"What's New" System Option


Y'know that new "What's New" feature that allows you to highlight the changes somebody has made to his/her list? Well now you can turn it on by default. Check out the "System Options" section under your profile settings.

I like it, but have one tiny suggestion. I just set mine to on because I like the idea, but I'd also like to be able to turn it off voluntarily. Perhaps make the "what's new?" button be an on/off switch? If you've got it on and you click the button it turns it off and vice versa?

I'll do that! I was thinking that's really how it *should* behave, but I got lazy. Now that at least one other person agrees, I'll do it. :-)


:-) Done.

thank you kindly

Definitely a good call, Jim. Thanks!

:-) You're welcome! Thanks for noticin'.