1001 Children's Books You Must Read Before You Grow Up

  1. Heart===Edmondo Amicis
  2. The school for cats====Esther Averill
  3. The little man dressed in gray====Fernando Alonso
  4. The painted house====Montserrat Del Amo
  5. Skellig====David Almond
  6. Little Women====Louisa May Alcott
  7. The trouble with Donovan Croft===Bernard Ashley
  8. Aesop's Fables ===Aesop
  9. Each Peach Pear Plumb====Allan Ahlberg
  10. The Baby's Catalogue====Allan Ahlberg
  11. Burglar bill ---Allan Ahlberg
  12. The Three Railway Engines---Rev. Awdry
  13. Thomas the Tank Engine----Rev. Awdry
  14. Fly, Little Bird=====Francesco Altan
  15. Bunny Bath====Lena Anderson
  16. Up in the tree ----Margaret Atwood
  17. Stina --- Lena Anderson
  18. Mr. Archimedes' bath --- Pamela Allen
  19. Where's my teddy ---- Jez Alborough
  20. The Emperor's New Clothes---Hans Anderson
  21. The little Mermaid---Hans Anderson
  22. The Ugly Duckling---Hans Anderson
  23. Little Tim and the brave sea captain---Edward Ardizzone
  24. Mr. Popper's Penguins---Richard Atwater
  25. A Necklace of Raindrops----Joan Aiken
  26. Why Mosquitos buzz in people's ears----Verna Aardema
  27. The Lighthouse keeper's lunch=---Ronda Armitage
  28. Miss Nelson is missing---Harry Allard
  29. Anno's Journey====Mitsumasa Anno
  30. The polar Express---Chris Van Allsburg
  31. The Jolly Postman----Allan Ahlberg
  32. Lend me your wings----John Agard
  33. The Little Bird---Paro Anand
  34. Friends from the other side---Gloria Anzaldua
  35. The Young visiters===Daisy Ashford
  36. Adventurour tales of Machu Pichu====Ciro Alegria
  37. The Warden's Niece====Gillian Avery
  38. The Wolves of Willoughby Chase=====Joan Aiken
  39. Shy Violet====Giana Anguissola
  40. The Book of Three====Lloyd Alenxander
  41. D'Aulaires' norse gods and giants=====Ingri D'Aulaire
  42. Watership down====Richard Adams
  43. Please Mrs. Butler====Allan Ahlberg
  44. Sounder===William Armstrong
  45. The Fire-eaters===David Almond
  46. Memoirs of a basque cow===Bernardo Atxaga
  47. Grimpow====Rafael Abalos
  48. Crispin===Avi
  49. The wonderful farm--Marcel Ayme
  50. A Toad Who wanted to be a star---Oscar Alfaro
  51. The Bear's famous invasion of Sicily=====Dino Buzzati
  52. Brendon Chase====B.B.
  53. The adventures of the wishing chair=====Enid Blyton
  54. The Secret Garden===F. Burnett
  55. Peter in Blueberry Land====Elsa Beskow
  56. The Children of the Forest====Elsa Beskow
  57. Good Night, Alfie Atkins=====Gunilla Bergstrom
  58. The Runaway Bunny---Margaret Wise Brown
  59. Goodnight Moon---Margaret Wise Brown
  60. Handa's Surprise====Eileen Browne
  61. Miffy---Dick Bruna
  62. Mr. Grumpy's Outing====John Burningham
  63. Madeline --- Ludwig Bemelmans
  64. Mike Mulligan --- Virginia Lee Burton
  65. The Little House --- Virginia Burton
  66. A Bear called Paddington --- Michael Bond
  67. The Berenstein bears --- Stan Berenstain
  68. Clifford the big red dog --- Norman Bridwell
  69. Father Christmas --- Raymond Briggs
  70. The Snowman ---Raymond Briggs
  71. Is that a monster, Alfie Atkins---- Gunilla Bergstrom
  72. Mister Magnolia --- Quentin Blake
  73. Avocado Baby -- John Birmingham
  74. Gorilla -- Anthony Browne
  75. One Snowy Night --- Nick Butterworth
  76. Mousehole Cat --- Antonia Barber
  77. Clown === Quentin Blake
  78. Runaway train === Benedict Blathwayt
  79. Window --- Jeannie Baker
  80. Max and Moritz---Heinrich Busch
  81. Sleep well, little bear ---- Quint Buchholz
  82. The Adventures of Maya the bee--Waldemar Bonsels
  83. Milly-Molly-Mandy stories--Joyce Brisley
  84. Borka---John Burmingham
  85. Stone Soup---Marcia Brown
  86. Flat Stanley----Jeff Brown
  87. The Giant Jam Sandwich----Janet Burroway
  88. Fungus the bogeyman----Raymond Briggs
  89. Cloudy with a chance of meatballs---Judie Barrett
  90. Linnea in Monet's Garden---Christina Bjork
  91. Animalia---Graeme Base
  92. Ug: Boy Genius of the stone age---Raymond Briggs
  93. A Walk in the park----Anthony Browne
  94. Little Lord Fauntleroy====Frances Burnett
  95. Anancy Spiderman----James Berry
  96. Drac and the gremlin----Allan Baillie
  97. The Little Captain=====Paul Biegel
  98. Are you there god? It's me, Margaret=====Judy Blume
  99. The King of Copper Mountain======Paul Biegel
  100. Snip Snap---Mara Bergman
  101. The Pied Piper of Hamlin===Robert Browning
  102. A little princess====Francis Burnett
  103. The Boy, the swallow, and the cat=====Miguel Bunuel
  104. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz====Lyman Baum
  105. Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens===J.M. Barrie
  106. Cautionary Tales of Children====Hilarie Belloc
  107. The Swish of the curtain=====Pamela Brown
  108. The Little Grey Man====B.B.
  109. Five on a Treasure Island====Enid Blyton
  110. The Incredible Journey====Sheila Burnford
  111. The Adventures of Rupert the Toad====Roy Berocay
  112. Nurse Matilda====Christianna Brand
  113. The Eighteenth Emergency====Betsy Byars
  114. Crusade in Jeans====Thea Beckman
  115. Night swimmers=====Betsy Byars
  116. Superfudge====Judy Blume
  117. The indian in the cupboard=====Lynne Banks
  118. Fire, Bed and Bone====Henrietta Branfordmatt
  119. The boy in the striped pyjamas====John Boyne
  120. The Adventures of Baron Munchhausen===Gottfried Burger
  121. The Coral Island====Robert Ballantyne
  122. The Fortunes of Philippa====Angela Brazil
  123. Fahrenheit 451===Ray Bradbury
  124. Time of trial====Hester Burton
  125. Caddie Woodlawn====Carol Brink
  126. Pastures of the blue crane===H.F. Brinshead
  127. The Summer of the swans====Betsy Byars
  128. Tuck Everlasting===Natalie Babbitt
  129. The Peppermint pig===Nina Bawden
  130. Carrie's war===Nina Bawden
  131. Strollers===Lesley Beake
  132. Redwork===Michael Bedard
  133. There will be wolves===Karleen Bradford
  134. River boy===Tim Bowler
  135. Pig-heart boy====Malorie Blackman
  136. I am not Esther===Fleur Beale
  137. Not Chicago. Not here====Kirsten Bole
  138. Noughts and Crosses===Malorie Blackman
  139. Walking Naked===Alyssa Brugman
  140. The running man===Michael Bauer
  141. After the first death===Robert Cormier
  142. Gumdrop---Val Biro
  143. Come Away from the water, Shirley---John Burningham
  144. Mr. Fox----Gavin Bishop
  145. The children of Green Knowe====Lucy Boston
  146. Habberdy Dick====Katharine Briggs
  147. Jennings and Darbishire====Anthony Buckeridge
  148. Six Companions===Paul Bonzon
  149. A Hundred million francs====Paul Berna
  150. A thief in the village====James Berry
  151. My Friend the painter====Lygia Bojunga
  152. Pit pony====Joyce Barkhouse
  153. The field guide====Holly Black
  154. Millions====Frank Boyce
  155. When the wind blows====Raymond Briggs
  156. Whispers in the Grave====Theresa Breslin
  157. Tangara===Nan Chauncey
  158. The Very Hungry Caterpillar====Eric Carle
  159. Dear Zoo====Rod Campbell
  160. Maisy Goes to Playschool====Lucy Cousins
  161. Julian The Rabbit====Nicoletta Costa
  162. Freight Train----Donald Crews
  163. Postman Pat's Treasure Hunt --- John A. Cunliffe
  164. We are the triplets -- Roser Capdevila
  165. Cole's funny picture book---Edward Cole
  166. T'choupi --- Theirry Courtin
  167. Bad habits === Babette Cole
  168. Pumpkin soup === Helen Cooper
  169. Perez the mouse--Luis Coloma
  170. Josephine and her dolls---H.C. Cradock
  171. All about Doggie and pussycat---Josef Capek
  172. Roule Galette---Natha Caputo
  173. Marlaguette---Marie Colmont
  174. Italian Folktales---Italo Calvino
  175. Chanticlear and the Fox----Barbara Cooney
  176. Cion Cion Blue---Pnin Carpi
  177. Ramona the pest----Beverly Cleary
  178. The Duck in the Gun---Joy Cowley
  179. The Sea at the end of the forest---Pinin Carpi
  180. I will not ever never eat a tomato---Lauren Child
  181. That Pesky Rat---Lauren Child
  182. The Biggest Kiss in the world----R. Chavez Castaneda
  183. Robinson the younger===Johann Campe
  184. Alice's Adventures in Wonderland====Lewis Carroll
  185. Through the Looking Glass===Lewis Carroll
  186. Pinocchio====Carlo Collidi
  187. Just William====Richmal Crompton
  188. A pony for Jean====Joanna Cannan
  189. Michka---Marie Colmont
  190. The Fantastic Antonita====Borita Casas
  191. Fantomette====Goerge Chaulet
  192. The seasons in the city=====Italo Calvino
  193. The mouse and the motorcycle======Beverly Cleary
  194. Ordinary Jack====Helen Creswell
  195. Figgie Hobbin----Charles Causley
  196. The Demon Headmaster====Gillian Cross
  197. Toby====Graciela Cabal
  198. Merryll of the stones====Brian Caswell
  199. Clarice Bean: that's me====Lauren Child
  200. Artemis Fowl====Eoin Colfer
  201. The Cherry Kids====Constantin Chirita
  202. Utterly me, Clarice Bean====Lauren Child
  203. Bertoldo, Bertoldino, and Cacasenno===Giulio Croce
  204. What Katy did===Susan Coolidge
  205. The Baron in the trees====Italo Calvino
  206. The nonexistent knight===Italo Calvino
  207. The twelve and the genii====Pauline Clarke
  208. The Min-Min===Mavis Clark
  209. Grover===Vera Cleaver
  210. The Dark is rising===Susan Cooper
  211. The Chocolate War===Robert Cormier
  212. Monster Blood Tattoo: Foundling===David Cornish
  213. Slaves of Quentaris===Paul Collins
  214. Postcards from no man's land===Aiden Chambers
  215. Bud, not buddy===Christopher Paul Curtis
  216. Walk Two Moons====Sharon Creech
  217. The Gathering===Isobelle Carmody
  218. Strange objects===Gary Crew
  219. The Sentinels ====Peter Carter
  220. Where the Lilies Bloom===Vera Cleaver
  221. The Cloven Viscount====Italo Calvino
  222. Old Master Q---Wong Chak
  223. Mr. Majeika----Humphrey Carpenter
  224. Stellaluna---Janell Cannon
  225. Good Dog, Carl====Alexandra Day
  226. Martine --- Gilbert Delahaye
  227. Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy --- Lynley Dodd
  228. Felix and Alexander --- Terry Denton
  229. Slinky Malinki --- Lynley Dodd
  230. Jamela's dress === Niki Daly
  231. The Gruffalo === Julia Donaldson
  232. Crispin === Ted Dewan
  233. The Story of Babar====Jean de Brunhoff
  234. The magic fishbone---Charles Dickens
  235. Foxie---Ingri and Edgar Parin D'Aulaire
  236. Teo discovers the world----Violeta Denou
  237. The enormous crocodile----Roald Dahl
  238. Strega Nona---Tomie DePaolo
  239. Matilda---Roald Dahl
  240. Rumpelstiltskin and other Grimm Tales---Carol Duffy
  241. Simple National Slovak Tales====Pavol Dobsinksy
  242. The school at the chalet====Elinor Brent-Dryer
  243. The Hardy boys 1===Franklin Dixon
  244. The Twenty-one balloons====William Du Bois
  245. The Wheel on the school====Meindert Dejong
  246. James and the giant Peach====Road Dahl
  247. D'Aulaires' Book of Greek Myths===Ingri D'Aulaire
  248. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory===Roald Dahl
  249. A Christmas Carol====Charles Dickens
  250. Llama, Llama red pajama----Anna Dewdney
  251. Fairy Tales===Marie D'Aulony
  252. The Magic Finger====Roald Dahl
  253. The kaziranga trail====Arup Dutta
  254. The BFG====Roald Dahl
  255. The valley of the fireflies====Gloria Diaz
  256. Because of Winn-Dixie====Kate Dicamillo
  257. The tale of despereaux====Kate Dicamillo
  258. Robinson Crusoe===Daniel Defoe
  259. The Three Musketeers--Alexander Dumas
  260. The Hound of the Baskervilles====Arthur Doyle
  261. The Path====Miguel Delibes
  262. The Letter for the king====Tonke Dragt
  263. The bears on hemlock mountain---Alice Dalgliesh
  264. Not so fast Songolo----Niki Daly
  265. Beegu---Alexis Deacon
  266. The village by the sea===Anita Desai
  267. The Red shoe===Ursula Dubosarsky
  268. Dear nobody===Berlie Doherty
  269. Tulku----Peter Dickinson
  270. Alex===Tessa Duder
  271. My Naughty Little Sister---Dorothy Edwards
  272. Are You My Mother?---P.D. Eastman
  273. Neverending story===Michael Ende
  274. The Best Nest---P.D. Eastman
  275. Go, Dog, go--- P.D. Eastman
  276. Molly goes shopping === Eva Ericksson
  277. Old Possum's book of practical cats====T.S. Eliot
  278. The Little Prince =====Antoine de Saint Exupery
  279. The hundred dresses====Eleanor Estes
  280. Half magic====Edward Eager
  281. Jim Button and Luke the Engine Driver====Michael Ende
  282. Parvana's Journey===Deborah Ellis
  283. Flour babies====Anne Fine
  284. Little Bookroom====Eleanor Farjeon
  285. What celia says====Elena Fortun
  286. The Story about Ping====Marjorie Flack
  287. Corduroy --- Don Freeman
  288. Possum Magic --- Mem Fox
  289. Olivia === Ian Falconer
  290. Elsie Piddock skips in her sleep--Eleanor Farjeon
  291. Kangaroo for All---Gloria Fuertes
  292. Autumn Term=====Antonia Forest
  293. Inkheart====Cornelia Funke
  294. Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang======Ian Fleming
  295. Harriet the Spy====Louise Fitzhugh
  296. The little fox====Istvan Fekete
  297. Charlotte sometimes=====Penelope Farmer
  298. Eric, or little by little====Frderic Farrar
  299. The Black Stallion====Walter Farley
  300. Bill's new frock====Anne Fine
  301. Adventures of the ingenious alfanhui====Rafael Ferlosio
  302. The Spirit wind===Max Fatchem
  303. The Slave Dancer===Paula Fox
  304. Nobody's family is going to change====Louise Fitzhugh
  305. Jock of the Bushveld====Percy Fitzpatrick
  306. Hiter's daughter====Jackie French
  307. Four Sisters===Malika Ferdjoukh
  308. Toby Alone===Timothee De Fombelle
  309. Madame Doubtfire====Anne Fine
  310. Dinosaurs and all that rubbish----Michael Foreman
  311. A pocket for courduroy---Don Freeman
  312. Joyful Noise---Paul Fleischman
  313. Moonfleet=====J. Meade Falkner
  314. Thorn Castle====Istvan Fekete
  315. Gaston===Andre Franquin
  316. Doraemon====Fujiko Fujio
  317. Grinny====Nicholas Fisk
  318. Whipping Boy====Sid Fleischman
  319. Tashi====Anna Fleming
  320. The Happy return====C.S. Forester
  321. Johnny Tremain====Esther Forbes
  322. The doll's house---Rumer Godden
  323. My father's dragon---Ruth Gannett
  324. Mother Goose====Kate Greenway
  325. Marigold Garden====Kate Greenway
  326. Little Toot====Hardie Gramatky
  327. What does the mouse think on Thursday --- Josef Guggenmos
  328. Leo and Popi--- Marie-Agnes Gaudrat
  329. Max=== Bob Graham
  330. The little horse bus---Graham Greene
  331. Grimms' Fairy Tales---Jacob Grimm
  332. Tales of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie--May Gibbs
  333. Millions of Cats--Wanda Gag
  334. Little Nicholas---Rene Goscinny
  335. On the Antilles Sea in a paper boat----Nicolas Guillen
  336. The girl who loved wild horses---Paul Goble
  337. A Balloon for Grandad---Nigel Gray
  338. The Adventures of the Dish and the spoon====Mini Grey
  339. The family from one end street=====Eve Garnett
  340. Two weeks with the queen====Morris Gleitzman
  341. The Little White Horse====Elizabeth Goudge
  342. The princess who had magic fingers=====Marla Gefaell
  343. The Stone book====Alan Garner
  344. Under the mountain====Maurice Gee
  345. The wolves in the wall=====Neil Gaiman
  346. The graveyard book====Neil Gaiman
  347. A Long Way from Verona===Jane Gardam
  348. Aldabra====Silvana Gandolfi
  349. Julie of the wolves===J. Craighead George
  350. Stories from the year one thousand===Tonino Guerra
  351. Coram Boy===Jamila Gavin
  352. The Friends===Rosa Guy
  353. Elidor=====Alan Garner
  354. Bilgewater===Jane Gardam
  355. Memories of Idhun: The resistance====Laura Gallego
  356. Wolves---Emily Gravett
  357. The Wind in the Willows---Kenneth Grahame
  358. The Catcher in the Rye===J.D. Salinger
  359. Rabbit and coyote====Beatriz Donnet
  360. Old Yeller====Fred Gipson
  361. The bonny pit laddie====Frederick Grice
  362. Asterix the Gaul====Rene Goscinny
  363. The hedgehog tree====Antonio Gramsci
  364. Tales of Rue Broca====Pierre Gripari
  365. A wizard of Earthsea====Ursula Le Guin
  366. I am Susannah===Libby Gleeson
  367. Watch out for the cat====Silvana Gandolfi
  368. Just annoying====Andy Griffiths
  369. Three fairy tales====Gustavo Garzo
  370. Captain Fracasse====Theophile Gautier
  371. Eclipse of the Crescent Moon===Geza Gardonyi
  372. Lord of the Flies===William Godling
  373. King Arthur and His knights of the round table====Roger Green
  374. My Side of the mountain====Jean Craighead George
  375. The Weirdstone of Brisingamen===Alan Garner
  376. The Owl Services====Alan Garner
  377. Smith===Leon Garfield
  378. Agnes Cecilia===Maria Gripe
  379. Caperucita in Manhattan===Carmen Gaite
  380. Deadly, Unna===Philip Gwynne
  381. Troy===Adele Geras
  382. Red Zora===Kurt Held
  383. The Shrinking of Treehorn====Florence Heide
  384. The Iron Man====Ted Hughes
  385. The mouse and his child=====Russell Hoban
  386. How the whale became====Ted Hughes
  387. Misty of Chincoteague=====Marguerite Henry
  388. Tintin in the land of the soviets====Herge
  389. Uncle Remus Stories===Joel Harris
  390. Bedtime for Frances---Russell Hoban
  391. Rosie's Walk----Pat Hutchins
  392. Where's Spot====Eric Hill
  393. Bathwater's Hot====Shirley Hughes
  394. Orlando====Kathleen Hale
  395. Dogger---Shirley Hughes
  396. Ox-cart man --- Donald Hall
  397. This is the bear --- Sarah Hayes
  398. Old Bear--- Jane Hissey
  399. Ameliaranne and the green umbrella--Constance Heward
  400. The Orange Cow---Nathan Hale
  401. The Nutcracker and other Tales====E.T.A. Hoffman
  402. Der Struwwelpeter====Heinrich Hoffman
  403. The far-distant oxus=====K. Hull
  404. Arthur====Kevin Crossley-Holland
  405. M.C. Higgins===Virginia Hamilton
  406. Humphrey's Corner====Sally Hunter
  407. Mr. Tickle ---Roger Hargreaves
  408. The sea thing child ----Russell Hoban
  409. Alfie gets in first --- Shirley Hughes
  410. Angelina Ballerina --- Katharine Holabird
  411. Amazing Grace --- Mary Hoffman
  412. The story of the little Mole === Werner Holzwartz
  413. Tatu and Paty in Helsinki === Aino Havukainen
  414. Fifty Fables for children---Wilhelm Hey
  415. Katie Morag delivers the mail---Mairi Hedderwick
  416. The people could fly----Virginia Hamilton
  417. Old Tom---Leigh Hobbs
  418. Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse---Kevin Henkes
  419. The night pirates---Peter Harris
  420. The Bobbsey Twins====Laura Hope
  421. Granny====Peter Hartling
  422. Jules's rat=====Peter Hacks
  423. The Rattle Bag====Ted Hughes
  424. Mouth Open, story jump out====Grace Hallworth
  425. Storm====KEvin Crossley Holland
  426. Something's fishy, hazel green====Odo Hirsch
  427. 45 & 47 Stella Street and Everything that happened====Elizabeth Honey
  428. Professor Branestawm=====Norman Hunter
  429. Alex Rider: stormbreaker====Anthony Horowitz
  430. Ark angel====Anthony Horowitz
  431. The Scarlet Letter===Nathaniel Hawthorne
  432. Tom Brown's Schooldays====Thomas Hughes
  433. With Clive in India===George Henty
  434. The Prisoner of Zenda====Anthony Hope
  435. The Dark Frigate===Charles Hawes
  436. The Wool-pack: a tale of adventure====Cynthia Harnett
  437. The Sons of the Great Bear===Liselotte Henrich
  438. A Kestrel for a knave===Barry Hines
  439. The Outsiders===S.E. Hinton
  440. Badger on the barge===Janni Howker
  441. I'm the king of the castle====Susan Hill
  442. Hey, Dollface====Deborah Hautzig
  443. My One-legged friend and me====Anna Haakana
  444. Thunderwith===Libby Hathorn
  445. See ya, Simon====David Hill
  446. Out of the dust====Karen Hesse
  447. The Curious Incident of the dog in the night time===Mark Haddon
  448. By the river====Steven Herrick
  449. Way home====Libby Hathorn
  450. My Friend Mr. Leaky=====J.B.S. Haldane
  451. I am David====Anne Holm
  452. Crisis on conshelf ten===Monica Hughes
  453. Thursday's child====Sonya Hartnett
  454. Across the nightingale floor====Lian Hearn
  455. The Whale Rider====Witi Ihimaera
  456. Kipper====Mick Inkpen
  457. Mort and Phil====Francisco Ibanez
  458. Journey to the river sea====Eva Ibbotson
  459. A Mole always turns up on its own====Hanna Johansen
  460. Biggles: the camels are coming====W.E. Johns
  461. The Summer book===Tove Jansson
  462. Who does this kid take after---Eva Janikowsky
  463. Pagan's crusade====Catherine Jinks
  464. Some of the kinder planets====Tim Jones
  465. Redwall====Brian Jacques
  466. Quirky Tails====Paul Jennings
  467. Charmed Life===Diana Jones
  468. Comet in moominland====Tove Jansson
  469. The phantom tollbooth====Norton Juster
  470. Moomin, Myble, and the little My --- Tove Jansson
  471. Harold and the Purple Crayon---Crocket Johnson
  472. The Girl and the jackdaw tree---Riitta Jalonen
  473. Platero and I ====Juan Jimenez
  474. Finn Family Moomintrail=====Tove Jansson
  475. Tales of Uncle Rabbit===Euclides Jaramillo
  476. Rocco===Sherryl Jordan
  477. Crocodile Beat--- Gail Jorgensen
  478. Lost and found====Oliver Jeffers
  479. Bevis====Richard Jefferies
  480. The Snowy Day---Ezra Keats
  481. Hodja the Pjort----Ole Kirkegaard
  482. Uppo the bear---Elina Karjalainen
  483. Garden of little creatures=== Antoon Krings
  484. The Cow who fell in the canal--- Phyllis Krasilovsky
  485. Who's seen the scissors---Fernando Krahn
  486. The Jungle Book----Rudyard Kipling
  487. Just so stories--Rudyard Kipling
  488. Joseph's yard----Charles Keeping
  489. When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit====Judith Kerr
  490. Emil and the detectives===Erich Kastner
  491. The Tiger who Came to Tea---Judith Kerr
  492. The secret of the old clock====Carolyn Keene
  493. The turbulent term of tyke tiler====Gene Kemp
  494. My Great-grandfather, and I =====James Krus
  495. The view from Saturday===E.L. Konisburg
  496. Neitah: a girl in the far North====Edith Klatt
  497. Hating Alison Ashley====Robin Klein
  498. Rifles for Watie====Harold Keith
  499. Pat the bunny---Dorothy Kunhart
  500. Marc just couldn't sleep==Gabriela Keselman
  501. Mog the forgetful cat---Judith Kerr
  502. Leo the late Bloomer---Robert Kraus
  503. Henry and Amy---Stephen King
  504. The Water-Babies===Charles Kingsley
  505. Lassie come home====Eric Knight
  506. From the mixed-up files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler====E.L. Konisburg
  507. Stig the dump=====Clive King
  508. The Lion====Joseph Kessel
  509. Taronga====Victor Kelleher
  510. The Crowstarver====Dick King Smith
  511. I am Polleke===Guus Kuijer
  512. Father grew wings in spring====Toni Kontio
  513. Oscar at the South Pole===Carmen Kurtz
  514. Tales from Shakespeare===Charles and Mary Lamb
  515. Little Brown Bear=====Claude Lebron
  516. Lavender's Blue---Kathleen Lines
  517. Alvin says goodnight====Ulf Lofgren
  518. The Quangle Wangle's Hat====Edward Lear
  519. The Story of Ferdinand====Munto Leaf
  520. Little Blue and little yellow --- Leo Lionni
  521. wonderful tree ---Ulf Lofgren
  522. Lotta's Bike --- Astrid Lindgren
  523. Little I am I --- Mira Lobe
  524. Unknown or forgotten Princess ==== Philippe Lechermeier
  525. Rose goes to daycare=== Barbro Lindgren
  526. Book of Nonsense--Edward Lear
  527. The Blue Fairy Book---Andrew Lang
  528. The magic pudding--Norman Lindsey
  529. Pippi Longstocking---Astrid Lindgren
  530. Frederick---Leo Lionni
  531. Elsa-Marie and her seven little daddies---Pija Lindenbaum
  532. The Ship that flew====Hilda Lewis
  533. Are we there yet?---Alison Lester
  534. Children of the Oregon Trail=====A. Rutgers der Loeff
  535. The ghast of Thomas Kempe====Penelope Lively
  536. The brothers lionheart====Astrid Lindgren
  537. The Fib====George Layton
  538. Anastasia krupnik====Lois Lowry
  539. Ronia, the robber's daughter====Astrid Lindgren
  540. The Giver====Lois Lowry
  541. Manolito Gafotas====Elvira Lindo
  542. Swimmy----Leo Lionni
  543. The Call of the Wild====Jack London
  544. Arsene Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar====Maruice Leblanc
  545. The Wonderful Adventures of Nils----Selma Lagerlof
  546. Number the stars===Lois Lowry
  547. Across the barricades===Joan Lindgard
  548. Carry on, Mr. Bowditch====Jean Latham
  549. The Otterbury Incident====Cecil Day-Lewis
  550. The Mystery of the Yellow Room===Gaston Leroux
  551. White Fang====Jack London
  552. The White Stone=====Gunnel Linde
  553. Frog and Toad are Friends====Arnold Lobel
  554. Bridget and the moose brothers====Pija Lindenbaum
  555. The story of Doctor Doolittle====Hugh Lofting
  556. Betsy Tacy===Maud Lovelace
  557. Rabbit Hill====Robert Lawson
  558. Wind on the moon====Eric Linklater
  559. The Lion, the witch, and the wardrobe====C.S. Lewis
  560. Prince Caspian====C.S. Lewis
  561. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader====C.S. Lewis
  562. To Kill a Mockingbird====Harper Lee
  563. A Wrinkle in Time===Madeleine L'Engle
  564. Picnic at Hanging Rock==Joan Lindsay
  565. Elmer====David McKee
  566. The Jolly Aunt====Lother Meggendorfer
  567. Winnie the Pooh====A.A. Milne
  568. Brown bear, Brown Bear, what do you see ---Bill Martin, Jr.
  569. Peace at Last ---Jill Murphy
  570. Love you forever --Robert Munsch
  571. Fire-engine lil -- Janet McLean
  572. The magic pocket === Michio Mado
  573. Guess how much I love you --- Sam McBratney
  574. Blueberries for sale---Robert McCloskey
  575. One Morning in Maine--Robert McCloskey
  576. Make Way for Ducklings---Robert McCloskey
  577. A visit from Saint Nicholas---Clement Moore
  578. Efrem the knights====Mino Milani
  579. Fray Perico and his donkey====Juan Munoz
  580. My Kingdom for a horse---Ana Machado
  581. Lucky Luke-Arizona 1880====Morris
  582. The Little Pot Boiler=====Spike Milligan
  583. Graveyard Kitaro=====Shigeru Mizuki
  584. Winter Song===Jean-Claude Mourlevat
  585. Twilight===Stephenie Meyer
  586. Stony Heart Country====David Metzenthen
  587. The Changeover====Margaret Mahy
  588. Tomorrow, when the war began====John Marsden
  589. Why the whales came====Michael Morpurgo
  590. The Treasure in Silver Lake====Karl May
  591. Sarah, Plain and Tall====Patricia Maclachlan
  592. Goodnight, Mr. Tom====Michelle Magorian
  593. The Haunting====Margaret Mahy
  594. You're all my favorites===Sam McBratney
  595. Come Hither---Walter de la Mare
  596. When we were very young--A.A. Milne
  597. Now we are six--A.A. Milne
  598. A lion in the meadow----Margaret Mahy
  599. The Worst Witch===Jill Murphy
  600. Not now, Bernard----David McKee
  601. The paper bag princess----Robert Munsch
  602. The hound of the mound and the frog of the bog---Ana Machado
  603. Two little bears---Hanna Muschg
  604. Dodo gets married---Petra Mathews
  605. Zen shorts---John Muth
  606. At the back of the north wind====George MacDonald
  607. The Cuckoo Clock====Mrs. Molesworth
  608. The Princess and the Goblin====George MacDonald
  609. Nobody's boy====Hector Malot
  610. Paul Street Boys====Ferenc Moinar
  611. Anne of Green Gables---L.M. Montgomery
  612. The Red U====Wilhelm Matthiessen
  613. Night at the Galactic Railroad====Kenji Miyazawa
  614. The box of delights=====John Masefield
  615. A kid for two farthings====Wolf Mankowitz
  616. Walkabout====James Marshall
  617. Nothing to be afraid of====Jan Mark
  618. Me in the middle====AnaMarie Machado
  619. Max and Sally====Milos Macourek
  620. War Horse====Michael Morpurgo
  621. Sunday's Child====Gudrun Mebs
  622. Poordog the starved===Graciela Montes
  623. My Girragundji====Meme McDonald
  624. Kensuke's kingdom====Michael Morpurgo
  625. The naming of tishkin silk====Glenda Millard
  626. The Children of the new forest====Frederick Marryat
  627. Uncle=====J.P. Martin
  628. Emily Climbs===L. M. Montgomery
  629. Captain Thunder====Victor Mora
  630. The Silver Brumby====Elyne Mitchell
  631. Big Tiger and Christian====Fritz Muhlenweg
  632. The Stowaway of the Ulysses====Ana Maria Matute
  633. Gentle Ben===Walt Morey
  634. Thunder and Lightnings====Jan Mark
  635. Private Peaceful===Michael Morpurgo
  636. A Boat in the forest====Paolo Mastrocola
  637. Oh, Boy!===Marie Aude Murail
  638. The Slightly True Story of Cedar B. Hartley====Martine Murray
  639. Gold Dust====Geraldine McCaughrean
  640. Dougy====James Moloney
  641. When the snow fell====Henning Mankell
  642. The Gifting===Sophie Masson
  643. See How they run===David McRobbie
  644. Looking for alibrandi===Melina Marchetta
  645. A pack of lies===Geraldine McCaughrean
  646. Dragonsong===Anne McCaffrey
  647. Nausicaa===Hayao Miyazaki
  648. Handles===Jan Mark
  649. Hayflower and quiltshoe====Sinikka and Nopola
  650. The Keys to the kingdom: Mister Monday===Garth Nix
  651. Meg and Moog====Helen Nicoll
  652. Clever Bill====William Nicholson
  653. Pancakes for Findus--- Sven Nordqvist
  654. The Companions----Lygia Nunes
  655. If you give a mouse a cookie---Laura Numeroff
  656. The Story of the Treasure Seekers====E. Nesbit
  657. Sussi and Biribissi====Collodi Nipote
  658. Five children and It====E. Nesbit
  659. The Borrowers====Mary Norton
  660. The goalkeeper's revenge=====Bill Naughton
  661. The cucumber king====Christine Nostlinger
  662. Conrad: the factory-made boy=====Christine Nostlinger
  663. Journey to Jo'burg====Beverley Naidoo
  664. The Snow spider====Jenny Nimmo
  665. Shiloh===Phyllis Naylor
  666. Rupert the rapper and aunt deep freeze====Sinikka Nopola
  667. Barrumbi Kids====Leonie Norrington
  668. The Railway Children====E. Nesbit
  669. Woods of Windri===Violet Needham
  670. Fly away home===Christine Nostlinger
  671. Heart's delight====Per Nilsson
  672. The Wind singer====William Nicholson
  673. Tickle, Tickle====Helen Oxenbury
  674. The Story of the Root Children====Sibylle Offers
  675. The church mouse ---Graham Oakley
  676. Mrs. Frisby and the rats of NIMH====Robert O'Brien
  677. Stradbroke Dreamtime====Noonuccal Oodgeroo
  678. The hounds of the morrigan====Pat O'Shea
  679. Island of the blue dolphins===Scott O'Dell
  680. My Friend Flicka====Mary O'Hara
  681. The Island on bird street===Uri Orlev
  682. Peeling the Onion===Wendy Orr
  683. Keeper===Mal Peet
  684. Wolf brother====Michelle Paver
  685. The Little Engine That Could---Walter Piper
  686. The Bear went over the mountain====John Prater
  687. The Tale of Peter Rabbit====Beatrix Potter
  688. The Tale of Mr. Jeremy Fisher====Beatrix Potter
  689. The Tale of Jemima Puddle Duck====Beatrix Potter
  690. Okilele---- Claude Ponti
  691. Fairy Tales from the past---Charles Perrault
  692. The Dutch Twins---Lucy Perkins
  693. Tweet Tweet--Ludmilla Podjavorinska
  694. The Robber Hotzenplot---Otfried Preubler
  695. The battle of bubble and squeak---Philippa Pearce
  696. Haunted house---Jan Pienkowski
  697. The prince of Motordu----Pef
  698. The New Kid on the block----Jack Prelutsky
  699. The Keeping Quilt----Patricia Polacco
  700. Little old Mrs. Pepperpot---Alf Proysen
  701. Amelia Bedelia----Peggy Parish
  702. The Black Smurf----Peyo
  703. Morality Tales====Rafael Pombo
  704. Amazon Adventure====Willard Price
  705. Minnow on the say====Philippa Pearce
  706. Tom's Midnight Garden===Philippa Pearce
  707. A Dog so small====Philippa Pearce
  708. The Carpet People====Terry Pratchett
  709. Chlorophyll from the blue sky====Bianca Pitzorno
  710. Bridge to Terabithia===Katherine Paterson
  711. Jacob, have I loved-=====Katherine Paterson
  712. The Eye of the wolf====Daniel Pennac
  713. Pirate's heart====Benne Pludra
  714. Gargling with jelly====Brian Patten
  715. Truckers====Terry Pratchett
  716. Only you can save mankind====Terry Pratchett
  717. The last giants====Francois Place
  718. Halinka====Mirjam Pressler
  719. Flambards===K.M. Peyton
  720. The Edge of the cloud===K.M. Peyton
  721. Twopence a Tub===Susan Price
  722. The Ruby in the smoke====Philip Pullman
  723. Johnny, my friend====Peter Pohl
  724. Hatchet====Gary Paulson
  725. The ghost drum====Susan Price
  726. The cloud===Gudrun Pausewang
  727. Listen to my heart===Bianca Pitzorno
  728. Northern Lights===Philip Pullman
  729. Ivor the engine---Oliver Postgate
  730. Pollyana---Eleanor Porter
  731. Clockwork====Philip Pullman
  732. Johnny and the bomb====Terry Pratchett
  733. Matthias and Grandpa====Roberto Plumini
  734. The Sterkarm Handshake====Susan Price
  735. A Girl of The Limberlost====Gene Porter
  736. The War of the buttons====Louis Pergaud
  737. Playing beatie bow===Ruth Park
  738. In Mr. Thunder's House----Guido Quarzo
  739. Tales of the Jungle===Horacio Quiroga
  740. Zazie in the metro====Raymond Queneau
  741. We're Going on a bear hunt====Michael Rosen
  742. Curious George--- Margret Rey
  743. Poems for the very young ---- Michael Rosen
  744. The little red engine gets its name---Diana Ross
  745. Teddy Robinson Stories---Joan Robinson
  746. Captain Pugwash---John Ryan
  747. Mind your own business---Michael Rosen
  748. Henry and Mudge----Cynthia Ryland
  749. Tar Beach----Faith Ringgold
  750. Sophie's Misfortunes===Sophie Rostopochine
  751. Carrot Top====Jules Renard
  752. Becassine====Jacqueline Riviere
  753. Swallows and amazons====Arthur Ransome
  754. Pigeon Post====Arthur Ransome
  755. Little Onion=====Gianni Rodari
  756. Where the red fern grows====Wilson Rawls
  757. Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone===J.K. Rowling
  758. The Great Escape from City Zoo---Tohby Riddle
  759. The Day the babies crawled away---Peggy Rathman
  760. Billy Bunter of greyfriar's school====Frank Richards
  761. Haroun and the sea of stories=====Salman Rushdie
  762. The dog with the yellow heart====Jutta Richter
  763. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban====J.K. Rowling
  764. Harry Potter and the goblet of fire===J.K. Rowling
  765. The Day I learned to tame spiders====Jutta Richter
  766. Mortal Engines====Philip Reeve
  767. The Cat, or how I lost eternity====Jutta Richter
  768. The fifth form at St. Dominics===Talbot Reed
  769. The Yearling====Marjorie Rawlings
  770. Friederich===Hans Richter
  771. The Westing Game===Ellen Raskin
  772. Rowan of Rin====Emily Rodda
  773. Foxspell====Gillian Rubinstein
  774. Witch Child===Celia Rees
  775. How I live now===Meg Rosoff
  776. Mr. and Mrs. Pig's Evening Out----Mary Rayner
  777. Telephone Tales====Gianni Rodari
  778. Little Spook's Baby Sister=====Inger Sandberg
  779. The Little Red Lighthouse --- Hildegarde Swift
  780. The Cat in the Hat --- Dr. Seuss
  781. Green eggs and Ham --- Dr. Seuss
  782. Where the wild things are --- Maurice Sendak
  783. What do people do all day --- Richard Scarry
  784. In the night kitchen ---Maurice Sendak
  785. My cat likes to hide in boxes --- Eve Sutton
  786. Dusty wants help --- Roger Sandberg
  787. Madlenka === Peter Sis
  788. A Child's Garden of verses----Robert Stevenson
  789. Peanuts---Charles Schulz
  790. Jip and Janneke---Annie Schmidt
  791. Caps for sale--Esphyr Slobodkina
  792. Clever Polly and The Stupid Wolf---Catherine Starr
  793. The Giving Tree---Shel Silverstein
  794. Sylvester and the magic pebble---William Steig
  795. Tow Truck Pluck----Annie Schmidt
  796. Amos and Boris----William Steig
  797. Balloon cat----Keiko Sena
  798. The Real Thief----William Steig
  799. Where The sidewalk ends---Shel Silverstein
  800. The cat that lived a million times---Yoko Sana
  801. Doctor De Soto----William Steig
  802. The Hodgeheg---Dick Smith
  803. The True Story of the Three Little Pigs---John Scieszka
  804. Oh, the places you'll go----Dr. Seuss
  805. My Friend Percy's magical gym shoes---Ulf Stark
  806. Stinky Cheese Man---John Scieszka
  807. Horrid Henry---Francesca Simon
  808. Math Curse---Jon Scieszka
  809. A Bad Case of Stripes----David Shannon
  810. The Death book---Pernilla Stalfelt
  811. The Love book---Pernilla Stalfelt
  812. Skippyjohn Jones---Judy Schachner
  813. Constable Sniffer===Asko Sirkia
  814. Black Beauty====Anna Sewell
  815. Treasure Island====Robert L. Stevenson
  816. The Black Corsair====Emilio Salgari
  817. Queen of the caribbean====Emilio Salgari
  818. Captain Storm====Emilio Salgari
  819. The good master====Kate Seredy
  820. The Red Pony---James Steinbeck
  821. Ballet Shoes===Noel Streatfeild
  822. The Circus is coming====Noel Streatfeild
  823. Hurrah for St. Trinians=====Ronald Searle
  824. Marcelino, Bread and Wine====Jose Silva
  825. The 101 Dalmations=====Dodie Smith
  826. Warrior Scarlet====Rosemary Sutcliff
  827. The Cricket in Times Square====George Selden
  828. Knight's Fee====Rosemary Sutcliff
  829. Ash Road====Ivan Southall
  830. winged watchman====Hilda Stockum
  831. A Pair of Jesus Boots====Sylvia Sherry
  832. The Sheep-pig====Dick King Smith
  833. Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters===John Steptoe
  834. Maniac Magee====Jerry Spinelli
  835. The story of a seagull====Luis Sepulveda
  836. The composition====Antonio Skarmeta
  837. Lemony Snicket: The Bad Beginning====Lemony Snicket
  838. Lemony Snicket: The vile village====Lemony Snicket
  839. The invention of Hugo Cabret=====Brian Selznick
  840. Gulliver's Travels===Jonathan Swift
  841. The Good little devil====Contesse de Segur
  842. Heidi's Wandering Learning Years====Johanna Spyri
  843. Kidnapped====Robert L. Stevenson
  844. The Amulet of Samarkand===Jonathan Stroud
  845. The visits===Silvia Schujer
  846. Stone Cold====Robert Swindells
  847. When the world was still young===Jurg Schubiger
  848. The Silver jaguar===Hermann Schulz
  849. My Big Birkett===Lisa Shanahan
  850. Underground to Canada====Barbara Smucker
  851. The October Child===Eleanor Spence
  852. Brother in the land====Robert Swindells
  853. First of Midnight===Marjorie Darke
  854. Holes===Louis Sachar
  855. Cirque du freak: a living nightmare====Darren Shan
  856. The Tigers of Mompracem===Emilio Salgari
  857. Jolanda, Daughter of the Black Corsair====Emilio Salgari
  858. The Cave Children====Alois Sonnleitner
  859. I capture the castle====Dodie Smith
  860. Eagle of the ninth====Rosemary Sutcliff
  861. The silver sword====Ian Serrailler
  862. The Witch of Blackbird pond====Elizabeth Speare
  863. Marianne Dreams====Catherine Storr
  864. No way of telling===Emma Smith
  865. Barbapapa ---Annette Tison
  866. One Woolly Wombat --- Red Trinca
  867. Winnie the Witch --- Valerie Thomas
  868. Rupert the Bear---Mary Tourtel
  869. Dragon ball----Akira Toriyama
  870. Moka the Cow----Agostino Traini
  871. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer===Mark Twain
  872. The Elephant and the Bad baby---Elfrida Vipont
  873. The Prince and the Pauper===Mark Twain
  874. Adventures of Huck Finn===Mark Twain
  875. The Extraordinary Adventures of Massogram=====Josep Torres
  876. The Thirteen Clocks====James Thurber
  877. Kimba====Osamu Tezuka
  878. Mary Poppins====P.L. Travers
  879. Worzel Gummidge=====Barbara Todd
  880. The hobbit---J.R. Tolkein
  881. Astro Boy====Osamu Tezuka
  882. A Child's Christmas in Wales====Dylan Thomas
  883. Friday, or the Savage Life====Michel Tournier
  884. Storm Boy====Colin Thiele
  885. Almost everyone could topple===Toon Tellegen
  886. The Rose and the ring====William Thackeray
  887. Seven Little Australians====Ethel Turner
  888. In Medeleni====Ionel Teodoreanu
  889. The children from Number 67====Liza Tetzner
  890. The garden====Jiri Trnka
  891. The arrival====Shaun Tan
  892. Cue for Treason====Geoffrey Trease
  893. We Couldn't leave Dinah====Mary Treadgold
  894. Metropolis====Osamu Tezuka
  895. The Fellowship of the ring===J.R.R. Tolkein
  896. Viking's dawn===Henry Treece
  897. The Cay===Theodore Taylor
  898. Winter in Wartime===Jan Terlouw
  899. Roll of Thunder, Hear my cry====Mildred Taylor
  900. The secret diary of adrian mole====Sue Townsend
  901. Switchers===Kate Thompson
  902. New Policeman====Kate Thompson
  903. Eloise--- Kay Thompson
  904. Loon's Necklace----William Toyer
  905. The Quinkins----Percy Trezise
  906. A Jump into the world====Bruno Tognolini
  907. Traditional Chinese Folktales---Unknown
  908. Tales of Otogizoshi ---unknown
  909. The adventures of Peach Boy---unknown
  910. The house that Jack built---Unknown
  911. A Tree is Nice---Janice Udry
  912. Crictor--Tomi Ungerer
  913. The Three Robbers---Tomi Ungerer
  914. The squirrel, the hare and the little grey rabbit---Alison Uttley
  915. Nesthakchen=====Else Ury
  916. Arabian Nights===Unknown
  917. A Traveller in time====Alison Utley
  918. Ernest and Celestine have lost Simon ---Gabrielle Vincent
  919. Frog in Winter ---- Max Velthuijs
  920. The widemouthed frog === Francine Vidal
  921. Tales and Legends---Javier Villafane
  922. Apoutsiak---Paul-Emile Victor
  923. The Dreams of the toad----Javier Villafane
  924. Alexander and the terrible, horrible. . .---Judith Viorst
  925. Jumanji---Chris Van Allsburg
  926. The Adventures of Gian Burrasca====Vamba
  927. Kubula and Kuba Kubikula=====Vladislav Vancura
  928. Missing from Saint-Agil===Pierre Very
  929. My Sweet Orange Tree=====Jose Vasconcelos
  930. Journey to the center of the Earth====Jules Verne
  931. 20,000 Leagues under the Sea===Jules Verne
  932. Around the world in 80 days====Jules Verne
  933. Friday's tunnel====John Verney
  934. Homecoming===Cynthia Voight
  935. Finding Violet Parker===Jenny Valentine
  936. Down with skool====Geoffrey Willans
  937. Mistress Masham's Repose=====T.H. White
  938. Stuart Little====E.B. White
  939. The Sword in the Stone====T.H. White
  940. The boxcar children===Getrude Warren
  941. Owl Babies====Martin Waddell
  942. Blinky Bill====Dorothy Wall
  943. Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile---Bernard Waber
  944. Morris's disappearing bag---Rosemary Wells
  945. Can't You sleep, little bear --- Martin Waddell
  946. Don't let the pigeon drive the bus === Mo Willems
  947. Knuffle Bunny: a cautionary tale === Mo Willems
  948. The little wooden horse---Ursula Williams
  949. Harry and the bucketful of dinosaurs ===Ian Whybrow
  950. Dailan Kifki---Maria Walsh
  951. Velveteen Rabbit--Margery Williams
  952. The biggest bear---Lynd Ward
  953. Charlotte's web---E.B. White
  954. Detectives in Togas---Henry Winterfield
  955. John Brown, Rose, and the Midnight Cat====Jenny Wagner
  956. I hate school===Jeanne Willis
  957. The Sea monster====Christopher Wormell
  958. A Chair for My mother---Vera Williams
  959. Fox----Margaret Wild
  960. The Three Pigs---David Wiesner
  961. The Canterville Ghost=====Oscar Wilde
  962. The happy prince====Oscar Wilde
  963. Tomb Raiders====Odile Weulersse
  964. The Story of Tracy Beaker====Jacqueline Wilson
  965. The bed and the breakfast star====Jacqueline Wilson
  966. Stories to Fernando====Erna Wolf
  967. The papunya school book====Nadia Wheatley
  968. The Lark and the Laurel===Barbara Willard
  969. Tarka the otter====Henry Williamson
  970. The machine gunners===Robert Westall
  971. The Nargun and the stars===Patricia Wrightson
  972. The Scarecrows===Robert Westall
  973. The Illustrated mum====Jacqueline Wilson
  974. Dragonkeeper===Carole Wilkinson
  975. The big sister----Siv Widerberg
  976. My place----Nadia Wheatley
  977. Jennifer Jones Won't Leave me alone====Frieda Wishinsky
  978. Leonard the terrible monster---Mo Willems
  979. The Boy who grew flowers===Jen Wojtowicz
  980. Flotsam===David Wiesner
  981. The Swiss Family Robinson====Johann Wyss
  982. Rebecca of Sunnybrook farm====Kate Wiggin
  983. Little House in the big woods---Laura Wilder
  984. Farmer Boy---Laura Wilder
  985. Little House on the Prairie====Laura Wilder
  986. The Dolphin Crossing---Jill Walsh
  987. A parcel of patterns====Jill Walsh
  988. Talking whispers===James Watson
  989. Schoolboy Jia Li=====Qin Wenjun
  990. Ede and unku===Alex Wedding
  991. Chocky===John Wyndham
  992. The Devil's arithmetic====Jane Yolen
  993. Owl Moon--- Jane Yolen
  994. Lon Po Po----Ed Young
  995. Hey, Al---Arthur Yorinks
  996. Harry the Dirty Dog--- Gene Zion
  997. Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present--Charlotte Zolotow
  998. Titeuf===Zep
  999. Refugee Boy===Benjamin Zephaniah
  1000. The messenger===Markus Zusak
  1001. The Pigman==Paul Zindel

A complete list of the "1001 Children's books You must read before You grow up"