Vinyl to MP3


With a device like this, couldn't you build yourself a huge, dirt-cheap, legal MP3 collection by buying vinyl off eBay for a pittance and digitizing it? Sure, you couldn't get much new music this way, but is that really such a tragedy? :-) Actually, it would be for me, being such a child of the now, but it still seems like an idea with merit (but I'm sure not an original one).

This would do the job if MP3 quality was good enough for the person wanting to take the time to transfer their vinyl and get less than perfect results. Ease may come at too high a price. By the way, their "$70.00 piece of hardware" can be had for a simple $8.00 at Radio Shack in the form of a converter cable/cord to run from your usually already amped receiver to the mic jack on your sound card. Despite what they say, it's ALL in the software.

Yeah, I agree. One other thought occurred to me though: suppose the RIAA gets *really* zealous and folks become concerned that they might actually get arrested (or if they already have moral qualms with downloading music off the Internet). Perhaps owning the vinyl makes you arrest-proof. You could download MP3s of anything you own on vinyl off the Internet, and then point to your albums as proof-of-ownership if they ever kick down your door.

I hadn't thought of that back-up plan. The trouble may come if you're being monitored or the person you're getting the download from is being monitored. Big Brother is alive!!!

One more thing . . . This is great having all you Listologists online at 11:30 on a Friday night. I figured I'd be the only one here (and I am going to bed after this post), but I've seen stuff from taryn, AJ, LBangs, and stumpy float by in the past few minutes. Very fun. Anyway, g'night y'all!

"Anyway, g'night y'all!"

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