Albums Ranked: They Might Be Giants

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  1. Mink Car
  2. Back To Skull [EP]
  3. Flood
  4. Apollo 18
  5. Factory Showroom
  6. Why Does the Sun Shine [EP]
  7. S-E-X-X-Y [EP]
  8. Birdhouse in Your Soul [EP]
  9. No!
  10. Man, It's So Loud in Here [EP]
  11. Join Us
  12. The Else
  13. John Henry
  14. Working Undercover for the Man [EP]
  15. Then: The Early Years
  16. Bed Bed Bed [EP]
  17. They Might Be Giants
  18. Here's Comes Science
  19. Cast Your Pod to the Wind
  20. Indestructible Object [EP]
  21. Don't Let's Start [EP]
  22. Purple Toupee [EP]
  23. The Spine Surfs Alone [EP]
  24. (She Was A) Hotel Detective [EP]
  25. Long Tall Weekend
  26. O Tannenbaum [EP]
  27. The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight) [EP]
  28. The Spine
  29. Here Come the ABCs!
  30. They'll Need a Crane [EP]
  31. The Statue Got Me High [EP]
  32. Lincoln
  33. Miscellaneous T
  34. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) [EP]
  35. They Got Lost
  36. Here Come the 123s!
  37. I Palindrome I [EP]
  38. Holidayland [EP]
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