Yet Another Search Improvement


Maybe I'm getting carried away with the highlighting, but I've added a feature to the search screen where, when you click through to content that you've found via a search, your search string is highlighted. This is particularly useful if you are searching the forum posts for something, as those can get quite long. To see this in action, click on some of the links from these results. So is the color too garish?

Two things, Jim. First, the color seems to be a bit garish, to me anyways. But, that's a minor nitpick, especially considering how your new color scheme was at first not well received, but I'm willing to bet it's grown on people.

Second, you aren't highlighting search terms that are in the title of a list. Is that intentional?

Yeah, I think I'll tone it down a bit. Or maybe just switch to "listology gold."

Semi-intentional on the lack of title highlighting. I'll see about fixing that.

A question, Jim. Do any of the search options look at the "comments" part of a list?

Not yet. :-)

Jim. I dont know if any of my seven e-mails got through to you, so I'll comment here. Why not make it to whoever is online will show up so we can tell who is on at the same time as us? This would be cool. Please respond. I'm dyin' here.

This has been requested by a couple folks. Also requested was the ability to chat with whoever is online at the same time. I can see where this would be fun, but some wet-blanketisms . . .

First, in a web environment it's hard to tell who is online at the same time. I could look at "last activity date" in the database, but right now that's really just the last time a user saved a list or posted a comment. They can browse without affecting this date (unless I were to update it with each page-view, which would add more overhead than I'd like). So getting up-to-the-minute updates for who's online is hard.

Second, I think chat can be alot of fun, but I worry that it would detract from the forum posts, which are open to all. Once a chat window is closed, it's gone forever. Folks that aren't online at the time can't participate, nor chime in at a later date.

I'll keep mulling this over. I'm sure there's a solution that balances overhead and flexibility, spontenaety and permanance. I just haven't discovered it yet. :-)

Who here has AIM or ICQ, that would be a great way to know when someone is online?

Sebreg, I have about 4 different chat clients installed. I'll put my particulars on my profile and anyone is welcome to chat with me!

Hey, Jim! I think you should have as much fun as you like with the site. :-)

On a related note I searched for the phrase 'DVDs I Own' (without quotes) to look at everyone's DVD lists and when I clicked on a list which was returned by the search every 'I' in every list was highlighted blue. I don't know if this was an intended or unintended side-effect.

Oof. Now that's distracting! Will fix that before bed tonight!