Vulture’s Critics’ Poll: What’s the Worst Movie of 2008?


Vulture has trolled and polled the critics to come up a top 10 list of the Worst Movies of 2008. Of the 4 I've seen, 3 of them were in the theater. Yikes!

I saw four of these too, all in theaters: Changeling, which was too long and too melodramatic, but on the whole average and still better than Gran Torino; The Happening, one of the best worst movies of all time, allowing us to watch M. Night Shyamalan become this century's Ed Wood; Speed Racer, which I got an odd kick out of; and Funny Games, whose inclusion here is a big "WTF?" moment because I thought it was pretty good.

It was extremely unpleasant, and basically assaulted the audience, but I must be masochistic or something, because I got a real charge from it. Besides myself and my friend (WriterWill37, actually), there were only four other people in the theater, both couples. No one made a sound during the film. I want to know what kinds of conversations they had on the ride home.

Out of curiosity, which four did you see?

I saw The Happening, Speed Racer and The Love Guru in the theater. I saw Funny Games on DVD.

The thing that's odd about those critics recommendations is that I refuse to believe, given the number of movies that they see in a year, is that those were the worst movies that they saw. The movies themselves may have been misguided or missed the mark from an expectation standpoint but simply the single worst movies out of all of the movies they saw? I find that hard to believe.

For example, if I check the IMDB bottom 100 for 2008 releases it has Disaster Movie and The Hottie or the Nottie. Where are those movies on the final list? I'm sure both of them were infinitely more unwatchable than any of the top 10.

Where is Sex Drive? That movie looked horrible. I'd like to see some truly horrible movies listed or clearly movie critics aren't doing their job. At this point they're basically telling people average movies to stay away from.

You have to remember, though, that not all of those movies screened for critics (Disaster Movie being a prime example). And if I were a critic, I certainly wouldn't be rushing out to see the dreck the studio thought was so bad they had to hide.