Yet another


Yet another Top 20 designed by committee, but this one has a couple interesting choices among the more conventional picks.

Jim, I was more intrigued by the Bottom 20 list. Did you notice that there are three Christopher Lambert movies there, including BEOWULF?

While I liked The Highlander (the first one), Lambert deserves an even stronger showing on the bottom 20, as Fortress wasn't included on this list. Now there is some MST3K fodder!

Hmm...MST3000...?...MysteryScenicTours...Microsoft SucksTotally...MakeSomeToast...? Derrr...

Mystery Science Theater 3000. I don't know if it made it outside the US. Used to be on Comedy Central. The premise is this guy is trapped on a spaceship with a couple sarcastic robots, and is forced to watch science fiction and fantasy B-movies. You just see their silhouettes near the bottom of the B-movie (like they are sitting in front of you in a darkened theater). During the movie, they make all kinds of snide comments, provide their own dialog and reactions to what is going on in the movie, etc. Sounds like a filmgoer's hell, syndicated, but it was quite funny at times. We've been cableless for quite awhile, so I'm not sure if it's still on, even in reruns. Anyway, Fortress was definitely bad enough to be funny, and is therefore decent MST3K fodder.

OIC. Sounds like a laff riot. Near where I live the proprietors of a struggling cinema conceived the idea of showing a bunch of cheap Italian Hercules movies. The catch was that they showed them silent and voiced-over hilarious scripts they had written themselves. They made a mint out of it.