If that isn't a monopoly - what is?
  19. Wizard The Magazine About Comics
  20. Gareb Shamus and co have done EVERYTHING POSSIBLE to make comics about money and less about quality or enjoyment! The initial idea for a magazine about comics was great and for a while it was exactly what the comic community needed. THEN they decided to up the ante with multiple covers, cards (and special variant cards in certain copies) and generally fueling the greed factor in comics up to supernova status! Really - if it weren't for Wizard, most of the problems in this list wouldn't exist, and that is a sad indictment against a supposed comic book fan like Shamus!!
Author Comments: 

This is my personal take on what is wrong in comic books as of now! And I have been a fanactic about comics, books and all things comic book related since 1969! Plus I have my own side business buying/selling/trading this stuff.