Vote for Listology's ISP


The ISP that hosts Listology is trying to win the Cold Fusion Developer's Journal "Best Web Hosting" survey. I've been very pleased with their service, so if you'd be willing to take a moment and vote for them, that'd be great. They are in the 10th category, Best Web Hosting, the 13th listing down from the top, " Cold Fusion Shared and Dedicated Hosting." I think you can check "no opinion" or something like that for the other categories. Voting ends tomorrow, and they are about 100 votes shy of winning, so please vote!

hey jim, i'll help any way i can...

but i also wanted to let you know--i finally got myself a decent (no, great!) job, starting on tuesday, and within a month or two i expect to be sponsoring listology and buying some gear!

That is great news! Congrats!

Need an assistant? ;)

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Hey, that's great news, congratulations taryn! What's the job, if I may ask?

Thanks for the vote! I like my ISP; they deserve to win.

I'm posting this to catch the folks that don't read the Listology home page. If you're willing, please read the item above and vote. Thanks!